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  • Rooted In Wonder


    For a generation whose eyes are constantly trained on screens, encountering nature at all is increasingly difficult, much less seeing what is reveals about God. How can parents help children reengage with God’s world that is full of amazement, creativity, and love?

    Eryn Lynum is a certified master naturalist, Bible teacher, and mom of four who wants to help families encounter and understand the connection between God and creation. She shares her own story of putting her kids in front of nature, and invites other parents to consider a similar journey.

    With practical sections that look at nature through the lens of the Bible and activities to integrate faith and the natural world, Rooted in Wonder helps parents instill within their kids an unshakable faith. Through the art of play, the drive of discovery, and the awe of adventure, children will gain a sense of wonder in their Creator that will last a lifetime.

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  • Bible Doctrine Second Edition


    Explore Answers to Life’s Most Important Theological Questions. Over 175,000 Copies Sold!

    How do we know the Bible is God’s Word? What is sin and where did it come from? How is Jesus fully God and fully man? What are spiritual gifts? When and how will Christ return?

    If you’ve asked questions like these, then systematic theology is no abstract term. It’s an approach to finding answers every Christian needs to know. The second edition of Bible Doctrine takes a widely used upper-level textbook on systematic theology and makes it accessible. Abridged from the second edition of Wayne Grudem’s award-winning Systematic Theology, Bible Doctrine covers the same essentials of the faith, giving you a firm grasp on seven key topics:

    *The Doctrine of the Word of God
    *The Doctrine of God
    *The Doctrine of Man
    *The Doctrine of Christ
    *The Doctrine of the Application of Redemption
    *The Doctrine of the Church
    *The Doctrine of the Future.

    You don’t need to have had several years of Bible college or seminary training to reap the benefits of Bible Doctrine. It’s easy to understand and packed with biblical answers to your most pressing theological questions.

    This new edition now includes:
    *New, thoughtful critiques of open theism, the new perspective on Paul, Molinism (or “middle knowledge”), “Free Grace” theology, and the preterist view of Christ’s second coming

    *Completely revised, stronger chapter on the clarity of ScriptureCompletely revised, stronger chapter on creation and evolution. New discussion of how biblical inerrancy applies to some specific “problem verses” in the Gospels

    *Additional material respectfully explaining evangelical Protestant differences with Roman Catholicism (with extensive interaction with the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church), Protestant liberalism, and Mormonism

    *Completely updated bibliographies

    *All Scripture quotations updated from RSV to ESV

    *An explanation of why monogenes in John 3:16 and elsewhere should be translated as “only begotten” rather than merely “only”

    *An extensive discussion on the eternal submission of the Son to the Father

    *A discussion of recent criticisms of the penal substitutionary view of the atonement

    *Numerous other updates and corrections that have be prompted by letters and emails from people around the world and by interaction with the students Wayne has taught over the last 26 years both at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and at Phoenix Seminary

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  • Case For Faith For Kids


    Why does God allow bad things to happen? Can you have doubts and still be a Christian? Kids ages 8-12 can join in this incredible search for the truth about faith in this book based on the bestselling The Case for Faith by award-winning author Lee Strobel, written in kid-friendly language that helps young readers explore their own beliefs decide for themselves why believing in Jesus and Christianity makes good sense.

    Here’s a book that finally tackles the most important questions about the toughest questions surrounding faith kids often ask and wonder. This updated version of The Case for Faith for Kids is packed full of well-researched, reliable, and eye-opening investigations Lee conducted to test why people believe in Jesus, and the truths that support those beliefs. Throughout, Strobel uses his skills as an award-winning legal journalist to examine the historical records, eyewitness testimonies, and scientific evidence for faith, including Jesus’s resurrection and miracles.

    Like Strobel, will you be convinced by the evidence? What will your verdict be in The Case for Faith? The Case for Faith for Kids:

    *Is written specifically for readers ages 8-12, presented in a way that is logical and easy to understand

    *Is perfect for encouraging a child’s faith development, and is also ideal for homeschool use or as a first communion gift for boys or girls

    *Is packed full of well-researched, reliable, and eye-opening investigations of some of the toughest questions kids have about faith and Christianity

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  • 150 Essential Insights On Faith


    “I’m not a great man. I just have a great message.”
    Billy Graham

    Evangelist Billy Graham influenced multiple generations by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to nearly 215 million people worldwide. He left behind a legacy of steadfast faith and a lifelong commitment to Jesus’s commandment from Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

    Now you can enrich in your daily walk with these quotes from the man whom the Gallup organization named as one of the ten most admired men in the world for 55 consecutive years.

    Build your faith with valuable insights on…

    *Prayer: “Prayer is not just asking. It is listening for God’s orders.”
    *Generosity: “God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.”
    *Faith: Every day I have to renew my heart before God and ask for His grace and strength.”

    Let Billy’s words provide daily inspiration as you pursue your life’s calling.

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  • Tears In The Desert


    Eleven-year-old Raine Hunter’s family moves from the town of Blackheart Bay, Nova Scotia to Desolation Creek in the Australian Outback, where her father will begin pastoring a small church. But not long after they begin their new lives, a tragedy befalls the family.

    Devastated, Raine’s parents leave the ministry and move their family back to Blackheart Bay. There, Raine grows into a young woman but is haunted by the guilt she lives with because of the tragedy, and the accusation and anger she sees in her father’s eyes whenever she looks at him. At eighteen, after an ugly quarrel with her father, Raine leaves home and moves to Halifax.

    Years later, Raine’s father has suffered a heart attack, and her brother, a widowed youth pastor with two young daughters, has vanished under suspicious circumstances. Raine reluctantly returns to her hometown, struggling with bitterness for her father, fear for her missing brother, and the responsibility of caring for her nieces.

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  • Leaving Faith Behind


    Leaving Faith Behind gives voice to women and men who were born into Muslim families and communities, but who have made the decision to leave Islam or to dissent against some of the most significant aspects of Islamic doctrine.

    Aliyah, who realized as a young woman that she did not have to live by rigid rules and concepts that suffocated her true self.

    Hassan, who became a practicing Muslim in his teens, but for whom doubts led him to leave the faith in his fifties.

    Jimmy, banished from his home and family when he was discovered to be gay.

    Marwa, who keeps secret from her community the fact that she can no longer practice a religion that she believes degrades and denies basic rights to women.

    Aisha, for whom the journey from belief to disbelief was a gradual process involving personal challenge and confrontations with friends and family.

    As increasing numbers of people in Western society choose to turn away from organized religion, this book allows the stories of some of them to be heard: the reasons for their decisions to leave, the challenges of leaving, and the effects on their lives and relationships. It also captures portraits of life and culture within Muslim communities in our fast-changing world, and how they are reacting and responding to migration, secularization, more inclusive attitudes to gender and sexuality, and other trends of modern society.

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  • Precious Truths In Practice


    When our lives are in crisis and we are overwhelmed and filled with anxiety, Christians can lean on the steadfast promises of God to get them through each day. Our faith is strengthened by the knowledge of the character of God. God wants to be known by His children, and evidence of that is found throughout Scripture. This book will increase your faith and help you to find peace as you trust in God’s path for your life.

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  • Faith : A Journey For All


    In this powerful reflection, President Jimmy Carter contemplates how faith has sustained him in happiness and disappointment. He considers how we may find it in our own lives.

    All his life, President Jimmy Carter has been a courageous exemplar of faith. Now he shares the lessons he learned. He writes, “The issue of faith arises in almost every area of human existence, so it is important to understand its multiple meanings. In this book, my primary goal is to explore the broader meaning of faith, its far-reaching effect on our lives, and its relationship to past, present, and future events in America and around the world. The religious aspects of faith are also covered, since this is how the word is most often used, and I have included a description of the ways my faith has guided and sustained me, as well as how it has challenged and driven me to seek a closer and better relationship with people and with God.”

    As President Carter examines faith’s many meanings, he describes how to accept it, live it, how to doubt and find faith again. A serious and moving reflection from one of America’s most admired and respected citizens.

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  • What Is Faith


    We often hear people say, “Just have a little faith.” But what is faith? Is it a blind leap into the dark? Believing something without evidence? How does the Bible define faith?

    In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul looks to Hebrews 11 for a biblical definition of faith: believing God and living by His Word. Exploring the lives of God’s people in history, he shows how they trusted God when they didn’t know the future. Like them, when we face the struggles of life, we too must trust God.

    The Crucial Questions booklet series by Dr. R.C. Sproul offers succinct answers to important questions often asked by Christians and thoughtful inquirers.

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  • Irresistible Faith : Becoming The Kind Of Christian The World Cant Resist


    From an influential pastor and author–whose writing Ann Voskamp calls “sharp, informed, [and] culturally savvy”–comes a revelatory blueprint for an utterly transformative and enticing Christianity.

    Jesus said his followers would be a light to the world and a city on a hill. He envisioned a wildly diverse yet compellingly unified multitude of strangers that would penetrate the world with love. They would be a counter-culture, in a way that was for the culture not against it. They would lead the world in acts of love and justice and be the most life-giving bosses, employees, neighbors, and friends. They would also be the best enemies, returning insults with kindness and persecution with prayers. They would stay true to their biblical convictions and–not in spite of those convictions but because of them–would love, listen to, and serve those who don’t share their convictions. Over time their movement–Jesus’ movement–would become irresistible to people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.

    This is not how many, perhaps most, today see Christianity. And justifiably so, given that many bearing the name Christian use the Bible to justify behavior that Jesus would never endorse and would always condemn, that would in fact make Jesus furious. But Jesus’s vision for the church is possible, and Irresistible Faith provides a blueprint for Christians to pursue it as redeemed individuals, as a renewed community, and as those working for a restored world. This is a way of being that gives a tired, cynical world a reason to pause and consider Christianity . . . and to start wishing it was true.

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  • Mystery Of Faith


    Would you like to not just go to Mass, but learn to live the Eucharist?

    Now comes a clear and compassionate voice of encouragement, reflection, and inspiration.

    “I am really shaken when I begin to realize that in the palm of my hand is the one true God who rules the world, the One upon whom every nerve and tissue depends. Finally I may get to see that He allows me to adore Him in the palm of my hands at least for a moment as He only has me. He only has me. I am everything for Him. I need Him to be everything for me. He comes to me in an unexpectedly riveting way. I try to respond to these unusual words of His love. After all, I have nothing, nobody; truly I have only Him. If I lost Him, I would not be able to live.”

    First appearing in its original Polish in late 2007, The Mystery of Faith is now available in the US, England, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, and Italy. This book is impacting Catholic spirituality all over the world.

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  • Faith For This Moment


    For three generations, God’s chosen people were exiles in the land of Babylon. Today, many Christians in America feel like exiles within their own country, and there is growing disagreement regarding how to live faithfully in this complex cultural moment. Some desire to conquer our Babylon and return to a type of Christendom they believe existed in an idealized past. Others seek to assimilate the values of our culture into the church. And in between are those who are uncomfortable with either extreme, who feel spiritually homeless. These exiles are looking for a new way of understanding what faith looks like in a polarized, pluralistic, post-Christian culture. They want to know: What does it mean to be the people of God now?

    That’s the question Rick McKinley seeks to answer. He shows exiled Christians how people of faith from other times and places discovered how to live faithfully, prophetically, and imaginatively, neither compromising their principles nor their compassion, and never giving in to despair.

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  • Hope In The Dark


    “I want to believe, I want to have hope, but…” Pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel hears these words often and has asked them himself. We want to know God, feel his presence, and trust that he hears our prayers, but in the midst of great pain, we may wonder if he really cares about us. Even when we have both hope and hurt, sometimes it’s the hurt that shouts the loudest. Can God be good when life is not?

    In Hope in the Dark, Groeschel explores the story of the father who brought his demon-possessed son to Jesus, saying, “I believe! Help my unbelief!” In the man’s sincere plea, Jesus heard the tension in the man’s battle-scarred heart. He healed not only the boy but the father too, driving out the hopelessness that had overtaken him. He can do the same for us today.

    As Groeschel shares his pain surrounding the current health challenges of his daughter, he acknowledges the questions we may ask in our own deepest pain: “Where was God when I was being abused?” “Why was my child born with a disability?” “Why did the cancer come back?” “Why are all my friends married and I’m alone?” He invites us to wrestle with such questions as we ask God to honor our faith and heal our unbelief.

    In the middle of your profound pain, you long for authentic words of understanding and hope. You long to know that even in overwhelming reality, you can still believe that God is good. Rediscover a faith in the character, power, and presence of God. Even in the questions. Even now.

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  • Measure Of Faith


    Chapter 1. What Is Faith?
    1. The Definition Of Faith God Accepts
    2. The Power Of Faith Knows No Limit
    3. Fleshly Faith And Spiritual Faith
    4. To Possess Spiritual Faith

    Chapter 2. The Growth Of Spiritual Faith

    1. Faith Of Infants / Toddlers
    2. Faith Of Children
    3. Faith Of Youths
    4. Faith Of Fathers

    Chapter 3.The Measure Of Each Individual’s Faith

    1. The Measure Of Faith Given By God
    2. Different Measure Of Each One’s Faith
    3. The Measure Of Faith Tested By Fire

    Chapter 4. The Faith To Receive Salvation

    1. The First Level Of Faith
    2. Did You Receive The Holy Spirit?
    3. The Faith Of The Criminal Who Repented
    4. Do Not Quench The Holy Spirit
    5. Was Adam Saved?

    Chapter 5. The Faith To Try To Live By The Word

    1. The Second Level Of Faith
    2. The Toughest Stage Of The Life In Faith
    3. The Faith Of The Israelites During The Exodus
    4. Unless You Believe And Obey
    5. Immature And Mature Christians

    Chapter 6. The Faith To Live By The Word

    1. The Third Level Of Faith
    2. Until Reaching The Rock Of Faith
    3. Struggling Against Sin To The Point Of Shedding Blood

    Chapter 7. The Faith To Love The Lord To The Utmost Degree

    1. The Fourth Level Of Faith
    2. Your Soul Prospers
    3. Loving God Unconditionally
    4. Loving God Above All Else

    Chapter 8. The Faith To Please God

    1. The Fifth Level Of Faith
    2. The Faith To Sacrifice One’s Own Life
    3. The Faith To Manifest Wonders And Signs
    4. Being Faithful In All God’s House

    Chapter 9. Signs Accompanying Those Who Have Believed

    1. Casting Out Demons
    2. Speaking With New Tongues
    3. Picking Up Serpents With Your Hands
    4. No Deadly Poison Hurts You At All
    5. The Sick Are Healed With Your Hands On Them

    Chapter 10. Different Heavenly Dwelling Places And Crowns

    1. Heaven Possessed Only By Faith
    2. Heaven Has Suffered Violence
    3. Different Dwelling Places And Crowns

    Additional Info
    This is the final description of the essence of faith and the secrets of the growth of faith! This book reveals deeps secrets of faith that open the gates of Heaven.

    “The kingdom of heaven is divided into several places such as Paradise, the First Kingdom, the Second Kingdom, and the Third Kingdom in which there is New Jerusalem.”

    Today, there are many people who claim to believe but are not certain of their salvation. They do not know of a measure of faith and how great faith they should have to receive salvation. In accordance with the teachings of the Word, The Measure of Faith elucidates five levels of faith and different kingdoms of heaven, and helps the reader measure the level of his or her own faith. The measure of faith and the dwelling places in the heavenly kingdom may be divided into more five levels, and this work elaborates on them in five levels to help readers understand more easily.

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  • Adventures Of Cancer Girl And God


    Cancer diagnosis and treatment can make a person feel both frightened and powerless; Anna Fitch Courie takes a different approach: Join her as she embarks on an epic journey with God after finding out she has cancer. Cancer Girl wraps herself in a cape of grace, freely sharing her experiences of diagnosis, traversing the medical system, finding faith in God again, and learning to live with cancer. Cancer Girl learns that there is no stronger “magic word” than “Trust God.” Part journal, part sage advice, Fitch Courie weaves her experience as a nurse throughout her story. Using her real-time blog posts during the course of diagnosis, treatment, and living with the disease, Fitch Courie covers the cycle of grief and relearning a new norm, offering assurance to others that they are not alone. Each chapter opens with Scripture that reflects the theme of the day.
    Section 1 covers early stages of the journey; Section 2 offers learnings from the experience; and Section 3 offers questions for the individual to reflect on their own illness and how they felt. Readers are encouraged to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with their illness in order to contribute to overall healing.

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  • Learning To Lead Converting The Heart


    The pursuit of relevancy by New Evangelicals has caused their continuing and gradual compromise of truth. Because of this dialog, most of the participants began to try to find the most reducible form of the Gospel to which they could agree to have a degree of unity. There were 3 main streams of Soteriological Reductionism by the 1950’s:

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  • Reasoning From Faith


    Indiana University Press

    Merold Westphal is considered to be one of the preeminent Continental philosophers of religion. His articulation of faith as the task of a lifetime has become a touchstone in contemporary debates concerning faith’s relationship to reason. As Justin Sands explores his philosophy, he illuminates how Westphal’s concept of faith reveals the pastoral, theological intent behind his thinking. Sands sees Westphal’s philosophy as a powerful articulation of Protestant theology, but one that is in ecumenical dialogue with questions concerning apologetics and faith’s relationship to ethics and responsibility, a more Catholic point of view. By bringing out these features in Westphal’s philosophy, Sands intends to find core philosophical methodologies as well as a passable bridge for philosophers to cross over into theological discourses.

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  • Reasoning From Faith


    Indiana University Press

    Merold Westphal is considered to be one of the preeminent Continental philosophers of religion. His articulation of faith as the task of a lifetime has become a touchstone in contemporary debates concerning faith’s relationship to reason. As Justin Sands explores his philosophy, he illuminates how Westphal’s concept of faith reveals the pastoral, theological intent behind his thinking. Sands sees Westphal’s philosophy as a powerful articulation of Protestant theology, but one that is in ecumenical dialogue with questions concerning apologetics and faith’s relationship to ethics and responsibility, a more Catholic point of view. By bringing out these features in Westphal’s philosophy, Sands intends to find core philosophical methodologies as well as a passable bridge for philosophers to cross over into theological discourses.

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  • Faith On A Sticky Note


    Do you ever doubt your faith in God because you never had that one defining “salvation moment” that other Christians talk about – you know the one where you drop to your knees, plead to be saved, then receive a feeling, vision, or some other heavenly sign of confirmation? This is exactly how author Mark McKinney felt, until he faced the daunting task of going public with his Christian testimony. Enter: the sticky note.

    Over the last several decades, the sticky note has become a hallmark of modern life. Reminders, schedules, even love notes have been relegated to these small paper squares, which we tack onto the computer monitor, the refrigerator, or the dashboard. Little do we know that in posting them, we leave veritable paper trails – mini-documentaries of what we do, what is important to us, and what defines us as people.

    In Faith on a Sticky Note, McKinney uses this idea to relay how he discovered his faith, tracking down the “spiritual sticky notes” of his life, then piecing them together like a puzzle. “I never had my moment…” he writes. “I had many moments.”

    Through the heartwarming, personal accounts of his father’s battle with alchoholism and eventual death, McKinney reminds us that faith, like life, in not made in a single defining moment, but rather in everyday situations attuned to God’s perfect timing.

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  • Your Faith Your Life


    * Revised and updated popular resource for adults * Not just a book of information, but a book for transformation The everything-you-need to know adult guide to the Episcopal Church that is easy to read but with substance for newcomers, adult formation groups, and lifelong Episcopalians who desire to know more about their church. The language of worship, theology, church structure, sacraments, and discipleship offers a framework to explore the meaning and practice of being an Episcopalian and follower of Jesus. This updated and revised version of the popular original 2009 book incorporates new initiatives and changes in the Episcopal Church, including marriage, inclusion of LBGTQ+ persons, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s call to join the Jesus Movement, and taking our faith out into the world, following our baptismal promises. A Leader Guide is included in this revised edition in addition to the “transformation questions” that follow each chapter.

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  • Quantum Faith


    How does quantum physics relate to the Bible? Can words move mountains? How did Jesus supersede the laws of physics?

    There are amazing similarities between the teachings of Jesus and the discoveries of the new physics, quantum theory. The concept of speaking to mountains and trees may not be religious metaphor, but laws of a new physics that have not been fully understood.

    Jesus taught that our words are powerful enough to move physical matter. Quantum physics has discovered that subatomic particles respond to the observer.

    In this book, you will discover that your words and your faith (beliefs) are unseen forces that affect everything in your world. You are the one giving substance to your world through words!

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  • His Faith Works


    The author shares a deep revelation on Faith, one you are unlikely to have heard before. A revelation that has set many people free to walk in faith like never before. It will challenge, encourage and compel the reader to want to step out in faith with a new found confidence. It will also dispel a few myths along the way. In 2003 Robert King had a powerful encounter of the Holy Spirit. He has a powerful prophetic and healing ministry seeing many signs and wonders. As he ministers, God’s tangible presence falls. The testimonies are both diverse and incredible. Robert has pastored full time for several decades in the UK. The author of several books, an accomplished musician and the producer of several worship and soaking albums.

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  • Nexus : Understanding Faith And Modern Culture


    The Nexus,” so-named because of the operational intersection or “Nexus” of faith and culture, is an alphabetized manual of cultural artifacts of significance to Christians.

    In “The Nexus,” Jon Widener observes how Christianity has lost many battles over the years and how the evangelical community has been fraught with endemic anti-intellectualism. He sees an evangelical insularity taking the form of retreat and retrenchment from the comings and goings of the larger society.

    Dr. Widener proposes that modern Christian believers correct these deficits by exercising the exhortation of I Pet 3:15 (KJV) to always be prepared “to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you.” Believers should educate themselves on culturally relevant issues where there are questions of Christian morality. This is the burden and purpose of the book. Accordingly, the standard for inclusion is straight-forward. If the topic is culturally encountered and has moral implications, then it meets the threshold standard for inclusion in the work.

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  • Christian For One Day


    Daiv House Publications

    Why did a Chadian citizen, who had not believed in Christ previously, choose to die for Him, along with 20 of his Coptic Christians friends? Because he saw how much they loved God.

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  • Trusting Gods Timing


    Be encouraged and don’t let a thing called time destroy you before you even start. God is for you, and what He’s promised He will bring to pass.

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  • Living On Faith And Baked Potatoes


    Judy has opened her life to her readers in this revealing personal account of Divorce and Recovery. In Living on Faith and Baked Potatoes, Judy freely shares the intimate feelings she experienced and the coping skills she used during this most trying period of her life. Many of us give little thought to the fact that a divorcee must quickly come to grips with the reality of continued daily living. Let Judy show you how.

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  • Beauty And The Riches Of Redemption


    “The Beauty and the Riches of Redemption” presents to us the drama of humanity from the Garden of Eden – where the curtain opened and the stage was set – to the Garden of Gethsemane – where the curtain was not only drawn, but cut: End of drama. Is Jesus really the only way to God and so, the only hope of salvation? How could Jesus, born of the Jewish people, be the Savior of the whole world? How could the son of Mary, an Israelite woman be said to be the Son of God? Can Jesus really save me and guarantee me entrance/eternity in heaven? In about 180 pages, the author, with the help of the Holy Spirit answers all these questions and explains to us with clarity and simplicity what we need to know from creation to redemption. You need this book…This book clearly brings out the difference between religion and salvation. Jesus came to redeem mankind back to his Creator. Man through sin was cut off from God, but now there is no “salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved…”

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  • Gods Kind Of Faith


    11 Chapters

    Additional Info
    There is a lot of confusion about faith today. Materials on faith are often vague, incomplete or misleading. In God’s Kind of Faith, Dr. Aaron S. Winter explains in simple practical terms, what faith is, how we receive it, how to increase it, how to apply it and even how to operate in God’s own faith. Imagine having faith that is alive, active, growing and operating in your life today!

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  • Faith : A Connection Of Gods Power


    Faith: A Connection of God’s Power is a cutting edge book that will stir a new level of faith in today’s world. Whether you are a new Christian or a longtime friend of God, you will truly be blessed by Bill Vincent’s simple teachings through this book. In his passionate desire to see believers walk in the supernatural, Bill Vincent has put together this book “Faith: A Connection of God’s Power” to stir up believers into greater dimensions of spiritual manifestation. Bill experienced the faith teaching for the first ten years of his ministry. Everyone was preaching the faith message and Bill spent over ten years of his ministry avoiding that subject. It was in his heart that all that could have been taught was taught on the simple subject of faith. In mid 2015 Bill found God moving him to preach on faith nearly every week. Now, after a long anticipation for the fresh release on this subject, we hope you enjoy Faith: A Connection of God’s Power. Bill Vincent has written more than forty books available all over the world. He is a prophetic voice that stays close to God in all he does. Bill is the Founder of Revival Waves of Glory Ministries and Revival Waves of Glory Books and Publishing.

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  • Role Of Faith And Religion In The Life Of African Americans


    African-Americans who are highly involved in religion have fewer family problems than those who are not involved. The youths in these families have better emotional control and greater involvement in positive, productive activities.

    This book is a discussion of the history of African-Americans–through hundreds of years of cruelty and brutality in slavery, war, and segregation–and the role of Christian faith and churches in helping black people survive and overcome such enormous challenges. These facts offer powerful testament to the role of faith and religion in the lives of African-Americans.

    Encouragement, hope, faith, and determination will help us receive what God has for us if we serve Him! Author Florence Van Liew Crain hopes and prays that those who think they cannot make it will be able to get up, brush themselves off, and move forward.

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  • Under The Radar


    Azar Gbr
    The Communist border gaurd’s threatening question: “do have any weapons, pornography or Bibles?” had almost become routine. But any one of the many times we crossed that Iron Curtain could have resulted in inprisonment – for us or our contacts. We were totally dependent on God’s supernatural protection as we “flew” under the Radar…

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  • There Your Heart Will Be


    Newbold Academic Press
    A series of essays, through which Christian literary scholar Dr Gordon Leah invites us to examine our own faith through the vehicle of literature. His meditative insights will have his readers exploring even further a variety of works by diverse writers and thinkers.

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  • How To Release Your Faith


    This book will help you to grow in your faith and hold on to it. But, more importantly, it teaches you how to release your faith and see God move in a mighty way.

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  • 4th Dimension Combined Edition


    In this new combined version of The Fourth Dimension – Volumes One and Two, Dr. David (Paul) Yonggi Cho’s comprehensive spiritual philosophy on the power of dynamic faith is brought together in one place for completeness and ease of reference.

    A Senior Pastor Emeritus of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Cho grounds his belief in his experiences following his conversion to Christianity as a young man and while suffering from tuberculosis. By developing the idea of the spiritual being as the fourth dimension, he ultimately demonstrates how this can, through faith and prayer, influence and effect change in the physical being leading to personal growth and renewal. In these pages you’ll discover:
    *A World of Answered Prayer
    *A Creative Way of Life
    *Dynamic Faith
    *True Communion with God
    *Secrets of a Successful Faith Life

    Dr. David Yonggi Cho has also authored such best-sellers as Successful Home Cell Groups, Unleashing the Power of Faith, Solving Life’s Problems, Suffering… Why Me?, A Leap of Faith, and 4th Dimensional Living in a 3 Dimensional World.

    “The imminence of my death had brought me to the realization that I needed something greater than a religion, greater than a philosophy, and even greater than sympathy for the trials of human existence. I needed someone who could share my struggles and sufferings, someone who could give me victory. Through reading the Bible I discovered that someone to be the Lord Jesus Christ.”
    – Dr. David (Paul) Yonggi Cho

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  • Reborn : A New Identity


    Beautiful Books
    What we know determines how far we go. There are spirtitual truths that God wants us to absorb fully.This inspiring book, ReBorn puts that knowledge into your hands. In ten captivating chapters, it establishes truths that will propel you into a victorious life. It is radical and life changing.

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  • Drawing Of This Love


    Embark on a journey of spiritual growth with Julian of Norwich as your guide. Popular retreat leader and former monk Robert Fruehwirth explores the stages of faith development using Julian’s Revelations of Divine Love, inviting readers into a deeper, more honest and grounded faith

    Julian of Norwich is an ideal companion for personal spiritual growth because her mystical experiences led her to a kind of faith that makes sense to 21st century Christians — a God of unconditional love, of merciful compassion and honesty, and radical belief in the goodness of creation and humanity. Her example provides a map for a faith journey from initial trust, through critical questions and struggle, to resolution – a pattern many experience today.

    Fans of Julian will find this a fresh and different exposition of her work, combining the commonly understood teachings of Julian with an exploration of what happens when we try to live them.

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  • Daring Faith : Meeting Jesus In The Gospel Of John


    Randy Harris and Greg Taylor lead you through the pages of the Gospel of John to inspire daring faith in Jesus.

    The Gospel of John was written so people would believe the unbelievable.

    This unbelievable story John tells is that God became man and lived among us.

    These claims got Jesus killed. And ever since, people who believe the claim still lose their lives. If you believe that Jesus is truly God, you believe the most daring idea of all time. Daring faith will cost your life.

    But along with the risk comes the great reward of becoming children of God. Are you ready for daring faith?

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  • Taking Pascals Wager


    14 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Since we can’t know with absolute certainty that God exists, each of us in a sense makes a bet. If we believe in God and are right, the benefits include eternal life. If we are wrong, the downside is limited. On the other hand, we might not believe in God. If we are right, then we will have lived in line with reality. If we are wrong, however, the consequences could be eternally disastrous. This was the challenge posed by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal over three hundred years ago. But Michael Rota contends that Pascal’s argument is still compelling today. Since there is much to gain (for ourselves as well as for others) and relatively little to lose, the wise decision is to seek a relationship with God and live a Christian life. Rota considers Pascal’s wager and the roles of uncertainty, evidence and faith in making a commitment to God. By engaging with themes such as decision theory, the fine-tuning of the universe, divine hiddenness, the problem of evil, the historicity of the resurrection and the nature of miracles, he probes the many dynamics at work in embracing the Christian faith. In addition, Rota takes a turn not found in many books of philosophy. He looks at the actual effects of such a commitment in three recent, vivid, gripping examples?Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jean Vanier and Immaculee Ilibagiza. Like Pascal, Rota leaves us with a question: What wager will we make?

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  • Transparent Faith


    Good Success Publishing
    Transparent Faith takes a candid look at faith through the lens of a former backslider. Although Sherrell had given her life to Christ as a teen, she never felt quite “perfect” enough to be a Christian. In this book, she shares practical lessons for those seeking to understand their new life in Christ.

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  • Dancing With Camels


    It would be such a waste of time if we read the book and do not move on to a next level of “followship.” The journey of faith should become a cycle of faith with new levels of commitment that will be required as we start higher and deeper levels of the process time and again. Moving from discipleship to apostleship on the journey of faith will require that we sit down and count the cost once again, but this time on a higher level. Let us consider the words of A. J. Nock: “The mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests.” So let us digest, act, and do.

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  • Dancing With Camels


    It would be such a waste of time if we read the book and do not move on to a next level of “followship.” The journey of faith should become a cycle of faith with new levels of commitment that will be required as we start higher and deeper levels of the process time and again. Moving from discipleship to apostleship on the journey of faith will require that we sit down and count the cost once again, but this time on a higher level. Let us consider the words of A. J. Nock: “The mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests.” So let us digest, act, and do.

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  • Voice Of Faith


    Worshipping God – Psalm 150
    Introducing The Psalms – Psalms 1-2
    In The Beginning – Psalm 8
    Weathering The Storm – Psalm 13
    God’s Laws Vs. Man’s Laws – Psalm 19
    Doubting God’s Presence – Psalm 22
    God Gives You Everything You Need – Psalm 23
    Facing Your Enemies – Psalm 27
    The Power Of God – Psalm 46
    Forgiveness And Renewal – Psalm 51
    God’s Compassion – Psalm 103
    The Gospel In The Psalms – Psalm 110
    Avoiding Amnesia – Psalm 136

    Additional Info
    The psalms were God’s worship guide for His Chosen people, Israel. David and many others poured out their hearts in praise, joy, grief, disappointment, fear, and frustration through psalms. The book of Psalms shows us that God can handle whatever thoughts and emotions might be stirring in our hearts. He invites us to share with Him. Discover how these ancient psalms can give voice to your personal faith and help draw you closer to God today.

    The Voice of Faith includes classroom activities that will encourage teens to participate. The teacher section in the back of the book will help the teacher prepare each lesson.

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  • Understanding Faith


    Syncterface Limited
    The concept of faith is fundamental to the Christian’s belief system. Without faith, God cannot be pleased. Almost everything we desire is linked to having faith. Salvation cannot happen without faith. Answered prayers need faith. Healing needs faith. When things don’t go the way we want, we are quick to point the finger at the possible absence of faith. Do you really understand what it means to have faith? Within the pages of this book are truths that will enlighten you, inspire you and most certainly, like many who were present in the services where the messages were taught, cause a paradigm shift in your understanding of faith. Understanding Faith will get you yearning for more and give you truths that led some to receive healing in their bodies during the services.

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  • Stronger : A Simple Guide For Connecting With God


    Infusion Publishing Unfading Beauty Ministries
    Unfortunately many people experience frustration in their relationship with God. They wonder how they can truly know, talk with, and hear from Jesus? You are his beloved. He wants to reveal himself to you. The question is what are doing to cultivate relationship? Are you practicing quiet time? What does it look like? Is it rewarding? Is your life changing as a result? Does a lack of quiet time cause you to feel guilty? If so STOP. A strong relationship with the Lord isn’t a “to do,” it’s a “to be.” What if the key to vibrant, life changing relationship with Jesus is not based on how early you get up, how many chapters you read, or even how consistent you are with journaling? Would you want to know more? Stronger teaches how to connect with the Lord who loves you. We don’t use some super-secret formula, witty acronym or methodology. Instead Stronger focuses on awareness of Jesus’ presence, the counsel and comfort of the Holy Spirit, the unique way in which Father God designed you, and rest – yes I said REST. We’ll teach you to eliminate the clutter and noise that distracts you from intimacy with God. We’ll give you practical ideas from real people just like you who longed for more of his presence and power in their lives too.

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  • Faith : The Christians Hope And Shield


    As we look back at our rich history of a nation founded on Christian faith, we realize that things have drastically changed. The faith that was once the core of our families, our businesses, and our government has now been marginalized and degraded. The decline in faith has opened the door to doubt, despair, and apathy. “…take up the shield of faith…” Larry Swaim skillfully guides us on the path back to genuine faith in God. Each lesson explores an aspect of God’s Word that rebuilds our hope, strengthens our faith, and shields us from the devil’s attacks.

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  • Foundation And Pillars Of The Christian Faith


    What is your faith built on? Is it firmly grounded on biblical truth or do you rely on the insights of your pastor or the beliefs of your family? Paul warned the Ephesians to not be blown around by various teachings but to study and remain unified in the faith and teachings of Jesus. “Foundation and Pillars of the Christian Faith” is a compilation of Bible texts and Spirit of Prophecy quotes that seeks to keep you grounded in the Word of God and the prophets to protect you against unbiblical doctrines, just as Paul urged. The book focuses on foundational Bible truths such as the new covenant, the sanctuary, the law of God, Creation, the fall of man, the atonement, the three angels’ messages, the judgment, and the new earth.

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  • Lord Save Me


    WIN BY KO Publications
    If you are feeling lonely, depressed, or are burdened by life’s troubles, “Lord, Save Me!” will inspire you. It is an uplifting collection of spiritual poems geared to comfort those who are suffering. Change your life for the better. All it requires are three simple words: “Lord, save me!”

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  • Human Development And Faith


    This book, now in its second edition, brings together the best available understandings of human development from a multidisciplinary perspective. Uniquely inclusive of the moral and faith dimensions of context and life-cycle development, Human Development and Faith examines the interplay of mind, body, family, community, and soul at every stage of development. It addresses two central questions: What are the “good-enough” conditions of parenting, family, and community in each phase of life, from birth to death, that support growth and development? What gives life adequate meaning as development proceeds? If human development describes the normative and hoped-for passages of life, then faith provides the necessary component of meaning. Throughout the various perspectives offered in this volume is the premise that faith is that quality of living that makes it possible to fully live.

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  • Faith : The Abyss We All Face


    “Why is God killing my child?”

    The Russian mother asked as she looked into my eyes. I didn’t know what to say. Another mother asked, “Why does God allow innocent babies to suffer and die?”

    My heart broke as I listened to these mothers sobbing.

    “FAITH: The Abyss We All Face” is a true story of one man’s journey to the literal “Ends of the Earth” where time after time, he heard these and similar questions.

    Dr. Bill Becknell has wrestled with the tragic cries of brokenness, pain and suffering in himself and others. They are everywhere, and they challenge our faith. There are no cliches or trite answers to these difficult questions. But despite extreme hardships, pain, brokenness, sacrifices, miracles and even near-death experiences along this road, he found an unexpected treasure… JOY!

    No matter how difficult the circumstances, the pain, and the brokenness, God has an unfailing Love that is beyond comprehension.

    Brokenness and sorrow are a part of living, and no one can change that. What we do about tragedy in our lives is an issue of faith. “FAITH” is written to encourage all believers not to be afraid to step out into the unknown “abyss of faith.” Non-Believers may also find the stories apply to their lives, because “faith” is something everyone has.

    There is no greater JOY than following Jesus, even if He leads you to the “Ends of the Earth.”

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  • Faith Dynamics


    This book, Faith Dynamics, is about the principles of faith. It details the difference between the aspect of faith or “believing” as it relates to redemption, and the use of “faith” as a force in accomplishing things for God in this world! Jesus assuredly said: “Whatever you ask in prayer believing, you will receive.” Never have we needed prayer to work, as we need it today. How to develop belief and apply it to the tasks of “moving mountains” in our lives is what this book endeavors to share with the reader/student. The goal and intent is that each reader will reach new levels of empowerment in meeting life’s obstacles and challenges-head on! You are about to discover WHY “faith” is the victory that overcomes the world, moves mountains and guarantees that we will get results when we pray!

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