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  • Love Letters From God Bible Stories For A Girls Heart


    Are you looking for a way to teach your child about the incredible women in the Bible?

    This updated edition of Love Letters from God: Stories for a Girl’s Heart will fill girls’ hearts with the wonder of Lord with 14 Bible stories about women who made a difference, each story is paired with a heartfelt letter from God.

    Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart is part of the Love Letters from God series written by Glenys Nellist. Unique features include:

    *14 letters from God for your child to read and cherish

    *Gorgeous, bright illustrations by Rachel Clowes

    *7 stories from The Old Testament and 7 stories from The New Testament, perfect for ages 4-8

    *Is great for birthdays, Easter baskets, Valentine’s Day, holiday gift giving, or as an addition to your child’s home library

    Check out other updated titles in this series: Love Letters from God: Bible Stories, Easter Love Letters from God: Bible Stories, and Christmas Love Letters from God: Bible Stories.

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  • Love Letters From God Bible Stories Updated Edition


    What child does not love to receive mail? What if your child could receive and read his or her own personal mail from God? Love Letters from God will invite them to do just that! In this new updated edition, 18 of the most popular Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments are accompanied by a special and encouraging letter from God to your beloved child.

    Love Letters from God is the first book of the series written by bestselling author Glenys Nellist. Unique features include:

    *18 letters from God your child can read and cherish

    *Gorgeous, bright illustrations by Sophie Allsopp

    *9 stories from The Old Testament and 9 stories from The New TestamentIs perfect for ages 4-8

    *Is great for birthdays, Easter baskets, Valentine’s Day, holiday gift giving, or as an addition to your child’s home library.

    Check out other titles from this series, including Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart, Easter Love Letters from God: Bible Stories, and Christmas Love Letters from God: Bible Stories.

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  • Prisoners The Earthquake And The Midnight Song Coloring And Activity Book


    This coloring and activity book contains 32 pages of coloring, puzzles, mazes and activities for children 4-8 years old.

    It is based around the Bible storybook written by Bob Hartman and illustrated by Catalina Echeverri: a fun and compelling retelling from Acts 16 of how a Philippian jailer and his family learned the wonderful truth about Jesus Christ.

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  • Jonahs Journeys : A Minor Prophet Story


    This Jonah picture book clearly explains this minor prophet for 4-6 year-olds

    God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell the people there to stop doing bad things and turn back to God, but Jonah ran away. He took a boat in the opposite direction, so God sent a big storm and Jonah ended up in the belly of a big fish.

    When Jonah told the Ninevites God’s message, they turned away from their evil ways, but instead of rejoicing, Jonah was angry.

    This minor prophet has major lessons for readers today. Brian Wright and John Brown show us how Jonah points to Jesus, and teaches us about compassion and obedience.

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  • Gods Daring Dozen Box Set 2


    God’s Daring Dozen is the first children’s picture book series ever published on the minor prophets. The twelve books between Daniel and Matthew are unfamiliar to many believers, so this series accurately introduces these inspired writings with vivid images and simple words that engage children and adults alike. Each volume both retells the prophet’s message to his original audience and relates its rich truths to Jesus and God’s people today.

    This second boxed set contains:

    *Jonah’s Journeys, which teaches compassion and encourages obedience. *Malachi’s Final Message, which teaches respect for and hope in God.
    *Nahum and the Ninevites, which teaches the power and deliverance of God.
    *Joel and the Locusts, which teaches repentance and promises renewal.

    The first set includes Haggai, Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Obadiah, and the final set will include Hosea, Amos, Micah, and Zechariah.

    God’s Daring Dozen delivers enduring messages that are very much relevant today. These biblically faithful, theologically rich, gospel centered books teach truth, promote virtue, and inspire faith in God and in His Son. The minor prophets offer major lessons for all ages, and their timeless truths are now shared in story book form for the very first time!

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  • Be Kind Bible Storybook


    Kindness seems to be a rare commodity these days. Anger, sadness, and selfishness are more the norm than the exception. But, the Bible shows us how to shift the paradigm and make kindness , compassion, and grace our default. The Be Kind Bible Storybook explores themes of kindness and compassion through 100 stories retold from scripture 50 Old Testament stories and 50 New Testament stories. Kids will be transported to Bible times and see how these themes are woven into the stories we read every day. From the young girl who helped Naaman to the Good Samaritan, to a little boy who shared his lunch to feed 5,000 people, our friends from Bible times will model God’s plan for how we love each other well. The stories are paired with vivid, colorful artwork.

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  • Story Of Home


    In The Story of Home, author Caroline Saunders takes the reader through a journey of Old and New Testaments, tracing the theme of home. After the first man and woman leave their perfect garden home, every place since–from Egypt to the Promised Land to Babylon to Jerusalem–does not quite feel the same. God’s people build tabernacles and temples to be closer to God, but that homesick feeling remains.

    Who will help God’s people? Who will make a way home?

    Through the wood of the cross and the nails in His hands, God’s Son, Jesus, builds the way home! His home is for everyone who is lonely and lost; it’s for everyone who longs to live with God. It’s the homiest of homes–better than any tabernacle, temple, or garden. No one makes a home like God!

    With stunning illustrations and lyrical prose, The Story of Home is sure to captivate young readers with its powerful visuals and a compelling, biblical storyline. This book is a follow-up to the first picture book in the series, The Story of Water: God at Work in the Bible’s Watery Tales

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  • Junior Bible : Illustrated And Retold For Young Reaers


    An exciting Bible experience just right for kids ages 8 to 12!

    From Genesis to Revelation, The Junior Bible has all the familiar Bible stories–with dynamic illustrations bringing them to life! Each section retells the passage in easy-to-understand language just right for readers ages 8 to 12. And the original Scripture reference is always included.

    Vivid, full-color artwork spans the pages, not only capturing the imagination but also underscoring the Bible’s messages. Visual learners and early readers will enjoy following along, and highlighted passages will help them focus on key thoughts in the text.

    With a help section, reading guide, and plenty of room for notes in the back, this lively and faithful retelling of the Scriptures makes The Junior Bible a perfect companion for kids who are ready to dig deeper into the Word.

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  • Lion Kids Bible Comic Activity Book


    Plan, write, and draw your own comic strips based on Bible stories. Design your comic characters, add jokes, speech bubbles and sound effects, and personalize the scenes with your own unique flair! This action-packed activity book Includes spot the difference, search and find, and solve a hieroglyphic code. There’s even a 3D image with instructions to make your own 3D glasses to spot the details.

    This activity book can be a stand-alone purchase but the material is based on the funny and lively The Lion Kids Bible Comic, where the Beano meets the Bible. From artists who brought us the Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep cartoon strips, having worked on Sesame Street, Transformers Beano, Dandy and Marvel cartoons.

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  • Her Story Her Strength


    Girls are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image. This comprehensive collection of stories focused on 50 women of the Bible shows how God worked in their lives and continues to have a plan and a purpose for his beloved daughters today.

    In a world that too often tells girls that they are not enough, Her Story, Her Strength uses biblical retellings and reflections that include the historical context behind each story?to remind young women that they have a God who loves them deeply and empowers them to live and love like he does. For any girl ages 8 and up who is asking questions about her worth, identity, and place in the world and church, this colorful and engaging book provides a positive, loving, and scriptural lens that helps them interpret the messages they receive from their peers, media, and society.

    Girls who read Her Story, Her Strength will:

    *come to a profound, unshakable understanding of God’s love for them and their value in his eyes.

    *see how they reflect God’s image both innately and through the actions, words, and attitudes they choose each day.

    *learn about biblical characters and events in a way designed specifically for them.

    In addition, Her Story, Her Strength:

    *features readers’ favorite women of the Bible as well as many less-well-known characters, showing God’s consistent presence in the lives of women throughout Scripture.

    *is divided into short sections that are both comprehensive and accessible, making it a wonderful tool for school or church lessons as well as family devotions or personal reflection.

    *emphasizes how each woman reflects the image of her Creator, demonstrating the immense value God places on women and girls and pointing them back to him–all from a position rooted in biblical values.

    *includes beautiful, full-color illustrations that help bring each woman to life.

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  • My Tender Heart Bible


    With sweet, rhyming text and whimsical illustrations, this sturdy board book, My Tender Heart Bible, offers a collection of the most loved and classic Bible stories for beginner readers. Simple yet creative paraphrasing of Old and New Testament re-tellings are paired with a “Heart Moment” for families to read aloud and act out. Scripture references are noted with each story that tell of God’s redemption plan.

    My Tender Heart Bible:

    – Makes the Bible memorable and accessible for young readers

    – Helps kids think deeper about what the Bible says about God’s creation, His plan for humanity, and His love for all of people as His children

    – Is perfect as bedtime reading for your toddlers and little ones, especially during the holiday season

    – Offers details in the artwork for little ones to enjoy and find for “point and learn” discovery

    – Serve as a base for introductory Bible discussion

    – Includes an inviting cover and sturdy pages for little hands

    – Makes a great gift for Easter, new baby, christening, baptism, baby showers, new grandchildren, curious toddlers, and boys and girls ages 0 to 4 years old

    From Creation to Abraham to Moses and Jesus, God’s story of redemption is told through each individual story and as a collection. Look in the mirror and thank God for making you unique–what makes you different from others you see in your neighborhood? Can you count the stars and make your hands twinkle? Flap your arms like the dove that appeared when John the Baptist baptized Jesus. How many coats and blankets can you spread out for Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem? Let’s read the stories and celebrate God’s perfect plan from the marvelous beginning of Creation through Easter’s glorious hope made known by Jesus’ resurrection.

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  • Friend Who Forgives Family Bible Devotional


    Based on the passages referred to in the award-winning storybook, The Friend Who Forgives by Dan DeWitt, these 15 flexible, engaging family devotions explore what the cross means to us today through the story of Peter. Children will learn that Jesus is the friend who always forgives.

    Ideal for Lent and Easter, these devotions can also be used whenever you want to explore during family discipleship Jesus’ sacrificial love and what it means to follow him.

    Each session can be done in under ten minutes and is easy to lead. The sessions include a Bible study, reflection questions and prayer prompts. There are also optional extras designed to engage older children, plus bonus puzzles and coloring activities for younger children. This resource is suitable for children from age five upward.

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  • Wow Jesus : Creatively Explore Stories In The Bible – 36 Activities 6 Bible


    A well designed, colourful, and creative intergenerational resource to inspire children, families, and communities to connect creatively with God and to connect with one another.

    The WOW! series are creative, interactive and practical books that offer innovative resources to explore stories and themes found in the Bible. They are designed to help you explore your faith with your family or as a group by delving imaginatively into stories and offer reflection time for both adults and children. Encourage connection and conversation between adults and children/youth around the stories and characters, encouraging empathy for the children and a new way of thinking about these well-known stories for adults. Ideal to use at home or as a resource for church schools and churches providing a multitude of activities and conversation starters for Sunday schools, religious education and collective worship in schools.

    Wow! Jesus explores six Bible stories about the life of Jesus, including the calling of his disciples, his miracles of feeding the 5,000, calming the storm and raising Lazarus, and his impact on those he met, such as Zacchaeus. Each story is explored through offering innovative activities including engaging prayer, craft and create, acting the scene, time for reflection, ideas for discussion and creative praise.

    *PRAY – opportunities to pray in a creative way by yourself or with others.

    *PAUSE – take some time out to reflect on an element of the story and how it fits with our lives now.

    *PLAY – Ideas to get you on your feet and having a bit of fun around the story.

    *CREATE – Craft and make creations that help to explore themes and parts of the story.

    *CELEBRATE – Celebrate and find joy in the story and ideas in how to rejoice in these together.

    *COMMUNICATE – A chance to chat and connect with each other using the parts of the story as conversation starters.

    Written by Martha Shrimpton founder of Nimbus Collective that aims to help all ages to connect in a creative way as an individual, as a family and as a community and also with God.

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  • Stories From The Storyteller


    Based on the animated series, Stories from the Storyteller for Kids features modern retellings of many of Jesus’s parables, teaching young people important biblical truths through fun family adventures.    The parables of Jesus contain rich spiritual lessons for all believers, but many can be challenging for kids to grasp. Stories from the Storyteller for Kids follows the Evans family as they encounter real-world scenarios that serve as teachable moments for children. Each chapter puts a contemporary spin on a different parable, capturing the interests of young readers (ages 8-12) with colorful illustrations, kid-friendly language and humor, and relatable stories about everyday life. This storybook is ideal for family reading or for young people to enjoy on their own. As kids absorb the lessons being taught through these entertaining modern-day parables, they will gain a deeper understanding of Jesus and how we are to live according to His Word.            

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  • My Epic Doodletastic Bible Storybook


    Get out your coloring tools and pencils! You can draw and doodle along to this fun and interactive illustrated Bible storybook that takes children ages 6-12 through 60 stories from the Old and New Testaments.

    In the My Epic Doodletastic Bible Storybook, kids will love following the arrows zipping across the pages, pausing to read the callout boxes with jokes and questions and using their creativity to color in the line-drawn illustrations. The unique format will also guide them through the Bible, helping readers see the parallels and links within the stories, all while drawing attention to wider biblical themes and showing how everything is connected–and that God is the author of it all.

    With over 250 pages and 60 Bible stories that cover Genesis to Revelation, My Epic Doodletastic Bible Storybook includes all your favorite biblical characters as well as important stories and people that may be less familiar. Give your kids the opportunity to engage with stories from the Bible in a whole new way with My Epic Doodletastic Bible Storybook!

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  • Big Wide Welcome Art And Activity Book


    This coloring and activity book contains 32 pages of coloring, puzzles, mazes and activities for children 4-8 years old.

    It is based around The Big Wide Welcome Bible Storybook by Trillia Newbell, illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, which uses the Bible’s teaching on favoritism from James chapter 2 to encourage children to love and welcome people regardless of their wealth, personality or background, just like Jesus does.

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  • My First Veggie Bible Stories


    Join the VeggieTales characters as they share favorite Bible stories and introduce young readers to the Bible.

    Guaranteed to appeal to little ones, My First Veggie Bible Stories brings fans a collection of twelve favorite Bible stories. With retellings of stories selected from the Old and New Testaments, this book serves as an ideal introduction to the Bible for little ones, with the signature charm of a brand beloved by kids and long trusted by parents.

    Told with simple, engaging language, the stories are accompanied by bright, colorful illustrations featuring Bob, Larry, Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot, and other favorite VeggieTales characters. This padded board book is just the right companion for little ones, perfect for on-the-go reading or family storytime.

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  • Nahum And The Ninevites


    The book of Nahum in illustrated storybook form for 4-6 year-olds

    God is good, a strong refuge in times of trouble; He cares for those who trust in Him. But He will sweep away His enemies like a mighty flood and drive them into darkness. In the book of Nahum, God promises to punish the Assyrians, who had been oppressing Israel. Their capital, Nineveh, was full of murder and lies, so God destroys it.

    Nahum’s name means comfort. God’s people can find comfort in his prophecy, which shows how God will defeat all our enemies. He even sent His Son, Jesus, to defeat sin, death and the devil. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

    Nahum is a minor prophet, but his book teaches major lessons. Brian Wright and John Brown show how we can learn about the power and mercy of God in this illustrated rendering of the prophecy of Nahum for 4-6 year-olds.

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  • Joel And The Locusts


    This attractively illustrated retelling of the book of Joel will teach young readers about the major lessons found in this minor prophet

    An army of locusts has eaten all the crops in Israel, and a drought has dried up their streams – what are they going to do? God had warned Israel long ago that this would happen if they did not listen to Him.

    Joel cried out to God, and God told him about “the day of the Lord”, when God will come with his angelic army to set things right. He will judge the wicked but forgive everyone who is truly sorry and turns to Him.

    This minor prophet offers major lessons, teaching readers about repentance and renewal, two aspects of the Christian life as essential today as when Joel first wrote.

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  • Malachis Final Message


    Colourfully illustrated retelling of the book of Malachi for 4-6 year-olds

    God had been so good to Israel, but they kept disobeying Him. So, God sent Malachi to tell them to turn back to him. He promises to send His messenger, who will purify the priests and judge the people who are doing wrong. He promises that if they will turn their hearts back to God, He will bless them.

    And God’s promises came true – he sent John the Baptist to prepare the way of the Lord, encouraging people to repent, and he sent his Son, Jesus, to take away the sins of the world.

    Brian Wright and John Brown’s colourfully illustrated retelling explains the book of Malachi in a way that 4-6 year-olds will understand, but this minor prophet has major lessons for readers of all ages.

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  • My Very First Noahs Ark Storybook


    The story of Noah just for babies with crinkle cloth and bright illustrations

    Get ready to set sail on the ark with Noah and all the animals! Fun, soft, and pleasantly noisy, this Bible story cloth book is the perfect introduction to God’s promises.

    Babies and toddlers will love the bright, happy, sometimes-silly illustrations. And they can follow along with the simple words as caregivers read the story out loud. With a soft and squishy fabric construction, little hands will love to play with the book–especially its crinkle-cloth cover!

    Each book comes packaged in high-quality plastic, including a header tag that makes hanging displays simple.

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  • Bob Hartmans Act Along Bible


    “Wherever I go, I meet many children (and adults), who love getting involved in the telling of stories. Active participation is at the heart of this Act-Along Bible!”

    Professional storyteller, performer and award-winning children’s author Bob Hartman has made interaction central to the retelling of these 29 Bible stories. The narrator and those taking part act out roles in the stories with movement, sounds and actions. Imaginations will come alive as they pretend that they are involved in the story. Become Noah’s sons helping their father build the ark, Hebrew families recalling the events of the Exodus, soldiers in Gideon’s army, shepherds on the hillside around Bethlehem, fishermen on Sea of Galilee, and donkeys that ride Jesus into Jerusalem.

    The interactive narrative will keep children fully involved in the storytelling, while having plenty of fun, humour, and creativity to help become familiar and recall special Bible moments. A memorable and engaging way to explore stories of the Old and New Testaments at home, in children’s groups, and in classrooms.

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  • Things God Made


    Combining Biblical truths and scientific facts, The Things God Made?is an inspirational and informative picture book retelling of the creation story from the book of Genesis.

    Take your child on a journey from nothingness to abundance and life, and discover the greatness of God’s creation through stunning art and incredible factual information about our amazing universe. The Things God Made captures God’s great joy as a creator and inspires curious kids to learn more about the wonderful world we live in and appreciate all the things God made.

    The Things God Made:

    *Tells the creation story both from a Scriptural and scientific perspective

    *Is perfect for ages 4-8 as well as anyone interested in how our world works

    *Incorporates easy-to-understand educational call-outs with engaging, easy-to-read storytelling

    *Allows for further discussion about both creation and the wonder of the natural world

    *Is a perfect educational resource for home, homeschoolers, and Christian school and Sunday school classrooms

    The Things God Made features:

    *Call out boxes giving additional information about each stage of creation

    *Interior feature depicting the full glory of God’s creation, with a list of animals for kids to search for and find

    *Supplemental information allowing parents and educators to dive deeper into the subject with their young readers

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  • Stories Of Jesus For Little Ones


    From Churchome pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith, this vivid Bible story board book introduces little kids to Jesus’ life, miracles, and wonderful love. Meet the perfect baby in the manger. Watch the Creator calm a storm. And glimpse heaven as the Savior rises into the clouds. Featuring vibrant vintage-inspired art, these favorite New Testament stories bring to life Jesus’ world, His friends, and His mission of compassion.

    Adapted from I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook, this board book version for 0- to 4-year-olds includes:
    *10 New Testament stories about Jesus’ life, ministry, and purpose on earth

    *a story line that grows with your child, including super short summary text perfect for infants’ attention spans and an easy narrative for toddlers and preschoolers

    *lively storytelling that will appeal to young children and modern families

    *simple prayers of thankfulness and praise perfect for bedtime devotions

    Help your child fall in love with Jesus as you hand down these treasured stories. Start your infant on the path to Jesus by sharing the beautiful illustrations and brief summary sentence for each story. Then watch your toddler’s or preschooler’s faith grow as you read the short narratives and prayers. With its focus on the Savior, this fresh Bible board book makes a thoughtful gift for baby showers, dedications, christenings, adoptions, Easter, and Christmas and for any family who wants to share God’s love with their little ones.

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  • Beginners Bible


    Introduce children to the stories of the Bible through vibrant art and compelling text with The Beginner’s Bible-full of life and fun, and featuring brand new vibrant, three-dimensional art. Now in a beautiful teal Leathersoft(TM) with ribbon marker, this deluxe edition makes a wonderful Christmas, Easter, birthday, or baby shower gift.

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  • Whistlestop Tales : Around The World In 10 Bible Stories


    Discover exciting Bible stories from around the world to inspire you on your own adventure with God!

    The Bible is filled with stories featuring rich, cultural diversity. In the Bible, we meet an Iranian queen, a Syrian spy, an Italian soldier, and a Sudanese senator, to name just a few of the many ethnically diverse people that God has woven into his grand redemption story.

    Whistlestop Tales features ten Bible stories that illustrate how God uses people from all over the world to accomplish his purposes. Each story begins with a closer look at the modern-day country where it took place to help anchor the characters in their original context and cultures, providing a new perspective on the lives of these brave men and women. These action-packed stories will encourage children to live out their own unique adventures with God.

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  • My Favorite Lift The Flap Bible Stories


    In My Favorite Lift-the-Flap Bible Stories :Little ones will enjoy the beloved stories of the Bible in this interactive, lift-the-flap storybook for kids! This vibrantly illustrated picture book includes stories from both the Old and New Testaments, that are presented with simple and relatable text. Stories include:

    *Creation and the first sin
    *Noah and the flood
    *Moses and the Israelites cross the Red Sea
    *Jonah and the giant fish
    *the birth of Jesus
    *the miracles of Jesus
    *the Easter story

    Board book. Ages 2 to 6 years old

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  • Happy Birthday Christmas Child


    Join Mary and Joseph, angels, shepherds, sheep, and various stable critters as they celebrate the birthday of a very special baby in this rhyming counting book for little readers and their families.

    Written by bestselling author Laura Sassi and illustrated by Gabi Murphy, Happy Birthday, Christmas Child! celebrates the warmth, wonder and excitement of the night Jesus was born. Written in gentle rhyme with bright illustrations and lots of things for little ones to notice and count, it’s sure to be a Christmas favorite.

    Intended for little ones ages 0 – 4 and their families, Happy Birthday, Christmas Child is:

    *sturdy board book perfect for little hands
    *a charming introduction to the wonder and joy of Christmas
    *a spark for conversation about how Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birth
    *a fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to practice counting and naming things
    *a great gift option for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, children’s ministry, preschool programs and more

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  • Story Of Christmas


    Discover the story of the first Christmas in this newly illustrated classic, perfect for little ones curious about the story behind their holiday celebrations.

    Expertly crafted for the attention span of toddlers, this simple book tells the biblical story of Christmas-from the Annunciation to the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the wise men. The story also helps little listeners understand the connection between the first Christmas and today’s celebrations and traditions. With bright illustrations and a toddler-friendly length of about 200 words, this book is an age-appropriate way to introduce the story of the Nativity. A perfect addition for Christmas stockings!

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  • Christmas Surprise


    The Christmas Surprise by Steph Williams, this delightful picture book teaches toddlers about the first Christmas, using simple text and illustrations. Children will be engaged as they listen to God’s word. Includes notes at the back to help unpack the Bible story. Paperback, 24 pages.

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  • Story Of Water


    The mighty flood, the woman at the well, the watery walls outside Egypt-these key stories about water fill the Bible and reveal God’s big story about Jesus.

    In The Story of Water, Caroline Saunders takes the reader on a journey through the Old and New Testaments, highlighting several of water’s biggest moments. From the Creation to the Flood, from Jesus’s baptism to the calming of the stormy sea, the reader traces the theme of water to learn the bigger theme of Scripture: Our only rescue is found in Jesus Christ. He gives us Living Water that never runs out. With whimsical illustrations and lyrical prose, The Story of Water is sure to captivate young readers with its powerful visuals and a compelling, biblical storyline.

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  • Good News Of Christmas


    This beautifully illustrated, poetic retelling of the Nativity story offers families a new and special way to celebrate Jesus’s birth, and is a perfect addition to the Advent season.

    It’s the story of God’s glory at the heart of human history
    In which God revealed who He is and uncovered the mystery.
    So as you hear it, may God’s Spirit stir inside your heart
    And bring you into His kingdom too…now it’s time for our story to start.

    Creative dynamo and self-described Christmas zealot, Rousseaux Brasseur, invites you and your family to experience the Nativity story as never before. From Old Testament prophecies to the present reality of new life through Christ, this timeless tale is a welcome return to the true reason for the season.

    This charming and colorful lyrical adaptation of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ as told throughout the Bible will captivate readers of all ages, making it ideal for family reading during Advent. Start a meaningful new tradition with your loved ones this Christmas.

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  • My Advent Nativity Press Out And Play Book


    Explore the real meaning of Advent and Christmas with your kids as they hear, learn, engage, and play with My Advent Nativity Press-Out-and-Play Book. This Advent activity for families presents people, animals, and stable features that actually press out of the book and is built into a three-dimensional scene.

    Counting down to Christmas with Advent calendars has become a popular tradition among families. In this board book, parents and children can read the short, easy-to-understand story of the first Christmas and learn how, just like Mary and Joseph were waiting for Jesus to come, we too can prepare our hearts in anticipation and celebration of the nativity of Jesus.

    This interactive, pop-out board book will:

    *help parents teach young children about Advent and the nativity
    *engage kids with interactive elements of play
    *improve young children’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual thinking
    *share the true meaning of Christmas, helping kids look forward to the best gift of all–Jesus

    This Christmas, help tiny hearts discover God’s love for us through the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

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  • Seek And Find The First Christmas Activity Book


    This coloring and activity book includes mazes, puzzles, drawing, coloring and more to keep young children amused. It will reinforce the teaching in the Seek and Find The Very First Christmas storybook.

    It features the full Christmas story over eight parts, teaching children eight key truths about the birth of Jesus.

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  • Seek And Find The First Christmas


    Young children will love interacting with the Christmas story as they find, count and sort over 450 hidden things in this large-format board book.

    They will learn key truths about the first Christmas through the biblically faithful illustrations and retellings of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth.

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  • Childs First Bible Learn With Me Set With Carrying Case


    Numbers, shapes, and colors are all blessings given by God! In these sweet, rhyming board books, young children will learn how to count, label shapes, and recognize colors while being reminded to thank God for the wonderful way he created the world. These three books-A Child’s First Bible: Numbers, A Child’s First Bible: Shapes, and A Child’s First Bible: Colors-come packaged together in a small carrying case, making them portable and easy to take on the go. They were initially published as part of the Little Blessings line, with over 250,000 books sold in the series.

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  • Go And Tell Storybook


    Jesus’ good work didn’t end when He returned to His Father-God’s Spirit came and continued the rescue!

    Follow along through 30 Bible stories that show how the Holy Spirit came and what Jesus’ friends did. Experience the adventures of Peter, Paul, and other believers from the Pentecost celebration through the Acts of the Apostles.

    These stories will keep your child amazed, engaged, and inspired with:

    *a key Bible verse at the beginning of each story
    *a conversation-starting question at the end of each story
    *beautiful illustrations and intriguing maps
    *learning opportunities for the littlest hearts to share the love of Jesus

    Read the stories for a month as a daily family devotional or throughout the year. Get excited to go and tell how Jesus makes everything good and new!

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  • Courageous And Bold Bible Heroes


    This colorful book introduces children to 50 ordinary men and women who God gifted with extraordinary courage to accomplish incredible things.

    Hannah kept a promise. Daniel remained faithful to God in difficult times. Peter repented. And Joseph of Arimathea was kind and generous. What do these and the other Bible heroes featured in this book have in common? They weren’t perfect, but they were courageous and bold, each in their own way.

    Each short, easy-to-read chapter profiles a different Bible hero and shows how they exhibited bravery and overcame their own weakness and seemingly impossible challenges to achieve amazing things. This kind of epic courage can only be found when we place our faith in God.

    As boys and girls read these captivating accounts, they will learn to love God more intentionally, and they will begin to believe that the Lord will equip them with courage when they need it the most.

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  • Gods Creation : Help Tell The Story


    In the tradition of Press Here, God’s Creation: Help Tell the Story is an exciting new way for children to experience God’s creation of the world as they interact with the words, follow along with easy-to-understand directions, and watch the story of God’s creation unfold.

    This interactive picture book not only engages and keeps kids’ attention, but also helps them internalize and commit the story to memory. Bold, conceptual art by Hong Kong artist Joanne Liu leaves room for little ones’ imaginations to expand the story and begin to understand the greatness of God and his creation.

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  • Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party


    The Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party Board Book: Heaven with Jesus is Amazing! by Joni Eareckson Tada and illustrator, Catalina Echeverri, this exciting board book teaches toddlers about heaven and eternity by teaching that Jesus’ friends will enjoy a forever party with him in a perfect world. Using simple sentences and beautiful illustrations, toddlers will learn that in heaven we will all have new bodies, and new hearts, in an amazing place that we will never have to leave. Hardcover, 16 pages.

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  • Bible Story Crosswords For Kids


    Grab a pencil. . .and get ready to begin a Bible story crossword adventure!

    Kids, ages 4 to 8, will be prompted to read through dozens of Bible stories–from Genesis to Revelation–including favorites like Moses and the Burning Bush, David and Goliath, Mary Gives Birth to Jesus, and more! Each Bible story includes scripture references, so kids can find the story in their very own Bibles.

    Once they’ve read the story, they’ll challenge their memory and spelling skills by filling in a simple crossword grid. Of course, answers are provided in case they get stuck.

    Kids will be delighted as they work through their very own Bible story crossword adventure!

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  • 365 Best Loved Bedtime Bible Stories For Kids


    Bedtime Stories. . .the Most Meaningful Moments of a Child’s Day!

    Your children or grandchildren will delight in this fully-illustrated storybook that brings 365 read-aloud classic Bible stories to life for impressionable young hearts.

    Beginning with the creation story, “God Creates the Earth,” and ending with “In Eternity with God,” your children will develop faith in an almighty God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, while journeying alongside Bible characters like Samuel, Jonah, Esther, David, John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, and many more.

    365 Best-Loved Bedtime Bible Stories for Kids promises to make bedtime reading a delightful learning and faith-building experience for kids ages 3 and up.

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  • Bob Hartmans Rhyming Christmas


    One HUMP, two HUMPS, lumpety-lump,
    The star-watchers went with BUMP and a THUMP.
    One HUMP, two HUMPS, lumpety-lump,
    The star-watchers followed the star.

    Discover the angel Gabriel, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the three kings and the baby Jesus as you’ve never seen them before in Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Christmas. A delightfully funny and vibrant retelling in rhyme of the story of Christmas, this is a poem that children and grown-ups will love to read and perform – whether at home, in church or in school.

    The Nativity story is wonderfully retold by master storyteller Bob Hartman in this entertaining picture book for 3-5 year olds. With memorable rhymes that young children will eagerly be joining in with, Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Christmas is the perfect way to introduce this most beloved Bible story to kids in a way that’s accessible and easily understood.

    Mark Beech’s bright, colourful illustrations bring this Bible story book to life, and there are pages for children to colour in themselves. The clear, simple text is ideal for young children just starting to read and for adults to read aloud, and is perfect for performing all together.

    Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Christmas is a picture book that will enchant children and parents alike, and is ideal for reading alongside Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Bible and the Rhyming Parable series. It is also a brilliant story time resource for KS1 teachers, Sunday School teachers and those involved in children’s ministry looking for fresh ways of staging the Nativity. Kids will learn about the Biblical story of Christmas in an entertaining and engaging way, and gain a new understanding of the heart of the Christian faith.

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  • How Can I Pray


    How do you talk to God? asked Jesus’ friends. So Jesus taught them about prayer.

    In this engaging retelling of Jesus teaching his followers how to pray, young children will learn that God loves them like a father. So they don’t need to use loud prayers, or long prayers, or lots of fancy words.

    This charming book includes a simple version of the Lord’s prayer so that children can use the prayer Jesus taught us.

    Notes for parents at the back help to explain the details of this account from Matthew 6 v 5-13.

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  • House That Went Splat


    Lots of people listened to what Jesus said, but they didn’t do it. So Jesus told them a story…

    In this engaging retelling of the parable of the wise and foolish builders, young children discover that if we don’t care about what God says, we end up in a terrible mess. But if we listen to God and do what he says, God will keep us safe for ever.

    Notes for parents at the back help to explain the details of this account from Matthew 7 v 24-27.

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  • Seek And Find New Testament Bible Stories Activity Book


    This coloring and activity book includes mazes, puzzles, drawing, coloring and more to keep young children amused. It will reinforce the teaching in the New Testament Bible stories Seek and Find book.

    It features eight New Testament stories that teach children eight key truths about Jesus.

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  • Kingdom Files Complete 6 Story Collection


    The Kingdom Files 6-in-1 story collection features the biblically accurate stories of Jesus, Mary (Mother of Jesus), David, Daniel, Esther, and Jonah. Just for your kids ages 8 to 12, this biography collection explores the lives of Bible characters while drawing kids into a unique time and place. With each story featuring three key sections–a Fact File, a Story File, and a Lesson File–kids will enjoying learning about Bible people while coming to understand that ancient Bible stories really do apply to their lives today. Dozens of captivating line art pieces add depth and interest to every chapter.
    Stories include:

    Who Was Esther?
    Was she:
    . . .the beautiful queen of Persia?
    . . .the woman who hid her Jewish heritage from the king?
    . . .the courageous one who risked her life to save her people?

    Who Was Daniel?
    Was he:
    . . .an interpreter of dreams?
    . . .a faithful man of God?
    . . .a survivor of the lions’ den?

    Who Was David?
    Was he:
    . . .a shepherd boy turned king?
    . . .a faithful harp player?
    . . .a brave giant slayer?

    Who Was Jonah?
    Was he:
    . . .the reluctant prophet who said “no” to God?
    . . .the man tossed overboard during a colossal storm?
    . . .the one who changed his mind after being swallowed by a big fish?

    Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?
    Was she:
    . . .a courageous teenager?
    . . .a girl chosen by God to give birth to His Son, Jesus?
    . . .the one who said “yes” to God?

    Who Is Jesus?
    Is He:
    . . .the Son of God?
    . . .the man who gave sight to the blind, made the lame to walk, and raised people from the dead?
    . . .the One who died so that we might live?

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  • Life Of Jesus


    Discover the events in the life of Jesus, and how his message reached so many people.

    Discover facts and stories about Jesus of Nazareth, son of God, from his birth in the Bethlehem stable to his crucifixion, death, and miraculous resurrection. What was he like as a boy, how did he start to preach, and what are the meanings of his parables, such as the Good Samaritan? How did he feed five thousand and calm storms? All major events of his life are told in 26 stories, revealing how Jesus’s message reached many people through his teaching, healing, forgiveness, and miracles. Using the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as reference, this is a child-friendly introduction to the message of the Bible’s New Testament.

    Engaging illustrations accompany each story, making it perfect for children to read and look at by themselves, or for reading aloud or together with parents or grandparents.

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  • God Contest Coloring And Activity Book


    32 pages of art, puzzles, mazes and activities for children based around The God Contest–a beautiful hardback storybook showing young children how the God of the Bible proved himself to be the one true God.

    – Based on original artwork by Catalina Echeverri
    – Activities support the teaching from the storybook
    – Includes coloring, mazes and word searches to engage with a wide age range

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  • Childs First Bedtime Prayers


    What could be better than a heart-to-heart talk with Jesus? A Child’s First Bedtime Prayers draws little ones into cozy bedtime talks with Jesus as they see that he answers them back! Each of the 25 prayer conversations is focused around a different topic and includes both prayers for little ones to pray to Jesus and Jesus’ response to them. Jesus’ responses are rooted in Scripture and are full of encouragement, comfort, and age-appropriate teaching.
    Written in winsome rhyming stanzas, this prayer book will draw children closer to Jesus as they talk and listen during their bedtime prayers.

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