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Awaken A Better You


Is there a change you’ve been wanting to make, but you don’t know how? Are you feeling stuck or unmotivated? Have you tried it all and still can’t figure out how to move forward? It’s time to reclaim your agency and design your best self and best life with four practical steps to lasting change.

Born to a seventeen-year-old mother on the gang-permeated streets of Dallas, Texas, BJ Thompson understood that as a Black man his starting place was disadvantaged, under-resourced, and unequipped. However, as he did with Moses in the wilderness, God prompted BJ to look down and see what was in his hands. What BJ thought was a disqualifying story actually qualified him. Everything that he thought made him weak, disadvantaged, and insignificant were things God would use in powerful ways.

With this new understanding, BJ grabbed hold of his agency and rose above the obstacles set before him to transform his life. Now an influential life coach, BJ has inspired millions and coached more than 10,000 people toward transformation with his propriety model. It’s your turn now. BJ wants to help you get unstuck, overcome your unique hurdles, and enact real, lasting change in your life.

In Awaken a Better You, you’ll unlock mental, emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual wholeness by using BJ’s four steps to transformation:

– Desperation: Identify a problem you desperately want to change.

– Information: Research the problem, unlearn built-in ideas, and vet this data through proof of concept.

– Application: Build a practical plan and take active steps to make the change.

– Transformation: Celebrate change and embrace a mindset of continual growth.

Using compelling tales of success, thoughtful reflections, and biblical examples, BJ invites you to apply these lessons and steps to your own story. Each chapter includes questions designed to jumpstart your transformation journey alongside journaling space for reflection.

ou don’t have to wait any longer to find the life you desire. The only person you’re waiting on is you. Take charge of your life and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Why wait? Start today.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780593194218
ISBN10: 0593194217
B. J. Thompson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2023
Publisher: WaterBrook


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