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Pneumatology (Theology of the Holy Spirit)

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  • Experiencing The Holy Spirit (Reprinted)


    From the Scriptures, Andrew Murray discusses the importance and power of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life.

    While exploring the biblical promises relating to the Spirit, Murray explains how you can…

    *Discover God’s will for your life
    *Learn the secret of spiritual growth
    *Be led by the Holy Spirit
    *Live in victory over sin
    *Claim your inheritance in Christ
    *Strengthen your spiritual walk
    *Receive and attract God’s favor and blessings

    Discover the life-changing benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit. As God’s divine power flows into your heart and permanently transforms your life, you will excel to new heights in your Christian maturity and experience!

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  • Holy Spirit : Our Perfect Helper


    A quick scan of the headlines, an unwelcome doctor’s report, or simply trying to live a faithful life is enough to know that both life’s challenges and its opportunities can be overwhelming. Some people turn to destructive habits for comfort while others obsessively pursue wealth and power for protection. Even Christ-followers can find themselves overwhelmed.

    But there is real, tangible hope and help available.

    The Holy Spirit is an intrinsic part of every believer’s faith – meaning the help you need is already part of your life. He is so much more than you know. Curious? Join Rev Dr Richard Gehman, a pastor to pastors, as he explains the person, work, and purpose of the third member of the divine Trinity. With The Holy Spirit, Our Perfect Helper you will:

    *Learn who the Holy Spirit is and how he is part of every believer’s life.

    *Explore biblical passages about the Holy Spirit and compare them with popular teachings.

    *Grasp how the Holy Spirit provides the greatest comfort and helps you navigate life’s challenges.

    *Discover why the Holy Spirit truly is your perfect Helper.

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  • God Gift And Guide


    So often, the Third Person of the Trinity gets the least attention. He is considered confusing or mysterious.

    Dr. Gregg Allison has spent his life devoted to studying and teaching theology, and this concise and practical book approaches the truth given to us in God’s Word about the Holy Spirit with curiosity and wisdom.

    For the everyday believer wanting to know God better, this book will broaden the reader’s awareness of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit–God, Gift, and Guide. The Spirit is the best gift we are given after our salvation, the One who dwells within those who love Him.

    This book is an invitation to live with an awareness of His presence in our everyday lives.

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  • Overflow : Setting The Holy Spirit Loose In The World You Live In


    Men: Do you realize that God can be found wherever you are where you work, work out, live, play, and pray?

    According to Acts 2, God is in you the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in you as part of your birthright as God’s son. But also, God is in the world because you are in the world. God’s work in the world is not some vague, squishy thing; it’s an outworking of His Spirit in your everyday life.

    What does God want to do in and through you? Christian men often wrestle with that question. The answer is twofold:

    *Give yourself over to the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit.
    *Let God use you to transform the world with His good news.

    This is the big idea of Overflow: God works in us and through us to change the world around us. Join Kenny Luck, a spirit-filled men’s ministry leader, in this mission briefing to prepare you for the privilege of working with God to change the world.

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  • Engaging The Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit


    Distinguished theologian Matthew Levering offers a historical examination of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, defending an Augustinian model against various contemporary theological views.

    This work, a companion piece to Levering’s Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation, critically engages contemporary and classical doctrines of the Holy Spirit in dialogue with Orthodox and Reformed interlocutors, providing an introduction to the pneumatological landscape shared by all Christians. Levering focuses on the Spirit as Love and Gift in the economy of salvation as well as the Spirit’s mission to the church as Christ’s body. Through careful exegesis and interplay with sources from across the spectrum and throughout church history, and with special attention given to Thomas Aquinas and his theological heirs, Levering makes a strong dogmatic case for conceiving of the Holy Spirit as love between Father and Son, given to the people of God as a gift.

    Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit will be of much interest to professors and students of systematic theology as well as Catholic and Protestant scholars.

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  • Flame Of Love Second Edition


    In what may be regarded as his magnum opus, Clark Pinnock explores the vital Christian doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

    Writing out of wide learning and deep personal passion, he points the way to restoring the oft-neglected Spirit to centrality in the life and witness of the church. Pinnock’s book is both catholic–respecting the beliefs and worship of the historic church–and evangelical–drawing particularly on the heritage of the Reformation. Always in sight is the mission of the church, because people want to meet the real and living God and will not be satisfied with a religion that only preaches and moralizes. For this second edition, theologian Daniel Castelo draws from his experience using Flame of Love in the classroom to add notes with helpful commentary and brief reflections on each chapter’s main themes and contributions. While the classic text is preserved, the book becomes even more accessible to contemporary readers.

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  • Healing The Sick


    God Wants You Healed!

    This is a powerful book–so powerful that tens of thousands have been healed just by reading and acting upon the scriptural truths it contains.

    A living classic that continues to be one of the body of Christ’s foremost teachings on healing, Healing the Sick is written in clear, simple language that blesses all who read it.

    Authored by T.L. Osborn, legendary evangelist and Christian statesman who proclaimed the resurrection power of Jesus to millions around the world, this book will radically transform your understanding of supernatural healing.

    T.L. uncovers Biblical truths regarding…

    *Who God heals
    *Where sickness comes from
    *The language of faith
    *Why some don’t receive healing
    *The foundation of steadfast faith

    Take hold of the supernatural principles revealed in this modern-day classic, and start walking in divine healing power today!

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  • Holy Spirit In The New Testament


    In the early church, miraculous workings of the Holy Spirit were normal and normative.
    Today an ever-increasing number of Christians worldwide self-identify as Pentecostal or charismatic. William A. Simmons argues that this means the church needs a Spirit-centered interpretation of Scripture informed by a Pentecostal lens. In The Holy Spirit in the New Testament, Simmons provides an accessible New Testament introduction that discusses themes and passages of particular interest to Pentecostal readers. Each chapter explores the presence of the Spirit in a biblical book, then offers devotional applications to help readers respond to the text. In Matthew, for example, we discover that there is no Messianic era apart from the Spirit. For Paul in Romans, the Holy Spirit is the authenticating power and emotive heart of God. And Revelation is permeated with the illuminating voice of the Spirit from beginning to end. A Spirit-centered reading breaks down divisions between reason and spirit, mind and emotion. This book opens a dialogue between the academy and the church, demonstrating how sound exegesis speaks to Spirit-filled Christians. In the world and writings of the New Testament authors, we continue to encounter the revelatory presence of God.

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  • Welcome Holy Spirit


    As the renowned scholar Thomas Oden noted, “No subject of Christian teaching is more prone to fanaticism and novelty and subjectivism than that of the Holy Spirit.”

    The Bible’s own metaphors for the Spirit are as elusive as they are evocative–wind, oil, flame, water, dove–making pneumatology a mysterious study. But shying away from the topic is no solution. Gordon Smith encourages us to seek both fresh understanding and fresh experience of the Spirit through openness to learning more, no matter what our theological tradition. In this way, as we hold biblical convictions firmly but gracefully, the guiding principles of discernment and humility will help us intentionally live Spirit-responsive lives day by day. Welcome, Holy Spirit is a much-needed master class with a trustworthy and encouraging teacher. How can we cultivate an understanding of the Holy Spirit that helps us experience the presence of the Spirit in worship, in witness, in joy and sorrow, in seasons of blessing and times of difficulty alike, all the while honoring the fullness of the Trinity? That is the objective of the reflections in this book: an attentiveness to the Spirit, not to replace Christ as the focus of our lives and worship but to bring us truly into the presence of the living and ascended Lord. It is to this end that we pray, “Welcome, Holy Spirit.”

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  • Baptism And Fullness


    “The Christian life is life in the Spirit,” writes John Stott. “It would be impossible to be a Christian, let alone to live and grow as a Christian, without the ministry of the gracious Spirit of God. All we have and are as Christians we owe to him.” The Holy Spirit continues to be at work around the world, as numerous renewal movements attest. Yet much confusion and controversy remain regarding the Holy Spirit’s activity. In this classic study, John Stott provides clear biblical exposition on the promise, the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He offers particular guidance on the nature of “the baptism of the Spirit” and whether certain spiritual gifts and experiences should be normative for all Christians. Always irenic and gracious, Stott points the way to both greater biblical understanding and deeper fullness of spiritual life.

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  • Spirit Within : Getting To Know The Person And Purpose Of The Holy Spirit


    In what ways has your expectation of the Christian life differed from your experience of living the Christian life? Are you hungry for more? Pastors Rob King and Eric Ferris explore how you can be more comfortable, capable, and joyful in your relationship with God by experiencing an ongoing, renewable, increasing relationship with the Holy Spirit within.

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  • Baptism Of The Holy Spirit


    This book takes a close look at Scripture to see what the Lord Himself tells us regarding His Holy Spirit and how it relates to us today.

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  • Sculptor Spirit : Models Of Sanctification From Spirit Christology


    1. Sculptor Spirit: Spirit Christology And The Sanctified Life
    2. Voices From The Past: Patristic Images Of The Sanctifying Spirit
    3. Baptized Into Death And Life: The Renewal Model
    4. Facing Demons Through Prayer And Meditation: The Dramatic Model
    5. Sharing Life Together: The Sacrificial Model
    6. Welcoming The Stranger: The Hospitality Model
    7. Work, Pray, And Rest: The Devotional Model
    8. I Want To Tell The Story: North American Spirituality And The Models
    General Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    The Holy Spirit is sculpting you.

    Like the work of an artist who molds a lump of clay into its intended shape, the Spirit’s sanctifying work lies in shaping people into the image of Christ.

    Avoiding either a “Spirit-only” or a “Spirit-void” theology, Leopoldo Sanchez carefully crafts a Spirit Christology, which considers the role of God’s Spirit in the life and mission of Jesus. This understanding then serves as the foundation to articulate five distinct models of sanctification that can help Christians discern how the Spirit is at work in our lives.

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  • Understanding The Holy Spirit Today


    Get a better understanding of the Holy Spirit, the works of the Spirit in Biblical times, and why the Spirit of God is relevant for today.

    THE SPIRIT TODAY is an accessible guide on understanding what the Bible says and reveals about the Holy Spirit

    Readers are familiar with God, the Father, and Jesus, his son. Now they have an accessible guide to what the Bible says and reveals about the Holy Spirit, the sustainer of God’s creation. Doris Rikkers shares stories from the Bible that show the Spirit at work in the Old Testament and the New Testament, with application for today. Readers learn what the Spirit does, who it works with, and what happens after it has acted. Presented in lively narrative, THE SPIRIT TODAY communicates biblical truth that will empower and uplift.

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  • Who Is The Holy Spirit


    One of three uniquely designed books on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Written by Nancy Taylor and Philip Ryken
    Who Is the Holy Spirit? has 60 questions and answers focusing on the third Person of the Trinity the Holy Spirit. This profound book will encourage spiritual growth. The beautiful classic designed hardcover and elegant gold foiled accents make this an exquisite gift book for anyone in your life.
    One-color insides
    Ribbon marker
    Gilt-edged pages

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  • Holy Spirit In The New Testament (Student/Study Guide)


    In an area of study that is sometimes neglected and often debated, this book offers readers fresh insight through careful attention to the different ways the New Testament writings present and interpret the Spirit of God. With Carroll’s guidance, readers will gain a sense of the identity and activity of the Spirit manifest in the cultures and literature that informed the New Testament and its earliest audiences. The author also maps the distinctive views of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament books, employing a literary “close reading” of texts where the Spirit figures prominently. Readers discover that for the writers of the New Testament all of life is touched by the Holy Spirit. And for human beings this life is lived in the awareness God’s presence, sustained in hope through adversity and pain, open to change and new possibilities, and equipped and empowered to act boldly and speak prophetically by wise Spirit shaped discernment. The Spirit in the New Testament is a creative force sustaining, fostering, and restoring life – the first and last word both whispered and even shouted as the divine breath animating embedded and embodied human life and community.

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  • Fathers Gift : The Holy Spirit


    The Person of the Holy Spirit is THE GIFT promised in the book of Joel. THE GIFT is also why Jesus commanded the apostles to tarry in Jerusalem, until they received Him, The Holy Spirit. His infilling changed their lives from hiding in fear to boldly proclaiming the gospel and a willingness to give up their lives, and He is still given to ALL.

    Seek Him… He is THE GIFT.

    He matures the believer and purges the dross from our lives.Without His fire in and on our lives, we are powerless to live for Him. But ye shall receive power, when the Holy Spirit is come upon you: and ye shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. Acts 1:8

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  • Holy Spirit Revivals


    Charles Finney’s ministry led to some of the most amazing revivals that have ever occurred in the United States or England. In Holy Spirit Revivals, Finney recalls those events, revealing the secrets that led to the mass conversions of lost souls in his meetings throughout upstate New York, as well as in Boston, Philadelphia, and London.

    Unafraid of offending delicate ears by addressing the problem of sin head on, Finney’s dedication to prayer, his understanding of Scripture, and his radical reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit are a great template for believers today.

    An outstanding resource for anyone interested in seeing a revival of faith in the church, Holy Spirit Revivals is a treasured account of one of the greatest Christian preachers in history.

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  • Holy Spirit


    Much more than a personal experience, the Holy Spirit is who God is and what God does as the Trinity, whether we feel it or not. It is the birthday of the church as created through the Spirit, giving the church the task of pointing the world to Jesus. This book will help people recognize what an extraordinary thing has happened to them through baptism and their inclusion in the Body of Christ through the Spirit But to do this the authors will challenge some of the presumptions surrounding discussions about the Spirit in terms of how the work of the Spirit is understood as “inspirational.” In other words, this book will help people recover a sense of why the Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and how that reality makes possible our inclusion in the Body of Christ in a manner that challenges some of the individualistic and subjectivist accounts of the Spirit’s work.

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  • Heritage Of The Saints


    The heritage of the saints is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    The Heritage of Saints delves into Jesus Christ’s mighty gift to mankind: the Holy Spirit. As Lockyer eloquently explains, every believer is rich with the abundance of the Spirit in His sevenfold manifestation: the baptism, the gift, the indwelling, the anointing, the sealing, the pledge, and the in-filling.

    Although an understanding of the Spirit and His work is essential for spiritual growth, His presence throughout the Scripture can be overlooked by the believer. To remedy that, Lockyer traces the Spirit’s presence, role, and activity in the Bible and practically guides the reader in how to do the same.

    Believers who are eager to learn more about their inheritance will appreciate Lockyer’s timeless insights on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Astounding Promise : God Restores To Us The Fullness Of His Spirit


    Do you want God’s Spirit to come into your spirit and make you a new creation in Christ Jesus? Do you long for the Holy Spirit to come upon you, fill you to overflowing, and empower you to be a witness of Jesus and His great salvation?

    Astounding Promise: God Restores to Us the Fullness of His Spirit reveals the great Holy Spirit of God, promised by God as part of the New Covenant. Author John G. Hutchinson describes his own experiences with the Holy Spirit and shows how God’s astounding promise is very real, experiential, and practical for all His born-again children.

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  • Power Of The Holy Spirit


    Heavenly Realm Publishing Company

    In The Power of the Holy Spirit, Stephanie reaches deep through a clear outline of scriptures and text, showing Who the Holy Spirit is and how important it is to have Him. You can know Him personally and experience the power of His Great and Mighty Spirit. Many Christian Believers acknowledge Him as a type of Christian faith, but perhaps not as they face struggles day to day in their spiritual walk. He is a Divine Advocate, Counselor, and Guide Who can empower the Believer to meet life’s challenges and bring guidance to all Christian Believers who desire Him. With this book, you can experience this awesome gift of God as you seek to discover: The Knowledge of the Gifts and Baptism of the Holy Spirit Why Christians and the Church Need The Holy Spirit Why You Should be Filled by Faith and Not by Emotions Experience the Power of the Holy Spirit-How to Listen and Yield Yourself The Gift to Know Your Calling/Purpose Through the Holy Spirit The Ability to Obtain or Maintain Self-Control, Love, Joy, Patience, Peace, and Humility (love) Once the Holy Spirit is Received Helps You Identify deep issues to the root of personal struggles Provides you the Ability to Discern through Prayer What is Best in Daily Situations The Power of the Holy Spirit helps the Believer build their faith and reliance on the Holy Spirit, as they live confidently through challenging relationships and situations; knowing that the Holy Spirit is with them and ready to help.

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  • Illumination In Basil Of Caesareas Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit


    1. Introduction: Basil And Knowledge Of God
    2. The Illumination And The Holy Spirit
    3. In Divine Light-Baptism As Illumination
    4. The Divine Light Over Creation
    5. The Divine Light Over Scripture
    6. Conclusion: To Speak Of The Spirit Of God

    Additional Info
    Although Basil of Caesarea was the first to write a discourse on the Holy Spirit, many scholars have since questioned if he fully believed in the Spirit’s divinity. Timothy P. McConnell argues that Basil did regard the Spirit as fully divine and an equal Person of the Trinity. However, Basil refused to use philosophical terminology to make the point, preferring to use what the Spirit revealed through divine act and Scripture. Thus, “illumination” becomes the primary paradigm for Basil, which later theologians would come to call revelation, setting the stage for this study’s high relevance for contemporary thought.

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  • Operation Of The Gifts And Ministry Of The Holy Spirit


    As the world marches to the rhythm of prophetic eventualities, and the imminent return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the church’s responsibility to the world is to appropriate the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily walk, so that world is drawn to seek Christ. Without the Holy Spirit, the Church is powerless in this present world. Lost souls will have no light to draw them to the way of truth. The Operation of The Gifts and Ministry of the Holy Spirit looks at The Promised Gift and the Church’s response.

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  • More Of The Holy Spirit


    In the last forty years, many Catholics have experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives that resulted in a new passion for God and a zeal for spreading the gospel. In addition to a newfound love of prayer, Scripture, and the Eucharist, many have been blessed with the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as tongues and healing. Yet as the years go by, many often experience a waning of the gifts of the Spirit as well as a lukewarmness creeping into their lives. What can we do to keep that fire for God, which may have been ignited many years ago, burning brightly in our hearts? In this book, Sr. Ann Shields offers us an inspirational message that will help us persist in prayer and keep asking for more of the Holy Spirit in our lives each day. By taking a serious look at our hearts and repenting where we have strayed, and by rededicating ourselves as disciples of Christ, we can reignite the fire that once burned within us.

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  • God I Never Knew


    Who is the Holy Spirit, and exactly what does He do?

    Many people find the Holy Spirit mysterious, confounding-even controversial. Why is the third person in the Godhead-the one Jesus said would be the believer’s ultimate source of truth and comfort-the source of such confusion?

    In The God I Never Knew, Robert Morris clearly explains that the Holy Spirit’s chief desire is for relationship–to offer us the encouragement and guidance of a trusted friend. This insightful and biblically-based book moves beyond theological jargon, religious tradition, and cultural misconceptions to clarify what the Holy Spirit promises to do in your life:
    * Dwell within you
    * Be your helper
    * Guide you into all truth
    * Comfort you
    * Pray for you
    * Show you things to come
    * Never leave you

    It’s time to experience the Holy Spirit in a fresh, new way-to meet the God you may have never known.

    Includes a small group study guide!

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  • Holy Spirit Here And Now


    “The Holy Spirit is deeply at work in you, right at this moment, wherever you are.” As Hudson shares his own struggles and joys in being more responsive to the Holy Spirit, readers will realize that the Spirit is accessible to them and can transform their lives. Each chapters includes a simple exercise to help readers connect with the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.

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  • Who On Earth Is The Holy Spirit


    1. The Spirit Of Life
    2. The Spirit Of God
    3. The Spirit Of Love
    4. The Spirit Of Truth
    5. The Spirit Of Power

    Additional Info
    Many people find it easy to understand about God and Jesus, but struggle to understand quite how and where the Holy Spirit fits into the picture. Who exactly is he? And how does he work in our lives?

    These short, simple books are designed to help Christians understand what God has said about these questions and many more in the Bible.

    Suitable for all Christians – especially those who are struggling with questions about who the Holy Spirit is.

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  • Holy Spirit : Can You Live Without Him


    * Have you ever had a question about God’s Holy Spirit?
    * Just what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
    * Are the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit for today?
    * When and how are we filled with the Holy Spirit?
    * Does talking about the Holy Spirit make you uncomfortable?
    * Are you offended by God’s Spirit because of the abuses of others?
    * Is there a counterfeit spirit at work today?
    * Do you worry that maybe you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit?
    * Have unmet expectations left you disillusioned with God’s Spirit?
    * Has uncertainty caused you to put off the Holy Spirit?
    * Are you afraid of the Holy Spirit because of what He might make you do?
    * What is speaking in tongues? Is it real, and is it necessary?
    * Have you ever considered what the baptism of the Holy Spirit means for eternal life?
    * Why do so many in our churches either reject or misrepresent the Holy Spirit?
    This book seeks to answer these questions and more in the most direct and simple way possible.

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  • Like Spring Rain


    Looking at key concepts such as sealing, regeneration, indwelling, filling, baptism, spiritual gifts and speaking in tongues, this book seeks to set the Pentecostal and Toronto experiences on a biblical, doctrinal basis which is both evangelical and conservative.

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  • Like Spring Rain


    Looking at key concepts such as sealing, regeneration, indwelling, filling, baptism, spiritual gifts and speaking in tongues, this book seeks to set the Pentecostal and Toronto experiences on a biblical, doctrinal basis which is both evangelical and conservative.

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  • Holy Spirit : Activating Gods Power In Your Life


    Exactly who is the Holy Spirit, and what does He do? In this classic volume, Graham offers a sensitive and comprehensive portrait of this much discussed but often misunderstood member of the Trinity.

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  • What You Need To Know About The Holy Spirit


    What does the Holy Spirit do today? Should I ask for Him to give me a particular gift or do a miracle? How can I experience Him on a daily basis? Come to terms with the most misunderstood member of the Trinity. In twelve lessons for individual or small group study, you will watch the Holy Spirit at work from the earliest times to the present, moving through the pages of both the Old and New Testaments. You will get to know Him as your comforter in times of pain, your encourager in moments of defeat, and your teacher in times of confusion. And, finally, you will learn how to receive His power for service to Christ and let His guidance and direction anchor them in the will of God. The Max Anders “What You Need to Know About…” series is made up of ten, 12-lesson study guides covering the fundamentals of Christianity. The ten books in the series together form a “Basic Knowledge” program for seekers, new believers, and veteran believers who want a stronger foundation in the Christian faith.

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  • Who Is The Holy Spirit


    SKU (ISBN): 9781557256355ISBN10: 1557256357Yong AmosBinding: Trade PaperPublished: June 2011Publisher: Paraclete Press

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  • Holy Spirit In The World Today


    In recent decades, churches across the world have been rediscovering the dynamic power and deep wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Alongside the experience of the Spirit, many theologians have begun to explore the theology of the Spirit, and in 2010, a major conference took place at Holy Trinity Brompton on this very topic. This book is a collection of twelve papers delivered there, and includes contributions from Jnrgen Moltmann, Miroslav Volf, David Ford, and Rowan Williams. About the Editor: Dr. Jane Williams is a tutor in Christian doctrine at St. Mellitus College and a visiting lecturer in theology at King”s College London, having previously taught at Trinity College Bristol. She is the wife of the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

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  • Mission Of The Holy Spirit


    This book, The Mission of the Holy Spirit, grew out of a series of messages given by Pastor Wade Graber in 1995. Now fifteen years after the initial vision, paradigm shift, and some personal spiritual growth, Wade’s hope in penning The Mission of the Holy Spirit is for Christians to more fully understand the presence and ministry of God the Holy Spirit and for unbelievers to receive the indwelling Spirit. The message of the book is quite simple. You are the mission field of God the Holy Spirit. He has numerous things He wants to do in your life that affect your present and your eternity. The Holy Spirit wants to transform you into Christ’s image and glorify the Father and the Son. This book and the accompanying songs require uninterrupted worship and meditation in order to experience the richest reality of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Mission Of The Holy Spirit


    This book, The Mission of the Holy Spirit, grew out of a series of messages given by Pastor Wade Graber in 1995. Now fifteen years after the initial vision, paradigm shift, and some personal spiritual growth, Wade’s hope in penning The Mission of the Holy Spirit is for Christians to more fully understand the presence and ministry of God the Holy Spirit and for unbelievers to receive the indwelling Spirit. The message of the book is quite simple. You are the mission field of God the Holy Spirit. He has numerous things He wants to do in your life that affect your present and your eternity. The Holy Spirit wants to transform you into Christ’s image and glorify the Father and the Son. This book and the accompanying songs require uninterrupted worship and meditation in order to experience the richest reality of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Baptism In The Holy Spirit (Anniversary)


    Baptism in the Holy Spirit is one of James Dunn’s most influential books and has become a classic. Forty years after its original publication it still sparks debate and appears on many Reading lists. In an extensive Preface to this fortieth anniversary edition, James Dunn engages with the debates about the book since it was first published. In Baptism in the Holy Spirit James Dunn argues that water baptism is only one element in the New Testament pattern of conversion and initiation. The gift of the Spirit, he believes, is the central element. For the writers of the New Testament only those who had received the Holy Spirit could be called Christians. For them, the reception of the Spirit was a very definite and often very dramatic experience–the decisive and climactic experience in conversion and initiation–to which Christians were usually recalled when reminded of their Christian faith and experience. James Dunn uncovers the place of the gift of the Holy Spirit in the total complex event of becoming a Christian.

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  • Understanding The Spirit World


    Who lives inside the believer? Is it Jesus, the Father, the Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit? Is He a person and if so how does a person live in each Christian all around the world at the same time.

    What happens when saints pray? How does God hear our prayers? How does He answer our prayers? What state of being are the departed saints in when they die? What will be the role of the church after this life is over? These and many other questions are discussed in this book and answered for your understanding from Zachariah chapter four.

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  • Gods Empowering Presence (Reprinted)


    God’s Empowering Presence is a fresh and original analysis of all the passages in the Pauline corpus (including Ephesians, Colossians, and the Pastoral Epistles) that concern the Holy Spirit. Through comprehensive lexical, historical, and grammatical study, Fee provides an exegesis of every Spirit text in Paul’s writings. He then investigates the Holy Spirit’s crucial roles in Pauline theology including eschatological fulfillment, divine Person of the Trinity, and evidence for and guarantee of salvation. New, updated cover.

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  • Holy Spirit Of God


    The subject of the Godhead and the Holy Spirit of God has proven to be a complicated and profound subject to articulate and/or expound upon. This book, hopefully, will cause many of us to reconsider the “Word Only” positions that are often set forth by good and honest brethren.

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  • Engaging With The Holy Spirit


    Despite today’s growing charismatic movement, many Christians remain unclear about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Cole offers biblical answers to six common questions—what is blasphemy against the Spirit; how do we resist, quench, and grieve him; how does he fill us; and should we pray directly to him? Reader-friendly and reassuring.

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  • Names Of The Holy Spirit Pamphlet


    32 Names of the Holy Spirit and where they occur in the Bible are included in this pamphlet with their meanings and applications. Studying the names of the Spirit will help you get a fuller, well-rounded idea of who he is and how he operates and so allow you to worship and serve God in a fuller and richer capacity. Other articles included are: The Trinity, the Spirit and Prayer, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the Gifts of the Holy spirit.

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  • More Than We Can Imagine


    GET ACQUAINTED WITH THE PERSON OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! In this book, Dick Robinson describes how he lived the first four years of his Christian life with little knowledge of the Holy Spirit. He was in a solid evangelical church, but the leadership was afraid to teach on this subject. An elder helped him see the importance of an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, and Dick’s life changed greatly. Jesus said, “You shall do these things that I do, and even greater things.” (See John 14:12.) How is this possible? It is possible because God Almighty lives inside Christians, in the Person of the Holy Spirit, and God wants to use His people to bless others and bring glory to His Name. Learn about the Holy Spirit’s desire for fellowship with us, how He makes us more like Jesus, how He guides and empowers our lives, and how He uses us in supernatural ways.

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  • Communion In The Spirit


    This study explores the central connection Edwards drew between his doctrines of religious experience and the Trinity: the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Edwards envisioned the Spirit’s inter-Trinitarian work as the affectionate bond of union between the Father and the Son, a work which, he argued, is reduplicated in a finite way in the work of redemption. Salvation is ultimately all about being drawn in love into the Trinitarian life of the Godhead.

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  • Honesty Morality And Conscience


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    In Honesty, Morality, and Conscience , Jerry White takes a hard look at some of life’s gray areas. Exploring the origin and depth of our conscience, our moral compass, and truthful living, he explains how God has given us everything we need to face the moral and ethical questions of today in all areas of our lives.

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  • Practicing Presence Of Spirit


    Through a treatment of Yoder’s thought that is insightful and sophisticated yet surprisingly accessible given the profundity of the issues being analyzed, Earl Zimmerman lays out the relevance of the politics of Jesus for people committed to the power of God’s transforming love.

    Co-published with Cascadia Publishing House.

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  • Tozer Mystery Of The Holy Spirit


    A follow-up to the groundbreaking Fellowship of the Burning Heart. Snyder has compiled some of Tozer’s greatest works on the Holy Spirit, including a free audio CD of Tozer’s sermons.

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  • Work Of The Spirit


    A timely collection exploring the Holy Spirit in theology, culture, and science.

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  • After The Spirit


    “To think about the Spirit it will not do to think ‘spiritually’: to think about the Spirit you have to think materially,” claims Eugene F. Rogers. The Holy Spirit, who in classical Christian discourse “pours out on all flesh,” has tended in modern theology and worship to float free of bodies. The result of such disembodiment, contends Rogers, is that our talk about the Spirit has become flat and uninspiring. In After the Spirit Rogers diagnoses a related gap in the revival of trinitarian theology, a mentality that “there’s nothing the Spirit can do that the Son can’t do better.”

    The Eastern Christian tradition, by contrast, has usually linked the Holy Spirit with holy places, holy people, and holy things. Weaving together a rich tapestry of sources from this tradition, Rogers locates the Spirit in the Gospel stories of the annunciation, Jesus’ baptism, the transfiguration, and the resurrection. These stories offer illuminating glimpses into both the Spirit’s connection with the tangible world and the Spirit’s distinctive place in relation to the other persons of the Trinity.

    Eight gorgeous color plates complement Rogers’s witty and passionate prose.

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