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Dragons In Our Midst 4 Pack


The Dragons in Our Midst series is a modern-day Arthurian adventure following a boy with fire breath and a girl with dragon wings as they battle against a thousand-year-old dragon slayer.

Readers will be drawn to the hair-raising adventure with relevant themes like trusting friends, compassion, forgiveness, loyalty to family, faith, and light triumphing over darkness. This complete set includes the four books in the Dragons in Our Midst series:

Raising Dragons Outcasts Billy and Bonnie must come together to preserve a thousand-year-old secret legacy. Thrust into an evil war they didn’t even know existed; the teens’ newly formed friendship will be tested as they battle a blood thirsty dragon slayer who wields a powerful, medieval weapon. This unlikely pair will try to save their dragon heritage before it’s destroyed forever.

The Candlestone: Billy and Bonnie learn to use their unique strengths as they battle powerful enemies wielding the candlestone, an ancient gemstone weapon used against dragons.

Circles of Seven: Billy and Bonnie discover seven evil circles in a multidimensional world.

Tears of a Dragon: Billy and Bonnie will be forced to make the greatest decision of their lives–a choice that will change their world forever.

Dive into a world filled with knights, dragons, fair maidens in a war against good and evil.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781496473196
ISBN10: 1496473191
Bryan Davis
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: June 2024
Dragons In Our Midst
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers


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