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German Curriculum

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  • German In 10 Minutes A Day


    Contents Include:

    Digital Download Of GERMAN In 10 Minutes A Day(R) Language Learning Software:
    Use The Interactive Modules To Hear The Words, Practice And Play, Track Your Score And Have Fun! (PC And Mac Friendly)
    The 132-page Illustrated Workbook:
    Use The Book To Guide You, Step-by-step, Through Learning And Speaking German.
    Full Color Throughout:
    Color Illustrations And An Easy-to-read Format Visually Engage You.
    150 Sticky Labels (both In The Book And For Your Computer):
    Place The Sticky Labels Around Your Home And Office To Learn New Words Without Any Extra Time Or Effort.
    Use The Interactive Sticky Labels Module On Your Computer To Hear The Words, Practice And Improve.
    Ready-made Flash Cards (both In The Book And For Your Computer):
    Take The Ready-made Flash Cards With You And Review Your Vocabulary On The Go. Use The Interactive Flash Card Module On Your Computer To Hear The Words And Test Yourself.
    Cut-out Menu Guide:
    Practice At Your Local Restaurant And Take It On Your Trip.
    Pronunciation Guide:
    With The Guide And Simple Phonetics Above Each German Word, It’s Easy To Begin Speaking German With The Correct Pronunciation.
    Over 300 “Free Words”:
    Sounding Similar To Their English Counterparts, These German Words Take No Extra Effort To Add To Your Vocabulary.
    Glossary Of Over 2,000 New Words, Definitions, And Pronunciation:
    You Can Quickly Look Up A German Word, Its Pronunciation And Definition.

    Additional Info
    Whether you’re celebrating “Oktoberfest,” skiing the Alps or exploring your German heritage, you’ll have more fun if you can speak the language! GERMAN in 10 minutes a day(R) teaches you everything you’ll need to make your travel experiences extraordinary. Order a round of “Bier,” ask for directions, and make new friends, entirely in German!

    This new edition comes with a digital download of the 10 minutes a day(R) language software. Talking Flash Cards, Sticky Labels and more, are right on your screen-hear the words, practice and play, keep track of your score and have fun! This is a complete, hands-on language learning experience and your passport to the wonderful German culture.
    The 10 minutes a day(R) Program

    The 10 minutes a day(R) Series is your first step in language learning. This program lays the groundwork to springboard you to the next level. You’ll understand how the components of the language work so you’ll have the freedom to use the language for any situation.
    The 10 minutes a day(R) method guarantees success-all you need to do is set aside 10 minutes a day. When you do a little bit every day, you reinforce your learning and progress quickly. Whether you’re doing the exercises or playing with the interactive modules, being consistent every day will help you to become comfortable and make this new language yours.
    The program is designed so you can work at your own pace. There is no set speed or time limit. If you want to do more than 10 minutes a day, keep going. Just remember, let the process be fun.

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    Designed to look like a child’s workbook, the 10 minutes a day(R) book is an approachable and fun program for everyone. It covers the material equivalent to more than a year of high school German or the first quarter of German at university. It’s a refreshing alternative to boring textbooks and you’ll be surprised at how much you learn.
    The program focuses on words you’ll use when traveling. You’ll learn Key Question Words so you can ask for what you need; money and numbers so you can shop and pay bills; directions so you can get around town smoothly, and so much more to make your experiences abroad enjoyable.
    Study aids and fun activities such as word games, puzzles and interactive modules are academically sound and strategically interwoven into the program. They’re engaging and most importantly, they’re designed to help you succeed.
    Interactive software, Sticky Labels,

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  • Deutsch From Scratch


    SKU (ISBN): 9781434980663ISBN10: 1434980669David DunnBinding: Trade PaperPublished: May 2012Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. Print On Demand Product

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