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Prayers And Promises For Women Box Of Blessings


Grow your faith when you study the Scripture promises in the Prayers & Promises for Women Box of Blessings. Take time to ponder these promises one by one and allow them to steep in your soul and flavor your outlook on life.

The tight-fitting lid of the Box of Blessings is decorated with a mauve flower and succulent design against a quaint green background. The design flows over onto the body of the box, where the mauve flowers and dusty green succulents are set against a clear white backdrop. The title is foiled in purple and centered on the design.
Prayers & Promises For Women

Your faith will be strengthened with each of the 50 double-sided cards. The front of each card features a Scripture verse featuring either a prayer or a promise straight from the Bible and is decorated with a succulent arrangement in the top right-hand corner. The back of the card is lined to add your own notes, observations, meditations, or prayers. The succulent bouquet is developed and centered at the top.

Themes covered by the cards include rejoicing, strength, blessing, surrender, thanksgiving, protection, and much more.

A Box of Blessings is a small container that holds great spiritual truth and is small enough to fit in a drawer, purse, or car glove box. Read a card each day and soak in the promises and prayers of Scripture for comfort.

The Prayers & Promises for Women Box of Blessings makes a sweet and caring gift on its own and adds a spiritual touch when added to any other gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday. The little Prayers & Promises for Women Box of Blessings will also be an encouraging gift for teacher appreciation week and is a great way to thank a Bible study leader.

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SKU (UPC): 6006937150454
Compiled by: Christian Art Gifts
Binding: Other
Published: October 2021
Publisher: Christian Art Gifts


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