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  • 100 Day Prayer Guide For Men


    Get on the Road to a More Powerful Prayer Life

    The 100-Day Prayer Guide for Men offers relatable, real-life wisdom and inspiration for prayer. You’ll encounter page after page of biblical truths you can apply to your own quiet time with God.

    Covering overarching topics like

    *Confession, and

    as well as more specific issues such as

    *the Lost,
    *Healing, and
    *Physical Needs

    This book provides a biblical example or teaching on each subject, a brief devotional thought, guidance on incorporating the topic into your own prayer life, and a brief prayer starter. It’s a perfect way to spend your next hundred days!

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  • 365 Power Prayers For Women


    “The earth and sky will wear out and fade away before one word I speak loses its power or fails to accomplish its purpose.”
    Matthew 24:35 TPT

    This Scripture is one of the many promises God has spoken over you. His promises are for every situation and for all time. They reflect his character and confirm his purpose for your life.

    Gain confidence in the never-ending love and mercy of God as you read through this book of daily power prayers. When you need encouragement or a reminder of who God is, turn to his Word and declare it over your situation. God’s Word is living and active and as relevant today as it was when it was written.

    Grab hold of God’s promises, declare them over your life, and discover his unlimited grace and strength for your every need.

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  • Pray With Me


    This grace-filled, practical book on praying with your kids empowers you to teach children how they can develop a personal relationship with God through prayer.

    As parents, our deep longing is for our children to not just know about Jesus but to love Him. In Pray with Me, parent and ministry leader Erica Renaud shows us how inviting kids into the joy of intentional prayer-on their level-nurtures authentic relationship with God that can last a lifetime.

    Through relatable stories, biblical insight, and practical tips for involving the whole family in prayer, Erica equips us to:

    *Overcome the challenges of praying with kids by learning how to engage their hearts.
    *Encourage prayer in response to everyday joys and struggles.
    *Get creative about when, how, and what to pray.
    *Express the theology of prayer in age-appropriate language, for preschoolers to tweens.
    *Let go of the insecurity that keeps us from praying with our kids.

    As our children grow spiritually, we can too-and together, love Jesus more every day.

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  • Considering Jesus : The Human Experience Of The Redeemer



    Jesus can feel remote to Christians because he stands alone in his flawlessness, his sinlessness. But the reality is that this quintessential human grew in knowledge, insight, influence, and grace exactly as does every human: one day, one experience, one relationship at a time.

    Considering Jesus, by renowned author and spiritual director Joseph Tetlow, is a book of, about, and for prayer that explores the characteristics, identity, and spirituality revealed by Jesus through his purposeful actions and relationships during his earthly ministry. Jesus can relate to our joy, suffering, and yearning precisely because he has felt joy, suffering, and yearning, and therefore he understands what’s inside our hearts. As a result of realizing that Jesus’ human heart is so very much like ours, praying with Jesus becomes personal and fulfilling.

    “I wrote this book because I want to share my love of Jesus with readers,” notes Fr. Joe. “Our human experiences were just like Jesus of Nazareth’s. Read this book, and you will pray with Him not as an idea but as a human person.”

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  • Whispers From Heaven


    Powerful prayers begin with whispers from Heaven.

    Many struggle with prayer, hoping to offer up words that achieve results.

    Seasoned intercessor and Bethel Church leader, Beni Johnson believes that prayer is most effective when we allow God’s heart to guide our requests. When we pause to ask, “God, what are You doing?” before we pray, there is no limit to what He can do through us!

    Whispers from Heaven is a collection of Beni’s writings on prayer and intercession. Presented in short entries which the reader can use as a daily devotional or reflective reading, each chapter teaches you to discern the voice of God before you enter into prayer.

    You will learn how to:

    *Listen for God’s voice to give you prayer assignments
    *Recognize what spiritual realm you are dealing with in prayer
    *Pray from the victory that Jesus purchased at Calvary
    *Know when it is time to war and time to rest in prayer
    *Be equipped to pray effective prayers that see results

    Join with seasoned intercessor Beni Johnson and ignite your prayer life to bring Heaven to Earth!

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  • 100 Day Prayer Guide For Women


    Find Your Way to a More Effective and Fulfilling Prayer Life!

    The 100-Day Prayer Guide for Women offers relatable, real-life wisdom and inspiration for prayer. You’ll encounter page after page of biblical truths you can apply to your own quiet time with God.

    Covering overarching topics like

    *Confession, and

    as well as more specific issues such as

    *the Lost,
    *Healing, and
    *Physical Needs

    This book provides a biblical example or teaching on each subject, a brief devotional thought, guidance on incorporating the topic into your own prayer life, and a brief prayer starter. It’s a perfect way to spend your next hundred days!

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  • Feminist Prayers For My Daughter


    Spiritual language is often male-focused, overlooking the uniquely female experience. Author Shannon K. Evans believes our daughters deserve better.

    Evans wrote Feminist Prayers for My Daughter as a gift to mothers and women everywhere. It offers short prayers that affirm the unique challenges and embrace the natural abilities embodied by our daughters, young and old alike. Categories of prayers include embodiment, relationships, wholeness, justice, equality, and milestones. This book encompasses all of life from birth to death while imagining God in ways that resonate with the feminine experience.

    For mothers, grandmothers, mentors, and beyond, this prayer book provides a poignant and powerful path to both encounter God personally and seek the well-being of the daughters in our lives. It gives words to a mother’s desires for her daughter in the modern world and breathes hope for a church that will give her equal power.

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  • Power Of A Praying Mom


    Lead Them While Growing in Him

    Gathered in this sweet little book are prayers in pairs: a message from your heart to God’s, and a companion request seeking His guidance, protection, and blessings for your children. You’ll deepen your reliance on God as you trust Him to encourage your little ones to grow in faith, shaping them for His glory as their unique talents, passions, and purpose blossom.

    With a dedicated space for writing out your own prayers for your family, this beautiful edition of The Power of a Praying Mom is a cherished keepsake. The perfect gift for every mother, bestselling author Stormie Omartian’s inspiring words will help you parent from a place of peace as you cover your children’s lives with the powerful prayer.

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  • Prayers To Share 100 Pass Along Notes To Breathe And Release


    Another addition to our top-selling series, designed to spread peace and reduce anxiety. Do you ever wish you could give someone the gift of a deep breath and a peaceful spirit? Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-Along Notes to Breathe & Release allows readers to pass on relief from anxiety through prayers, select Bible verses, and thoughtful quotes on the topic of taking comfort in God. By simply tearing and sharing, they can encourage their friends and neighbors with blessings, promises, and Biblical reasons to breathe easy.

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  • Pocket Guide To The Holy Rosary


    Here is the booklet that will teach your children how to pray the Rosary and make them love doing so. Charming Catholic friends Fulton and Cynthia return in this vivid and engaging Lego-style comic book that takes children on a fun and stimulating adventure through the twenty mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

    A Pocket Guide to the Holy Rosary is colorfully illustrated with images that capture young imaginations and help them meditate on each mystery and grow in understanding of our Lord’s life and sacrifice. The stirring images depicting scenes from the lives of Jesus and Mary are taken directly from Kevin and Mary O’Neill’s immensely popular Catechism of the Seven Sacraments.

    Features include:

    *A solid explanation on why the Rosary is prayed
    *Helpful diagrams and instructions on how to pray the Rosary
    *Basic prayers recited in the Rosary
    *Scriptural references for each mystery

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  • Words Of Jesus


    The Words of Jesus is a daily guide to help broaden your faith as you reflect on Jesus’ teachings of love, mercy, and forgiveness.

    *Each day of the year is allotted a page that contains a Bible verse, reflection, and/or prayer to inspire, challenge, and comfort you.

    *Rediscover Jesus’ words and teachings as related in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

    *Full-color photographs keep the content fresh throughout the year.

    *An attached ribbon bookmark helps you keep your place.

    *Padded cover with cutout and attached metal charm, 384 pages.

    Navigate life’s shifting waves through pages of Jesus’ wisdom.

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  • Lives We Actually Have


    Warm and witty blessings found within the struggle of a shared humanity, from the New York Times bestselling authors of Good Enough

    Blessed are you, the strange duck.

    You with the very intense hobbies.

    Or the collection of movies or mugs or sneakers.

    You with the hometown or home team that makes you very, very proud.

    You, my dear, in all your intricacies…are a marvel.

    Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie, authors of the instant New York Times bestseller Good Enough, reveal how every day is worth blessing–even Tuesdays. In a world that demands relentless perfection, Bowler and Richie offer creative, faith-based blessings that center gratitude and hope without making light of our real, messy lives.

    Formatted like a prayer book, The Lives We Actually Have is an oasis and a landing spot for weary souls, with blessings that center on various moods, including Bless This Ordinary Day, Bless This Tired Day, Bless This Lovely Day, Bless This Mournful Day, and more. These heartfelt, nurturing blessings are a sanctuary for the grieving, the hopeful, the restless, the careworn, and anyone who needs a chance to pause and exhale in a chaotic world.

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  • It All Matters To Jesus Girls


    “It all matters to Jesus” (James 5:11) is an important biblical truth for kids to learn.

    And this encouraging prayer book for the girls in your life is an encouraging reminder that the heavenly Father cares about everything they have to say. Whether it’s a little ask or a super-big-miracle ask, He hears, He cares, and He will answer in His perfect timing. These 180 prayers and truth-filled scriptures will reassure young hearts that Jesus is involved in and cares about the same things they care about–from the big to the small!

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  • Prayers For Uncertain Times: When You Dont Know What To Pray


    Your Guide for Praying in Uncertain Times

    Here’s a practical guide of short prayer starters that will help readers pray confidently during uncertain times. From illness and death to family fights and job loss, dozens of topics are covered. Each section opens with a short devotional thought and applicable scripture. Great as a ministry resource or for a personal library, Prayers for Uncertain Times is a must-have tool for anyone searching for a stronger prayer life.

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  • Year Of Bible Prayers


    A Year of Bible Prayers Is Sure to Become a Storytime Favorite in Your House!

    This lovely keepsake Bible storybook for kids celebrates each month of the calendar year with four stories of prayer from God’s Word.

    Stories are arranged into themes relating to the specific month:

    *January: Protection
    *February: Blessing
    *March: Healing
    *April: Resurrection
    *May: Mothers
    *June: Fathers
    *July: Forgiveness
    *August: Victory in Battle
    *September: Silly Prayers
    *October: Wisdom
    *November: Helpless Prayers
    *December: Prayers by and about Jesus

    Each section includes four colorfully illustrated stories of Bible prayers reinforcing the monthly theme and showing kids how God works in response to the prayers of His people!

    A fun bonus section at the end of the book features a list of yearly calendar celebrations with dates and brief explanations.

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  • It All Matters To Jesus Boys


    “It all matters to Jesus” (James 5:11) is an important biblical truth for kids to learn.

    And this encouraging prayer book for the boys in your life is an encouraging reminder that the heavenly Father cares about everything they have to say. Whether it’s a little ask or a super-big-miracle ask, He hears, He cares, and He will answer in His perfect timing. These 180 prayers and truth-filled scriptures will reassure young hearts that Jesus is involved in and cares about the same things they care about–from the big to the small!

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  • Praying Your Way To A Beautiful Life


    If you crave a life full of hope and beauty. . .this book of daily prayers is just what you need!

    This book of daily inspirational prayers will set you on a path to beautiful living. Each devotional-like prayer and related scripture selection will help you to discover compassion and grace, calm and contentment, confidence and strength, and so much more, every day of the year! Each of the 365 readings in Praying Your Way to a Beautiful Life will help you to encounter a life of purpose with the heavenly Father as your Friend and Guide.
    A truly beautiful life. . .is just a prayer away!

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  • Prayers And Promises For Daily Strength


    We all experience difficult seasons in life that sap us of our energy. Loss, pain, anxiety, sickness, or frustration can lead to discouragement and sometimes a feeling of exhaustion.

    Prayers & Promises for Daily Strength is a topically organized collection that guides you through themes of assurance, inspiration, endurance, rest, purpose, and more. Encouraging Scriptures, heartfelt prayers, and prompting questions give you an opportunity to think more deeply about the joy and truth found in God’s Word.

    By staying connected to God, and believing in his promises, you can be renewed and re-energized, drawing on his strength to live a fulfilling, blessed life. Take a moment to breathe in the calming peace of his presence. He cares for you, and he will always be with you.

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  • How To Make Sure God Hears Your Prayers


    What if you could know God hears your prayers?

    We live in a noisy world full of uncertainty, hardship, and lies. In the confusion, it’s easy to wonder where God is and if he hears us at all.

    In How to Make Sure God Hears Your Prayers, Ray Comfort exposes biblical truths, revealing how the fear of the Lord is key to entering God’s holy presence and receiving his blessings. Through Ray’s powerful stories, profound biblical illustrations, and real-life examples, you will

    – discover what the Bible says about the fear of the Lord,
    – recognize the importance of repentance and obedience,
    – be empowered to share gospel truths, and
    – find peace in God’s promises.

    You can have confidence that God hears your prayers.

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  • Prayers To Strengthen Your Soul


    Connect with the still, small voice of God.

    With the demands and distractions of life, it doesn’t take long for worry and doubt to threaten your peace, overwhelm your mind, and steal your joy. The God of the universe hears your needs and longs for a personal relationship with you. All you have to do is listen and pray.

    Prayers to Strengthen Your Soul will refresh and guide your prayer life with daily Scripture-based prayers and thought-provoking questions to help you:

    *surrender your burdens and concerns to God,
    *align your heart and mind with God’s will, and
    *praise God through every season and circumstance.

    Draw near to God, find strength in his presence, and come alive as you walk faithfully with him.

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  • Make Time For Joy


    Does your prayer time consist of an ever-lengthening list of requests for yourself and other people? Perhaps you spend a lot of time praying for the health of family or church members, guidance for a child or grandchild, or that God would intervene in global crises. But did you know that you can pray about more than just the things in life that seem to be going wrong? In fact, you can pray that God will transform your anxious and tired heart into a joyful one!

    It’s time to set aside the trials of life for a while and make joy a priority. Not sure how? Let this collection of Scripture-powered prayers from beloved author Linda Evans Shepherd be your guide. Packed with prayers of gratitude, praise, and hope, this inspiring collection will change your perspective, your life, and your heart as you press into pure, God-given joy.

    The perfect gift for yourself or someone else, Make Time for Joy will help you transform sadness into gladness as you rest on the love, joy, and provision that comes from God.

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  • Beginners Bible Lets Learn To Pray


    Start children on the path to a fulfilling, lifelong prayer habit. The Beginner’s Bible Let’s Learn to Pray offers young children an interactive introduction to prayer, showing them they can talk to God about anything and everything.

    Featuring helpful examples from classic Bible stories, children will learn the basics of prayer, including why we pray and how to pray. With fun prompts, accessible questions, and bright, colorful illustrations, children will be eager to talk to God about their daily experiences, and will learn how to listen to his still, small voice.

    The Beginner’s Bible Let’s Learn to Pray:
    *Is part of The Beginner’s Bible(R) brand, the bestselling Bible storybook brand of our time, impacting 25 million families for over 30 years

    *Is an interactive prayer book, perfect for children ages 4-8

    *Introduces readers to the foundations of prayer in simple, accessible language

    *Encourages children to regularly talk and listen to God

    *Features vibrant, three-dimensional art

    Check out The Beginner’s Bible’s complete library for dozens of titles available for kids of all ages and reading levels.

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  • Prayers Of Desperation


    Sometimes our best prayers can be the questions we ask. Bishop Robert J. Baker, S.T.D., explains powerful ways to pray when facing the pain of abandonment, serious illness or addiction, loss of a loved one, or large-scale disaster.

    He points to the growth that occurs when, in our darkest moments, we turn to God in humility and ask such authentic questions as “Why me, Lord?”; “Why now?”; “When will this pain subside, my God?”; and “How can I possibly get through this?” Prayers of Desperation ushers us through the fog of turmoil and helps us place our faith and trust firmly in God, despite our despair or lack of understanding. When we begin the prayer dialogue with God that Bishop Baker gently explains, God will answer.

    This engaging, comforting, easy-to-read prayer and meditation book is invaluable for those who are beginning their search for meaning in life as well as for those further along on their journey of faith.

    Bishop Baker masterfully guides you to the core of your relationship with God by offering:

    *Solutions to help you unite your sufferings to those of Christ, including a stirring meditation on His Passion

    *An understanding of the Real Presence that will enlighten you, inspire you with charity, and rid you of anxieties

    *A solid answer and guidance to the question of what God’s plan is for your life

    *Lessons from St. Teresa of Calcutta’s real-life experiences on the question “Where are you, God?”

    *The spiritually intense avenues for human-divine encounters that bring you God’s healing

    *Explanations on why the Holy Mass, sacramentals, and devotions are key tools for getting your existential questions answered

    You will also learn important techniques for navigating through unplanned or unwanted situations, and the proper spirit in which to pray the “How?” prayer. Moreover, you will gain the confidence and ability to ask questions of God daily as you look to Him for motivation, inspiration, and understanding. Most significantly, you will find out who can be saved and the means through which redemption is attained.

    Bishop Baker includes at the end of each chapter a prayer, Scripture passages, quotes from St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, and a list of recommended readings on each topic.

    Far from suggesting a lack of faith, authentic questions asked of our Lord open our hearts to receive great graces and the gift of deeper wisdom during times of hardship. When we are receptive to listening to God, especial

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  • Prayers Inspired By The Psalms Boxed Set


    This boxed set contains two prayer books that will help you rediscover the Psalms–through free-verse prayer renderings of their poems and hymns–as a guide to personal devotion and meditation.

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  • Praying Church : Becoming A People Of Hope In A Discouraging World


    Paul Miller, Bestselling Author of A Praying Life, on the Transforming Power of Praying Together

    In our current culture, the church and prayer are often dismissed as irrelevant. But when believers gather and pray together, powerful things happen: the Spirit equips the saints for ministry, the helpless are met with help, and believers experience the joy of being led by the Spirit of Jesus. In this book, Paul E. Miller, bestselling author of A Praying Life, casts a vision for a return to the simple yet life-changing practice of praying together.

    Through personal stories and biblical examples, Miller teaches the why, what, and how of praying together. Readers will learn how praying with other Christians can transform their communities into beacons of hope and be given practical strategies–such as finding a prayer partner and prioritizing a structured prayer time–to implement these changes in their own church.

    *Ideal for Group Study: Small groups, Sunday school classes, and others will find helpful strategies to think through and discuss

    *Engaging and Personal: Features real life stories, word pictures, and charts to help readers understand the content

    *”A Word to Pastors” Miller closes several chapters with thoughtful reflections specifically for church leaders

    *Foreword by Dane C. Ortlund: Author of the bestselling book, Gentle and Lowly, who praises A Praying Church, calling it “winsome and compelling”

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  • Pray More Worry Less A Coloring Prayer Journal


    The Pray More Worry Less Coloring Prayer Journal is a guided coloring prayer journal designed to lift your spirits and ease your burdens through creative meditation and prayerful contemplation.

    The softcover prompted journal features a black background encircled with exotic flowers and succulents. The title is printed in gold-foiled letters and features an orange sub-title.

    Pray More Worry Less
    A Coloring Prayer Journal

    The Smyth-sewn binding ensures all 128 pages open completely flat so you can color right up to the page edge.

    A line-drawn presentation page invites you to start coloring on page one and allows you to personalize the prompted journal when you give it as a gift. Alongside each guided prayer page, you can color and express your heart through coloring pages paired with inspirational quotes on prayer, beautifully designed Scripture verses to color, and prompted pages for you to complete and make uniquely yours.

    The Pray More Worry Less Coloring Prayer Journal will teach you to spend time with God in the quietness and solitude of prayer, renew your hope, and strengthen your courage for each new day. When life is busy and there are many challenges, it is comforting to have a place of prayer to retreat to. The Pray More Worry Less Coloring Prayer Journal is a creative prayer journal that allows you to record your praises and thanksgiving to God and your confessions and prayer requests.

    Give the Pray More Worry Less Coloring Prayer Journal as an encouraging gift to a friend who wants to grow in her prayer life.

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  • Acting In The Wake


    This collection of prayers by noted Hebrew Bible scholar Walter Brueggemann can be used in both public worship and private devotion.

    These prayers run the gamut from particular days in the church year to special moments in the lives of worshiping communities to events playing out on the world stage. In all cases, the prayers spur us toward acts of justice and peacemaking and call on God to heal and restore God’s hurting and broken people.

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  • Prayer With Purpose And Power


    Learn to Pray-And Change the World

    Based on his most popular book, Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer, this devotional by best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe offers biblical encouragement for developing an effective daily prayer life. Dr. Munroe’s unique perspective on this often-misunderstood subject takes the mystery out of prayer, providing practical answers for difficult questions about communicating with God.

    Prayer with Purpose and Power: A 90-Day Devotional will help you understand the purpose and priority of prayer, how to prepare for prayer, major principles of prayer, and the power of prayer. Each day’s devotion features teaching and inspiration, a motivating thought for the day, and a Scripture reading. Included are twelve specific action steps to prayer.

    Through prayer, God has given humanity the ability to bring heaven to earth, changing the world. When He said, “Let mankind rule over all the earth,” He was arranging the dominion of the world so that a partnership with human beings was essential for the accomplishment of His purposes. Everything you need to fulfill your purpose on earth is available to you through prayer.

    The biblically based, time-tested principles in this devotional will ignite and transform the way you pray. Be prepared to enter into a new dimension of faith, a deeper revelation of God’s love, and a renewed understanding that your prayers can truly move the hand of God.

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  • 101 Prayers For Mr And Mrs


    Spending time together with God in prayer is vital to a strong and happy marriage, and 101 Prayers for Mr. & Mrs. Gold Faux Leather Prayer Book pairs rich passages of Scripture with unique prayers to encourage every Christ-centered marriage.

    The prayer book is covered in soft gold-toned faux leather that is slightly textured. The gold-foiled title on the front page is sandwiched between two ornate filigree designs.

    101 Prayers for Mr. & Mrs.

    The title also appears on the spine in gold-foiled lettering. Topstitching along the edges and gilt-edged pages create a crisp and finished look, and a gold-toned satin ribbon marker is included to mark your progress through the book.

    The interior pages are printed in two colors. An encouraging Scripture verse complements each prayer to help guide couples into a deeper relationship with God and each other. Prayer themes include faithful love, God’s comfort, forgiving each other, mutual respect, peace and patience, unity in marriage, sharing God’s blessings, together in faith, and more.

    The 101 Prayers for Mr. & Mrs. Gold Faux Leather Prayer Book is part of the Mr. & Mrs. Collection designed to celebrate couples young and old. This collection includes faux leather devotionals, a hardcover devotional couple’s pen set, and a faux leather guest book.

    Best-selling husband and wife team Rob and Joanna Teigen have been married for over 30 years and are the parents of five kids. They founded Growing Home Together to create resources that help families grow closer to God and each other.

    Give the 101 Prayers for Mr. & Mrs. Gold Faux Leather Prayer Book as a first-anniversary gift to your children, or wrap a copy of the 101 Prayers for Mr. & Mrs. Gold Faux Leather Prayer Book as an anniversary gift for your grandparents. The 101 Prayers for Mr. & Mrs. Gold Faux Leather Prayer Book will help any couple grow closer through prayer.

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  • When In Doubt Pray


    When in doubt. . .PRAY!

    This brand-new devotional prayer book will touch your heart and soothe your soul.

    Two hundred devotional-like prayers, alongside related scripture selections, will remind you to pray through your doubts. Sections include:

    *When You Doubt Your Worth
    *When You Doubt God’s Love for You
    *When You Doubt Your Gifts/Abilities
    *When You Doubt Your Faith
    *When You Doubt God’s Promises
    *When You Doubt Your Influence
    *When You Doubt Your Future
    *When You Doubt God Hears You

    Every reading will draw you closer to the assurance-giver Himself and will increase your faith.

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