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  • Catechism Of The Seven Sacraments


    Join your friendly guides Fulton and Cynthia on a biblical adventure as they journey from creation to salvation and discover the importance of God’s sanctifying grace. Set in a vivid comic-book format with stunning photographs, this book makes profound theological concepts accessible to both the Catholic and the curious, the child and the adult. Following Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s teachings on Covenant Theology, this book sheds light on the parallels between the Old Testament and the New Testament and the sacraments instituted by Christ that we experience today. Readers will develop a deeper understanding of salvation history, discover how to participate in God’s covenant, and learn how to obtain grace through the sacraments, which are essential on our lifelong journey to the Eternal Promised Land.

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  • Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass


    Few Catholics have anywhere near an adequate appreciation for the glory and splendors of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass–the central aspect of our Holy Faith. Fr. Michael Mueller’s famous masterpiece on this glorious subject will come as a magnificent and direly needed revelation to many Catholic souls. Father Mueller joins a wealth of Catholic traditions, biblical facts, and enthralling true stories from Catholic history and the lives of the saints to show that in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we possess something of infinite value: the only gift we can offer to Almighty God which is not miserably unworthy of Him and through which we can obtain from God every possible favor.

    The Catholic Church is the only home for our dear Savior. The Catholic Church is the only place on earth that has a true and holy spirit of sacrifice worthy of offering to God. The Catholic Church is the only place where we can receive the full splendors of grace through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Eternity will not be too long for us to regret missing a single Mass, and the reader will be given scores of reasons to convince him that every transient sacrifice pales in comparison with the bounty received from participating just once in the eternal Sacrifice. The reader of The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will soon come to realize that the Mass is an inexhaustible mine of graces, the source of all favors from God, and absolutely the thing of greatest value in the entire universe.

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  • In Christ Now Meet Both East And West


    What does it mean to be a eucharistic community? In Christ Now Meet Both East and West approaches the Eucharist from the perspective of Christianity being a religion of the table-a place where our thanksgiving happens by gathering as a people with Christ. Author Thomas O’Loughlin emphasizes that any renewal of ourselves as a eucharistic people involves discovering that we are then sent from that table to act, to be eucharistic in our communal activity. He explains that this task is not located in an awesome temple or an otherworldly place but in the heart of the everyday. Through this action of blessing, praising, thanking, and being eucharistic to our heavenly Father, we set about celebrating our faith eucharistically with the risen Jesus present among us.

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  • Sacrament Of Confession


    The seven sacraments are the principal channels of God’s grace to His Mystical Body, the Church. Among these is one that washes us of sin and restores us to friendship with God. All this is accomplished by this one sacrament, this excellent channel of God’s grace: Confession.

    Here is the single volume you need to guide you through making a good Confession and fruitful reparation thereafter. You’ll learn the numerous monumental advantages that frequent Confession brings to your soul as well as the steps to obtaining plenary indulgences for the remission of punishment due to sin.

    But first, you’ll learn how to perform an effective examination of conscience based on the Ten Commandments and the traditional teaching of the Church. You will then discover not only common pitfalls in the spiritual life but also techniques for developing your spiritual life and aligning your will with God’s will.

    Specifically, in this short volume, Fr. Perez’s wisdom will lead you to understand:

    *Why the sacrament of Confession is not only useful but necessary for you and for all Christians

    *How Confession cleanses you from sin and refreshes your soul

    *Why a good Confession is more meritorious than therapy

    *What is meant by perfect contrition and the means by which it is attained

    *How Confession is invalidated by withholding a mortal sin or omitting the penance

    *Tips for making your Confession prudent, honest, and brief

    Also featured are prayers to help you prepare for Confession and to meditate upon after Confession. The handy manual includes accessible lists of the precepts of the Church, the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, the beatitudes, and the theological and cardinal virtues.

    Due to Original Sin and concupiscence, we are born with a tendency to sin. Thankfully, God does not abandon us in this battle but provides us with this necessary means of salvation and healing. Ven. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen often decries the massive resources people spent on psychologists when a good, thorough confession would have been much more efficacious–and free!

    Your fidelity in receiving the sacrament of Confession will fortify your soul, open your heart to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and help repair our Church and our world.

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  • Living With Real Presence


    In this transformative new book, best-selling author S. James Meyer introduces us to a whole-life encounter with the living Christ, awakening a fresh awareness that the Eucharist is about life, love, and relationship. Living with Real Presence reminds us that our lives, Christ’s life, and all lives are united in a sacred communion with our Creator and creation. A spiritual journey for personal reflection or small-group discussion, Meyer’s “Eucharistic living” is a timely call for Catholics to engage in the National Eucharistic Revival.

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  • Invitation And Encounter


    Let’s face it: Real-life friendship is hard! We find ourselves challenged by superficial #girltribe social media posts, so how can we really achieve authentic friendship? And is friendship even worth it?

    Sisterhood isn’t just a trend or unreachable goal; in fact, friendship with other women is a necessity. Why? Because we’re made for it. We’re created in the image and likeness of the triune God. “Relationship” is stamped into our spiritual DNA — just as God desires to be in relationship with us, he also longs for us to be in authentic relationship with others.

    Whether you’re in a steady place with the women in your life or you’re not confident at all when it comes to friendship with other women, each and every one of us always has room to grow in the art of friendship. In Sisterhood: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Friendship, Catholic wife, mom, author, and friend Chloe Langr offers a practical guide to discerning, developing, and keeping authentic friendships.

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  • For Real : Christs Presence In The Eucharist


    The teaching of Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist began with Jesus sharing with his apostles, followed by their education of early Church leaders, which extends to our priests and the Church of today. Throughout all of this time the baton never drops. The teaching has never changed from the original presentation of Jesus himself to the apostles gathered with him for the Last Supper.

    A cradle Catholic and former skeptic himself, Deacon Dennis Lambert presents evidence to radically change, affirm, or deepen your belief in the real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The book also provides a thought-provoking way to share the truth with others.

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  • Hunger Inside : How The Meal Jesus Gave Transforms Lives


    The meal that Jesus of Nazareth gave his followers, celebrated with grand liturgy and golden chalice, or words pared lean and tiny plastic cups, is the distinctive rite of the church. The Eucharist is regarded as the source and summit of Christian faith–or maybe just a symbol–but what all Christians know is that Holy Communion does something. It’s what and how the supper does what it does that divides us.

    In The Hunger Inside, Brad Roth explores the myriad ways the Lord’s Supper transforms lives. As on that ancient gospel hill where more than 5,000 hungry people were fed, the abundance of Jesus’ table touches uncountable human stories. Drawing generously on eclectic theological traditions, Roth takes a narrative-driven approach to plumb the rich depths of symbolism, power, and presence communicated in the communion meal.

    This book is a call for all followers of Jesus to encounter again the One who meets our deepest hungers at his table.

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  • Amidst Us Our Bleoved Stands


    When it comes to baptism and the Lord’s Supper, many Baptists reject the language of sacrament. As a people of the book, the logic goes, Baptists must not let tradition supersede the Bible. So Baptists tend to view baptism and Communion as ordinances and symbols, not sacraments.

    But the history of Baptists and the sacraments is complicated. In Amidst Us Our Beloved Stands, Michael A. G. Haykin argues that earlier Baptists, such as Charles Spurgeon, stood closer to Reformed sacramental thought than most Baptists today do. More than mere memorials, baptism and Communion have spiritual implications that were celebrated by Baptists of the past. Haykin calls for a renewal of sacramental life in churches today-Baptists can and should be sacramental.

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  • Cardiologist Examines Jesus


    The Gospels might not be “good enough” for modernity, and science is certainly its god. But neither is an impediment to the one, true God. Indeed, He is using methods of the twenty-first century — His twenty-first century — to show how our Faith can be proven through Eucharistic miracles with clinical scientific precision. In this astounding book, prominent cardiologist and author Dr. Franco Serafini walks us through the extensive medical and scientific research into five Eucharistic miracles, unveiling the stunning testimonies of hematologists, oncologists, neurologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, and more who all concluded the same thing: the five Eucharistic miracles are undeniably authentic. In surprising and fascinating ways, each of these miracles relates to the others: all reveal heart muscle tissue, many reveal a heart that was experiencing extreme suffering, and some reveal a heart still enduring tissue trauma. You’ll learn how the human DNA found in Eucharistic substances was identified, what kept a revered eighth-century relic alive until the twenty-first century, and how the identical blood group recurred in the unique miracles to provide contemporary man with a thrilling statistical fortress. Best of all, you’ll be armed with the scientific data to prove not only that God is still active in the world but that He desires all of us to be in union with Him through His Most Precious Body and Blood.

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  • Why Is The Lords Supper So Important


    5 Ways the Lord’s Supper Is Important for the Local Church

    Church Questions is a series that seeks to provide ordinary Christians with sound and accessible biblical teaching by answering common questions about church life. Each volume offers biblical answers and practical applications with the goal of nurturing healthy church practice and commitment.

    For a new Christian, or even someone who has followed the Lord for years, the Lord’s Supper can feel somewhat mysterious. This leads some to simply go through the motions without ever knowing why it’s done. In this short booklet, pastor Aubrey Sequeira offers 5 ways the Lord’s Supper is important for the local church. As Christians look backward (remembrance), outward (togetherness), upward (spiritual nourishment), inward (reflection), and forward (anticipation), they will discover the rich meaning behind the institution of the Lord’s Supper.

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  • Pocket Guide To The Sacrament Of Reconciliation


    The Pocket Guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation is a beautiful, prayerful book by Fr. Mike Schmitz and Fr. Josh Johnson which helps Catholics enter in to the Sacrament of Reconciliation more deeply.

    In this small but powerful book, Fr. Mike and Fr. Josh explain:

    *How to make an excellent examination of conscience
    *How to identify the root cause of sins you find yourself confessing over and over again
    *What to do if you don’t feel sorry for your sins
    *What to do if you can’t think of anything to say
    *What do to if you are afraid to confess a particular sin

    This book includes an examination of conscience and the text of the Act of Contrition.

    Its small size, page-holding ribbon, and durable Alpha Cowhide cover make it perfect to bring with you every time you go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation!

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  • Baptism : A Guide To Life From Death


    You’ve been baptized. But do you understand what it means?

    Baptism is the doorway into membership in the church. It’s a public declaration of the washing away of our sin and the beginning of our new life in Christ. But the sacrament that is meant to unite us is often a spring of division instead.

    All Christians use water to baptize. All invoke the triune name. Beyond that, there’s little consensus. Talk about baptism and you’re immediately plunged into arguments. Whom should we baptize? What does baptism do? Why even do it at all?

    Peter Leithart reunifies a church divided by baptism. He recovers the baptismal imagination of the Bible, explaining how baptism works according to Scripture. Then, in conversation with Christian tradition, he shows why baptism is something worth recovering and worth agreeing on.

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  • Sacraments And Consumer Culture


    What does consumerism have to do with the sacraments? We live in cultures where our senses of meaning, identity, and purpose are often found in what we purchase.

    Apart from the question of hedonism, there is the question of how we orient ourselves in an environment in which we end up marketing our very selves. In this book, Timothy Brunk examines how this consumer culture has had a corrosive effect on the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. He also assesses how sacramental worship can provide resources for responsible Christian discipleship in today’s consumer culture.

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  • On Your First Holy Communion


    In Holy Communion, children are introduced to a richer relationship with Jesus who offers himself as spiritual nourishment. On Your First Holy Communion provides passages and prayers that will highlight the importance of communion. This is the perfect gift book marking an important sacremental moment in a unique and personal journey of faith.

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  • Meal That Reconnects


    In The Meal that Reconnects, Dr. Mary McGann, RSCJ, invites readers to a more profound appreciation of the sacredness of eating, the planetary interdependence that food and the sharing of food entails, and the destructiveness of the industrial food system that is supplying food to tables globally. She presents the food crisis as a spiritual crisis–a call to rediscover the theological, ecological, and spiritual significance of eating and to probe its challenge to Christian eucharistic practice. Drawing on the origins of Eucharist in Jesus’s meal fellowship and the worship of early Christians, McGann invites communities to reclaim the foundational meal character of eucharistic celebration while offering pertinent strategies for this renewal.

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  • Aquinas On Transubstantiation


    Aquinas on Transubstantiation treats one of the most frequently mis-understood and mis-represented teachings of Thomas Aquinas–Eucharistic transubstantiation. The study interprets Aquinas’s teaching as an exercise of “holy teaching” (sacra doctrina) that intends to show theologically and back up philosophically the simple yet profound thesis that “transubstantiation” affirms nothing but the truth of Christ’s words at the Last Supper–“This is my body,” “This is my blood.” Yet in order to achieve a contemporary ressourcement of this simple yet profound truth, it is necessary to probe the depths of Thomas Aquinas’s philosophical interpretation of it. For Thomas Aquinas, in regarding the truth of Eucharistic conversion, it is faith that preserves the human intellect from missing or dismissing the mystery announced in Christ’s words. Faith, however, is not intellectually blind, a faith that, as is often erroneously held, is commanded by arbitrary divine dictates to which the will submits in blind obedience. Rather, Aquinas takes faith is sustained, but not constituted, by an intellectual contemplation of the proposed mystery of faith, by faith seeking understanding. Thomas Aquinas unfolds this exercise of understanding guided by faith in the medium of a metaphysical contemplation that affords a profound intellectual appreciation of this central mystery of faith–precisely as mystery. Thomas’s metaphysical contemplation of Eucharistic conversion gestures toward the blinding light of superintelligibility, experienced as the unique darkness that surrounds this sublime mystery of faith. A ressourcement in Thomas Aquinas’s doctrine of transubstantiation also affords an renewed appreciation of the Church’s affirmation of transubstantiation as the most apt term for the interpretation of the mystery of Eucharistic conversion and a greater precision of what is centrally at stake in this mystery in the ongoing ecumenical conversation of this most central Christian teaching. A doctrinally sound, ecumenically informed, and philosophically reflected contemporary Catholic theology cannot afford to ignore or dismiss Aquinas’s surpassing account of Eucharistic conversion.

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  • New Wineskins : Eucharist In Today’s Context


    Different times and different cultures have influenced the ways in which the Eucharist has been celebrated and understood; and the action received from the Lord to be done in his memory has shown different aspects of its deeper reality in these differing human situations.

    We now live in times in which belief in God is no longer taken for granted and in which there are many different approaches to life and its meaning. This has its influence on those who believe in Christ as well as those who do not.

    This new situation invites us to present our faith in Christ differently, calling us to offer a presentation of the Eucharist that can begin on common ground with our contemporaries and in language that believers today may find inviting and meaningful.

    As a means of achieving this, the Frank O’Loughlin suggests that we look again at the basic things we use as signs in the Eucharist. These are things we have in common with other human beings: bread, wine, water, symbolic actions and our own bodies.

    These things are taken into our celebration of the Eucharist and are used as signs that take us beyond themselves into the depths of the Eucharist, that is into its very mystery.

    The author also points out the human grounding of those things indicated by words we use in speaking about the Eucharist: memory, presence and sacrifice.

    We are dealing with everyday, human things that take us beyond the ordinary from which they come, into the mystery of God among us in Christ which we celebrate when we gather for Eucharist.

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  • Order Of Baptism Of Children


    The revision of this Ritual Edition, the English translation according to the Second Typical Edition, is divided into seven chapters: Order of Baptism for Several Children; Order of Baptism for One Child; Order of Baptism for a Large Number of Children; Order of Baptism of Children to Be Used by Catechists in the Absence of a Priest or Deacon; Order of Baptism of Children in Danger of Death, or at the Point of Death, to Be Used in the Absence of a Priest or Deacon; Order of Bringing a Baptized Child to the Church; and Various Texts for Use in the Celebration of Baptism for Children. This volume also includes an Appendix-not found in the original edition-that is provided to assist Priests who wish to celebrate the Order of Baptism for Several Children within Mass or to celebrate the Order of Baptism for One Child within Mass. In addition, this edition incorporates changes in accord with the Third Typical Edition of The Roman Missal and the Abbey Psalms and Canticles (formerly The Revised Grail Psalms).

    This Ritual Edition will first be available on January 6, 2020. Its first-use date is February 2, 2020. Its use is obligatory as of April 12, 2020.

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  • Symbol Or Substance


    In this engaging fictional conversation, Peter Kreeft gives credible voices to C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Billy Graham as they discuss one of the most contentious questions in the history of Christianity: Is Jesus symbolically or substantially present in the Eucharist?

    These widely respected modern Christian witnesses represent three important Western theological traditions. Graham, an ordained Southern Baptist minister who traversed the world and the airwaves to spread the good news of salvation, represents evangelical Protestantism. Lewis, an Oxford professor, a prolific Christian apologist, and the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, was a member of the Church of England. Also an Oxford don, Tolkien was a friend of Lewis, the author of The Lord of the Rings, and a Roman Catholic.

    While Lewis and Tolkien likely discussed the Eucharist during their long friendship, the conversation in this book never took place-but it could have, says Kreeft, who faithfully presents the views of these three impressive men.

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  • Prayers Of The Eucharist 4th Edition


    This classic work, previously edited by Ronald Jasper and Geoffrey Cuming, has been a staple source in teaching liturgy to generations of students in colleges, seminaries, and universities. It has now been comprehensively revised for future generations of liturgical scholars.

    Updates include:

    -New introductions that take into account the substantial changes in recent scholarship
    -New groupings of the various prayers into liturgical “families” in order to make their relationships clearer
    -Plus, new bibliographies

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  • Hatch Match And Dispatch


    Bestselling author Richard Leonard has written an accessible, engaging, and educational journey through the history, liturgy, and theology of the seven sacraments, as well as the Rite of Christian Burial, where history, liturgy, and contemporary theology intersect. The book expands the ritual and theological horizons of those who have celebrated the sacraments for their whole lives and introduces neophytes to the question of why sacraments are essential in the Christian life. In addition, it explores the endless possibilities they provide in developing our Christian lives.

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  • Night Before My First Communion


    On the night before their First Communion, a brother and sister get ready for this important event. All the family is there to help them prepare for the following day in the 24th title in Wing’s bestselling series. Full color.

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  • Caesar And The Sacrament


    When the earliest Christ-followers were baptized they participated in a politically subversive act. Rejecting the Empire’s claim that it had a divine right to rule the world, they pledged their allegiance to a kingdom other than Rome and a king other than Caesar (Acts 17:7). Many books explore baptism from doctrinal or theological perspectives, and focus on issues such as the correct mode of baptism, the proper candidate for baptism, who has the authority to baptize, and whether or not baptism is a symbol or means of grace. By contrast, Caesar and the Sacrament investigates the political nature of baptism. Very few contemporary Christians consider baptism’s original purpose or political significance. Only by studying baptism in its historical context, can we discover its impact on first-century believers and the adverse reaction it engendered among Roman and Jewish officials. Since baptism was initially a rite of non-violent resistance, what should its function be today?

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  • Caesar And The Sacrament


    When the earliest Christ-followers were baptized they participated in a politically subversive act. Rejecting the Empire’s claim that it had a divine right to rule the world, they pledged their allegiance to a kingdom other than Rome and a king other than Caesar (Acts 17:7). Many books explore baptism from doctrinal or theological perspectives, and focus on issues such as the correct mode of baptism, the proper candidate for baptism, who has the authority to baptize, and whether or not baptism is a symbol or means of grace. By contrast, Caesar and the Sacrament investigates the political nature of baptism. Very few contemporary Christians consider baptism’s original purpose or political significance. Only by studying baptism in its historical context, can we discover its impact on first-century believers and the adverse reaction it engendered among Roman and Jewish officials. Since baptism was initially a rite of non-violent resistance, what should its function be today?

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  • General Doctrine Of The Sacraments And The Mystery Of The Eucharist


    In this work, the author achieves a deeper understanding of the inner structure of the sacraments and how they determine the structure of Christian existence.

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  • Anointed Bride : Discover The Ancient Truth About The Meaning Of Anointing


    Dive into the mystery of the Anointing and the Anointing Oil and unravel the mysteries that the Bible reveals about this ancient use. Search for the hidden treasures about the deep and profound meaning of the Anointing and discover a God Who longs to share His blessings, grace and favor with His children. In this powerful message the author will answer all the questions you’ve ever had about the use of Anointing Oil and the Anointing. The Anointing is the image of the Holy Spirit Who is on us and in us, as the replacement of Jesus Christ on earth. By learning more about the Anointing and the Anointing Oil we’re learning more about Who the Holy Spirit is, how He works and why He does the things that He does. The origin of the Anointing and the Anointing Oil is therefore not from this world but comes forth from the Anointed One Himself.

    In this book the author will answer questions like:
    – Who is allowed to use Anointing Oil?
    – When can Anointing Oil be used?
    – What can Anointing Oil be used for?
    – What is the meaning of Anointing Oil?
    – What are the various types of natural Anointing?
    – What are the meanings of the fragrances?
    – Can the Exodus oil still be used?

    Does the Bible mention more about Anointing Oil, than just the Anointing of the sick, in James 5? Yes, it does. Not only did the author build this book upon the Word of God, he also gives you all the 345 Bible references – in 201 chapters – from both the Old and the New Testament.

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  • Secret Of The Rosary


    An enlightening translation of the classic book by great Marian writer who nurtured Pope St. John Paul II’s devotion to Mary.

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  • Contemplative Rosary : With Saint John Paul II And Saint Teresa Of Avila


    With St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Avila as your guides, these pages will show you how to transform the rote recitation of prayer into a profound worship of Christ, drawing your hearts to bow in awe before the Triune God whom the Rosary reveals to us. You’ll learn how to place every moment of your life before His throne, seeing in them the mystery of the Incarnation.
    You’ll learn the difference between contemplation and meditation, and how these great saints approached the reading of sacred writings not as a mere intellectual exercise, but as a prayer. You’ll learn how to enrich your vocal prayer, and how the Rosary can unite vocal prayer and mental prayer in a way that can lift your heart to the heights of contemplation.

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  • Why Sacraments


    The book provides a clear account of the sacraments of the Christian Church and of the general idea of sacramentality. It will reach out to a wide audience and present solid academic theology in an accessible and popular manner. The approach is distinctively Anglican, Thomist and on the conservative side of ‘liberal catholic’.

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