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Character Development

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  • Sweet Like Milton Hershey


    It’s another mission for the Good Guys Agency! Success can be sweet, but for the gang’s friend Jalen, it’s turned him bitter. Back in time the trio goes, this time to visit renowned entrepreneur Milton Hershey. Milton builds a chocolate empire, but his sweetest success isn’t the business or even his chocolate. What’s his secret? Can Jalen get a taste? And will Red get enough of chocolate? (Spoiler alert: probably not.) Find out in Sweet Like Milton Hershey!

    What is the Good Guys Agency series?

    Boys need better role models, and in The Good Guys Agency series, friends Lucky, Rudy, and Red take matters into their own hands! Time travel adventures, historic heroes, comic book panels, laughs, jokes, and more deliver a winning combination of fun, education, and values to inspire a new generation of honorable men. Perfect for fans of Captain Underpants and Dog Man!

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  • I Pray Youll Be


    Remind little ones that bold, heartfelt prayers support them every day with this sweet picture book from best-selling author Hannah C. Hall.

    Expressing daring dreams and heartfelt hopes for a beloved child, this irresistible book tells kids that there are people in their lives who care for them and believe in them, and that a loving God hears our prayers and shapes their futures. Simultaneously challenging and comforting, the beautiful verse encourages boldness and bravery, but also humility and gentleness: “And when you finally find your way and dawn comes breaking through, you’ll show the way to others with the same grace shown to you.” Perfect for reading with a special child, this empowering picture book will remind kids that they are supported by the love, hopes, and prayers of those who care deeply for them.

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  • Bear Is Never Alone


    A stirring, thoughtful story about the pressure to perform and the support of a true friend.

    When Bear sits down at the piano, he makes beautiful music, and the other animals can’t get enough. “More, more, Pianobear!” they shout. But sometimes Bear just wants to relax. Even when he tries to escape to a quiet tree branch, the voices follow him: “More! More! More!” Finally Bear snaps. No one seems to understand why he’s so upset-except Zebra. Zebra loves Bear’s music, but she doesn’t ask him to start playing again. Instead, she brings over a book…

    This moving story is the perfect companion for social-emotional lessons about choosing solitude, respecting boundaries, and building interpersonal awareness. Illustrated in striking shades of black, white, and red, Bear Is Never Alone encourages young readers to notice others’ needs and care for them with kindness.

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  • Today I Feel Like A Jelly Donut


    This colorful board book helps little ones identify their feelings by comparing their many moods to different foods.  An important skill in the journey from adolescence to adulthood is being able to recognize and manage feelings. Today I Feel Like a Jelly Donut introduces young children to 12 of the most common emotions, likening each to a familiar food item. Little ones will learn biblically sound ways to handle their feelings and start to build strong self-management habits.Whether they are excited like popcorn, sad like an onion, or so nervous they could crack like an egg, this creative book gives little ones a fun and easy way to visualize and understand their emotions. Children will discover that no matter the mood, no matter the food, God loves them just the way they are!              

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  • Lead The Way


    Lead the Way introduces little ones to ten women of steadfast faith who changed the world by standing up for what they believed in and exemplifying Christ’s love for others.    Writers and reformers. Scientists and suffragists. Poets and pilots. Each of these women had different callings, but all answered God’s call on their lives to make a difference in the world.    These ten mini-bios of inspiring Christian women, including Susan B. Anthony, Gabby Douglas, and Ruby Bridges Hall, will open young children’s eyes to how they can serve God and follow His plan for their lives.   Meet more of God’s greatest heroes at      

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  • Stand Strong : 10 Inspiring Men Of God


    Stand Strong introduces little ones to ten men of steadfast faith who changed the world by standing up for what they believed in and exemplifying Christ’s love for others.    Authors, athletes, and abolitionists. Performers and pastors. Each of these men had different callings, but all answered God’s call on their lives to make a difference in the world.    These ten mini-bios of inspiring Christian men, including C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther, and Frederick Douglas, will open young children’s eyes to how they can one day serve God and follow His plan for their lives.   Meet more of God’s greatest heroes at     

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  • Nana The Great Goes Camping


    This tender, spunky picture book from the bestselling author of the God Gave Us series celebrates the ways loving grandparents help children find new adventures-and timeless wisdom-around every corner.

    Summer vacations are great-and they’re even better when they include camping with Nana! Nana is great at hiking, campfire cooking, and making new friends. She encourages slowing down to enjoy nature’s wonders, learning new skills, and watching out for the discoveries that await outside everyday routines. Most of all, Nana is great at making treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • God I Feel Sad


    Kids have big feelings, but none of their feelings are too big for God. In this picture book from licensed counselor Michelle Nietert and Tama Fortner, young readers will explore what it means to feel their sadness and discover how to manage their emotions in a healthy way.

    Sad is a feeling that can be hard, but if we listen to it, we can learn things about ourselves. In God, I Feel Sad, kids discover that it’s okay to be sad and that God is in all things, including sadness. With simple, accessible text, sad becomes an emotion that kids don’t need to avoid and instead something they can use to grow closer to God. The bright, emotive art by Nomar Perez will draw kids in, and a note in the back provides tips and techniques parents and caregivers can use to help young children process their feelings in a beneficial way.

    God, I Feel Sad teaches kids ages 4 to 8 how to:

    *Identify the feeling of sadness
    *See signs of sadness in others
    *Recognize things that can make them feel sad
    *Embrace sadness without letting it overwhelm them
    *Talk to God about their feelings

    God, I Feel Sad is perfect for:

    *Helping young kids develop positive ways to manage and name their feelings
    *Children dealing with changing emotions, new experiences, or loss
    *Family read-aloud time
    *Supporting good communication and mental health habits at an early age

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  • Silly Pigs Friend Is Sad


    Pig is happy, but Cat is sad. When toys and treats don’t work, what will Pig do to cheer up her friend? This book is part of The Adventures of Silly Pig series of full-color board books, with bold, colorful illustrations and simple text for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten readers, introducing young readers to a range of vocabulary terms, rhyme, and rhythm.

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  • Silly Pigs Long Wait


    Pig writes a letter to Cat and gives it to Bee to deliver. But now an impatient Pig must wait for a response. This book is part of The Adventures of Silly Pig series of full-color board books, with bold, colorful illustrations and simple text for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten readers, introducing young readers to a range of vocabulary terms, rhythm, and rhyme.

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  • Silly Pigs Smelly Socks


    When Pig receives a pair of new socks, there is just one problem: They smell too clean! What will Pig do to make her new socks smell better? This comical story is aimed at encouraging a love of literacy in emergent readers. The book uses bold illustrations and simple text to help new readers develop their vocabulary, as well as encouraging the recognition and understanding of word structure through phonics.

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  • Leggy Peggy : The Toucan Who Can’t – Until She Cancan


    Deep in the jungle, young Peggy the toucan grows unusually long, pink legs. She’s different to the others and spends her days trying – and failing – to fit in. Things change for Peggy when she discovers the wonderful world of cancan dancing and accepts that she was born to stand out. Through jaunty rhyme, quirky, freehand digital illustrations and unique characters, Leggy Peggy shows the power of resilience, the benefits of overcoming self-doubt, and the magic of being unique.

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  • 7 Seas Of Fleas


    Bryce McFee is an ordinary boy bored with washing the flea-ridden family dog. So, he escapes to his imagination and flies across the backyard with a dandelion and seven bees. Trouble strikes when a swarm of pesky fleas gives chase, threatening to ruin his adventure. Ultimately, an unlikely friendship is formed between the flying boy and the fleas. A fun rhyming story that exercises the imagination.

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  • Big Truck Playdate


    Corey went everywhere with his trucks. But when it came to other kids, he rode solo.

    When Corey’s school hosts a semi-truck extravaganza, his tires squeal and his heart revs. He can’t believe it! But the crowd of classmates quickly leaves him feeling overwhelmed. Corey must find the courage to be his unique, enthusiastic self before missing the opportunity to have his very own big truck playdate.

    With insight and imagination, this heartwarming story from the perspective of a boy on the autism spectrum demonstrates how the power of play can connect us with new friends.

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  • Dead Sea Squirrels 3 Pack Books 7-9


    Merle and Pearl have been captured and whisked off to Israel. What does the man with the suit and sunglasses want with the beloved squirrels? Will Michael, Sadie, Justin, and the rest of the Gomez family track them down before it’s too late? Full of hilarious squirrelly antics and a new crew of talking animals, this 3-book set comes with a U-wrap and includes books 7 9 in the Dead Sea Squirrels series:

    *Merle of Nazareth
    *A Dusty Donkey Detour
    *Jingle Squirrels

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  • Elephant Whisperer


    Open your ears and your heart to this charming story about facing your feelings and emotions through calm reflection and understanding.

    Some days Artie’s feelings feel like baby elephants, small and manageable. But other times they grow big and stampede out of control. Artie learns to navigate his big elephant-sized feelings by taking time to listen to each one and calmly whispering comforting words of advice until his elephant emotions become calm once again.

    The Elephant Whisperer is the newest addition to the Peace Dragon Tales collection written by Linda Ragsdale. Each book in the series is an extension of the Peace Dragon mission which aims to teach children the power of words, the importance of acceptance, and the enormous benefit of seeing and accepting the world with an open heart. The series is perfect for campaigns that aim to reduce racism, bullying, and prejudice, and turn children toward unity, kindness, and acceptance.

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  • 7 Best Things About Family


    There are so many great things about family, but these are the seven best things!

    Real children told us what they love most about their family and these were their answers. This book features a cuddly bunny family showing all the best things about family including making chocolate chip pancakes, going on vacation, playing together, reading together, and more! Simplistic text and colorful illustrations by award-winning illustrator Patrick Yee make this a great read for families.

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  • Indescribable Activity Book For Kids


    Your kids will discover God’s incredible creation, learn more about God and the Bible, and become little scientists with the Indescribable Activity Book for Kids, based on the massively popular Indescribable Kids series, which has sold almost one million copies.

    Bestselling author and founder of the Passion movement Louie Giglio shares this interactive activity book for ages 6-10, combining biblical truths with scientific facts and fun activities and helping kids explore the wonder of God’s creation at a whole new level! With more than 100 activities, this book includes:

    *mazes, puzzles, riddles, and logic games
    *word searches, crosswords, and complete-the-story exercises
    *STEM projects for kids
    *simple science projects and at-home activities
    *ideas for helping your community and people around the world
    *maps and diagrams
    *coloring and drawing prompts and much more!

    STEM-based learning has proven benefits, such as increased creativity, critical thinking skills, and cognitive development. This faith-based, educational activity book is a wonderful way to further prepare your child for success in school. Each activity takes a close, interactive look at;

    *space–from asteroids to spacecraft
    *earth–from volcanoes to rivers
    *animals–from ants to dinosaurs
    *people–from our bones to our emotions and senses

    With bright, kid-friendly artwork by Lynsey Wilson and Nicola Anderson, this activity book is a perfect cure for boredom at home, a fun diversion on car rides, and a healthy alternative to screen time.

    Check out these other books from Pastor Louie’s Indescribable Kids series:

    *Indescribable for Little Ones
    *How Great Is Our God
    *The Wonder of Creation

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  • Theos Mood : Proud – Afraid – Mad – Happy – Jealous – Sad


    On Mood Monday, students describe their moods after the weekend. But Theo doesn’t know what to say because he has a new baby sister and is feeling so many emotions all at once.

    It’s Mood Monday and Miss Cady’s class is sharing how they feel after the weekend. But Theo doesn’t know whether he’s in a good mood or a bad mood. He has a new baby sister, and he isn’t just happy like Eric who got a new bike or sad like April who lost her dog. As Theo’s classmates discuss all their feelings, he realizes he’s not in a good mood or a bad mood–he’s both those things!

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  • Wherever You Go I Want You To Know


    We all love to dream about what we might do later in life: jobs we might have, places we might go to, people we might meet. And parents and caregivers love to encourage and support their kids.

    But for Christian parents, their greatest aspiration is that whatever their kids do and wherever they go, they will love and follow Jesus.

    This keepsake edition of the beautiful rhyming book by Melissa Kruger and Isobel Lundie provides the perfect reminder for graduating students that whatever they do and wherever they go, Jesus is more important than anything else.

    It’s also ideal for a child to take with them all the way up through school, with each successive teacher adding their own comments and encouragements.

    Includes 16 illustrated pages for writing messages and pasting in photos, plus a pocket for keepsakes in the back. The robust slipcase means you will keep these memories safe for the long term.

    As children embark on life’s journey with all their potential and aspirations, use this book to express to them your biggest dream, and help them remember it .

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  • Count Yourself Calm


    This beautifully illustrated and empathetically written book walks children through a calming activity that focuses their attention on God and helps them manage their emotions.

    Through a combination of slow breathing, prayer and focusing on five things about God and his good gifts, children will learn to count themselves calm. Children can practise this calming activity while you read them the book and then use it when they feel upset, sad, angry, worried, anxious or scared.

    This resource is a great tool to equip children 4-7 years old to regulate their emotions and calm down.

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  • Dream Big My Precious One


    Celebrate the hopes and dreams you have for your little one with this rhyming board book that inspires children to dream big, work hard, and trust in God.

    In Dream Big, My Precious One, a whimsical narrator explores the boundless potential of a child’s future, imagining what the child will love as he or she grows up and all of the incredible things the child could become, from “a doctor or zoologist, a nurse or archaeologist” all the way to “a preacher sharing God’s good news, a captain on a sailing cruise, a vet to cure sick kangaroos!” Upbeat and playful, this book will inspire children to passionately pursue their dreams, knowing that God will be with them every step of the way.

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  • Where Are Your Shoes Mr Brown


    Join a young boy affectionately known as Mr. Brown as he searches for his shoes across the family farm in this first picture book from social media icon and author of The Rooted Life, Justin Rhodes.

    Gideon, the second oldest child of homesteaders Justin and Rebekah Rhodes, is infamously known as the shoe-losing “Mr. Brown.” It drives his papa nuts, especially when it’s time to head out to do chores on the farm. Where Are Your Shoes, Mr. Brown? is an engaging story that follows Mr. Brown as he searches for his missing shoes, bringing a humorous message about responsibility along with an underlying theme of a parent’s love. Justin and Rebekah are parents to five children and involve the them in much of the work on the farm to teach values of hard work, problem solving, and life skills like growing their own food.

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  • Be Kind Bible Storybook


    Kindness seems to be a rare commodity these days. Anger, sadness, and selfishness are more the norm than the exception. But, the Bible shows us how to shift the paradigm and make kindness , compassion, and grace our default. The Be Kind Bible Storybook explores themes of kindness and compassion through 100 stories retold from scripture 50 Old Testament stories and 50 New Testament stories. Kids will be transported to Bible times and see how these themes are woven into the stories we read every day. From the young girl who helped Naaman to the Good Samaritan, to a little boy who shared his lunch to feed 5,000 people, our friends from Bible times will model God’s plan for how we love each other well. The stories are paired with vivid, colorful artwork.

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  • Lucky For Winnie


    In Lucky for Winnie, Winnie finally gets the opportunity to gentle her own horse. While she hopes it will be the beautiful Arabian, she instead gets stuck with Lucky, a headstrong Mustang. Meanwhile, Winnie feels tempted to submit a traced drawing for the school art fair because she doubts her artistic skills. Winnie learns that the love and support of her family is better than being a good artist. Plus, when she pushes past her first impression and shows Lucky that she loves her no matter what, their bond grows.

    Winnie: The Early Years is a prequel series to the popular Winnie the Horse Gentler series by the same author. Winnie: The Early Years takes place on the same ranch and even includes Winnie’s mother (who had passed away in the original series). The hope is that young readers will enjoy Winnie’s early adventures, and as they grow up, they’ll advance to reading the original series.

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  • When The World Wakes Up


    Wake up, world! It’s a brand-new morning, which means it’s another day to celebrate. The squirrels and rabbits set the rhythm while the deer dance, the bees buzz, and the robins join the wrens in song. As nature’s chorus grows increasingly louder, young readers understand that God has given all creation – themselves included! – something to celebrate. At the end of the book, when the reader is invited to join in the melody, they will be ready to rejoice!

    When the World Wakes Up is full of stunning illustrations and lyrical rhyme, making it sure to engage and entertain children who love nature, music, and animals. Hand-lettered Scriptures throughout make the faith message clear: God sings over His creation and invites us to join in each day’s celebration. Readers will also find six hidden scriptures within the pages of the book for an extra level of learning and fun.

    A perfect book to start the day off with your kids, When the World Wakes Up will have young readers tapping their feet along with the text, eager to welcome the world with wonder.

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  • Kingdom Of Heaven


    The Kingdom of Heaven uses the many allusions to gardening in the Bible to teach little ones about God’s kingdom and their role in it.

    The story of mankind starts in a garden, and references to planting, growing, sowing, and reaping can be found throughout Scripture. Most important, Jesus uses this relatable imagery to describe how his followers are to mature in their faith and share God’s truth with others.

    This stylish and creative board book provides young children a first step toward understanding how God’s kingdom works and the important part they play in it.
    Baby Believer(R) primers are designed to grow with children, from early infancy through elementary school. In addition to basic Bible theology, Baby Believer(R) board books are filled with quotations from the Bible, creeds, hymns, church fathers, and other articles of faith to help reinforce the content and provide intellectual handholds for older children who possess a greater capacity for learning and memorization.

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  • Her Story Her Strength


    Girls are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image. This comprehensive collection of stories focused on 50 women of the Bible shows how God worked in their lives and continues to have a plan and a purpose for his beloved daughters today.

    In a world that too often tells girls that they are not enough, Her Story, Her Strength uses biblical retellings and reflections that include the historical context behind each story?to remind young women that they have a God who loves them deeply and empowers them to live and love like he does. For any girl ages 8 and up who is asking questions about her worth, identity, and place in the world and church, this colorful and engaging book provides a positive, loving, and scriptural lens that helps them interpret the messages they receive from their peers, media, and society.

    Girls who read Her Story, Her Strength will:

    *come to a profound, unshakable understanding of God’s love for them and their value in his eyes.

    *see how they reflect God’s image both innately and through the actions, words, and attitudes they choose each day.

    *learn about biblical characters and events in a way designed specifically for them.

    In addition, Her Story, Her Strength:

    *features readers’ favorite women of the Bible as well as many less-well-known characters, showing God’s consistent presence in the lives of women throughout Scripture.

    *is divided into short sections that are both comprehensive and accessible, making it a wonderful tool for school or church lessons as well as family devotions or personal reflection.

    *emphasizes how each woman reflects the image of her Creator, demonstrating the immense value God places on women and girls and pointing them back to him–all from a position rooted in biblical values.

    *includes beautiful, full-color illustrations that help bring each woman to life.

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  • Party In Heaven


    There’s a party in heaven. The angels are rushing around in great excitement, preparing for a new arrival. But Sprout, the littlest angel, notices some sad people down on earth. As he asks his friend Castor questions, he discovers anew the love of Jesus. He learns that while life on earth can come to an end, it’s not the end of the story…

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  • I Am Earths Keeper


    Embark on a whimsical journey to encounter and protect the majesty of Earth. With rhyming prose and a call to simple but impactful action, this book invites young readers to serve as caretakers for the natural world around them.

    With a gentle, rhyming story by bestselling author Lisa M. Hendey and artwork by award-winning Italian illustrator Giuliano Ferri, I Am Earth’s Keeper describes one child’s pre-dawn kayak ride that opens his eyes to the astonishingly beautiful world around him. Observing the rising sun, frogs, fish, birds, trees, and gentle breeze, he begins to marvel at the life all around, and to imagine how he can care for it.

    Inspired by St. Francis and his famous love song “Canticle of Brother Sun and Sister Moon,” this warmhearted book sparks the imagination of young readers to connect more deeply with God’s creation and develop an ever-deepening sense of commitment to living in solidarity with nature. I Am Earth’s Keeper offers:

    *A warm, calming visual presentation with exquisite illustrations
    *An empowering message that children are ready to act as stewards of the natural world
    *An inspiring reminder to treasure the life all around us
    *An ideal book for reading aloud at bedtime, story time, Sunday school, or in the classroom
    *The perfect gift for children ages 3-8, for birthdays, Earth Day celebrations, summer gifts, and more

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  • I Am Not Afraid


    Provide comforting reassurance for a child experiencing nighttime fears and anxieties.

    In this creative retelling of Psalm 23, a child imagines scary shadows chasing away her sleep and peace as she reaches out to God her Comforter. Gently and imaginatively written, this story about being afraid of the dark brings the psalmist’s words into a new and relatable light for children.

    Backmatter includes background information about Psalm 23 and encouragement and practical tips for coping with fear and scary times.

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  • Dog That Nino Didnt Have


    A hopeful look at the power of imagination in the face of loneliness and disappointment.

    Nino doesn’t have a dog, but he likes to imagine that he does. His imaginary dog chases squirrels and plays in the lake with him. His imaginary dog licks the tears off Nino’s face and helps Nino feel less lonely while his dad is traveling. But when Nino gets a real dog, it’s not quite what he expected. As he spends more time with his dog, though, Nino learns how to be content with what he has, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to dream….

    Named to best of the year lists by Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and the Huffington Post, this acclaimed book beautifully depicts the art of finding a balance between imagination and reality.

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  • 9 Kilometers


    A memorable, compelling story about the perseverance of a child and the human right to education.

    The sky is still dark when a young boy leaves home for school. He has a long path ahead: nine kilometers-over five-and-a-half miles-through the mountains and rain forests of Chile. But the boy doesn’t mind. While he walks, he can count butterflies and lizards, and he can think about where the 15,000 steps he takes every morning could lead. Nine kilometers could bring the boy across ninety soccer fields, up the world’s ten largest buildings, or into a classroom at last…

    Set against the lush backdrop of southern Chile, this book features one of the many children around the world who travel long distances in order to go to school. After the story, thoughtfully illustrated back matter explores the unique birds of Chile and the courage of similar students’ journeys in other countries. Striking and timely, 9 Kilometers will open lasting conversations about social inequalities, the value of learning, and the resilience of those who push past obstacles toward a better future.

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  • Otter B Forgiving


    Otter B Forgiving is the eleventh in a series of children’s books that teach young children basic biblical values. In this story, Otter B’s friend Roscoe accidentally wrecks Otter B’s new birthday present. Roscoe says he’s sorry, but Otter B is too upset to forgive his friend.The next day, Otter B is riding bikes with his other friends and accidentally knocks Tabitha off her bike. When Otter B apologizes, Tabitha forgives him right away. Otter B is so relieved that he runs right over to Roscoe’s house. Not only does he forgive Roscoe for damaging his boat, he also asks Roscoe to forgive him for being so upset. When Otter B says his prayers that night, he asks God to bless all of his friends, especially Roscoe. Then he sleeps soundly, thankful that he’s been forgiven too.

    Each book in the series ends with a rhyme that reinforces the lesson and includes an appropriate Bible verse.”When a friend does something wrongand you’re mad as mad can be,saying I forgive you’ helps.It’s how you Otter Be!” (Ephesians 4:32)

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  • Something : One Small Thing Can Make A Difference


    Empower your child to be a positive force in the world with this encouraging picture book that teaches kids that no matter how small an action may be, there is always something they can do to make the world a better place.

    “When I know a friend is hurting then my heart starts aching too, like it’s asking me a question . . . is there something I can do?”
    Based on a familiar passage from Matthew 25, this picture book explores themes of compassion and empathy, encouraging children to take positive action when they see a need in the world around them. From big things–like helping to plant a community garden or trying to find a home for an animal in need–to small things–like making a card or welcoming someone new–there is always something we can do! The book’s lyrical refrain will stick with kids long after the book is closed: “If there’s something that you notice, there is something you can do. Keep your kindness radar working–maybe something starts with you!” Immerse your little one in a world of kindness and hope with this gorgeously illustrated offering from Natalee Creech.

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  • Your Brave Song


    The simplest of truths told through the sweetest of songs can change the world.

    Early one foggy morning, Una Rayne feels unsure about the day ahead of her. She sits down on the porch with her mama, who sings a song of truth over her: “Jesus loves you, makes you strong. In Him, you’re brave and you belong.” Una Rayne steps bravely into her day, her mama’s words a reminder of how much she is loved by Jesus. When no one seems to want to sit with Una Rayne at lunchtime, she bravely sings the song, and others are drawn to come sit with her. Through the song, the children hear that they are chosen and loved by Jesus, “not for what you do, but for who you are. For whose you are.” As Una Rayne continues to live with bravery and kindness, the song spreads throughout the world and fills the hearts of all who hear it.

    Many children face fear and uncertainty. This book gives them the confidence to know that they are secure and safe in Jesus, no matter what comes. It also encourages them to share God’s love with others because bravery in Jesus is contagious and world-changing!

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  • Gods Signpost : How Marriage Points Us To God’s Love


    How do we know what God’s love is like?

    What is marriage? Is it sharing a home? Is it being in love? Is it a promise? Author Sam Allberry shows us that marriage is much more than these things. Join siblings Lila and Ethan as they celebrate their grandparents’ wedding anniversary and discover that marriage is a special sign that points to God’s unique love for us-the kind of love that keeps on going, no matter what.

    Sam Allberry is a well-respected author on the topic of human sexuality. He has written multiple books on the subject, including Is God Anti-Gay?; What God Has to Say About Our Bodies; Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?, and 7 Myths about Singleness.

    This is his first in a series of two picture books.

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  • Great And Small Bible Animals


    God loves every creature, great and small.

    From the mighty whale to the tiny sparrow, these Bible animals are sweet at any size! Discover mommies, daddies, and their little ones, and lift the flaps to find their sounds. Each animal family is paired with a Bible verse highlighting God’s love for His creation– great and small!

    Toddlers will enjoy lifting the flaps, repeating the sounds, and learning that the Bible talks about creatures such as cattle, sparrows, lions, donkeys, rock badgers, sheep, eagles, snakes, horses, and whales.

    Also available: Great and Small Prayers for Babies and Great and Small Easter.

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  • Clever Cub Tells The Truth


    Clever Cub is a curious little bear who LOVES to cuddle up with the Bible and learn about God.

    Clever Cub tells a lie and makes his friend mad! After Mama Bear teaches him the story of Queen Esther, the cub learns that telling the truth is always the right thing to do-even when it’s hard.

    In this engaging picture book, the creator of the YouVersion Bible App for Kids:

    *Tells the story of how Queen Esther saved her people.
    *Helps kids ages 3 to 6 learn the importance of telling the truth.
    *Teaches young readers how to be an honest and loving friend.

    Clever Cub Tells the Truth is part of the delightful Clever Cub children’s book series. Also check out Clever Cub Explores God’s Creation, Clever Cub Sings to God, Clever Cub Gives Thanks to God, Clever Cub Welcomes Baby Jesus, Clever Cub Learns about Love, Clever Cub and the Easter Surprise, Clever Cub Learns to Share, Clever Cub Trusts God, and Clever Cub and the Case of the Worries.

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  • Clever Cub And The Case Of The Worries


    Clever Cub is a curious little bear who LOVES to cuddle up with the Bible and learn about God.

    When Clever Cub worries about his friends, Mama Bear reminds him that we can trust God to take care of us. God loves us even more than the birds of the air or the flowers in the fields-and they don’t worry at all!

    This colorful picture book from the creator of the YouVersion Bible App for Kids:

    *Tells the story of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.
    *Reassures children ages 3 to 6 that God provides for them.
    *Includes questions about the story’s theme and ideas for learning more in the Bible.

    Clever Cub and the Case of the Worries is part of the delightful Clever Cub children’s book series. Also check out Clever Cub Explores God’s Creation, Clever Cub Sings to God, Clever Cub Gives Thanks to God, Clever Cub Welcomes Baby Jesus, Clever Cub Learns about Love,Clever Cub and the Easter Surprise, Clever Cub Learns to Share, Clever Cub Trusts God, and Clever Cub Tells the Truth.

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  • Gods Love In A Nutshell


    Charming story reassuring kids that God loves them always

    Scotty the squirrel is worried. If God’s love is too big to fit in his nutshell, his backpack, or even his wheelbarrow, how can he keep it with him at all times? His big brother Ned reassures him. Maybe God’s love is too big to be contained by things, but it’s just the right size to fit in our hearts.

    With adorable illustrations from Mandy Stanley and warm words from Hilary Robinson, God’s Love in a Nutshell is the perfect book to help children understand that God’s love is never out of reach and will never run out, no matter what. It’s a sweet book for bedtime, or for kids to pull off the shelf when they need a little comfort anytime.

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  • Kids Big Questions For God


    How old is God? Who created God? Why does bad stuff happen? Will there be animals in heaven? Why did God create mosquitoes? (They won’t be in heaven, will they?)

    Nobody asks more honest questions than kids. But parents don’t always have ready answers, especially about the BIG things (and let’s face it, to a kid, there are a lot of BIG things). Cartoonist, author, illustrator, and comedian Sandy Silverthorne is here to help! In this winsome book, he tackles 101 questions kids ask about God and the world, offering honest, biblically based answers. His quirky cartoons and interactive fill-in-the-blank pages will keep kids engaged, and the information he provides will open up conversations with your kids that will help them explore their faith, consider God’s plans for their lives, and understand just how much God loves and cares for them.

    Perfect for kids ages 6-8, this fun book is great for sparking conversation over breakfast, reading before bed, and all those in-between times when kids’ minds are coming up with more questions to ask!

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  • Stories From The Storyteller


    Based on the animated series, Stories from the Storyteller for Kids features modern retellings of many of Jesus’s parables, teaching young people important biblical truths through fun family adventures.    The parables of Jesus contain rich spiritual lessons for all believers, but many can be challenging for kids to grasp. Stories from the Storyteller for Kids follows the Evans family as they encounter real-world scenarios that serve as teachable moments for children. Each chapter puts a contemporary spin on a different parable, capturing the interests of young readers (ages 8-12) with colorful illustrations, kid-friendly language and humor, and relatable stories about everyday life. This storybook is ideal for family reading or for young people to enjoy on their own. As kids absorb the lessons being taught through these entertaining modern-day parables, they will gain a deeper understanding of Jesus and how we are to live according to His Word.            

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  • Love Can : A Story Of God’s Superpower Helper


    This vibrant and imaginative picture book for kids explores the Holy Spirit’s vital role in God’s plan to bring love to all His children.

    Love can be patient when waiting in line. Love can be kind when no one is nice.
    Love can share even when it’s hard. Love can be honest and not tell a lie.
    But perhaps the toughest thing Love can do: Love can forgive when others hurt you.

    God is love, and each part of the Trinity–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–work in perfect unity to carry out the Lord’s plan for His precious children. In her signature lyrical style, author and spoken word artist Quina Aragon explains to kids who the Holy Spirit is (God’s superhero helper) and how he works inside of our hearts to allow us to love like our Heavenly Father does.

    Love Can will deepen your child’s faith and encourage them to choose love in all situations.

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  • Greenlee Is Growing


    A beautiful, poetic rhyming picture book celebrating the four seasons and how they interact with the seasons of our lives, from the award-winning, bestselling author of The Donkey That No One Could Ride

    We first meet Greenlee as a young girl of three, in the flowering springtime of life. Greenlee Is Growing follows her through the spring of her youth and the summer of her adulthood. By the end of the book, she is a lovely old woman knitting by the fire in the cold days of winter.
    Springtime is here! Springtime is here!
    Snowstorms are gone and flowers appear.
    Summer is here! Summer is here!
    The days are much warmer and rainbows appear.
    Autumn is here! Autumn is here!
    Red, gold, and brown leaves and pumpkins appear.
    Winter is here! Winter is here!
    The days are much shorter and snowflakes appear.
    Brave the harsh weather, don’t be afraid, the end of the year God also has made.
    For beautiful Springtime will be back, and then
    new joys and new life will rise up again!

    Anthony DeStefano has woven a timeless story of faith and fortitude with gentle joy that people of all ages will love reading.

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  • When I Talk To God I Talk About You


    When I Talk to God, I Talk About You by Chrissy Metz and Bradley Collins, and illustrator, Lisa Fields, is a faith and prayerful story that highlights the special bond between parent and child. From bears and otters to rabbits and raccoons, this beautifully illustrated story, tells of their conversations about their little ones to God. A perfect introduction for kids to lead a prayerfull life. Hardcover, 32 pages. Recommended for ages 4 to 8 years old.

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  • Growing Up


    Honey Bear is growing up! The little cub finally learns to live without her smelly, old blanket in this Berenstain Bears Gifts of the Spirit storybook!

    The Berenstain Bears Gifts of the Spirit series celebrates the joy of faith, family, and friends–values essential to a wholesome and fulfilling life!

    This 32-page picture book, created by Mike Berenstain, son of Stan and Jan Berenstain, includes a soon-to-be classic story about growing up. Honey Bear takes her favorite blanket everywhere, but now it’s beginning to smell! Mama, Papa, and the cubs are concerned. How can they convince Honey Bear to give up that smelly, old blanket?

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  • Best Worst Day Ever


    This delightful picture book from bestselling author Mark Batterson and his daughter encourages young children to make the most of each day–even when they encounter frustrations along the way.

    Bert’s day starts with stubbing his toe on a toy. Ouch! His favorite shirt is in the wash, so he has to wear his second favorite. Ugh. Then his dog chews up his sneakers. And to make this Saturday even worse, Bert has to go to work with his dad all day.

    Bert is sure this is the WORST DAY EVER! Then it starts raining as he and his dad take a quick walk. But his dad shows him that, while he can’t control what happens to him, Bert can control how he responds. Every day is a gift, and a bad day doesn’t have to end that way. Whether rain or shine, his dad assures him, Bert can always WIN THE DAY! This charming collaboration between bestselling author Mark Batterson and his daughter, Summer Batterson Dailey, brings home for young readers the truth that they can take charge of their big emotions.

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  • Shawn And His Amazing Shrinking Sister


    Shawn and His Amazing Shrinking Sister gives parents guidance for ending teasing while teaching children how to build one another up.

    Shawn and Annie are excited for a family camping trip, but trouble awaits! Mom and Dad tease each other, and soon Shawn follows their lead and starts teasing Annie. But every time Shawn is unkind and teases her, Annie gets a little bit smaller. As Annie shrinks, the whole family learns how teasing can be hurtful to others and how it dishonors God.

    All parents would like their children to tease less and be kinder to one another, but may not notice they do the same thing. Best-selling author Ginger Hubbard and Al Roland show families the way forward with a vivid picture of how teasing “shrinks” others and points them to Jesus for forgiveness. A parent resource page presents a biblical framework and practical suggestions to help children understand why they tease others and how to communicate in a more loving way.

    *Families will learn to build each other up instead of tearing down.
    *Bright, fun illustrations and engaging story for children ages 4-7.
    *Third book in the Teaching Children to Use Their Words Wisely series.

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  • Noticing


    This is a story about noticing the little things, the grand big things, the imaginary, and sometimes, hidden things. It is about embracing what’s possible. And that the incredible is everywhere, and in everything–waiting to be known, discovered, recognized.

    This beautiful tale by New York Times best-selling author Kobi Yamada and illustrator Elise Hurst encourages readers of all ages to slow down and look at the world with their hearts–to use their imagination to expand their vision. A companion to the beloved children’s book Trying, Noticing follows a young girl and an accomplished painter as they learn to observe the beauty and magic in each day. It’s a story that will encourage you to pay attention, to make new discoveries, and to explore the unknown. And it’s also an invitation to look within, to your own hopes and dreams, and perhaps to discover even more.

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