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Scripture Memory

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  • Topical Memory System For Kids Be Like Jesus


    Begin a lifetime of Scripture memory and love for God’s Word with your family!

    The Topical Memory System (TMS) has been helping people memorize Scripture for decades, and it will help you and your kids too! The tried-and-true methods of the TMS are the foundation of this fun game. Kids will have fun playing the memory games as their faith and understanding of God’s Word grow.

    Inside you’ll find:

    *tear-out memory-verse cards in NIV and MSG for multiple games
    *a devotional-style guide to help understand each verse
    *discussion questions that provide opportunities to go deeper in Scripture
    *a 12-week schedule
    *a checklist to track progress
    *a kid-friendly glossary of difficult Bible terms

    Topical Memory System for Kids: Be like Jesus! is an extension of the original Topical Memory System for Kids with new verses to memorize. You can use the products separately or combine them into one big Scripture-memory game!

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  • Bible Memory Word Searches Large Print


    Memorize Scripture While Word Searching!

    Bible puzzles are a great way to pass time while learning scripture-and here’s a collection of nearly 50 large print word searches sure to satisfy both the passionate word search fan and the avid scripture memorizer. Featuring stories and individual scriptures drawn from both the Old and New Testaments, Bible Memory Word Searches Large Print will challenge and expand your knowledge of scripture in a new and entertaining way.

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  • Topical Memory System For Kids


    A card deck with multiple games for memorizing God’s WordBased on the popular Topical Memory System from the Navigators, this engaging tool will help kids memorize Scripture-and have family fun in the process!

    Turn “Sword Drills” into Bible-memory fun. Spread out the cards with your kids to play the first game, “Half & Half.” Matching pictures on the back will show if you’re right! Laugh together when a mismatched verse happens. Each mismatch is another chance to talk about God’s truth. Then, when your kids think they’ve got the verses down, turn the cards over and advance to the second game, “Picture Prompts.” Helpful pictures will remind them of God’s truth, love, and goodness in a way that your kids will never forget.

    There are four translations included: NIV, ESV, NLT and The Message

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  • Easy For Me Bible Verses


    Young children can start memorizing a lot at a young age-from ABCs and numbers to colors and Bible verses-and they often have fun doing so! Easy for Me Bible Verses is a delightfully illustrated board book that includes 24 Scriptures that are fundamental to the Christian faith, such as:
    *In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. -Genesis 1:1
    *The Lord is good to everyone. -Psalm 145:9
    *God, create a clean heart for me. -Psalm 51:10
    *Love your neighbor as yourself. -Matthew 22:39

    In a time when biblical illiteracy runs rampant in our culture, Christian parents want to lead their children to hide God’s Word in their hearts starting early. Easy for Me Bible Verses is a simple way to help parents do just that.

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  • Writing Peace On My Heart


    This 6-Week Devotional Will Lead You on a Simple but Powerful Scripture Memory Journey
    Writing Peace on My Heart is a 6-week devotional for women that focuses on one simple Bible memory verse per week. Each day’s devotion explores a different aspect of that week’s verse, like the context of the verseapplying scripture’s teaching to your lifehow God’s Word affects your inner thought-lifesalvation, eternity, relationships, and more.

    Equal parts challenging and encouraging, this unique book includes a 2-color interior and 6 full-color tear-out index cards, each with a weekly memory verse printed on it to be displayed as a reminder to write God’s Word on your heart-perfect for the fridge, bathroom mirror, computer monitor, or even as a bookmark.

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  • Topical Memory System Life Issues Mermory Verse Cards


    These Scripture memory cards are designed to accompany Topical Memory System: Life Issues. Used in conjunction with this book, these TMS cards will help you memorize Scripture.

    The twelve topic areas covered in Topical Memory System: Life Issues are common struggles we face. As you meditate on Bible passages that relate to your life, you will find that God will guide you and help you grow in ways you could not have anticipated.

    Developed by The Navigators, a ministry leader in discipleship and spiritual formation, Topical Memory System: Life Issues provides you with an effective, portable way to meditate on Scripture wherever life takes you.

    Now includes six Bible versions: NIV, NASB, KJV, NKJV, ESV, and NLT.

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  • Topical Memory System Memory Verse Cards


    These Scripture memory cards are designed to accompany Topical Memory System, so that you can memorize Bible verses with those in your life.

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  • Topical Memory System


    This is the trusted, best-selling method for getting God’s Word into people’s hearts. As a result, readers will experience freedom from anxiety, victory over sin, confidence in witnessing, and spiritual fitness. Now featuring seven Bible versions: KJV, NIV, NASB, NKJV, NLT, NIRV and The Message.

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  • 77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know


    Boys and girls aged 5-8 will enjoy memorizing 77 of the Bible’s key Scripture verses in this fun and engaging format. 77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know makes memorizing Scripture as easy as 1 – READ it, 2- WRITE it and 3 – COLOR it! Size: 7 x 5 x .4

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  • Scripture Memory Circle A Word


    The kids in your life will have fun memorizing scripture verses as they complete each Circle-A-Word puzzle! Each puzzle features one scripture memory verse, with each word of the verse found in the “circle-a-word” puzzle. Perfect to use in Sunday school or at home, this valuable resource includes 32 Bible verses that teach important biblical truths, promises, and psalms of thanksgiving and praise. Also included are 20 FREE scripture memory song downloads that complement the Bible verses found in the book. Kids and parents alike will be excited to learn God’s Word together, as they complete puzzles and sing scripture songs. Bonus Scripture Memory Cards, a Scripture Memory Chart, and stickers to help track scripture memory progress are included to extend the fun and learning.

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  • Love : A Bible Memory Book


    You’ll find the Bible Memory Series to be a wonderful tool for children learning the truths of Scripture in a practical and fun way! In Love children will commit to memory 1 John 4:18 by using repetition, as more words from the verse are added on each page. The whimsical artwork illustrates God’s perfect love and will capture the attention of little ones, keeping them engaged as they learn. A certificate of completion is included in the book to help motivate and reward memorization. Keep building a biblical foundation with additional titles: Faith, Hope, and Trust.

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  • Who Says You Cant Memorize


    Lords Press
    Everyone can memorize God’s Word – and ENJOY it! Packed with delightful illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, this book includes lots of awesome ways to learn Bible verses while having fun with sports, music, puzzles, crafts, art, technology, writing, and more! Bonus: Special Needs section.

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  • Scripture Code Unlocking Spiritual Wealth


    Do you Scripture Code?Your answer to this question will frame your life as you face the challenges, decisions, and temptations before you today. The goal of The Scripture Code is to erase the words, “I can’t memorize,” from the vocabulary of God’s people of faith. The outcome of The Scripture Code is growing spiritual intimacy with the Author of the Bible.The discipline of The Scripture Code will…-Stimulate the mind-Enlighten to the truth-Access God’s character and will-Impart wisdom-Encourage godliness-Establish a sure foundation-Accumulate spiritual wealth-Teach faith principles-Enable righteous living-Provide a built-in concordanceToday is tomorrow’s yesterday. Go ahead, say “yes” to the question, “Do you Scripture Code?” The next faith generation is banking on it.They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”Luke 24:32″The discipline of reading and memorizing God’s Word is the best way to keep my heart aligned with God’s priorities.”Mr. Whitney T. Kuniholm,President, Scripture Union/USA”As we meditate on and memorize His Word, our hearts are calibrated to follow His wonderful purpose for our lives.”Camilla L. Seabolt,Executive Director, Community Bible Study

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  • Sign And Say


    With illustrations and instructions for hand gestures, Sign & Say Bible Verses for Children is a resource for teaching favorite Bible verses using signs from American Sign Language. The volume features verses from both the Old Testament and the New Testament Children’s Deep Blue Common English Bible. This updated resource contains easy-to-understand instructions and clear illustrations, and can be used with children ages 3–12.

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  • Scripture By Heart


    Memorizing Scripture can seem overwhelming–like one more task on a checklist. But pastor Joshua Choonmin Kang has discovered what happens when we do spend time memorizing God’s Word: We grasp a larger, truer picture of God. Pastor Kang also knows that memorizing Scripture isn’t easy. Scripture by Heart is therefore his help for your growth in this important practice.

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  • His Word Our Armor


    His Word – Our Armor attempts to create an interest in Scripture memorization by categorizing Bible verses in a simplified way. By spending time in and methodologically progressing through each category, persons who desire to prepare for deeper spiritual participation in God’s army will find fulfillment and a lessening of fear in defending their faith when they “hide His Word in their hearts.” His Word – Our Armor recognizes the need for preparedness as outlined in Ephesians 6 by putting on the whole armor of God beginning with the first essential characteristic – “Having girded your waist with truth.” It is hoped that this book of selected Bible verses will be used with an eagerness to gain the self-assurance so necessary to becoming a vibrant, effective, and authoritative witness for Christ.

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  • My First Book Of Memory Verses


    Memorizing Scripture is a vital aid to holiness. It strengthens your faith, firms your resolve and honours God. These scripture verses are chosen to give a rounded view of the gospel and also provide comfort, guidance and character to face the trials and joys that life brings. This is a useful addition to the highly successful ‘My 1st Book of Questions & Answers’ – a modern catechism with scripture proofs. Together they provide a God-given structure to the
    faith of young lives.

    Read To Ages 4-6 Read Myself Ages 6-10

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  • Memorization Bible : King James Version


    An excellent method of memorizing the Holy Scriptures is to take the first letter of each word and linking them together. This helps the reader remember the word by looking at the letter. Later, the letters are not needed, and memorization is the result.

    Take this book with you, and in your spare time, memorize. And with the Psalmist David declare: “Thy word I have hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee” (Psalms 119:11). This verse written in the book reads: “Twhihimh,timnsat.”

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