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  • Pilgrims Guide To The Camino De Santiago Camino Frances


    2023 edition Now updated to include newer maps and photos, this comprehensive guidebook to the Camino de Santiago and its offshoots contains all the information needed by modern-day pilgrims wishing to walk the sacred Way of St. James. Overview route planners plus daily stage maps and detailed town plans help sojourners with all the advance preparation they need. The maps feature contour guides to help distinguish the terrain that will be crossed each day, while full information on all pilgrim hostels, as well as details for alternative accommodation, allow travelers to plot adequate nightly stopping points. All reference information is accompanied by helpful spiritual guidelines to support the seeker’s inner journey as well as the outer pilgrimage. Otherwise known as the Camino FrancA(C)s, the main route covered in this volume is the most popular sacred route through Spain, from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago.

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  • Camino De Santiago Maps Camino Frances 2022-2023


    2022/2023 edition

    A complete set of maps and town plans in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Polish make up this indispensible guidebook for spiritual seekers and travelers wishing to walk the way of Saint James. Covering the sacred route from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, this portable book of maps makes the perfect companion for adventurers attempting to heed the spiritual calling. Revised and updated to offer the most recent information, this exploration is light enough to carry while walking long distances each day. The maps show the location of all pilgrim hostels en route, the distances between villages, and points of interest, as well as counter guides, alternative routes, and accommodations.

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  • Camino Portugues Maps 2022-2023


    2022-2023 edition

    Spiritual seekers and travelers will find all the resources they need to walk the Way of St. James in this complete set of maps and town plans covering the sacred route from Lisbon, via Porto, to Santiago de Compostella, including the alternate coastal route. The 2021 edition also includes a Spiritual Variant and a Littoral Path. This newly updated, portable travel companion is light enough to carry while walking long distances each day and contains maps with locations of all pilgrim hostels, the distances between villages, and points of interest, as well as alternative routes and accommodations. The entire guide is provided in five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

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  • Great American Road Trips Best Of 50 States


    Fuel your wanderlust with America’s best travel destinations and get inspired to explore the natural beauty and rich history of all 50 states.

    The title says it all: Get the top road trip vacations the United States has to offer, all in one book. From small-town pit stops and off-the-beaten-path adventures to renowned historical sites and breathtaking parks, the destinations highlighted in this volume emphasize the unique beauty and history that each state has to offer.

    Whether you are a nature lover, history buff, or veteran road warrior, the incredible photography in this volume, along with the included recommendations for nearby attractions, lodging, recreation, and more, will inspire you to get packing. Jump in the car or RV and share these experiences with the ones you love!

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  • Experiencing The Land Of The Book


    The world’s most inexpensive and unique tour to Israel.

    Join Holy Land expert and tour guide Dr. Charlie Dyer on a trip through Israel. Blending history, rich biblical teaching, and humor, Experiencing the Land and the Book: A Life-Changing Journey through Israel connects its travelers tofiftyhighlights–all through stories and an illustratedtravelogue. Readers will be captivated by the more than 260 color images of places like Caesarea, Mount Carmel, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, Jericho, and more!Yet, rather than a mere history lesson or catalog of facts, you’ll experience a trip–minus the jet lag, sunscreen, and lines.

    The Holy Land is full of rocks and stony ruins. But a successful trip to Israel will also bring the traveler into contact with “living stones”–people. Dyer invites you to connect to the sites emotionally as well as intellectually as he intertwines three beautiful and rich story cords. Get ready to make some new friends! You’ll connect with the biblical story. You’ll laugh and learn from the vast collection of tales Dyer’s accumulated on his many trips over the years. And you’ll form your own story along the way!

    If you’ve always wanted to experience Israel, but haven’t had the opportunity, this book will transport you to the streets and acquaint you with the people. Or if you have been blessed to visit these sacred places and want to relive the experience, this book will bring you right back to the sights, smells, and emotional ties.

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  • Pilgrims Guide To The Camino Finisterre


    A Camino Guides Title

    Camino Finisterre: Pilgrims who continue to the ‘End of the Earth’ Finis Terrae often refer to this as a highlight in their journeying. In the fi rst edition it was described as the road less travelled but that acclaim has now passed to Muxia which has become the ideal extension for those seeking space for rest and reflection before returning home. The paths to Finisterre and Muxia are uniquely beautiful, full of the flavours of Galicia and her deliciously authentic culture. The spirit of St. James is alive in the deep river valleys and rolling hills that make up her Landscape Temple. Come and experience her untamed beauty and the purity of the light that has attracted spiritual seekers for countless millennia. The light, while obscured, lies hidden in our memory. It is no coincidence that the path to the end of the world ends at a lighthouse and the Ara Solis.

    This guidebook describes the only camino that departs from Santiago. However, in recent years it has been recognised for a Compostela when walked in reverse from Finisterre / Muxia back to Santiago as the route provides the minimum distance required; but that is not its primary purpose. For those who have already walked to Santiago it provides an opportunity to integrate that earlier experience and a wonderful introduction to Galicia for everyone – novitiate or veteran. Many choose to visit Finisterre by bus but this is no substitute for walking this stunning landscape which offers immersion in the legends that brought St. James to the ‘end of the world’.

    This guidebook also seeks to find a balance between the outer and inner journey, between the practical and spiritual, which is why it is subtitled A Practical & Mystical Manual – that we might find a place to eat and sleep at the end of a hard day’s walk but also, and crucially, that we might find the courage to dive into the mystery of our own soul awakening.

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  • Great American Road Trips National Parks


    First-person accounts and gorgeous landscape photos paired with practical information and tips to help travelers make the most of their journeys through more than 40 national parks.
    National parks are America’s most-beloved treasures. The editors of Reader’s Digest magazine reveal first-person accounts and gorgeous landscape photos paired with practical information and tips to help travelers make the most of their journeys through these unique areas.

    Included you’ll find information on more than 40 national parks and incredible images from readers. Plus:

    – A historical introduction along with a national park timeline.
    – An illustrated map of each state for each national park story, pointing out the location of the park within the state with a marker.
    – Inspirational and gorgeous photos in gallery sections for each region to make this a terrific coffee table book or gift for travelers.
    – Then and now comparison photos of national parks.
    – Helpful added information, including possible rest stops, can’t-miss area hot spots, fun facts, handy advice for planning ahead, possible side trips and nearby attractions.

    Whether you’re an armchair traveler or ready to pack and roll, Great American Road Trips: National Parks has everything that you are looking for.

    List of parks covered:

    Denali National Park, Alaska
    Joshua Tree National Park, California
    Lassen Volcanic National Park, California
    Pinnacles National Park, California
    Redwood National Park, California
    Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, California
    Yosemite National Park, California
    Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado
    Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado
    Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
    Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
    Glacier National Park, Montana
    Great Basin National Park, Nevada
    Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
    Canyonlands National Park, Utah
    Zion National Park, Utah
    Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
    North Cascades National Park, Washington
    Olympic National Park, Washington
    Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
    Saguaro National Park, Arizona
    Big Bend National Park, Texas
    Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

    Indiana Dunes National Park, Indiana
    Isle Royale National Park, Michigan
    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan
    Sleeping Bear Dunes National

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  • Slow Roads America


    Imagine taking a road trip across this great land, then hopping a flight to Hawaii and Alaska, spending time in every state in the union.

    That’s what the author of Slow Roads America, Jerry Park, beckons you to do from the comfort of your favorite chair. Many years, road miles, motel nights, and flights in the making, Jerry’s book takes you down the back roads that knit this expansive land together in an endless variety of scenery, folk, and story. From a swamp in Florida to the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania to the top of a 10,000 foot volcano in Hawaii to New England in the fall to a canyon in Arizona to a Kansas prairie, you’re coming along for the ride.
    Through his rich, color photographs and engaging short stories inspired by a handful of the images, Jerry gives you a fresh and pleasurable look at ordinary scenes and stories that capture the imagination and maybe cause you to wonder about some things. Jerry stays away from the celebrated icons of the USA that have already been photographed for ages and instead looks for the extraordinary view of things we may drive by every day and never really see.

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  • Monuments Marvels And Miracles


    America’s got faith! You’ll find it in every state “?” in grand cathedrals and tiny chapels, in miracle shrines and underwater statues, and even in blessed dirt. Finding these sacred places hasn’t been easy “?” until now!

    Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles: A Traveler’s Guide to Catholic America takes you to more than 500 of the country’s most intriguing holy sites, each with a riveting story to tell.

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  • Our Beautiful World Color By Numbers


    You will be spoilt for choice with this collection of more than 60 designs, including famous city scenes, wilderness landscapes and people from around the world – celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet.

    This color-by-numbers book includes finished examples in the back of the book, as well as a flip-out color key on the backflap. Simply match up the number on the image to the color in the key and make your artwork come to life!

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  • Take Your Kids To Israel


    A Ben Yehuda Press Title

    Explore Israel through the eyes of your children. Ride a camel, explore a cave, walk through water tunnels and run through trenches. Learn about Caesaria from a speed boat, and study Biblical history in Abraham’s tent. Test your endurance by rappelling down the mountain at Manara. Visit the Palmach museum for an understanding of modern history in a unique 3D presentation. All of this and so much more is waiting for you in Israel. With a bit of planning it promises to be the trip of a lifetime.

    Take Your Kids to Israel shows you the Israel your children want to see. Museums and horseback riding, hikes and paragliding — it’s all here. Read through the pages of Take Your Kids to Israel and find the right mix of ancient and modern history, sightseeing, and just plain fun!

    Whether you are a first time traveler or a returning traveler, Take Your Kids to Israel has something for you.

    Phone numbers and websites are included, all updated in 2019.

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  • Rock The Road And The Rabbi


    As a lifelong student of Scripture, Kathie Lee Gifford has always desired a deeper understanding of God’s Word and a deeper knowledge of God Himself. But it wasn’t until she began studying the biblical texts in their original Hebrew and Greek-along with actually hiking the ancient paths of Israel-that she found the fulfillment of those desires.

    Now you can walk with Kathie on a journey through the spiritual foundations of her faith:
    *The Rock (Jesus Christ): Hear directly from Kathie about her life-changing and ever-deepening connection with Jesus, the Lover of her soul.
    *The Road (Israel): Explore dozens of ancient landmarks and historical sites from Israel, the promised land of God’s covenant.
    *The Rabbi (God’s Word): Go beyond a Sunday-school approach to the Bible by digging into the original languages and deeper meanings of the Holy Scriptures.

    As you journey through The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi, you’ll also find additional content from Messianic Rabbi Jason Sobel throughout the book. Jason’s insight into the Hebrew language, culture, and heritage will open your eyes to the Bible like never before.

    Come! Begin your journey toward a deeper faith through The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi.

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  • Travel : In Tandem With Gods Heart


    Foreword By George Verwer (tbc)
    Intro #Wanderlust Destination: Morocco
    1. Travel: In The Land Of The Midnight Sun Destination: The Arctic Circle, Norway
    2. Travelling East Of Eden Destination: China
    3.Travelling With New Lenses Destination: The Middle East
    4. Home Is Where The Heart Is Destination: America
    5. To The Nations. Where Next? Destination: Pacific Islands
    6. Dying To Travel Destination: Antarctica
    7. Made For Better Travel Destination: Out Of This World

    Additional Info
    We live, eat, sleep and dream travel – it’s become a booming industry, a top conversation topic and, frankly, an obsession. But are we really free to roam the world as we wish? What does God say about travel? Shouldn’t we instead be doing evangelism? Where is the clear missionary purpose in all this?The author knows all too well what it is to have caught the wanderlust bug. He skilfully interweaves his, and others, travelling experiences as he applies the Bible’s teaching on this vital subject. Marvel with him at the generosity of our creator God who has given us this amazing world. And learn how to make the most of your travels

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  • Our Great Big Backyard


    Now available in paperback, the #1 New York Times bestselling authors, former First Lady Laura Bush and her daughter Jenna Bush Hager, a Today show correspondent, bring us an inspiring picture book about a girl who discovers that the wonder of the great outdoors is just as exciting as the World Wide Web. Marking the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service with the hardcover in 2016, the centennial celebration continues with this paperback edition!

    Jane can’t wait for summer to start! She and her friends plan to score big on video games, have epic movie marathons, and rule the online world. Then Jane’s parents announce their Great American Road Trip-visiting national parks across the country. But Jane thinks the outdoors are boring! Who cares about swamps, deserts, and camping? Yet somewhere between the marshes of the Everglades and the mountains of Big Bend, she discovers her country is bigger, brighter, and more exciting than she ever imagined.

    In Our Great Big Backyard, Jane and her family visit the Everglades, Big Bend National Park, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite. Former First Lady Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager have created a picture book that shares not only the importance of being outside and exploring our country, but how much fun it is. Even if outside is your own backyard, it can spark creativity and imagination more than any electronic world.

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  • Miss Rush Rush


    Ruth leaves her comfortable, settled home in Durban, to live among a tribe of nomads in Uganda. “I waved goodbye to my family at Durban airport, and flew to Nairobi. I half-hoped for a miracle mid-air to change me into the super-heroine missionaries are supposed to be. Nothing happened. I got off the plane, the same Ruth Stranex, who had been assessed by my Oxford college as “not outstanding.” Yet I was facing an outstandingly tough job, only possible with God’s help.”

    Ruth has to adapt to the culture of the Pokot people: to their diet of cows’ blood and milk; their cattle-raiding wars; their frenzied search for water-holes. She delivers their babies, treats their malaria and sews up their spear wounds. She cleans up the infected sores left by witchdoctors trying to let out evil spirits. She challenges their goat sacrifices intended to appease an angry god. She tells them about the one sacrifice offered for them by the Lamb of God who is Love.

    Then, without any warning, she is arrested, driven for 2 days, between policewomen with kalashnikovs and locked in a foul cell …..

    You’ll love her frankness and her humour. You’ll wish you had friends like her African Christian friends. You may wish you had a faith like hers.

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  • 50 Great American Places


    A one-of-a-kind guide to fifty of the most important cultural and historic sites in the United States guaranteed to fascinate, educate, and entertain-selected and described by the former director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

    From Massachusetts to Florida to Washington to California, 50 Great American Places takes you on a journey through our nation’s history. Sharing the inside stories of sites as old as Mesa Verde (Colorado) and Cahokia (Illinois) and as recent as Silicon Valley (California) and the Mall of America (Minnesota), each essay provides the historical context for places that represent fundamental American themes: the compelling story of democracy and self-government; the dramatic impact of military conflict; the powerful role of innovation and enterprise; the inspiring achievements of diverse cultural traditions; and the defining influence of the land and its resources. Expert historian Brent D. Glass explores these themes by connecting places, people, and events and reveals a national narrative that is often surprising, sometimes tragic, and always engaging-complete with photographs, websites for more information, and suggestions for other places nearby worth visiting.

    Sites you would expect to read about-in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC-are here, as well as plenty of surprises, such as the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, or Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, or the Village Green in Hudson, Ohio; less obvious places that, together with the more well-known destinations, collectively tell the story of America. For families who want to take a trip that is both educational and entertaining, for history enthusiasts, or anyone curious about our country’s greatest places, this book is the perfect guide.

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  • Short Ride In The Jungle


    This is not only the thrilling tale of a daring adventure on an aging motorcycle; it is also the story of Southeast Asia’s legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, and of a war, the effects of which can still be seen across the region and in the hearts of not only its people but of the many Americans whose lives were touched forever by it. Follow Antonia as she retraces the footsteps and tank tracks of this famous supply line through the mountains and jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Alone on a diminutive pink motorcycle, she encounters bomb craters, unexploded ordnance, mud, mountains, jungle, disappointment, and triumph-and almost without fail, cheerful and generous people along her path.

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  • Fleeting Glimpse Of Paradise


    If ever there were an expert in the history, beauty, and overall best places to visit in Hawaii, Craig E. Burgess would be that person. His first visit to the islands was in 1974, the first of forty-one in total!

    Providing a glimpse of Hawaiian culture, history, music, art, and daily lifestyles to the reader, A Fleeting Glimpse of Paradise was inspired by Craig’s time spent with special residents of Hawaii who shared a special “Spirit of Aloha” during his forty-one visits to the islands. His hope is that during your visit, you spend time with local residents of the islands and “talk story” with them, rather than simply going there for an “Aloha” shirt, flower lei, or some other souvenir.

    This beautiful collection of anecdotes, inspired poems, and special stories you can’t get from travel books encourages readers to find ways to conserve the natural beauty of the islands-and to make the very best of their experience in this magical utopia.

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  • Southern Escapades : On The Roads Less Travelled


    A classic road trip with a difference. As an encore to her recent cross-country ride, Zo calls on her loyal road dog friend to join her for part of a 2000 mile odyssey on two British retro motorbikes. Zig-zagging along the tropical Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coast in Florida, through the forgotten back roads of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama and Georgia, this adventure uncovers the many hidden gems of lesser known places in these beautiful Southern states and introduces the reader to the extraordinary people she encounters along the way. From areas of extreme wealth to dire poverty, music venues lost in time and near-misses on the road, these eclectic stories will make you shiver, cry and laugh out loud. Her curiosity for getting under the skin of America brings out a fresh new perspective for any sort of traveller.

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  • Beads In The Headlight


    A young couple resign from their jobs in the midst of a recession to embark on an epic road trip with their life savings, a tent, and very few plans in tow. Beads in the Headlight tells the tale of their quest for adventure through the American continent on a BMW R100RS motorcycle that is older than both of them. Wild animals, brutal climates, mechanical troubles, kind strangers, magnificent landscapes, and ocean crossings fill 31,254 life affirming miles in thisinspiring and heart warming account.

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  • Hunting What Else


    Travel the world with Michael A. Engster and seek adventure in the wilderness of four different continents! A world-class hunter, the author shares stories of his expeditions spanning three decades. You’ll follow along as Mike and his compatriots stalk blue wildebeest in Africa, roe deer in Germany, and water buffalo in Argentina.

    One part travelogue, one part narrative adventure, and one part autobiography, Hunting – What Else will take you on a romantic journey to spots on the globe where civilization and technology have yet to gain a foothold. You’ll want to pack up your gear, hop a plane, and join the author, his son, and his ever-growing group of friends as they seek out new trophies and new stories!

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  • Made In Naples And The Amalfi Coast


    Don’t buy anything in Naples, Italy or the Amalfi Coast until you read this book! Every trip needs a souvenir. When you encounter limoncello, handmade cameos, or the famous nativities of Naples, Italy, you’ll be tempted to take a part of the this beautiful place home with you. But how do you know if you’re buying something authentic or serving one of the region’s many tourist traps? Author and art historian Laura Morelli is here to help. In Italy, it’s not easy to tell the treasures from the trash. In MADE IN NAPLES & THE AMALFI COAST, Morelli leads you through the region’s most authentic arts. By teaching you the difference between authentic master artisans and the knock-offs, Morelli will make you every tourist trap’s worst nightmare: an educated buyer. Join Laura Morelli on a journey beyond the souvenir shops into an immersive cultural experience you won’t find in any other guidebook. In this book, you’ll discover: – Practical tips for locating the most authentic goods in Naples & the Amalfi Coast – Useful information on pricing, quality, and value – A comprehensive resource guide – The brief history of Neapolitan art – And much, much more! Laura Morelli is a trusted guide in the world of cultural travel and authentic shopping. If you like fascinating historical tidbits, comprehensive resources, and an immersive experience into the history of Italian art, then you’ll love this fluidly written book. Bring Morelli’s book alongside more traditional guidebooks on your vacation and you’ll be sure to come back with the best of Italy in your suitcase! Buy the book today to enjoy a richer experience in Naples and the Amalfi Coast…without getting ripped off!

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  • Thoughts On The Road


    This is a collection of stories resulting from the author’s journey into motorcycling that he started when he first sighted a 1968 CB350 under a pile of junk in the dusty back corner of a storage bay. The chapters are divided into three sections with stories of Wrenching (working on motorcycles), Riding (travels by motorcycle), and Reflecting (thoughts on and as a result of the riding experience).

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  • Pilgrim Guide To Scotland


    This is a comprehensive introduction to Scotland’s major pilgrim routes, past and present. It covers every region and offers evocative and inspirational stories , taking the reader to an exceptionally rich Celtic, medieval and modern spread of sacred places. It has inclusive, simple devotional directions related to each journey.

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  • Made In Florence


    Every traveler to Florence wants to go home with a special souvenir: a leather handbag, a piece of gold jewelry, hand-printed stationery, or one of the city’s famous luxury fabrics. But selecting which jacket or which wallet to buy can be an intimidating experience. How do you know if you’re buying something authentic, something made locally and in a traditional way? How do you gauge how much you should pay, and how do you know if you’re being ripped off? How do you determine if you have fallen prey to one of the city’s many tourist traps? Laura Morelli, art historian and trusted guide in the world of cultural travel and authentic shopping, leads you to the best of the city’s most traditional arts: fabrics, frames, jewelry, leather goods, maiolica, paper, woodcrafts, and more. This indispensable guide includes practical tips for locating the most authentic goods in one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. Packed with useful information on quality and value, along with a comprehensive resource guide, Laura Morelli’s Authentic Arts: Florence is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to bring home the unique traditions of the capital of the Italian Renaissance.

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  • This Is Mexico


    She Writes Press
    “This Is Mexico” is a collection of essays on the often magical and mysterious and sometimes heartrending workings of everyday life in Mexico, written from the perspective of an American expatriate. By turns humorous and poignant, Merchasin provides an informed look at Mexican culture and history, exploring everything from healthcare, Mexican-style, to religious rituals; from the educational role of the telenovela to the cultural subtleties of the Spanish language. Written with a clear eye for details, a warm heart for Mexico, and a lively sense of humor, This Is Mexico is an insider’s look at the joys, sorrows, and challenges of life in this complex country.”

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  • Coffee Tea And Holy Water


    Discover what happens when one young woman travels to find out what Christianity looks like around the world.Coffee, Tea, and Holy Water takes the reader on an armchair tour of Christianity in our world, across borders and over continents. Author Amanda Hudson provides a personal touch with cultural curiosities, profound questions about the nature and practice of faith, as she travels to five countries: Brazil, Wales, Tanzania, China, and Honduras.

    Part reflection, part entertaining travelogue, Coffee Tea, and Holy Water explores everything from each culture’s offer of hospitality to life in a Masaai boma. “There are lessons to be learned from other countries that are not visible in our own culture,” writes Hudson, “Questions that are not our questions. Struggles that are not our normal struggles. And yet, when we look around the throne one day at the nations assembled there, instead of marveling at the diversity, I think we will actually be fascinated by what we all had in common.” This is a book about the places we meet, what we share, how we can learn to cross borders (geographical, cultural, personal), and learning that the steps to do so make all the difference.

    Honest, witty, and thought-provoking, these stories come from a young woman raised in the South, who found herself wondering what “normal” Christianity looked like in other countries.

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  • Soul Of Scotland


    Scotland’s action-packed and turbulent history is about religion, as much as anything else. Indeed, Scotland has been, for most of the past 1600 years, an intensely religious country. In a fast-paced, enthralling epic celebration of Scotland’s spiritual heritage, Harry Reid introduces us to a spiritual landscape of incredible richness and variety.

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  • To All Airline Passengers


    Are you afraid of flying? Have you ever wondered how a crew prepares for a flight? Are you concerned about passenger etiquette? In To All Airline Passengers, Captain Carlos Enrique Diaz answers all of your questions about flying. From how a plane is inspected and prepared for a flight to airline pilot training to why flights are delayed, Capt. Diaz explains it all. The charm of this book lies in Capt. Diaz’s good nature and commitment to explain the mechanics of flying in layman’s terms. Pick up this user-friendly guide to squash your fearing of flying or just for an inside look at what happens during a flight from start to finish. To All Airline Passengers is guaranteed to make you feel safer on your next flight.

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  • Beautys Field : Seeing The World


    A spiritual travel memoir showing how the life of God can be found in the most unlikely places. From slum priests quietly bringing hope in the favelas of Brazil to the impact of a child’s death on a whole community, Laurence Freeman movingly reveals how the sacred strains to find expression in every life, every place, every day.

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  • Flying Beyond Fear Workbook


    To a certain degree, fear is essential to living. However, it is another story when it begins to control and rule a person’s life. Long-running fear, anxiety, and all manner of phobias may be traced to how healthy fear, as our cave-dwelling ancestors knew, it has become skewed in the context of modern living. So it is in the case of people who face all manner of nightmare when confronted with the idea of flying. In Flying Beyond Fear Workbook, Dr. Yvonne DeMoss dissects the roots of the fear of flying, and presents elaborate measures to counter them. Those who suffer chronically will appreciate the keen insight laid out in the book, to set them free at last to enjoy the sight of a plane’s cabin.

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  • Story Of Holy Island


    Kate Tristam is a well-known island resident whose talks on the history of Lindisfarne hold visitors spellbound. A historian and a priest in the Church of England, she is ideally qualified to tell the remarkable story of this captivating place. From its misty beginnings as part of the mainland in the Stone Age right up to the present day, this popular history covers: its formation as an island, the Roman and Anglo-Saxon eras, the influence of Columba and Iona, Lindisfarne’s own apostle, Aidan, the making of the Lindisfarne Gospels, Cuthbert, Cedd, Chad and Aidan’s other followers, Hilda and the community at Whitby, Bede and the monastic tradition, the coming of the Vikings, the Benedictine years, the dissolution of the monasteries, and more.

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  • Beyond Our World


    BEYOND OUR WORLD: The Exciting Story of a Treasure Hunter, Historian, and Adventurer by Myron (Mike) Baker

    For a person-a woman-like Bridgette Baker, planet Earth is too small to contain a burning passion that encompasses all that is, whether of nature or man-made creations, and her abundant gifts. In the seventy-five years of her life, Bridgette Baker never wasted one moment. Some people exist, she lived to the fullest. In Beyond Our World, by Myron Baker, husband of Bridgette, recounts the amazing life of an adventurer, world traveler, artist, archeologist, historian, and collector, always intensely loyal to family and friends.

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  • Bonneville Go Or Bust


    She had no money. No time. No motorbike. No experience for such a mammoth trip. But she had a clear vision. With gritted determination, she went all out to realize her dream of riding a Bonneville solo across North America on lesser-known roads. That summer would be the hottest on record. The heat was on to go out and succeed. An inspiring story written with passion to succeed, a true lesson in believing in yourself.

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  • Far Away Places


    There isn’t much on this earth that Roberta Baty wants to do that she hasn’t done. Her philosophy is seek new horizons and you will discover the world. She is an adventurer, always have been and perhaps always will be. There is so much on this earth to do and yet, after a while it becomes limited. It’s not a fancy car, nor clothes, nor shoes; it’s the heart that matters. She has traveled the world in an airplane. She’s ridden a submarine and dived beneath the sea. She’s seen the tallest mountains in the world. She spent a week in the Amazon, in the jungle and on the river. She hasn’t been to outer space yet, but she’s flown high in a hot air balloon. She cuddled with a koala in Australia and necked with a giraffe in Africa. She rode a camel and walked the Wall in China. She also rode an elephant in India. She went up Mt. Nebo to see the Promised Land. She always wanted to do these things, so she did them. Prior years of her life seem like a wisp of smoke. Mere days. The days whisk by now faster than ever. As you get older, you know what she means. She’s had a beautiful life, past and present, but she knows this is just a shadow of what is to come in Heaven. Now she focuses on storing up treasures in the place that is really important. A place where her eighty years here is about sixty minutes there. A place where, even with all her reading, she still knows very little about, except that she is sure she wants to go there. A place where, when people ask her about it, she can only say, “Ain’t been there, ain’t done that yet, but I will.”

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  • Deep Sea Canoe


    This updated version of Tippett’s 1977 The Deep Sea Canoe describes a significant but often overlooked aspect of the expansion of Christianity in the South Pacific, that of South Sea Island believers who carried the gospel from one island to another in their deep sea canoes. It is a well-researched study by one who knew the islands and their people, a man known by the Fijians as one who spoke their language.

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  • Pilgrimage : My Journey To A Deeper Faith In The Land Where Jesus Walked


    An Intimate Look at a Bestselling Author’s Journey to Deeper Faith

    “The opportunity to tour Israel came at a good time. For months, my life has been a mindless plodding through necessary routine, as monotonous as an all-night shift on an assembly line. Life gets that way sometimes, when nothing specific is wrong but the world around us seems drained of color. Even my weekly worship experiences and daily quiet times with God have felt dry and stale. I’m ashamed to confess the malaise I’ve felt. I have been given so much. Shouldn’t a Christian’s life be an abundant one, as exciting as Christmas morning, as joyful as Easter Sunday?”

    With gripping honesty, Lynn Austin shares with readers a private and intimate look at her own struggles with spiritual dryness in a season of loss and unwanted change. As she journeys through Israel, Austin turns to Scripture at each site she visits. Then with a fiction writer’s eye for detail, she seamlessly weaves events and insights from the Word as she finds hope, renewed faith, and a sense of direction for the future.

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  • Making Our Connections


    Travel has always borne a cost and yet humanity has been persistently nomadic and movement and journeying have been reliable signifiers of spiritual obedience. As a race, we have been perpetually on the move, driven by need or by divine instruction or both. In the last two hundred years, more of us have had the option to travel, and travel as an unnecessary but somehow worthwhile pursuit became an exotic and romanticised luxury in the twentieth century. This is a book about how that romance of travel has become replaced by its commodification, a symbol of consumerism and a parade-society, a mode of societal dis-ease. It is a book about what has been lost in this process, particularly in terms of social and theological relations, and what could be gained by travelling less or travelling differently. Where does the tradition of spiritual journeying sit in relation to budget airlines and package holidays? Is it all part of holy travel, what Satish Kumar has called love miles, or is the journey now part of a purchase rather than providence? The author argues that there is a higher moral value to living locally and travelling little. Faith is best nurtured and community is best built in a less-travelled world and that our responsibility to the earth and to each other is to stay at home more and work in our neighbourhood. Enchantment (and obedience) is on our doorsteps if only we reclaim what it was we were originally seeking to find by leaving home: elsewhere can be literally around the corner, the divine in the everyday if only we stop to listen

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  • Under A Broad Sky


    With reverence and love, Britain’s most admired rural writer chronicles daily life in the Stour valley village, finding beauty and significance in its sheer ordinariness as well as in its many literary, artistic and historic associations. The year takes its shape from the seasons of nature and the feasts and festivals of the Christian year. Each informs and illuminates the other in this loving celebration of nature’s gifts and neighbourly friendship. Literature, poetry, spirituality and memory all merge to create an exquisite series of stories of our times.

    These delightful essays first appeared in the ‘Word From Wormingford’ column, a popular back page feature of the Church Times for some 20 years. It was praised as one of the finest journalistic columns by the Guardian in November 2012.

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  • Hello Yellowstone


    In this board book from bestselling children’s author-illustrator Martha Day Zschock, a parent and child bear explore Yellowstone National Park. Join them as they discover shooting geysers, sizzling hot springs, and bubbling mud pots. Come along as they meet some new friends – wolves, bison, and grizzlies who will introduce them to this unique and very special landscape. After a fun-filled day of hiking, boating, and fishing, they’ll sleep under the stars and dream of their next adventure! For ages 2-5.

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  • New York City


    The Big Apple is about to add one more to its long list of honors: New York City, Accord’s latest innovation. This dimensional die-cut book is packed with fun facts about New York’s most iconic landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square, all on stylishly designed pages. A gatefold map rounds out the package, making this one souvenir you’ll want to pick up in a New York minute.

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  • Trek Through Nepal


    SKU (ISBN): 9781434908964ISBN10: 1434908968Max NadieroBinding: Trade PaperPublished: March 2012Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. Print On Demand Product

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  • Flavors Of Ireland


    Flavors of Ireland invites readers cooks and armchair travelers alike on a culinary tour of one of Europe s fastest growing food destinations. Long praised for its lush landscapes, friendly people, and unique heritage, Ireland has a distinctive food culture thanks to the geography, climate, and history of the people who settled here centuries ago. Part recipe collection, part travel guide, and part history, the book offers an insightful look into the ingredients that shape the country s cooking: a rich array of vegetables and fruits; succulent beef, lamb, and dairy produce; smoked, cured, and spiced fish and meat; and fields of nourishing barley, wheat, and rye. With evocative photos that transport you to the Irish countryside, Flavors of Ireland will awaken your senses to the grand places and glorious food of this warm and welcoming land.

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  • Unexpected Places : Young Woman’s Journey Of Self-discovery


    A recent college graduate embarks on her very first international journey-all alone. Armed with nothing more than her suitcases and overwhelming emotions, she arrives in France. As she struggles to establish herself and determine her unique identity in this new world, she is plagued by a past rooted in pain and spiritual emptiness. Over the course of seven months she is forced to examine her beliefs and spirituality. Will her past hurts and resentment suffocate her present and future? Will she open her heart and forgive? In a truly inspirational story of self-discovery, experience God’s incredible mercy and sovereignty as He turns even life’s lowest moments into spiritual prosperity.

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  • Unexpected Places : Young Woman’s Journey Of Self-discovery


    A recent college graduate embarks on her very first international journey-all alone. Armed with nothing more than her suitcases and overwhelming emotions, she arrives in France. As she struggles to establish herself and determine her unique identity in this new world, she is plagued by a past rooted in pain and spiritual emptiness. Over the course of seven months she is forced to examine her beliefs and spirituality. Will her past hurts and resentment suffocate her present and future? Will she open her heart and forgive? In a truly inspirational story of self-discovery, experience God’s incredible mercy and sovereignty as He turns even life’s lowest moments into spiritual prosperity.

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  • From The Kitchens Of Seville Revised


    This cookbook was compiled (and newly revised) in the southern region of Spain called Andalucia. The capital of Andalucia is Seville, a classic European city with old time charm and incredibly satisfying food. Inside these pages you will find tried and true recipes that are, in many cases, centuries old. After describing to Spanish friends and neighbors the type of book we wanted to create, one with everyday authentic recipes, and definitely NOT a coffee table cookbook, our Sevillano friends eagerly jumped to the task of telling us what kinds of food we should highlight. So this cookbook comprises what THEY think ought to be in it. Men and women alike opened up drawers full of aging recipes (written in the script of grandmothers and great-aunts), found cookbooks cracking in the bindings, or just sat and recited from memory the ingredients for this saute or that salad. Here you have the tasty result.

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  • Every Pilgrims Guide To Walking To Santiago De Compostela


    Every year, some 200,000 people set out on the world’s most famous pilgrimage route – ‘the Camino’, designated a World Heritage Site in 1993. Actually a network of paths with numerous starting places in France and throughout Europe, all routes converge to lead along Spain’s northern coast to Santiago de Compostela. Here the shrine of St James, the patron saint of pilgrimage, was discovered in the 9th century. Already the preferred guide for German and Spanish pilgrims, this new English edition is co-published with the Confraternity of St James, the UK’s leading organisation for promoting pilgrimage to Santiago. A mix of practical information and spiritual inspiration for walkers, it offers a stage-by-stage guide pointing out places of interest along the way; practical tips for walkers; prayers, blessings and spiritual exercises to nourish the pilgrim spirit and deepen the pilgrimage experience. It is illustrated throughout with maps and photographs, and conveniently pocket sized.

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  • Notes On Ireland And Other Writings


    Hours of fun reading and adventure…an introduction, notes on Ireland and other places, people and events, Nancy Hennessy’s favorite poems, her poems, her short stories, and a longer story called The Innkeeper’s Child. The book concludes with an editor’s final note: a sample of her handwriting, and about visiting Frances, Washington in the Willapa Hills. Enjoy my aunt’s writings !! – Jim Berwick, editor and nephew

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  • Notes On Ireland And Other Writings


    Hours of fun reading and adventure…an introduction, notes on Ireland and other places, people and events, Nancy Hennessy’s favorite poems, her poems, her short stories, and a longer story called The Innkeeper’s Child. The book concludes with an editor’s final note: a sample of her handwriting, and about visiting Frances, Washington in the Willapa Hills. Enjoy my aunt’s writings !! – Jim Berwick, editor and nephew

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  • Flying The Pride


    Everything You Didn’t Know About the Bahamas Flag!

    You may be shocked at how much is not known about the Bahamian flag. Sure, we know the colours, or do we?. We know what they mean, or do we? Do you know that it takes an announcement from Government House to proclaim national mourning and the time to fly Flag at half-mast? Do we know when to hoist and lower the Flag? This information and more are crammed into this fascinating new book, a must-have for anyone is interested in flags, and in particular, the proper protocol for displaying flags. An in-depth presentation is done for the display such as use on land and sea of The National Flag of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, along with the other Official Flags.

    There’s a glossary that would make you a Scrabble star, terms like fimbriation, a narrow edging or border on a flag to separate the two other colours. As for the term fly, when it comes to flag talk, it’s the half or edge furthest away from the flagpole. Regarding the right position for flying the Bahamian flag, it should be to the observer’s left and before all other flags.

    This book is an excellent resource for every Bahamian and anyone interested in The Bahamas. May you enjoy the information presented herein.

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