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  • Dark Traffic : The Dangerous Intersection Of Technology, Crime, Money, Sex,


    Dark Traffic is the book that ushers the public into the next phase of anti-trafficking efforts to stop what has evolved into a $150 billion industry involving a complex network of organized crime trafficking sex, labor, and human organs. As co-founder and CEO of Dark Watch, author Noel Thomas has led United States law enforcement and the judicial system into the new battleground, where high-tech data analysis is changing how criminals are caught and prosecuted. Dark Traffic arrives on a new wave of media attention and actions at the federal, state, and local government levels, and informs readers how they can play a role in identifying and helping stop trafficking that occurs in their own neighborhood. Noel’s story of how he became aware of the issue is proof. The trafficking game has changed drastically, and Dark Traffic will change all our perceptions of trafficking.

    “Dark Traffic was written first, to provide information. The public desperately needs to have a clear and accurate understanding of the problem we’re facing, since it threatens people, we love. Second, Noel hopes this book makes people angry, because anger focused in the right direction is a powerful tool for change(?). We ought to be angry when young people are being destroyed. And third, he wants to dispel the myth that one person can’t do very much. Mass movements are made up of lots of “one persons” who come together to become one massive force for good.”

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  • Grief Redeemed


    “I used to say that my marriage was the anvil on which the Lord was forging the new man in Christ which He was fashioning for His purposes on this side of heaven. I now believe that my grief is His new anvil for me, and the lessons I learn in grief will have redemptive value well beyond this di?cult period-however long that lasts.”

    Grief is a journey no one truly understands until they walk it. This short book captures lessons learned along that grief journey over the first eighteen months following author Stephen Silver’s wife Sandy’s unexpected death. These lessons serve as helpful, practical signposts for other grief sojourners navigating the “new country” after loss.

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  • Organic Prayer : Make Talking With God A Natural Part Of Every Day


    Often we view prayer as an activity reserved for a certain time, in a certain place, offered in a specific way. Scripture invites us to pray continually. This exhortation is an opportunity for prayer to permeate every aspect of our lives–when we’re alone or in a crowd, when it’s quiet and when it’s chaotic, when we feel like it and when we don’t.?

    Organic Prayer shows us how to make continuous prayer a natural part of our lives rather than something on a spiritual checklist. It helps us encounter God in new ways as we learn to:

    *open our eyes to see his presence and the world around us?
    *open our ears to hear his voice guiding us?
    *open our hearts to experience freedom and power as we pray?
    *and open our lives as we pray for and with others and shine the light of Jesus in our dark world?

    Anyone desiring a richer, more transformative prayer life will welcome this fresh take on conversing with our Creator.? Anyone hungering to share the grace and goodness of Jesus in our hurting and confused world will find practical ideas for world-changing prayer.

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  • Little Habits Big Faith


    Feeling daunted by how to help your kids really grow in their faith? It ‘ s time to start little.

    We want our kids to know God. We know we’re supposed to disciple them. But parenthood is hard, and we’re busy, tired, and often feel unequipped. What if our kids don’t seem all that interested or can’t sit still long enough for us to read the Bible?

    Christie Thomas has a secret for you: helping your kids connect with God is way easier than you think. It all starts with 30 seconds a day–and the power of a simple habit. Through Christie’s empowering, encouraging insights, you’ll discover how to overcome common struggles, implement easy practices that fit your unique kids, and change your family’s faith culture. In this book, you will:

    *discover how to make Scripture and spiritual practices come alive for short attention spans

    *learn simple steps for developing faith through the Faith Growth Cycle and its three stages- seed, sprout, and root.

    *develop practical strategies for establishing consistent habits

    Life-changing moments can come out of simple habits. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you’re supposed to do to teach your kids about God, Little Habits, Big Faith shows you how to leverage the power of small, consistent choices with confidence. God can use even the smallest step to change how your family grows in faith.

    In addition to key points at the end of each chapter, there is an appendix full of topical resources for parents to quickly reference:

    *Ideas for little habits
    *Keystone habits
    *Prompts & rewards
    *Rooted resources

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  • King Solomon : Life Lessons From The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived


    Learn from the person the Bible calls the wisest man who lived. In this six-chapter study by beloved author Bill Crowder, grow your Old Testament and overall biblical knowledge while also gaining valuable insights for today’s decisions, relationships, and difficulties from the famous wisdom and foolishness of King Solomon. Discover how to trade pride and self-reliance for wisdom and humble dependence on God in your everyday life.

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  • Rebecoming : Come Out Of Hiding To Live As Your God-Given Essential Self


    Finding our true selves has become the call of authentic living. But this is where we can get it wrong and inadvertently pursue the wrong things. Living out of our true selves isn’t just about becoming–it’s about unbecoming all the things we believed we had to be to be loved and rebecoming our essential, God-given selves.

    In this practical book, clinical psychologist Dr. Merry C. Lin guides you through a self-discovery process toward life-changing, daily transformation. She shows you how to:

    – understand what motivates you and why you do what you do
    – identify things you do out of fear and self-protection
    – develop true resilience to handle the challenges of life
    – experience joy as you experience success in pursuing your dreams
    – and more

    Ready to live out of your healthiest, most integrated self to fulfill God’s purposes for your life? It’s time to embark on your own journey of rebecoming.

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  • Law Of Rewards

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    Randy Alcorn, best-selling author of The Treasure Principle, makes a clear, compelling case for an underemphasized scriptural principle: that believers will receive differing rewards in heaven depending on their actions and choices here on earth. Taken mainly from excerpts of Money, Possessions, and Eternity, The Law of Rewards shows how our faith determines our eternal destination but our behavior determines our eternal rewards.

    The Law of Rewards is published in association with Generous Giving, Inc., a ministry of The Maclellan Foundation, which offers practical tools and events designed to transform hearts and minds for revolutionary generosity.

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  • Names Of God Devotional Study With Video Access


    Get refreshed and equipped with seven powerful names of God in this highly engaging and interactive devotional study (with FREE guided video content from the author) ! Packed with fresh insights, word studies, cultural context, thought-provoking reflections, and practical action steps, these studies will give you a solid understanding of God’s character so you can find peace and hope amidst life’s toughest moments.

    Our world is a scary place. Focusing on the chaos can paralyze us with fear, but instead, we can anchor ourselves in the truth of who God is, and live unafraid. The Living Unafraid devotional study will help you build an unshakeable foundation of trust in God by empowering you with God’s character as revealed through his names in Scripture. Each of the seven chapters in this devotional study book explores:

    *A powerful name of God (including pronunciation, scripture reference, translation, prayer, and a word study)

    *FREE accompanying video insights, accessible online (optional)

    *Key background information, in-depth overviews, and cultural context

    *Fresh insights, practical action steps, and eye-opening reflections questions

    *And so much more!

    How to Use the Names of God Living Unafraid Book & Video Study

    Whether you’re looking to refresh and energize your faith or seeking support and hope in a season of suffering, Living Unafraid has something for everyone within its rich studies.

    *Read this book, with a small group or a book club, or by inviting a friend to study with you one-on-one.

    *Read one session per sitting and then complete the study questions.

    *Dive into the FREE (optional) author insights video included in each chapter.

    *Meet with your group, share an ‘aha moment’ you experienced while reading the session, and then learn from one another’s insights as you share answers to the questions.

    Each session also ends with a prayer you can speak aloud so that its life-giving words nourish your soul. Then expect God to answer.

    Unpacking Seven of God’s Names in Living Unafraid

    God’s names describe who he is, revealing his holy nature, steadfast promises, unwavering protection, and fierce love. Living Unafraid equips you with the meanings behind seven of God’s names to help you overcome fears and life’s challenges:

    *Yahweh–“I am who I am.” God is self-existent and yet desires relationship.
    *Yahweh Tzidkenu–The Lord Is Our Righteousness. Jesus has redeemed us.
    *Yahweh Rohi–The Lord Is My Shepherd

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  • Secret To Complete Contentment

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    Discover the secret of how to let go of the restlessness in your heart so you can feel true fulfillment.

    If only I didn’t feel so burned out.

    If only I wasn’t so lonely.

    If only I wasn’t so concerned about impressing others.

    If only I had that job.

    If only this relationship was different.

    We all dream about how if one thing was different in our lives it would finally make us content. But once we get the very thing we wished for, we are still left wanting more. Is it even possible to feel peaceful and satisfied in life?

    Wishing for “more” in life usually leaves you feeling unfulfilled and anxious–especially when we realize that more will never be enough. In The Secret to Complete Contentment beloved Bible teacher and bestselling author Jack Countryman offers Bible verses and 60 thoughtful reflections to reveal why living in the love of Jesus is the only way to know true, lasting contentment. In these pages you’ll discover:

    *The freedom that comes from finding contentment apart from circumstances
    *Why you can rest–physically, spiritually, and emotionally–in God’s abundant love
    *How to strengthen your trust in who God is and how He provides for you

    The Secret to Complete Contentment is an ideal gift for:

    *Anyone struggling to overcome anxiety, envy, or discouragement

    *New Christians and faith seekers

    *Those transitioning into a new phase of life: a new school, an empty nest, or even retirement

    *Friends or family looking for a simple yet powerful daily devotional to help them find happiness

    As you journey through this beautiful devotional, you will learn to let go of the restlessness that comes from trying to find contentment outside God’s love and instead find true peace as you live at the center of His will. Although the world may promise that you can have everything you want, only God can give everything you need. The Secret to Complete Contentment reminds you that God so deeply longs for a relationship with you that He created you to be satisfied with nothing less than life with Him.

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  • Misled : 7 Lies That Distort The Gospel And How You Can Discern The Truth

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    The gospel is under attack today–not only from outside cultural forces but also from within the church. In Misled, popular YouTuber and Bible teacher Allen Parr equips readers to identify and withstand seven of the most common false teachings that undermine the gospel and lead many well-meaning Christians astray.

    For an anxious and weary world, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the one true source of deep peace and lasting joy. But today, many supposedly Christian teachers are spreading ideas that amount to what Paul called “another gospel.”

    The result? A generation of believers confused about what God really says, what he offers, and what he wants for his children. From the heavy burden of legalism to an overemphasis on prosperity or spiritual gifts to warped understandings of grace, every false teaching has two things in common: they all use half-truths that look and sound biblical (making them very difficult to identify) and they all harm and discourage those who are trying to follow the way of Jesus.

    In Misled, Allen Parr weaves together stories from his own spiritual journey and the lives of those he’s ministered to in order to show the painful consequences of following false teachings and to provide clear explanations of what the Bible really teaches about the gospel. Readers will

    *learn about seven of the most misleading and harmful messages that run rampant within the church today;

    *be equipped to identify not only “wolves in shepherd’s clothing” who peddle counterfeit gospels, but also well-intentioned teachers whose half-truths are no less harmful to the church; and

    *discover how they can find the freedom, peace, and joy that only comes from embracing the gospel in all its purity and simplicity.

    With the same balanced, Bible-based approach that has made Parr’s YouTube channel a go-to resource, Misled offers clarity and hope for anyone who has felt discouraged or confused in their spiritual journey–and invites readers to find everything they’ve been searching for in the true gospel.

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  • Collecting Confidence : Start Where You Are To Become The Person You Were M


    Showcasing the confidence she’s gathered from her own life journey, Kim Gravel–beloved QVC star and creator of Belle by Kim Gravel and Belle Beauty–invites you to look at yourself with a fresh new lens, encouraging you to start where you are and become the person you were meant to be.

    Bold. Audacious. Warm. Funny. Real. These are just a few words that describe Kim Gravel, entrepreneur, podcaster, TV personality, and host of several number-one hit shows on QVC. The minute she says, Hey, ya’ll, you can feel her authentic personality shining through–but she felt pressure to conform for a stretch of her life. She hid her light and lost her shine. In the aftermath of the pressures of the pageant scene and a toxic failed marriage, Kim found herself alone in a run-down apartment, and it was there that she started to grow closer to God. In the quiet of her tiny Pepto Bismol-pink apartment, she could hear the still, small voice of God–and she listened. And as she listened, her life started to change and she began to discover her purpose, including her first gig as a talk-show host at a community TV station just a few blocks from her apartment. Her purpose was just steps away!

    As Kim says, Struggling doesn’t have to be your badge of honor. No one wants an ill-fitting life. You want to live a custom-made life designed to fit you perfectly….You are beautiful, loved, strong, smart, one of a kind, unique, created for a purpose, protected, empowered, cared for, and important. If your life is not getting bigger, it’s time to change it. Reimagine your life. It’s time to start co-creating your life with the Creator. It doesn’t matter what age you are. You’re never too old to think differently. The best life is ahead of you, not behind you.

    Now Kim’s mission as a global voice is to build up women with words of encouragement, reminding them to trust God, stop struggling, embrace the beauty of who they are and step into their power and purpose. Collecting Confidence will allow readers to:

    *accept the beauty of who they are,
    *glean empowerment from life’s lowest moments,
    *experience biblical wisdom blended with laugh-out-loud humor,
    *and be inspired by no-holds-barred, relatable stories.

    If you’ve lost your way and forgotten who you are, this book is for you. It’s time to be still, listen to God, and start collecting confidence one step, one lesson, one experience, and even one mistake at a time. As Kim says, You can’t be authentic in the world if you c

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  • Citizen Of The Kingdom Teen Devotional


    I Pledge Allegiance

    As children, many of our days began with us placing our hands over our hearts and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. We certainly are grateful for our nation, but our ultimate allegiance does not belong to our country-it belongs to our God. We are citizens of His kingdom, and our role as followers of Jesus is to live to see His kingdom come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. This book will help you know how to live as a citizen of His kingdom while you go about your days here on earth.

    In this 12-volume series, each 30-day devotional will point to the unchanging truth of God’s love and anchor students in His Word as they walk through?the?seasons of change and milestones that come with each passing year. Students will learn to Discover God’s Word, Delight in the Lord, and Display God’s work in their lives.

    Discover (Identity + Theology): Who is God? Who am I in light of who God is? These are two of the most important questions students can grapple with because in discovering who God is, they learn who He has meant for them to be. Studies within the Discover category will help students align their lives under God’s rule which will give them confidence in who they were created to be.

    Delight (Spiritual Disciplines): What does it mean to delight in God? What leads to delight in God? Helping students see God in every detail teaches them to delight in Him. When students find their delight in God, they will learn what it means and how to be in relationship with Him.

    Display (Leadership, Mission, + Disciple Making): How do students display the glory of God? How do they help others grow in their relationship with Him? How can they lead others to display the truth of God? Through students learning to lead, live on mission, and make disciples, God’s glory is on display and His kingdom is expanded.

    Each book includes 30 daily devotions, applicable Scripture, prayer prompts, and practical application.

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  • Her Freedom Journey


    Women struggle too.

    We are all sexually broken. And we are all invited to participate in the love, forgiveness, and healing of Jesus. Have you ever experienced the fear and shame that follows the vortex of graphic movies, erotica, promiscuity, or porn sites? You may think you’re alone and feel like hiding. But you’re not alone-and there is hope and healing.

    The great joy and passion of Dr. Juli Slattery and Dr. Joy Skarka is calling women to God’s gracious power of redemption. A beautiful blend of research, biblical truth, and personal stories, Her Freedom Journey invites us to go deeper with the Lord.

    Juli and Joy-believing that sexual freedom begins with discipleship-lead you through teaching that is coupled with personal reflection. In this 8-week combination book and workbook, women will discover freedom from pornography by experiencing the love of God as they address underlying wounds and connect through authentic community.

    “Our prayer is that through this book you would better understand God’s love and through that love, you will begin your journey of healing and freedom!”

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  • Strongheart : Cultivating Humility, Respect, And Resiliency In Your Child


    For all parents who desire to raise a generation of kids with strong hearts.

    Parenting. It’s the most important endeavor of our lives. And there’s no shortage of advice on how to raise kids. But amidst the chatter of competing voices, how do we sort the folly from the wisdom? In StrongHeart, author Jill Garner cuts through modern parenting myths and trends to deliver the bold truth about what it will take to raise the next generation. Jill provides evidence-based solutions for parents seeking to raise children of character who can overcome–rather than succumb to–a culture full of turmoil.

    Jill focuses on the education of the heart as she shows parents how to:

    *Champion self-respect rather than self-esteem
    *Replace happiness with deep, lasting joy
    *Instill a heart of gratitude that stifles innate selfishness
    *Develop GRIT (Guts, Resilience, Integrity, and Tenacity)
    *Engrave other-centeredness on kids’ hearts. . . and more

    More than ever parents feel burdened to raise kids who are brave, resilient, and kind. This book enables us to see beneath the surface of our children’s struggles to the heart attitudes that determine kids’ thoughts and actions. This is an essential resource for parents, grandparents, and anyone who has a heart for cultivating in children a StrongHeart.

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  • Enneagram For Moms


    Beth McCord, widely known as Your Enneagram Coach, shows how motherhood is divinely intended to be a transformative journey where moms not only help paint a portrait of their family, but also cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and deep connections with God, their spouse, and their children.

    Beth McCord takes women on a transformative journey through motherhood, blending Enneagram wisdom with practical insights to foster authentic and healthy family dynamics. Beth unveils a guiding metaphor that brings clarity to the intricate art of parenting: diverse colors on a divine palette, graciously used by God to create the beautiful messiness of family life, all the while empowering and redeeming our contributions as parents. These colors represent the unique motivations and strategies reflective of each Enneagram Type.

    God alone is the Master Artist intricately involved in every brushstroke, so moms can find rest and confidence in knowing that the outcomes of His masterpiece are in His capable hands. Gaining deeper understanding of their own inner world (and not just their kids’, which is what many parents seek the most), The Enneagram for Moms will help mothers:

    *find healing for their emotional patterns and personality, allowing them to be healthy and positive influences in their children’s lives;

    *discover how their distinct shades already color their parenting approach;

    *gain valuable tools to help their children navigate their own emotional landscapes with self-awareness and resilience;

    *see themselves and their children as God intends, breaking free from the cycles of mommy shaming and mommy guilting; and

    *recognize that each child already possesses a unique blend of colors, reflecting God’s infinitely beautiful design.

    This essential resource speaks directly to the heart of every mother, caregiver, or concerned adult seeking guidance and peace. Moms no longer need to strive for perfection or conform to society’s expectations or their own insecure standards of comparison. Instead, they can rely on God’s providence and guidance as they navigate the beautiful messiness of family life.

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  • Releasing The Prophetic Destiny Of A Nation Second Edition


    How You Pray Or Don’t Pray Today Impacts Generations to Come

    What words do you speak over America? As you see evil glorified both in the media and in the lives around you, do despair and pessimism rise in your heart? Or do holy expectancy and anticipation?

    Despite the staggering moral freefall and societal chaos heralded from the highest offices and courts in our land, there is a higher Court yet-and it is decreeing a divine design for America.

    Which court do your prayers align with?

    In this dynamic and deeply prophetic hands-on prayer manual, bestselling authors and frontline prophetic voices Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, and Tim Sheets shift your concern for our country into prevailing prayers and Heaven-sent declarations that break our nation’s strongholds, shift the spiritual balances of power, and reshape the course of America’s destiny.

    With timely, supernatural insight and immediate practical application, this landmark book equips you with a prophetic blueprint for victory-including strategic prayers, prophetic words, and revelatory teaching for each of the 50 states-and empowers you to:

    *Target your prayers for maximum effect.
    *Purge the land of generational sin and strongholds. *Overthrow the principalities and powers entrenched in every state.
    *Boldly declare what Heaven says about your state and nation.
    *And more!

    The days ahead are destined for awakening and glory, not doom and gloom. It’s time to arise and declare what Heaven has decreed-and to once again become one nation under God.

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  • 5 Minute Devotions For Men


    Daily Strength for Men

    This collection of brief, powerful devotions from bestselling author Bob Barnes provides you wise guidance for shaping godly character. Topics such as being dependable, trusting in God’s provision, and choosing to receive and give grace are just what you need for starting or ending the day well, especially amid hectic schedules and difficult life moments.

    Each entry contains a short devotion, practical action step, and a prayer. Quick and compelling, these engaging words of encouragement are perfect for refreshing times of connecting with God, who wants the best for you every day.

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  • Narrow Path : How The Subversive Way Of Jesus Satisfies Our Souls


    A compelling call to embrace the countercultural values of Jesus, which lead to a life of love, peace, and fulfillment, from the bestselling author of The Deeply Formed Life, winner of the Christianity Today Book Award.

    We live in a culture that wants it all. More is seen as better–whether it’s more money, social media fame, choices, or power. For those chasing this way of life, “narrow” seems negative. Who wants to narrow their options . . . or be seen as narrow-minded?

    Which is why the most well-known talk in the history of the world–the Sermon on the Mount–is also the most paradoxical one. In it, Jesus holds up the narrow path as the most spacious . . . and the broader path as the more confining one.

    Rich Villodas, bestselling author of The Deeply Formed Life, explores what today’s broad and narrow paths look like so you can discern which one you’re on. The answer may surprise you–and will help you pursue the way of Jesus more deeply when it comes to loving God and others, prayer, sexual desire, conflict, money, anxiety, and more.

    The Narrow Path reintroduces the counterintuitive wonder of Jesus’s timeless wisdom for this age, one fraught with anxiety, depression, polarizing politics, and online vitriol. The path of Jesus is most certainly narrow, but it is the only one filled with the ever-expanding life of God . . . and it is available now for all who want it!

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  • Empowered To Love


    Discover how to build a fulfilling, God-honoring marriage that you both love.

    When life throws us non-stop challenges and curveballs, how can we have any hope of building a fulfilling and intimate marriage? How do we move from stressed and stretched to energized and inspired, finding the strength to transform both our lives and relationship?

    Robert Paul and Tara Lalonde equip husbands and wives with practical, biblically-based tools to transform their personal lives and grow their marriage into something they’ll both love. Instead of just passively hoping and praying for something better, couples will actively embark on a journey of caring for themselves and their most important relationship. In Empowered to Love, you will discover:

    *Practical strategies for better self-care, enabling you to bring the best, healthiest, and most-whole version of you to your marriage.

    *Thought-provoking exercises designed to empower you as an individual while fostering deeper connections with your spouse.

    *Ways to pursue and significantly increase the romance in your marriage.

    *Stories about marriage that will help you identify what relationship strategies work best

    *Insights on forgiveness, your responsibility as a spouse, and caring for your emotions

    Invest in your future, both as an individual and as a spouse. Embark on a transformative journey that will help both you and your marriage thrive.

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  • I Want Him To Want Me


    Do you want sexual intimacy with your husband more than he does?

    In a society that often paints men as the sole pursuers of sexual desire, countless wives silently struggle with unmet needs and unanswered questions. Many women have carried the weight of shame and confusion, longing for connection while feeling rejected by their husbands.

    Licensed clinical professional counselor Sheri Mueller shares valuable insights into the underlying dynamics at play in such situations. She delves into the complex emotional and psychological factors that contribute to husbands turning away from their wives, dispelling misconceptions and offering a fresh perspective on these delicate issues.


    *the truth about intimacy struggles and why a husband might turn away;
    *communication strategies about a woman’s sexual needs and desires;
    *practical steps to foster an atmosphere of trust, vulnerability, and mutual understanding;
    *self-care techniques to boost self-esteem and cultivate a positive body image; and
    *exercises and activities to revive sexual passion.

    I Want Him to Want Me challenges traditional assumptions and provides women with tools to reclaim their sexual agency, rebuild intimacy, and find healing within their marriages.

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  • Great Outdoors Devotional


    The earth. . .
    the animals and plants. . .
    the sun and the stars. . .
    all tell of God if we’ll simply listen.

    This devotional is perfect for guys who love God’s creation. The 100 readings draw parallels between your Christian faith and all the fascinating features of the outdoors:

    *the night sky
    *and much more

    Each encouraging reading is accompanied by a relevant scripture, questions for further thought, and a prayer starter to focus your mind on the God who made the great outdoors and all the wonderful things in it.

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  • 30 Day Stress Detox Devotional


    Simple, Guided Encouragement Will Help You Experience God’s Peace While Detoxing from Daily Stress

    The 30-Day Stress Detox Devotional is the perfect place to begin a journey toward a dynamic, peaceful prayer life. This book provides a month’s worth of specific, daily prayer devotions that will draw you closer to your Father God through meaningful conversation.
    Each day includes a devotion, scripture, questions for consideration, and prayer starters for morning, noon, and night.

    These 30 unique days that will help you detox from life’s daily stresses–by focusing on themes like:

    *God’s Promises
    *and many more!

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  • 200 Prayers To Quiet An Anxious Heart


    200 Heartfelt Prayers to Break Free of Anxiety

    Seasons of anxious feelings come for many reasons. . .from relationship issues to financial hardship and troubling headlines to loneliness. But God cares deeply about your anxious heart, and in these 200 encouraging prayers, you’ll find His nearness, comfort, and love speaking through His Word.

    In these pages, you’ll discover the truth of God’s unending devotion for you–even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations. Each prayer is bite-sized, heartfelt, and paired with a Bible verse that expands the wisdom that comes with resting in Him no matter what.

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  • Prayer Map When You Dont Know What To Pray


    THE ORIGINA L Prayer Map!

    On days when you just can’t find the words, this unique prayer journal is just what your heart needs.

    This engaging and creative tool will help guide you into powerful prayer, as each colorful page prompts you to create your very own prayer map–to write specific thoughts, ideas, and lists, which you can follow (from start to finish!) as you talk to God. Each map includes a spot to record the date, so you can look back on your prayers and see how God has worked in your life.

    The Prayer Map: When You Don’t Know What to Pray will not only help you find the words to begin a meaningful conversation with the one who loves you most. . .it will also help you build a healthy spiritual habit of continual prayer for life!

    This lovely journal, perfect for personal quiet time or small groups, features:

    *A user-friendly spiral binding–lays flat!
    *Delightfully designed two-color interior
    *Space to record the date on each Prayer Map
    *Prompted sections guide the creation of each Prayer Map–from start to finish
    *Carefully selected scripture on every spread

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  • 2025 Planner Pause And Pray


    Want to discover the secret to a fulfilling life?

    Ideal for personal, business, or school use, this practical and encouraging Pause and Pray 17-month planner includes inspiring monthly devotional-like prayers, plus faith-building scripture selections and prayer starters for every week of the calendar year. Featuring monthly and weekly calendars, a year-at-a-glance section, pages for frequent contacts, and more, this planner offers an important reminder for organizing the details of everyday life: the all-powerful God you serve is interested in everything you have to say–every day of the year!

    Features of this 2025 Planner:

    *17-Month Planner Spans August 2024 through December 2025!
    *Monthly & Weekly Calendars & Goal-Setting Sections
    *Delightful, Two-Color Interior Design
    *Monthly Inspiring Devotional-like Prayers
    *Encouraging Prayers & Scripture Selections on Every Spread
    *Generous Space for Recording Appointments and Events
    *Durable, but Flexible, Cover

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  • 2025 Planner Breathing Room For My Soul


    Need some spiritual breathing room in your busy life?

    Ideal for personal, business, or school use, this Breathing Room for My Soul 17-month planner includes uplifting, truth-filled monthly devotional readings, plus faith-building scripture selections and devotional-like thoughts for every week of the year. Featuring monthly and weekly calendars, a year-at-a-glance section, pages for frequent contacts, and more, this planner offers an important reminder for your lovely heart: when the world feels like it’s closing in, when the stresses of life threaten to stifle your contentment and steal your joy. . .there is one who offers breathing room for your soul–and His name is Jesus.

    Features of this 2025 Planner:

    *17-Month Planner Spans August 2024 through December 2025!
    *Monthly & Weekly Calendars, To-Do Lists & Goal-Setting Sections
    *Delightful, Two-Color Interior Design
    *Monthly Inspiring Devotional Readings
    *Encouraging Thoughts & Scripture Selections on Every Spread
    *Generous Space for Recording Appointments and Events
    *Soft Touch, Leather-like Cover

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  • 2025 Daily Comfort And Encouragement


    2025 Planner Offers a Unique Blend of Inspiration and Bulleted Journal Pages

    For decades Barbour’s devotionals have encouraged women of all ages to spend purposeful one-on-one time with their heavenly Father. And now that same powerful inspiration can be found in this lovely 17-month creative planner. Ideal for personal, home, business, or school use, Daily Comfort and Encouragement: A Creative Self-Care Planner includes monthly, creative bulleted journal pages–just for you–plus thought-provoking weekly inspiration and biblical encouragement. Featuring monthly and weekly calendars, a year-at-a-glance section, pages for frequent contacts, and more, this planner offers an important reminder: it’s never too late to make self-care a priority and invite God into the details as you fully embrace His good plan for living well!

    *17-Month Planner Spans August 2024 through December 2025!
    *Monthly & Weekly Calendars, “To Do” Lists & Goal-Setting Sections
    *Delightful, Two-Color Interior Design
    *Monthly Inspiring & Creative Bulleted Journal Pages
    *Encouraging Devotional Thoughts & Scripture Selections on Every Spread
    *Generous Space for Recording Appointments and Events
    *Size Is Ideal for Tossing in a Purse or Backpack

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  • Long Obedience In The Same Direction Commemorative Edition


    Over 300,000 Copies Sold

    Since Eugene Peterson first wrote this spiritual formation classic more than forty years ago, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been inspired by its call to deeper discipleship. As a society, we are still obsessed with the immediate, but Peterson’s time-tested prescription for discipleship remains the same-a long obedience in the same direction.

    Long obedience requires a deepening life of prayer. Peterson finds encouragement for today’s pilgrims in the Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120-134), sung by travelers on their way to worship in Jerusalem. With prophetic and pastoral wisdom, Peterson shows how the psalms teach us to grow in worship, service, joy, work, happiness, humility, community, and blessing.

    This commemorative edition of A Long Obedience in the Same Direction includes a preface taken from Leif Peterson’s eulogy at his father’s memorial service and a bibliography of Peterson’s works. A companion Bible study guide is also available.

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  • In Our Suffering Lord Be Near

    Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $13.97.

    Where do you turn in seasons of despair? What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

    Ben Locke is no stranger to suffering, and in his darkest hours of sorrow, he took his suffering to Jesus. The prayers that poured out offer a road map for you to take your sorrows, grief, and troubles to God, knowing He will meet you in your time of suffering.

    Hardship and adversity touch everyone–illness, grief, accidents, trauma, loneliness, relationship struggles, financial crises, sin, addiction, life stressors, and so much more can make people feel lost and hopeless. In Our Suffering, Lord Be Near can be a light in the darkness if you ever:

    *Feel like questioning, yelling at, doubting, or even denouncing God
    *Want to separate from the church
    *Wonder if God is listening to your prayers and cares about your troubles
    *Do not know what to do with your anger
    *Fear that life will be this way forever

    You are not alone. In Ben Locke’s darkest valleys, he was determined to tell God exactly what he thought. He poured out his agony and anger–and was met with God’s grace, love, forgiveness, strength, and eternal mercy. He discovered in those moments that God can handle it. All of it.

    The psalm like prayers borne out of these experiences will meet you in your own moments of suffering. But they are more than prayers. They’re cries for help and explosions of anger, mourning, weeping, grieving, celebrating, rejoicing, and praising. They’re liturgies to heal your soul, balm for your wounds, and tender mercies for your heartache. This book will help you know that:

    *God is with you, even if you don’t feel Him or understand what is happening
    *God offers you grace and mercy, no matter what
    *God delivers you and gives you strength

    Let these words help you articulate your own sorrows, bring you to your knees, encourage you to confess your insufficiency, and express your most genuine emotions. God can handle your suffering. So, tell Him.

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  • Gods Got You


    During times of transition–such as a move, a divorce, or just a new season of life –you need reminders that even when you feel out of control, God is in control. In this practical guide to navigating uncharted territory, Tracie Miles equips you to say goodbye to the way things once were so you can embrace God’s future for us.

    Beginning again can feel scary, even in the best of times. This biblically based guide equips you for the future God has for you, even if it’s not the one you expected. God’s Got You offers the encouragement you need to:

    *Identify the stumbling blocks that prevent you from moving forward.
    *Use times of transition to become who you’ve always wanted to be.
    *Feel empowered to pursue the desires and dreams in your heart.
    *Map out a life plan for the season ahead.

    At a time when you might be feeling fearful, Tracie helps you find the courage to reinvent yourself. With prompts for goal setting, vision casting, action steps, reflection, and prayer, God’s Got You empowers you to step boldly into the next season of your life.

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  • Enneagram For Teens


    From author and Enneagram coach Ainsley Britain comes a fun and informative introduction to the Enneagram personality test, specially crafted for teens and young adults. In The Enneagram for Teens, readers will discover their type and gain valuable insights into their relationships, faith, future selves, and more.

    As one of the most popular personality-typing systems, the Enneagram has been helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others for decades. In The Enneagram for Teens, Ainsley Britain shares her vast knowledge of the Enneagram in an approachable, easy-to-use guide that’s perfect for beginners. Filled with insights and tips on determining your type and navigating stress, relationships, faith, friendships, and more, The Enneagram for Teens is an invaluable resource for finding your path and becoming the best version of yourself.

    The Enneagram for Teens features:

    *An in-depth introduction to each of the nine types

    *Insights on how to use the Enneagram to better understand yourself and your relationships, as well as ideas on future careers that could fit your type

    *Advice on how to grow emotionally and spiritually and promote your mental well-being

    *Bonus materials, including ways to use the Enneagram in your day-to-day life

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  • His Face Like Mine


    Have you ever tasted true freedom?

    Russell Joyce was born with a rare craniofacial disorder called Goldenhar syndrome, where the left side of his face was not formed. Years of patchwork surgeries made him more outwardly presentable, but not without deep pain and physical and emotional scars. But a life-changing encounter broke through to him with a power he never thought possible, in the very place he never thought to look-his broken face.

    This set Russell on a journey to understand what was hindering him and others from experiencing the power of God’s grace and being truly set free. During a season of starting a new church in Brooklyn, New York, he learned how the broken places of our lives can be transformed when Jesus meets us in the realities of our woundedness. God doesn’t love us despite our wounds but through those very wounds. By his scars we are healed, and we can find new depths of freedom in Christ, scars and all.

    A warning: this journey will not be easy. A promise: it will be well worth the risk.

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  • Irreverent Prayers : Talking To God When You’re Seriously Sick


    Two pastors share their experiences with serious illness–and their candid, darkly humorous prayers for making it through.

    Samantha Vincent-Alexander almost died from a septic leg infection. Elizabeth Felicetti underwent aggressive treatment for both breast and lung cancer in the space of a few months–and then the cancer came back. As Episcopal priests, they know well the typical prayers offered in times like these. But when you’re seriously sick, you need more than psalms and sentimentality.

    You need to tell God how you really feel.

    With vulnerability and wry humor, Felicetti and Vincent-Alexander share the prayers they wish they had when they were ill: thanksgiving for one-size-fits-all hospital underwear, curses against Tylenol, frustrated appeals when well-wishers call you brave or inspiring. At once faithful and brutally honest, these prayers offer readers a more candid way of communicating with the God who understands human suffering with an incarnational intimacy.

    Talking to God when you’re fighting serious illness can feel impossible. But God can bear our doubt, anger, anxiety, and grief. This unconventional prayerbook helps readers access a deeper relationship with God in raw times–and offers them a place of solidarity and spiritual rest.

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  • Knowing God Through The Year


    Here is a one-year guide through one of our most treasured books: J. I. Packer’s Knowing God.

    Each day you’ll read a Scripture and a brief passage about the glory and joy of being in relationship with God. At the end of each day’s reading you will find a prompt to help you respond to God in prayer and reflection. This could be the most significant book you will read this year-or next.

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  • Hearing God Through The Year


    A Guide for Drawing Close to God

    Being close to God means communicating with him. It requires both telling him what is on our hearts in prayer and understanding what he is saying to us. The second half of this conversation is so important-and so difficult. How do we hear God?

    In these daily devotionals, Dallas Willard helps us understand how we can know the voice of God and act on it. Each day you’ll read Scripture on this topic and find suggestions for prayer, journaling, and reflection to become more open to God’s presence. You may be surprised-and even transformed-by what you discover.

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  • Forever Matters : How The Return Of Jesus Completes You – A Devotional


    Discover Why Your Forever Matters

    If the world feels unpredictable and challenging, it might be time to explore your forever. If it feels like the news feeds and social media posts are suffocating your faith and stirring anxiety, your soul may find comfort in seeing what lies ahead.

    You can know where you’re going, and you have been told what lies ahead. There is a road map of sorts, a glimpse into the future, a revelation. By peering into the only yet-to-be-fulfilled book of prophecy in the Bible, Forever Matters-a daily devotional-puts you on the road to gaining insight into the future as well as your life today through the person of God and His son, Jesus.

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  • Great To Good


    Greatness is overrated.

    People tend to measure success by worldly standards. We assume that greatness comes from charisma, influence, and followers. But God cares more about our character than about what people around us think of our reputations.

    Pastor Jae Hoon Lee challenges us not to pursue greatness but to grow in goodness. Jesus called his followers to cultivate character of goodness, not to aspire to positions of power. The faithful Christian life is one that seeks to become good. These reflections and meditations on the good Christian life unpack what it means for the church to live in obedience and faith, to strip away ambitious self-glorification, and to instead live humble lives of goodness and love.

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  • Bit Of Earth


    Prayers, poetry, and Scripture for a life in the garden

    In A Bit of Earth, Andrea G. Burke looks at the seasonal practice and common grace of gardening through a devotional lens. Part memoir, part prayer book, A Bit of Earth weaves care and intent through moments of ordinary living. This book is a lifelong resource of Scripture, poetry, and prose on the life of faith for contemplatives, gardeners, and believers.

    God walks in the garden at the cool of the day. The Lord is with us when we dream about what plants to grow and when we drag our feet to pull weeds. He is with us when we preserve the fruit of our hard labors. He is with us even when we weep at the desolate, snowbound landscape of winter.

    Whether you’re new to gardening or already have a green thumb, anyone can learn how to garden and cultivate the soil of their hearts through A Bit of Earth.

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  • Disarming Leviathan : Loving Your Christian Nationalist Neighbor


    Ministering to Christian Nationalists

    Pastor Caleb Campbell has watched as Christian nationalism has taken over large swaths of the United States. And he’s suffered the relational fallout of standing against it, both in his community and his church. While it’s possible to be both a Christian and hold Christian nationalist ideas, Christian nationalism itself is an un-Christian worldview, rooted in ideas about power, race, and property that are irreconcilable with Christian faith. Campbell has come to see himself as a missionary to Christian nationalists, reaching out to them with the love and freedom of Jesus Christ.

    In Disarming Leviathan, Campbell equips Christians to minister to their Christian nationalist neighbors. He introduces the basics of Christian nationalism and explores the reasons so many people are attracted to it. He also addresses a variety of American Christian nationalist talking points and offers questions and responses that humbly subvert these claims and cultivate deeper, heart-level conversations.

    Christian nationalism is an established feature of the American landscape. Disarming Leviathan can help prepare us to confront it with compassion and hospitality, and with the truth of the good news of Jesus.

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  • Its Not Like Being Black



    We are living in crazy times. Biological men are competing and winning against biological women in sports. The newest Supreme Court justice declined to answer the simple question: “What is a woman?” Record numbers of young Americans now identify as transgender. Sexually explicit materials permeate schools. Pedophiles have rebranded as “minor-attracted persons.”

    And now sexual identity and gender ideology advocates have hijacked the civil rights movement, co-opting its success for their own insidious purposes. They have sold the lie that sexual identities are equivalent to race and that the fight for the rights of “sexual minorities” is the final frontier in the struggle for civil rights.

    To make matters even worse, many evangelical leaders, eager to appease the culture, have gone along to get along–even excusing and redefining sinful behavior as a mere “sexual identity.”

    In It’s Not Like Being Black, pastor and bestselling author Voddie T. Baucham Jr. equips Christians to fight back against this pervasive sexual identity ideology and stand firm in biblical truths, giving them the courage to:

    – Remain vigilant and protect their children from the onslaught of this insidious ideology
    – Contend for biblical truth in the marketplace of ideas
    – Boldly celebrate, cherish, and defend true marriage
    – Willingly suffer as strangers and aliens for holding fast to what the Bible actually says

    Now is the time for the Church to act. Christians cannot contradict Scripture, discard thousands of years of tradition, subvert the English language, and deny fundamental reality without paying a heavy price.

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  • Explore Jul-Sep 2024


    Ninety-two dated and numbered devotions from July to September 2024.

    These daily devotionals will take you around 15 minutes. You’ll be encouraged to dig into the treasures of the Bible for yourself, excited to know and love Jesus Christ more and more each day, and equipped to live for him in the time and place that he has put you in.

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  • Art Of Being A Creature


    From AI to the Anthropocene, technological power has pushed human life to the limits. It’s at those limits that we’re faced again with the questions of who we are and how we should live. What if a study of the soil, the humus from which humanity came, could shed light on our condition? What if attending to the soil could teach us something about how we should live? In The Art of Being a Creature, Ragan Sutterfield explores these questions in conversation with the ground. Turning a compost pile while meditating on kenosis or reflecting on St. Bernard while examining fungal hyphae, Sutterfield seeks to recover the practice of humility by looking at the humus. The path toward being fully human, he finds, is not to be discovered through a spiritual seeking in the heavens, but through a pilgrimage to the soil beneath our feet. Anyone who reads The Art of Being a Creature will never see the soil, or their life upon it, the same again.

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  • Hope After Church Hurt


    The people of God hurt you–but the heart of God is to heal you.

    Written for anyone wounded in a place of worship, and unsure how to move forward in their faith, this powerful book is an insightful and honest guide into eight unique types of church hurt–and how to heal from them.

    Having helped thousands move from anger, distrust, apathy, and heartache to safely reengaging in their faith–and local church–Pastor Joe Dobbins offers compassion, wisdom, and practical advice to help you:

    *understand why church hurt is so potent and hard to address
    *break free from bad beliefs, self-defeating patterns, and cycles of pain
    *discover the way to inner healing
    *release your pain and reframe your story
    *find the courage to reengage in a faith community
    *protect yourself in the future

    The pain of church hurt is real. But so is the hope of healing–and that healing can begin today.

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  • Othered : Finding Belonging With The God Who Pursues The Hurt, Harmed, And


    God’s people are meant to be a blessing to others. Yet in the Scriptures, throughout history, and in our own times we too often see the people of God causing harm to people on the margins. Rather than caring for the widowed and the orphaned or loving the sojourner, too often we see abuse of power that breaks spirits and inflicts lasting harm.

    For anyone who has felt left out or pushed out of the church, Othered is your invitation to find spiritual rest and belonging in a God who loves, restores, and blesses the outcast and the marginalized. Jenai Auman draws on her experience growing up as a biracial kid in the American South as well as working within toxic ministry environments to reveal a hopeful, trauma-informed way forward. This book illuminates how hurt and betrayal in the church are longstanding problems that God neither sanctions nor tolerates. It offers holistic responses to the grief, anger, and trauma that come with being ostracized or oppressed by the church. And it shows how God provides shelter and provision in the midst of the wilderness.

    Because God sees, hears, and loves you–even if the church has failed you.

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  • What Really Matters

    Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $19.97.

    When it comes to our personal well-being, success is often more dangerous than failure. As we try to fulfill others’ expectations, we deplete our time, energy, and enthusiasm and end up feeling wrung out or burned out, sometimes even flaming out in spectacular ways. It may feel like the solution is just to quit–our jobs, our passions, our ministries–but there is a way to pour into others and take care of ourselves.

    Sharing the dramatic, true, and untold story behind the creation of Convoy of Hope, Hal Donaldson and his daughter Lindsay Donaldson-Kring pull back the curtain on Hal’s journey to greater mental, physical, and spiritual health amid the all-engrossing task of starting and sustaining a ministry. They reveal the toll ministry and compassion work can take on both individuals and families, then point toward healing and wholeness.

    Insightful and encouraging, this book offers practical, real-world solutions to persistent problems associated with being the hands and feet of Jesus in a hurting world.

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  • 5 Psalms And A Proverb


    Fill your heart with God’s love and wisdom.

    The books of Psalms and Proverbs contain a wealth of guidance and instruction from the omniscient and omnipresent God. His poetic words are brimming with divine knowledge, filling you with the power of his presence in every season.

    This powerful devotional features thirty-one devotions based on five selected psalms and a proverb, inspiring you to connect deeply with the passionate heart and encouraging counsel of God. Including Scripture from The Passion Translation(R), this devotional invites you to come to God as you are and daily walk the path of wisdom for his glory.

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  • Mornings With Nana


    Start your day with love and prayer from grandma!

    Whether we’re facing challenges or feeling lost, we all need a little guidance from time to time. And who better to turn to than a grandmother, whose knowledge and experience can lead us through the ups and downs of life.

    In Mornings with Nana, Marietta Terry shares inspiring life lessons passed down through generations. Weaving together God’s truth with heartening wisdom, comforting messages, and uplifting prayers, Mornings with Nana will encourage you to:

    *find reassurance in Christ’s redeeming love,
    *nurture and guard your heart in every season, and
    *stand steadfast in your faith and convictions.

    Let Mornings with Nana call you back home, where love and support abound no matter what waits at the doorsteps of life.

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  • Sacred Scars : Resting In God’s Promise That Your Past Is Not Wasted


    We all endure trials, pain, and hardship in this life. The enemy often uses those experiences to convince us that our brokenness disqualifies us from ever being used by God again–that we can no longer be a testimony because of our emotional or physical scars. The truth is, your past pain and brokenness actually serve as preparation for what God wants to do in you and through you, if you will but surrender to and trust in him.

    In Sacred Scars, neuropsychologist and fellow sufferer Dr. Michelle Bengtson helps you:

    *understand suffering through a biblical perspective
    *discover how the trials of your life serve a purpose
    *reflect on the healing that God has accomplished
    *comfort others with the comfort God has given you

    Just as Jesus’s scars didn’t disappear after his resurrection, our scars tell our story and lend credence to our testimony of the love and power of God. If you are ready to turn your past pain into present comfort and future hope, let Dr. Bengtson be your compassionate guide.

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  • Potential : The Uncontainable Power Of God Within You


    Somewhere along the line, every CEO, celebrity, professional athlete, and government leader realized they had something to help them pursue their dreams. It’s something that the rest of us may think we don’t have, but we do. All of us have God-given potential!

    “Potential is within the grasp of everyone,” says author Troy Gramling, “because everyone has a dream deep within them. They just need a coach and an example at times to point the way and encourage them to pursue their dream.”

    Using examples from the life of Moses, Potential: The Uncontainable Power of God Within You takes you on a journey to discover your own promised land. You will learn:

    – What Moses knew that you need to know
    – How to go from the parking lot to the platform
    – Who you are and the greatness within you
    – How much you have in common with a leader who lived 4,000 years ago
    – The dream you were afraid to pursue but were created to experience

    Potential will help you discover the masterpiece you were created to be.

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  • Faith Love Forgiveness: Devotional Journal


    Embark on a soul-nurturing journey crafted by licensed professional counselor, Susan Goss, who brings a unique blend of spiritual insight and therapeutic expertise to your fingertips. In this 10-week devotional journal, Susan integrates encouraging devotions, Scriptures that speak to the soul, and heart-stirring prompts to help deepen your faith, amplify the power of love, and unlock the liberating force of forgiveness. This devotional journal also features an introduction with bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, Beth Moore. Susan Goss is the founder and director of Tangible Truth Ministries, a licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), and co-founder of The Joshua Center, (a faith-based therapy center based out of Northwest Arkansas). She is a sought-after speaker, host of the Tangible Truth Podcast, and author of We’re Still In This: 90 Healthy Truths for Happy Relationships and Circle Talk. Susan Goss is the founder and director of Tangible Truth Ministries, a licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), and co-founder of The Joshua Center, (a faith-based therapy center based out of Northwest Arkansas). She is a sought-after speaker, host of the Tangible Truth Podcast, and author of We’re Still In This: 90 Healthy Truths for Happy Relationships and Circle Talk.

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