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Men We Need


The world needs real men, real bad. And there are all sorts of conflicting ideas and messages about what a “real man” is (and is not). Is a real man one who hunts, loves sports, grills meat, fixes cars, and climbs mountains? Sure, sometimes. But that’s not really the point of being a man and it’s not the purpose for which men were made.

Into our cultural confusion, Brant Hansen paints a refreshingly specific, compelling picture of what men are made to be: “Keepers of the Garden.” Protectors and defenders. He calls for men of all interests and backgrounds (including “avid indoorsmen” like himself) to be ambitious about the right things and to see themselves as defenders of the vulnerable, with whatever resources they have.

Using short chapters loaded with must-have wisdom and Brant’s signature humor, The Men We Need explains the essence of masculinity in a fresh, thoughtful, and entertaining way that will inspire any man who dares to read it.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780801094521
ISBN10: 0801094526
Brant Hansen
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2022
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group


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