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  • Dios Ciencia Y Conciencia – (Spanish)


    Este libro responde, en tres capitulos, a los grandes cuestionamientos actuales respecto a la realidad divina:

    El primero trata las preguntas procedentes del ambito de la cosmologia contemporanea, y analiza si los modelos cientificos que se proponen socavan la necesidad del Dios Creador o, por el contrario, la refuerzan.

    El segundo presenta el misterio del origen de la vida, asi como de la informacion biologica que la sustenta, como inexplicables desde una cosmovision puramente naturalista.

    El tercero y ultimo se adentra en el analisis de la conciencia humana para concluir que solo puede proceder de una mente inteligente y consciente, como la del Dios que se revela en las Escrituras.

    An ideal evangelistic tool for Christian parents of school age children.

    This book answers, in three chapters, to the current pressing questions about divine reality:

    The first deals with questions coming from the field of contemporary cosmology, and analyzes if the proposed scientific models undermine the need for the God of Creation or, on the contrary, strengthen it.

    The second one presents the mystery of the origin of life, as well as the biological information that supports it, as unexplainable from the purely naturalistic worldview.

    The third and last goes deeper into the analysis of the human conscience, concluding that it could only come from an intelligent and conscious mind, the mind of God who reveals Himself in Scripture.

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  • Crianza Y Fe – (Spanish)


    Give your children the greatest gift of all–pass on your faith. In Passing It On, Kara Lassen Oliver provides a practical guide to help parents, grandparents, and other concerned adults nurture their children’s faith. For four weeks at a time, she offers easy-to-follow suggestions for families during the seasons of Advent, Lent, summer, and back to school. This book features plans for weekly Family Gatherings with age-appropriate activities symbols to remind family members of the week’s spiritual emphasis a suggested daily practice and prayer for each week a Leader’s Guide for parent groups studying this book together The most valuable legacy we can pass to our children, grandchildren, and other children is a spiritual heritage. Kara Oliver shows us how to do just that.

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  • Medida De Fe – (Spanish)


    Chapter 1. What Is Faith?
    1. The Definition Of Faith God Accepts
    2. The Power Of Faith Knows No Limit
    3. Fleshly Faith And Spiritual Faith
    4. To Possess Spiritual Faith

    Chapter 2. The Growth Of Spiritual Faith

    1. Faith Of Infants / Toddlers
    2. Faith Of Children
    3. Faith Of Youths
    4. Faith Of Fathers

    Chapter 3.The Measure Of Each Individual’s Faith

    1. The Measure Of Faith Given By God
    2. Different Measure Of Each One’s Faith
    3. The Measure Of Faith Tested By Fire

    Chapter 4. The Faith To Receive Salvation

    1. The First Level Of Faith
    2. Did You Receive The Holy Spirit?
    3. The Faith Of The Criminal Who Repented
    4. Do Not Quench The Holy Spirit
    5. Was Adam Saved?

    Chapter 5. The Faith To Try To Live By The Word

    1. The Second Level Of Faith
    2. The Toughest Stage Of The Life In Faith
    3. The Faith Of The Israelites During The Exodus
    4. Unless You Believe And Obey
    5. Immature And Mature Christians

    Chapter 6. The Faith To Live By The Word

    1. The Third Level Of Faith
    2. Until Reaching The Rock Of Faith
    3. Struggling Against Sin To The Point Of Shedding Blood

    Chapter 7. The Faith To Love The Lord To The Utmost Degree

    1. The Fourth Level Of Faith
    2. Your Soul Prospers
    3. Loving God Unconditionally
    4. Loving God Above All Else

    Chapter 8. The Faith To Please God

    1. The Fifth Level Of Faith
    2. The Faith To Sacrifice One’s Own Life
    3. The Faith To Manifest Wonders And Signs
    4. Being Faithful In All God’s House

    Chapter 9. Signs Accompanying Those Who Have Believed

    1. Casting Out Demons
    2. Speaking With New Tongues
    3. Picking Up Serpents With Your Hands
    4. No Deadly Poison Hurts You At All
    5. The Sick Are Healed With Your Hands On Them

    Chapter 10. Different Heavenly Dwelling Places And Crowns

    1. Heaven Possessed Only By Faith
    2. Heaven Has Suffered Violence
    3. Different Dwelling Places And Crowns

    Additional Info
    This is the final description of the essence of faith and the secrets of the growth of faith! This book reveals deeps secrets of faith that open the gates of Heaven.

    “The kingdom of heaven is divided into several places such as Paradise, the First Kingdom, the Second Kingdom, and the Third Kingdom in which there is New Jerusalem.”

    Today, there are many people who claim to believe but are not certain of their salvation. They do not know of a measure of faith and how great faith they should have to receive salvation. In accordance with the teachings of the Word, The Measure of Faith elucidates five levels of faith and different kingdoms of heaven, and helps the reader measure the level of his or her own faith. The measure of faith and the dwelling places in the heavenly kingdom may be divided into more five levels, and this work elaborates on them in five levels to help readers understand more easily.

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  • Fundamento Y Pilares De La Fe – (Spanish)


    What is your faith built on? Is it firmly grounded on biblical truth or do you rely on the insights of your pastor or the beliefs of your family? Paul warned the Ephesians to not be blown around by various teachings but to study and remain unified in the faith and teachings of Jesus. “Foundation and Pillars of the Christian Faith” is a compilation of Bible texts and Spirit of Prophecy quotes that seeks to keep you grounded in the Word of God and the prophets to protect you against unbiblical doctrines, just as Paul urged. The book focuses on foundational Bible truths such as the new covenant, the sanctuary, the law of God, Creation, the fall of man, the atonement, the three angels’ messages, the judgment, and the new earth.

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  • Yo Soy Dice Tu Eres – (Spanish)


    Infusion Publishing Unfading Beauty Ministries
    Aprendiendo a renovar la mente y tomando en cautividad todo pensamiento es una disciplina que la mayoria de personas lo encuentra dificultoso. Pero en el libro YO SOY Dice, “Tu Eres..” de la autora CJ Rapp guia a la persona que esta leyendo a un trabajo personal para remplazar la “basura” o las mentiras, con la verdad. Usted puede esperar una fresca renovacion a medida que sea guiada gentilmente a poner en cautividad todo pensamiento contrario. YO SOY Dice, “Tu Eres..” se ha vendido miles de copias y de ahi nacio las conferencias nacionales llamados “Pon a la Basura las Mentiras.”

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  • Elvis Pitagoras Y La Historia – (Spanish)


    500 years after the birth of Jesus, Pythagoras taught that the universe trembled because there was a truth greater than what we could imagine. In the XVI century, the director of Luther’s choir initiated a worship movement using the harmony in the choir arrangements for the first time. In the XIX century, an atheism leader, Frederick Nietzsche, coins the concept ‘Christian values’ and in XX century, Presley begins making Christian music popular. God has been present in the history of humanity without being restrained by the four walls of the church and in this book Junior Zapata helps us see Him active in the midst of that history.

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  • Sentado A Los Pies Del Maestro – (Spanish)


    Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus takes readers on a fascinating journey, helping them discover how learning about the Jewish world of Jesus can enrich their own faith. By exploring the land, culture, customs, prayers, and feasts, Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg help readers to perceive Jesus through the eyes and ears of first-century Jews.

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  • Fe Que Vence Al Mundo – (Spanish)


    “In June 2005, it was a great privilege to welcome Fr. Raniero to open our International Alpha conference. His address on that occasion, Faith Which Overcomes the World, has been an inspiration to all of us involved with Alpha and we are most grateful to him for allowing us to publish it in this booklet.” Nicky Gumbel, Holy Trinity Brompton

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  • Todo Le Es Posbile – (Spanish)


    Lo que Jesus explicaba y que hace posible la promesa de que todas las cosas son posibles, es una fe irreprimida y libre, y mientras mas sencilla pueda ser nuestra fe, mas podremos darnos cuenta de la promesa y el potencial que Dios nos tiene para cada uno en nuestras vidas. Todos necesitamos mas fe, y quien mejor en ensearnosla que los mismos heroes de la fe. Aprende de Noe, de Abraham, Moises, Debora y otros, y desarrolla la fe sencilla que hara que todas las cosas sean posibles para TI tambien.

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  • Con Fe – (Spanish)


    Mayte Prida ya era una reconocida presentadora de television con una prometedora carrera periodistica. Estaba recien divorciada, con dos hijos pequenos, vivia en el pais de las oportunidades y tenia grandes suenos. Repentinamente, a los 38 anos de edad, fue diagnosticada con cancer de seno en estado avanzado y sin contar con un seguro medico. Su vida cambio para siempre. Aprendio a transformar la adversidad en oportunidad. Conocio el significado de la perseverancia y la determinacion. No fue una victima de las circunstancias y se convirtio en una verdadera guerrera. Aprendio a oir la voz de su alma, a actuar por decision propia y a seguir su corazon. En Con Fe, el lector podra aprender de la manera en la cual Mayte enfrento adversidades y podra utilizar esas lecciones en su vida cotidiana aplicandolas a cualquier situacion dificil. Con Fe es un testimonio de lucha y crecimiento espiritual que enriquecera la vida de quienes lo lean.

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  • Fe Que Mueve La Mano De Dios – (Spanish)


    In his fourth book, La fe que mueve la mano de Dios, pastor Josue Yrion guides readers to developing their potential and their spiritual growth through a faith that will strengthen every area of their lives. Through personal experiences, anecdotal illustrations, and principally the Word of God, his writing lays the foundation for an invincible, Christ-centered faith. He leads readers to experience divine salvation, freedom, healing, prosperity, guidance, strength, peace, answers, victory, and miracles.

    En su cuarto libro, La fe que mueve la mano de Dios, el pastor Josue Yrion guia al lector a desarrollar su potencial y su crecimiento espiritual por medio de una fe que fortalecera cada area de su vida. A traves de experiencias personales, ilustraciones anecdoticas y principalmente la Palabra de Dios, esta obra establece el fundamento para una fe cristocentrica invencible. Le guiara a experimentar salvacion divina, libertad, sanidad, prosperidad, guia, fortaleza, paz, respuestas, victoria y milagros.

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  • Caso De La Fe – (Spanish)


    In The Case for Faith, Strobel turns his tenacious investigative skills to the most persistent emotional objections to belief – the eight “heart” barriers to faith. The Case for Faith is for those who may be feeling attracted to Jesus but who are faced with formidable intellectual barriers standing squarely in their path. For Christians, it will deepen their convictions and give them fresh confidence in discussing Christianity with even their most skeptical friends. In The Case for Faith, Lee Strobel probes the most thorny of questions, what he calls “The Big Eight”, including: If there is a loving God, why does this world groan under so much suffering and evil? If God really created the universe, why does science compel so many to conclude that evolution account for life? If God is the ultimate overseer of the church, why has it been rife with hypocrisy and brutality through the ages? If God truly cares about the people he created, how could he consign so many of them to an eternity of torture in hell just because they didn’t believe the right things about him? As a seasoned journalist with Yale Law background, Strobel methodically tracks sown his leads and asks the gritty, gut-wrenching questions you would want to ask questions that can make or break the Christian faith. He refuses to patronize or offer cliched, glib answers. Instead, he pieces together heard facts trough interviews with nine of the country’s top scholars and experts. The result? Solid, persuasive, engrossing, and smart answers to your deepest questions. The Case for Faith will set you on the path to belief, renewed, restored – or discovered for the very first time.

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  • Conozca Primero Su Fe Catolica – (Spanish)


    Fue escrito a partir de las preguntas que las personas a traves de la radio le hacian al P. Pedro Nuez. Es un libro facil de leer.

    This book provides very concise answers to basic questions that Latinos ask about the Catholic faith.

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  • Confesion De Fe – (Spanish)


    Spanish edition of Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective
    Adopted by the General Conference Mennonite Church and the Mennonite Church at Wichita, Kansas, July 1995

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