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Charlie Browns Christmas Miracle

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Discover the inspiring, unknown, against-all-odds story of how the classic animated holiday special A Charlie Brown Christmas almost never made it on to television.

Professor and cultural historian Michael Keane reveals much in this nostalgia-inducing book packed with original research and interviews. Keane compellingly shows that the ultimate broadcast of the Christmas special–given its incredibly tight five-month production schedule and the decidedly unfavorable reception it received by the skeptical network executives who first screened it–was nothing short of a miracle. Keane explains why the show, despite its technical shortcomings, has become an uplifting and enduring triumph embraced by millions of families every Christmas season, even more than fifty years after its premiere.

This gripping and joyful behind-the-scenes story of how the creators of A Charlie Brown Christmas struggled to bring the program to life will also help readers (and loyal fans) understand how America’s favorite Christmas special changed our popular culture forever. Keane masterfully weaves the momentous events of 1965 (the turbulent year of the program’s production) into his story, providing critical context for a profound new understanding of the program’s famous climactic scene, Linus’s spot-lit soliloquy answering the question repeatedly posed by Charlie Brown–“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”

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SKU (ISBN): 9781546004905
ISBN10: 1546004904
Michael Keane
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: October 2023
Publisher: Center Street/Hachette Book Group


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