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  • Proposal Plot (Large Type)


    A headstrong young businesswoman. An unlucky-in-love bachelor. And the chaperoning assignment that keeps pushing them together.

    For someone so strong-willed and certain, Ella Yoder has never been more unsure of her life. It’s been a year since she convinced her father to move with her and her younger sister Junia to Marigold, Ohio, to open E and J Grocery. Ella’s got a keen eye for running a business and has big dreams to expand. But her plans are stalled because Junia refuses to lift a finger at the store–or listen to her about anything.

    Nelson Bontranger knows one thing for sure: creating his own artisan deli meats is his passion. Well, maybe one other thing: he’s sworn off women forever. After two bouts of heartbreak, he’s not willing to open up himself to a third. When he eyes his own butcher shop next to E and J Grocery in Marigold, he’s surprised to learn that Ella has had her eye on the property for some time. He doesn’t trust this stubborn, pushy young woman–and for her, the feeling is mutual.

    Against their wishes, Ella and Nelson’s paths continue to cross when Nelson’s nephew Malachi falls head over heels for Junia. Nelson and Ella are brought together to keep the lovebirds in check, but somewhere along the line, their frustration turns to something altogether more pleasant. But they will both need to come to terms with past pain before they can find their future happiness.

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  • Unfiltered Devotional Guide


    An interactive devotional guide designed to help readers offer their authentic
    selves to Christ.

    We often think our lives should look a certain way to others, and we have the same idea about God. We try to bring only our best and hide the rest, a process that can lead to exhaustion, burnout, and disillusionment. But God hasn’t asked for our best; He’s asked for our everything. This encouraging guide, great for both individuals and groups, is filled with quizzes, fill-in-theblank exercises, designed to help readers get to the heart of the matter-the unfiltered self that Christ desires to connect with. Readers will be encouraged to dispense with pretense and meet with the God who sees all, knows all, and loves us anyway, to the end of our days and forevermore.

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  • Count Me In


    Today’s students are constantly pulled toward a life of confusion and half-baked beliefs. But Jesus Christ is calling them to something greater than anything this world can offer. He offers eternal life that includes a living relationship with God, a radical commitment to truth, and a life of love, compassion, and purpose. A radical life that counts now and in eternity.Count Me In walks students through the entire Gospel of Luke and Jesus’s bold invitation to follow Him daily, obey Him faithfully, and trust Him completely. Each of the eight chapters focuses on an important element of discipleship, from studying Scripture to sharing Jesus with others. Students will be challenged with: - Do I value the right relationships? - Do I have a healthy perspective of my earthly stuff? - Do I let temptation and sin block my spiritual growth?  - Do I have a plan to keep my life intentionally grounded in Christ? Including reflection questions and discussion guides, this book can easily work for solo readers or group studies. Students should feel inspired to take on a deeper study of Scripture and challenged to take Christ’s call of discipleship seriously in their own lives. Jesus chose young followers in the first century and invites today’s generation of young people to follow Him now. To know Him, love Him, and make Him known. To surrender and put Him first in every area. To be a part of His message and His mission to the nations. Count Me In will engage students to hear the amazing call of Jesus and to boldly live out their faith every day.

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  • Master Leader : 12 Ways To Lead Like Jesus


    Jesus stands in history as the master leader-and he calls us to follow him in leadership. But what exactly makes Christian leadership unique? Mark E. Moore, with fellow leader Jeff Osborne, unpacks what is essential: key leadership strategies based on the life of Jesus.

    The Master Leader offers biblical guidance and practical advice to lead your team like Jesus led those around him. You will learn to possess the values of Jesus, beginning with integrity and other key attributes, including servanthood, stewardship, and adaptability. You will also understand the actions of Jesus, like how to build culture, cast vision, and mentor leaders. These pages will raise your leadership level.

    The best leadership training comes from Christ, and this book is the guide for leaders in any role of society.

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  • Who Is Mary


    The first book in a new Amish romance series by beloved novelist Linda Byler, an active member of the Amish church.

    With her flaming red hair and inquisitive personality, Mary is a bit of an anomaly in her Amish community in western New York. She tries to join in the fun with the other youth as they gather for hymn singings and games, but she finds it all rather dull. None of the young men are interested in her and she’s even less interested in them. With each passing year, she feels more and more out of place and stifled by life as a misfit in a rural Amish community.

    When her aunt comes for a visit and suggests she return to Lancaster with her to help manage her bakery, Mary sees her opportunity for the change she’s desperately craving. But her parents forbid her to go, her father convinced that leaving the family for the busy life of Lancaster will lead her down a path of destruction. Mary is deeply distressed, wanting to honor her parents’ wishes and also knowing she can’t stay trapped in their isolated community forever. At twenty-one, she’s old enough to decide for herself, and yet it’s painful to be at odds with her father. Will she go, despite her father’s dire warnings? If she stays, will she just continue to disappoint her parents, asking too many questions and never finding a man to marry?

    One thing is sure. Before she can even think about dating, she needs to figure out who she is and where she belongs. And that might require a boldness she didn’t know she possessed.

    Author Linda Byler is an active member of the Amish church and writes all her novels by hand with a pen and notebook. She offers a unique and fascinating look into Amish history and culture.

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  • Country Road Perspective


    The untamed country road runs endlessly into the horizon. Its beauty steals your breath while the mystery of its adventure lures you forward. Twists and turns promise highs and lows, peaks and valleys – all depending on your perspective. Each step propels your quest to find purpose in the journey. The Country Road Perspective challenges you to look beyond the surface and see God at work through the peaks and valleys of life. Experience both joy and sadness as you walk alongside Jody Vondra’s country road journey from building a family and career to staring down cancer and grief. She shares the sorrow, fear, and hidden blessings of enduring two traumatic events within weeks of each other. She found unexpected strength in weakness, joy in the midst of sorrow, and undeniable purpose in the pain. She offers this book as a testimony to her unwavering faith in God. Her enthusiastic energy uplifts readers as she humanizes herself by sharing honest experiences and the emotions associated with them. Through thoughtful metaphors and beautiful imagery, she communicates deep messages that will resonate with and encourage you. Each chapter includes a character study of biblical giants such as Daniel, Joseph, Naomi, John the Baptist, and Jesus. You will experience their journey on literal and figurative country roads as you discover modern applications of ancient scriptural truths. Each chapter concludes with an epigram, highlighting scriptural nuggets of wisdom, and a moment of reflection designed to help you reflect and internalize the truths read from both Jody and the biblical character’s experiences. Whether you are navigating through seasons of transition and trial or need to find rest in the promises of God, this testimony offers hope. It calls you to elevate your perspective as you trust in the unseen hand of God, who loves you unconditionally.

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  • Daily Wisdom For Boys


    Start your day off right every day of the year with Daily Wisdom for Boys-and spend time in the loving presence of your heavenly Creator. Each inspiring devotion was written specifically for your young heart and mind, encouraging you in your faith and reminding you of God’s unfailing love.

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  • Daily Wisdom For Girls


    Start your day off right every day of the year with Daily Wisdom for Girls-and spend time in the loving presence of your heavenly Creator. Each inspiring devotion was written specifically for your young heart and mind, encouraging you in your faith and reminding you of God’s unfailing love.

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  • Bible Memory Verse Challenge Word Searches (Large Type)


    Bible Memory Verse Challenge Word Searches features dozens of large print word search puzzles with Bible clues given in the form of scripture selections with missing words. . .then readers have to figure out what’s missing in order to discover the words they need to search for in the large 15×15 puzzle grid. Scripture hints are provided along with the clues in case a reader needs help finding the answers to the trivia. 

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  • Bible Companion : An All-in-One Resource To Improve Your Understanding And


    Featuring a Bible handbook that explains the 66 books by passage, a combined dictionary/concordance of scripture’s most important words, a section of archaeological evidences, maps of Bible lands, one-year reading plan, and a section on how to study the Bible, this book offers you clear, useful guidance for studying God’s Word.  

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  • My Prayer Journal Quiet Time Prayers For A Womans Heart


    Dozens of practical and encouraging prayers plus journaling space are perfect for daily quiet time will help you strengthen your heart-connection to the Master Creator. Here you will discover a deeper understanding and love for the One who holds the whole world in His hands.

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  • Protector

    Original price was: $16.99.Current price is: $12.97.

    A Mysterious Disappearance Shakes an Amish Family’s Faith

    In book one of A Mifflin County Mystery series, after a night out with her boyfriend, Rosa Petersheim has disappeared from the Big Valley without a trace. Norman Petersheim always considered himself his sister’s protector, and he can’t believe she would have left home of her own accord. Clearly, he must have failed her. He throws all he has into helping the authorities search for Rosa, while trying to support his parents and siblings–who are struggling both mentally and physically. Salina Swarey loves Norman and hopes they are headed toward marriage, but his obsession with Rosa’s whereabouts is driving them apart. Can Norman find peace and contentment, even if he never learns where Rosa has gone?

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  • Bengal Believer : 52 Who-Dey-Votions For The Cincinnati Football Faithful


    Welcome to the Jungle-of Faith

    Whether you have been a Bengals fan for decades or just a few days, Bengal Believer will inspire you to celebrate being a fan of a team that has had its highs and lows.

    Bengal Believer recounts the stories of 52 true plays and players spanning decades of legendary football games, from Super Bowls to heartrending losses. In these devotions, you’ll get to relive some of the most incredible moments in Bengal history all while strengthening your faith with Scripture. The biblical and inspirational messages within these pages can be applied to the playbook of life and help you find inspiration in personal moments of victory or defeat.

    So, grab your orange and black, start your “who-dey” chant, and get ready to be inspired.

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  • Shape Of My Eyes


    A touching, humorous account of the author’s cultural reckoning with his Korean heritage and hidden family secrets.

    A surprising diagnosis of PTSD led Dave Gibbons to look to his past for clues to explain the unexpected result.

    Born to an American soldier and a Korean mother in the wake of the Korean War, Dave has spent his life struggling to blend his Korean roots and his very American upbringing. The family joins a conservative church that embraces a strict, rule-based faith, and they try to navigate life as one of the few mixed-raced families in their community. But when tragedy strikes, tearing the family apart, Dave is forced to face long- buried secrets that he can no longer ignore.

    As he explores his family’s difficult past, he confronts his own pain and the persistent feelings of not quite fitting in either in America or his mother’s home country. And when a DNA test ultimately reveals a truth that shatters everything he understood about his history, he begins the journey to reconcile his American upbringing with his deep Korean roots, and he is forced to confront the traumas he unknowingly carried.

    The Shape of My Eyes beautifully weaves historic reference points of the oppression and discrimination against Asian Americans with Dave’s own personal story. Dave’s wrestling with belonging in his family, in America, and in the church creates a raw, thought-provoking memoir about race, religion and finding home.

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  • Blurred Cross : A Writer’s Difficult Journey With God


    In early 2022, esteemed New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham nearly lost his ability to read–an alarming prospect for a man who considers reading, writing, and scholarly work to be his vocation from God. Despite it being one of the most difficult times of his life, it was also a period in which Bauckham felt closest to God.

    In this beautifully written book, Bauckham combines memoir, theological and biblical reflection, and poetry to offer profound insight into God’s providence amid life’s difficulties. He discusses relevant aspects of his earlier life, delves into the time when his eyesight began to deteriorate, and reflects on issues that arose during that period. The book also includes generous amounts of Bauckham’s own poetry.

    Throughout his experience, Bauckham maintained a close relationship with God and drew nearer to him. His journey with God during this time led him to contemplate God’s purpose for his life and how he can live in a way that reflects his overwhelming sense of gratitude. He shares his story as a way of encouraging others in their own unique walk with God.

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  • Why We Pray


    If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and entirely good, why do we need to ask God to do good things? Won’t God act for the best regardless? Do our prayers even make a difference? Why do some go unanswered? This brief, accessible book provides a fresh angle on our questions to help us think differently about why we pray and what happens when we pray.

    John Peckham applies the insights from his successful book Theodicy of Love to the perennial problem of petitionary prayer, offering practical implications for how we might pray and live in ways that advance God’s kingdom of unselfish love. Since our understanding of petitionary prayer is inseparable from our understanding of God, Peckham sheds significant light on the nature and character of God and the often-mysterious workings of divine providence. He does so by bringing theological and philosophical nuance to readings of key biblical texts on prayer, weaving in other scriptural clues to articulate an understanding of prayer that highlights not only its necessity but also its urgency. This book will appeal to students, pastors, church leaders, and thoughtful laypeople.

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  • When Demons Surface


    Are demons real? Do ghosts exist? Do some unresolved medical and mental health issues have a spiritual connection?

    In When Demons Surface, former senior military chaplain Steve Dabbs answers those questions and more. Exploring more than 50 true stories of supernatural encounters from pastoral and personal experiences as well as historical research, this book is scholarly yet simple, hair-raising and enlightening.

    When Demons Surface will fascinate those curious about supernatural experiences, equip pastors with a resource for those seeking answers, and enlighten advanced Bible readers with insights from Hebrew, Greek, and ancient literature. It will enable readers of all levels to identify supernatural encounters with angels and demons, exercise biblical authority over evil spirits, and help discern whether some unresolved mental or medical health issues are the result of spiritual warfare.

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  • Knowing God Through The Old Testament


    Christopher J. H. Wright’s Best Loved Books, Now in One Volume

    Combining three volumes into one, Knowing God Through the Old Testament brings together three of Christopher J. H. Wright’s best loved books: Knowing God the Father Through the Old Testament, Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament, and Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament.

    Knowing God the Father Through the Old Testament explores images that pervade the biblical narratives, psalms, and prophetic texts of the Old Testament. God is acknowledged as tender yet terrifying, challenging to the nations, and yet intimately personal, offering loving care, provision, discipline, and forgiveness. This is the God whom Jesus knew, and whom we can know, as Father.

    Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament uncovers Jesus’ self-understanding as Son of Man and Son of God from his deep roots in the Hebrew Scriptures. As the Jesus who fulfilled the mission that God had given to Israel is revealed, we discover that the more we understand the Old Testament, the closer we come to the heart of Jesus.

    Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament traces the Holy Spirit through the pages of the Old Testament. We see the Third Person of the Trinity in the decrees of prophets and psalmists, in the actions of judges and craftspeople, in the anointing of kings, and the promise of a new creation. The witness of the whole of Scripture directs us to a Holy Spirit empowering the people of God, and sustaining and renewing the face of the earth.

    This three-volume work will strengthen and deepen readers’ personal relationships with the triune God by enabling them to know him through deep immersion and engagement with his Word, especially in the less familiar voices of the Old Testament. This is a voyage of biblical discovery, crossing many horizons and exploring especially the sources of our knowledge of God the Holy Trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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  • Penny Preaches


    Penny loves the sermon on Sunday because she loves to think about big things. But when preaching from the front porch to her friends doesn’t turn out quite as she expected, Penny wonders if she was wrong to want to teach others about God.

    Written by Amy Dixon and Rob Dixon, and featuring delightful illustrations from Jennifer Davison, Penny’s story reminds us that God gives good gifts to everyone!

    Penny Preaches will be enjoyed by children as well as the adults who read with them. Also included is a note from the authors to encourage further conversation about the topic.

    Discover IVP Kids and share with children the things that matter to God!

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  • 1 Peter : An Introduction And Commentary (Revised)


    Peter’s short letter to the “exiles of the dispersion” addresses many topics: holiness, the sufferings of Christ, God’s sovereignty in salvation and life, the grace of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, the church as the new people of God, the reality of the unseen spiritual world, and trusting in God in the midst of daily circumstances. What ties all these concepts together, Wayne Grudem suggests, is the theme of suffering. Most of all, suffering is a form of imitating Christ, who, by bearing our sins on the cross, gives meaning and comfort to Christians in every aspect of their daily lives.

    Part of the Tyndale New Testament commentary series, 1 Peter offers a thorough understanding of the book’s content and structure as well as its continued relevance for today. This edition has been revised and updated by Grudem from his original TNTC volume.

    The Tyndale Commentaries are designed to help the reader of the Bible understand what the text says and what it means. The Introduction to each book gives a concise but thorough treatment of its authorship, date, original setting, and purpose. Following a structural Analysis, the Commentary takes the book section by section, drawing out its main themes, and also comments on individual verses and problems of interpretation. Additional Notes provide fuller discussion of particular difficulties.

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  • When Your World Ends


    How do you rebuild your life after it falls apart?

    Catastrophic events often feel like the end of the world. When we feel like we have nothing left, we sometimes wish for our own end too. Yet God keeps waking us up every morning-a sign that God wants us to keep living when our world ends. We must find our way to the new life that awaits us on the other side of loss. But how?

    Dawn Sanders has traveled this path before and lived to tell the tale-not once but twice. After a divorce and then the sudden death of her second husband, Dawn discovered a buried treasure in Genesis 1: God’s process for creating new life out of chaos. In When Your World Ends, Dawn digs deep into the creation story and unearths a seven-step process by which God brings us out of the void and into new beginnings. With her unique perspective, authenticity, and courage, Dawn meets those who are starting over and guides us into renewed hope.

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  • Lay Me In Gods Good Earth


    A Christian case for natural burial

    The promises of the Christian gospel are never more precious or more beautiful than in the context of death and burial. And yet current burial practices in Western society are archaic and impersonal. They fail to confront us with the reality of death, and they make it harder to process death or to grieve properly.

    Kent Burreson and Beth Hoeltke have been teaching a Christian understanding of death and natural burial for many years. They argue that natural burial-laying the body into the earth in a way that allows it to decompose naturally-is not only better for the environment but is also a more accurate picture of Christian hope of the resurrection. Grounded in sound Christian teaching about death and burial, they advocate for natural burial and offer practical instructions for navigating the complex questions around burial practices.

    Lay Me in God’s Good Earth is not only an immensely practical guide to natural burial; it is also an application of the hope of the resurrection to those grieving the loss of their loved ones.

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  • Faithful Politics : Ten Approaches To Christian Citizenship And Why It Matt


    Christians who seek to relate their faith to politics have always encountered tensions. Instead of easy answers and simple checklists, we need tools to help us thoughtfully navigate the complexities of Christian faithfulness in an increasingly diverse and polarized society.

    In this book, Miranda Zapor Cruz guides readers in forming a vision of citizenship that brings Christian convictions into political engagement while avoiding common pitfalls. Cruz provides a measured, nonpartisan overview of different ways Christians have approached political participation. These ten views represent a range of theological approaches to the relationship between the kingdom of God and the country, including Anabaptist, social gospel, principled pluralist, and Christian nationalist. Cruz describes strengths and weaknesses of each view, with a focus on Christian faithfulness.

    In the United States, Cruz argues, Christians who share very similar faith convictions can arrive at different political conclusions. There are, however, principles from Scripture and theology that should inform our thinking and remind us that our ultimate citizenship is in the kingdom of God. Faithful Politics helps us learn from Christians of the past as we discern how to be salt and light in our own time and place.

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  • Why I Am Roman Catholic


    The Roman Catholic tradition in Christianity is breathtaking, complex, and rich in insight about what it means to follow God. But what does it look like to claim this tradition as one’s own? And how does this intersect with the reality of our daily and personal lives?

    In this vulnerable and succinct volume, theologian Matthew Levering addresses the heart of these questions. Bringing together personal memoir and theology, he reflects on why he identifies as Roman Catholic, and considers how this tradition addresses what it means to follow and participate in the life of the Triune God as a finite creature. Rather than shy away from the challenges this tradition presents, Levering presses into these challenges to offer an honest yet hopeful account of being Roman Catholic.

    ‘The Ecumenical Dialogue Series’ seeks to foster ecumenical dialogue across theological differences. In each volume, contributors explore what it means to be Christian, what it means to identify with a specific tradition in Christianity (Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox), the challenges and benefits of their tradition, and how they can create dialogue and unity across historically tense division.

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  • Forge


    As Cynthia Wright’s marriage implodes, she is forced to raise her teenage son, Isaiah, alone. The pressure of providing for them through her salon is a full-time job in itself. When Cynthia sees Isaiah pulling away and escaping into video games, tensions rise and prayers feel unanswered. Angry and hurt, Isaiah starts acting like the father who abandoned him, and Cynthia gives him an ultimatum while turning to her twin sister, Elizabeth Jordan, for support. Elizabeth enlists a seasoned prayer warrior who challenges Cynthia to pray boldly and believe God for the impossible.

    Caught in the middle, Isaiah longs for respect, but sees no clear path to becoming a good man. Desperate for a job, he wanders into Moore Fitness, Inc. and encounters the owner, Joshua Moore, who introduces him to the concept of working for a coach rather than a boss. Needing the work, Isaiah reluctantly begins his mentoring process with Joshua. While Cynthia clings to hope, no one sees the coming storms brewing at the company and in Isaiah’s heart.

    The Forge is about the power of prayer, the transformation only God can achieve, and the lasting influence one person can have on others.

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  • Our Highest Good


    Do you want to know and love God more deeply? Read theology every day.

    When peace seems far from us and when true rest doesn’t come, we don’t need more to-dos on our list or a set of step-by-step instructions to help us get there on our own. True peace, hope, and rest only comes by spending time in the presence of God.

    Spend 90 days in His Word focused on who God is and what He is like and find that He is worthy to be trusted at every twist or turn of life. He is better than our minds can imagine, in control of all things, and infinitely good. As you do, you will:

    *find peace in His sovereign care
    *enjoy security in His promise of eternity
    *experience joy in His great love for you
    *rest in the God who never sleeps
    *trust God for your every need
    *find comfort in His Spirit
    *learn to live out your faith as an overflow of His glorious grace

    God is the sustainer of the rhythms of the skies and seasons, as well as the intricate rhythms of our lives. To dwell in His presence is the promise of salvation, the abundant life in Christ today, and the eternal life with Him in the future. While the ways of the world lead to death, His invitation is to come and live. He truly is our highest good.

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  • Like A River


    Now available in trade paper!

    Like a River, a triumphant story of new life birthed out of tragedy, will teach readers how to face their failures, confront their pain, and connect with God–the true source of life.

    On June 4th, 2019, country music singer Granger Smith was enjoying a final evening with his kids before heading to Nashville for the CMT Music Awards and his next tour. While helping his daughter London with her gymnastics, his youngest son fell into their pool. Granger did everything he could to get to him, but he was too late. River drowned, and Granger’s world shattered.

    The days, weeks, and months that followed River’s death sent Granger on a dark and painful journey. Every time he closed his eyes, he replayed the horrific event in his mind, and every time he opened his computer, he was bombarded by the critique and criticism of people who blamed him for the accident.

    Despite his best effort to get back on stage with a smile and song, it was all a faade. On the inside he was dying. Fortunately, that’s not how his story ended. And now he is compelled to help people all around the world find strength, peace, and hope on the other side of tragedy.

    *Like a River, life is full of twists and turns.
    *Like a River, people pollute our world with their critique and criticism.
    *Like a River, tragic events keep us dammed up.
    *But like a river, we can find the courage to keep moving downstream.

    Rivers don’t run on their own strength; they flow from their source. When we try to keep going on our own, we won’t make it, but when we connect to the greater source, we will find the strength and the faith to keep living after loss. This triumphant story of new life birthed out of death will inspire every reader to live Like a River.

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  • Showdown In The Rockies


    A secret cartel operation in the wilderness.

    A perilous winter pursuit.

    When their helicopter is shot out of the sky after they discover a drug operation, Detective Flynn Denning–along with her nephew and her ex-boyfriend Derek King–is stranded in the unforgiving Colorado mountains. They’ll need to rely on Derek’s military skills to survive the treacherous conditions and the assailants on their trail. But with the cartel dead set on eliminating any witnesses to their operation, this mission might be their last…

    From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

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  • Deadly Ranch Hideout


    Some secrets aren’t just forgotten…they’re lethal.

    To expose her imprisoned father’s mob associates, Monica Larson races to find the evidence he’s hidden–until a car accident leaves her without her memories. Now she must locate the information with the help of Officer Kris Volker. Determined to keep her safe from relentless attacks, Kris takes Monica to his family’s Montana ranch. But someone is dead set on keeping their secrets buried…and they won’t stop till Monica and Kris are six feet under.

    From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

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  • Ambush In The Mountains


    Innocent lives at stake…

    Can a former soldier and his canine save them?

    Helping a pregnant woman he comes across in a mountain storm puts Axel Sterling right into the path of ruthless human traffickers. Now it’s up to the ex-soldier and his dog to keep Summer and her unborn baby safe from the abductors she’s finally escaped. But between the icy wilderness and the armed gunmen following them at every turn, one wrong move could cost Axel and Summer their lives.

    From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

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  • Guarding His Secret Son


    A baby is in danger…and protecting him might be deadly.

    After discovering that he has a son and that the baby’s mother was murdered, Chief Deputy Garrett Nichols takes infant Micah and midwife Liz Templeton on the run. He vows to protect them as they race to uncover why the baby is a target. But danger lurks around every corner and time is running out. Can they track down the truth…before the killer silences them forever?

    From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

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  • Montana Abduction Rescue


    Kidnappers out for vengeance…

    Can a K-9 team stop them?

    Following the death of a crime boss he put behind bars, Ian Carpenter leaves witness protection–and runs right into an ambush. To escape assailants bent on revenge, he turns to his former handler, US marshal Meadow Ames, and her K-9 partner. But the stakes grow higher when Ian’s cousin is abducted. With threats closing in, can they rescue a kidnapped teen…and stop the criminals for good?

    From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

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  • His Neighbors Secret


    With a secret between them…

    Is there room for a second chance?

    When the new schoolteacher turns out to be the woman who once broke his heart, widower Jonah Raymond vows to keep his distance–until Kenzie Reid moves in next door. Now with his troubled foster son and Kenzie’s daughter becoming friends, Jonah hopes they can put the past behind them. But winning Kenzie’s trust is his first challenge…until he discovers her shocking secret.

    From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

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  • Their Unlikely Protector


    To give two little boys a home…

    She must take a chance on forgiveness.

    The last person Valerie Williams expects to rescue her and her toddler twin brothers from a fiery blaze is Brett Richardson, her high school nemesis. But with her house burned down, Valerie is forced to stay at the same inn as Brett and work together on the town festival. Now Brett has the chance to make things right, but can Valerie let go of the past to make way for a future together?

    From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

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  • Her Alaskan Family


    One lost little girl…

    Could be the key to a permanent family

    Recently fired, Savannah Morgan dreads attending her ten-year high school reunion as a failure. But for Levi Carter, Savannah’s return home might solve all his troubles. The newly single dad needs reliable childcare for his temporary foster daughter–and a fake girlfriend at the reunion to deflect any pitying glances after his recent breakup. But as the line between real and pretend begins to blur, will a secret Savannah is keeping ruin their chance at a permanent commitment?

    From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

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  • Companion For His Son


    Protecting his son is his priority.

    Is there room for more?

    Nate Constantine would do anything to provide for his son with autism–even if that means starting over in small-town Holiday Point. Or abandoning his best-laid plans and asking Freddie’s kindergarten teacher, Olivia Bell, for extra help with Freddie and his service dog, Scooby. She could be just what Freddie and his father need…but only if Olivia and Nate are willing to risk their hearts.

    From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

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  • Risking Her Amish Heart


    Can an unexpected friendship…

    Turn into a happily-ever-after?

    After being jilted, Grace Ebersol moves to Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, to care for her ailing grandfather–and avoid any future heartache. Good thing the only eligible Amish bachelor nearby is her grandfather’s standoffish employee. But Grace quickly sees that Aaron King’s awkwardness hides a gentle, caring spirit. Can Grace learn to trust again…or will a secret Aaron is keeping destroy her second chance?

    From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

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  • Her Pretend Amish Beau


    Falling for each other was never part of the plan.

    With four sons and a flower farm, widow Delia Swarey has little time for courtship. But that doesn’t stop her boys from rejecting every potential suitor. And widowed dad Elias Lehman is in the same boat with his daughter. They hope that pretending to court each other will teach their children about opening their hearts. But Delia and Elias could soon learn their own lessons about love…

    From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

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  • This Is Going To Hurt


    “If you see me at a party and I’m speaking, you need to come rescue the person I’m talking to, because they are not having a good?time. Or better yet, I?would like to invite you, the reader, into the corner with me to talk about the story I write over and over again: People are?suffering.”

    In her career as a journalist, Bekah McNeel has encountered (and written about) a lot of suffering. After all, the most polarizing topics in US politics all revolve around suffering. But when confronted with these stories of suffering, many people respond not with action, but by offering counterstories that justify their lack of compassion.

    This set Bekah wondering: Whose suffering do we try to alleviate? Whose do we ignore? And how should our faith guide how we approach these debates?

    In This Is Going to Hurt, Bekah analyzes the narratives surrounding six hot-button issues–immigration, COVID, abortion, critical race theory, gun violence, and climate change. For each topic, she exposes how “us versus them” thinking leads us to turn a blind eye to injustice. She also offers an alternative perspective on each issue, based on a sensitive reading of the gospel.

    Amid culture wars that goad us to take up arms, Bekah reminds us that Christ calls us to take up our cross. Humorous and insightful, This Is Going to Hurt offers a breath of fresh air for readers seeking a nuanced and authentically Christian mode of political engagement.

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  • Secrets Of A Prayer Warrior


    Internationally respected Bible teacher Derek Prince offers the definitive guide to effective, life-changing prayer. Through examining the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament prophets, Prince hands you the keys to biblical prayer while unlocking the answers to these essential questions and more:

    – How can I be certain my prayers will be answered?
    – How can I discover God’s will for my life?
    – How can I pray confidently?
    – What is my authority in Christ through prayer?
    – How can I be sure my prayers are biblical?
    – What is the nature and purpose of prayer?
    – What is the purpose of fasting and how does it relate to prayer?
    – What is intercessory prayer?

    In addition to the answers to these questions, you will discover insight and understanding that will help you cultivate a new life as one of God’s prayer warriors. With help from this seasoned veteran, you can begin praying more confidently and effectively, starting today.

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  • Praying Through Your Pregnancy


    Pregnancy is a time of great preparation. We prepare the nursery for the baby, we prepare our families to welcome a new member, we prepare our bodies to bring a sweet new life into the outside world. But how much thought do we give to preparing our hearts?

    Praying Through Your Pregnancy is the perfect companion for this special time in your life. Each chapter in this week-by-week guide reveals what is happening with your baby’s development that week, starting with the very first moment of conception. You’ll discover how to reduce stress and anxiety by placing your confidence in God for the healthy development of your precious growing baby. Journaling space helps you remember in years to come how God was at work at every stage. And each chapter contains a special list of Scripture verses to guide further prayer and meditation on God’s Word.

    As you enter a time of great joy–and great change–for your family, let Praying Through Your Pregnancy be with you every step of the way.

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  • New Royals : Overcoming Insecurity To Become The Woman God Says You Are


    A revolution for women to live confidently in their God-given identity and united in the call to bring goodness to the world, adapted from Born of a Woman, from speaker and pastor of the influential Shoreline City Church.

    “In these pages, you will experience the beauty of a friend who says, ‘Royal sister, take a seat. We have been waiting for you!'”-Charlotte Gambill, pastor, author, and global Bible teacher

    We know women are meant to bring powerful and lasting goodness into the world because God repeatedly called women to do so: He trusted Mary to give birth to Jesus, Esther to save His people, and Deborah to lead His kingdom. Yet so much of our potential is limited by our own insecurity and fear. It’s time for us to stand confident in our stunning worth as royal daughters, unite in community, and walk in the unshakable hope of Christ.

    In a message that’s both vibrant and conversational, Pastor Oneka McClellan reminds us that God has uniquely positioned and gifted women to be a source of life, wisdom, and strength. Through insightful biblical truths and real stories of women showing up in powerful ways, McClellan equips you to:

    *completely trust your God-given identity
    *lead with courage and wisdom in any room
    *fight for the flourishing of others
    *celebrate the greatness in every woman
    *see with eyes of hope that God can redeem any story

    To every woman who’s ever felt held back, pushed down, or disqualified from stepping fully into her purpose, McClellan’s Born Royal offers hope, encouragement, and empowerment. It also sounds a liberating call for each and every one of us-including you-to walk boldly and precisely as the women God has created us to be.

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  • We Burn Daylight


    An epic novel of star-crossed lovers set in a doomsday cult on the Texas prairie that asks: What would you sacrifice for the person you love?

    Waco, Texas, 1993. People from all walks of life have arrived to follow the Lamb’s gospel–signing over savings and pensions, selling their homes and shedding marriages. They’ve come here to worship at the feet of a former landscaper turned prophet who is preparing for the End Times with a staggering cache of weapons. Jaye’s mother is one of his newest and most devout followers, though Jaye herself has suspicions about the Lamb’s methods–and his motives.

    Roy is the youngest son of the local sheriff, a fourteen-year-old boy with a heart of gold and a nose for trouble who falls for Jaye without knowing of her mother’s attachment to the man who is currently making his father’s life hell. The two teenagers are drawn to each other immediately and completely, but their love may have dire consequences for their families. The Lamb has plans for them all–especially Jaye–and as his preaching and scheming move them closer and closer to unthinkable violence, Roy risks everything to save Jaye.
    Based on the true events that unfolded thirty years ago during the siege of the Branch Davidian compound, Bret Anthony Johnston’s We Burn Daylight is an unforgettable love story, a heart-pounding literary page turner, and a profound exploration of faith, family, and what it means to truly be saved.

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  • Lead With Faith Play With Purpose


    As an athlete, you train your body and mind to be ready for competition. But what about your soul? Lead with Faith, Play with Purpose is your guide to exercising your faith, with Andy Dooley as your trainer.

    As a professional athlete turned pastor–and a passionate leader, Seattle Seahawks in-game host, social media influencer, and fitness trainer–Andy Dooley knows all about sports and what it takes to be a Christian on and off the field, court, or wherever you may play. A 100-day devotional written to encourage and guide athletes of any age, level, or sport, Lead with Faith, Play with Purpose is just what you need to integrate your faith into what you love to do–play your sport.

    Let Dooley be your spiritual trainer and coach you to:

    *Become a better teammate in four simple steps
    *Discover effective ways to handle stress before a competition
    *Identify how God is working through your sport to make you more like him
    *Understand and embrace your calling as a Christian who is also an athlete

    Physical training has value for our lives here on earth, yet it holds zero weight for the eternal. If you learn to be tenacious about living a godly life now as you also strive to become a better athlete and teammate, you’ll change the trajectory of your life.

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  • I Thought This Would Make Me Happy


    What happened to us?

    Why is there no joy, no friendship in our marriage?

    Why don’t we feel like a team anymore?

    If you’ve ever felt this way about your marriage, you’re not alone. Marriage is hard. Every couple comes to a place of disappointment and distance at one point or another. The good news is that your relationship can get better. If you’re both willing to work at it, it can work out.

    Teacher, author, and creator of “Living the Sweet Wife” Chelsea Damon has coached thousands of couples through the hardest seasons of their marriage. In I Thought This Would Make Me Happy, she’ll help you take your first steps to a renewed and life-giving marriage. You’ll gain the tools you need to:

    *Identify the problems–Anger, bitterness, and resentment arise in all marriages. You’ll learn how to assess what the problems are and step away from destructive patterns.

    *Restore harmony–Reflection sections and journal exercises are specially designed to help you and your spouse forgive each other and communicate more deeply.

    *Cultivate the good qualities–Each chapter is designed to help you and your spouse build the characteristics that make a marriage reflect Christ and grow stronger.

    With stories, practical tips, and biblical truths, I Thought This Would Make Me Happy will show you a way forward. Your relationship with your spouse may be in a difficult season…but it can get better.

    A marriage full of joy, grace, and unity is possible

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  • Jesus For Everyone


    Amy-Jill Levine, in Jesus for Everyone, argues that Jesus’ historic and cultural influence makes him fascinating, provocative, and relevant for everyone, not only faithful Christians but nonbelievers as well.

    Two thousand years after his birth and death, Jesus of Nazareth continues to be of vital interest. Yet much of the scholarship around Jesus focuses on his religious significance. Jesus for Everyone examines his most famous teachings from a fresh perspective, exploring how they have continued to shape ethics and civilization in the West for two millennia.

    Even for those who reject faith, Jesus’ life and his philosophy are important to study Levine contends, because of the insights they hold for us today. Poring through scripture, analyzing what historical scholarship has revealed about Jesus’ views on several subjects-including women-reveals surprising messages sure to be fascinating to all readers.

    Placing Jesus of Nazareth within his historical context, Levine brings him vividly into focus and invites agnostics and the most committed nonbelievers to appreciate his lasting impact on the modern world.

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  • Dark Traffic : The Dangerous Intersection Of Technology, Crime, Money, Sex,


    Dark Traffic is the book that ushers the public into the next phase of anti-trafficking efforts to stop what has evolved into a $150 billion industry involving a complex network of organized crime trafficking sex, labor, and human organs. As co-founder and CEO of Dark Watch, author Noel Thomas has led United States law enforcement and the judicial system into the new battleground, where high-tech data analysis is changing how criminals are caught and prosecuted. Dark Traffic arrives on a new wave of media attention and actions at the federal, state, and local government levels, and informs readers how they can play a role in identifying and helping stop trafficking that occurs in their own neighborhood. Noel’s story of how he became aware of the issue is proof. The trafficking game has changed drastically, and Dark Traffic will change all our perceptions of trafficking.

    “Dark Traffic was written first, to provide information. The public desperately needs to have a clear and accurate understanding of the problem we’re facing, since it threatens people, we love. Second, Noel hopes this book makes people angry, because anger focused in the right direction is a powerful tool for change(?). We ought to be angry when young people are being destroyed. And third, he wants to dispel the myth that one person can’t do very much. Mass movements are made up of lots of “one persons” who come together to become one massive force for good.”

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  • I Surrender All

    Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $12.97.

    All To Him I Freely Give

    From Priscilla Shirer comes this fervent appeal and invitation to surrender everything to Jesus. To follow Him not just as your Savior but as your priority, your first love, your Lord. To move beyond being a believer to becoming His disciple.

    Because there is a difference.

    Salvation is a gift of God. It’s free. It’s grace. It’s the cross. Discipleship comes at a high cost. It’s surrender. It’s effort. It’s a daily choice to lay down your life and follow His. Few believers choose this route, but the ones who do will experience the abundance that only the surrendered life can offer. It’s the one choice standing between you and the life of freedom and fulfillment, of peace and purpose you’ve always wanted. I Surrender All is all about making that choice.

    The choice that changes everything.

    This book will be impossible to simply read because it beckons you to make a decision about the kind of Christian you will be. Prepare to engage, to write, to pray, and be called into a surrendered life. An abundant life. A disciple’s life.

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  • Grief Redeemed


    “I used to say that my marriage was the anvil on which the Lord was forging the new man in Christ which He was fashioning for His purposes on this side of heaven. I now believe that my grief is His new anvil for me, and the lessons I learn in grief will have redemptive value well beyond this di?cult period-however long that lasts.”

    Grief is a journey no one truly understands until they walk it. This short book captures lessons learned along that grief journey over the first eighteen months following author Stephen Silver’s wife Sandy’s unexpected death. These lessons serve as helpful, practical signposts for other grief sojourners navigating the “new country” after loss.

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  • Devoted To Jesus

    Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $12.97.

    Jesus started His ministry saying, “Come, follow Me,” and finished it by saying, “Go, make disciples.”

    Between these two challenges, His followers learned they could trust Him completely with every area of their lives.

    From the writing team behind The Love Dare and The Battle Plan for Prayer, and the movie producers of The Forge and War Room, comes an exciting new resource for anyone who desires to grow spiritually and become an on-fire, all-in follower of Jesus.

    Have you ever been personally discipled? Do you desire to walk closer to Jesus but wish someone would show you how? How can your faith become a thriving relationship instead of a religious duty? What are the keys to assurance of salvation, abiding in Christ, praying effectively, overcoming trials, and deeply loving others?

    Packed with 52 topical chapters-ideal for reading daily or weekly-and presented with refreshing clarity, Devoted to Jesus is designed to help both new and mature believers grow together. This is a journey you’ll first want to experience yourself and then utilize to invest into others.

    They first learned to be His disciples, then helped others as disciple-makers. . . and so can you.

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