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  • NIV Exhaustive Bible Concordance Third Edition


    Only this concordance provides a complete index of every appearance of every word in the NIV Bible; it’s a must-own for every serious reader of the Scripture. More accurate and comprehensive than online searches and Strong’s concordances, and offering complete access to the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words from which the Bible was translated, this award-winning resource promises to make your Bible study the very best.

    Features include the following: (1) Complete alphabetical listing of every word in the Bible, with book/chapter/verse Bible references, context line, and the G/K number for the word translated by the NIV; (2) Dictionary-indexes that define every Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek word in the Bible, including the possible meaning of every proper name; (3) Frequency counts given for each biblical word, both in the original languages and in English; (4) Special index of articles, conjunctions, particles, prepositions, and pronouns; (5) Unique numbering system developed by Goodrick and Kohlenberger (G/K) that eliminates the inherent gaps, flaws, and inaccuracies of the old Strong’s numbering system and refers the user to the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words that are translated by the NIV.

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  • Crudens Complete Concordance


    For over 250 years, Cruden’s Complete Concordance has been a standard tool for serious study of the Bible — This edition offers you the most accurate, comprehensive, and readable rendering of Alexander Cruden’s masterwork. The straightforward, uncluttered style lets you select from over 220,000 Scripture references to swiftly locate the exact words, topics, verses, and passages you’re looking for. Compact and easy to use, the Cruden’s Complete Concordance is a practical, convenient, eminently useful companion to the King James Version and other classic translations.

    It features:
    – Definitions and commentaries where appropriate
    – A list of seldom-mentioned biblical names
    – An appendix of names in the Old and New Testaments, complete with their meanings
    – A list of the names and titles given to Jesus Christ
    – A list of titles and descriptions given to the church

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  • Nelsons Foundational Bible Concordance


    SKU (ISBN): 9780529106315ISBN10: 0529106310Binding: Trade PaperPublished: June 2014Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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  • NIV Bible Concordance


    A concordance is the first thing to reach for when you want to explore the Bible in-depth. Organized alphabetically, it’s a word-by-word index of the specific Bible translation you’re using. When you can’t find a Scripture passage or verse you’re looking for, turn to your concordance. It’s absolutely essential for doing word studies, and great for topical studies as well.

    The NIV Compact Concordance was designed with practicality in mind. This streamlined adaptation of the Gold Medallion Award-winning Zondervan NIV Exhaustive Concordance provides essential information for practical and significant study of your NIV Bible. The result is a study tool that is both portable and extremely helpful.

    The NIV Compact Concordance features:
    – More than 50,000 references with contexts.
    – More than 2,000 exhaustive entries
    – More than 100 frequently occurring phrases, such as “What the Lord says” and “Son of Man”, with thousands of references.
    – Special entries with descriptive phrases for more than 300 Bible characters.
    – Important persons with the same name are distinguished from each other.
    – More than 100 important King James Version words are cross-referenced to their New International Version equivalents.

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  • New American Bible Concise Concordance


    The Concise Concordance is a useful word index to all 73 books of the New American Bible Revised Edition. Arranged in alphabetical order, it shows the book, chapter, and verse location of the most prominent words in the NABRE and supplies several words of the context in which each word is found.

    This volume is the perfect accompaniment for anyone studying the NABRE. It provides helpful access to texts most significant to personal and professional Scripture research, regardless of the reader’s familiarity with this particular translation.

    The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) brings to culmination the work of nearly 100 scholars, including translators, editors, and a subcommittee of Catholic bishops who provided extensive review of the biblical text over a period of many years. The NABRE is the first major amendment to the New American Bible translation since 1991. It features:

    *The first update of the Old Testament since 1970, taking into account recent archaeological and textual discoveries.
    *Complete revision of the Psalter.

    A handy, affordable reference volume for anyone reading or studying the NABRE
    Two-column text

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  • Bible Search Engine


    Wondering what the Bible has to say on a particular topic? Find out with The Bible Search Engine, featuring nearly 15,000 key scripture references arranged under 1,001 subjects. While concordances provide direction to specific words in scripture, this book helps you find verses by topic-important Bible concepts (such as Abiding, Heresy, the Lordship of Christ, and Revelation), contemporary subjects (like Abuse, the Environment, Pornography, and Young People), and other categories of interest (such as Animals, Careers, Trees, Weapons, etc.). It’s illustrated in color, to enhance your reading, and makes an ideal resource for personal, group, and teen study.

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  • New Strongs Expanded Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible


    Only one concordance includes the best of Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words: The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. The Hebrew and Greek dictionaries now have three times more word study information than any other edition. Plus additional cross-references from leading dictionaries make this the ultimate reference tool for pastors, teachers, and all students of the Bible.

    Features Include:

    The only Strong’s that includes Vine’s Complete Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words
    Words of Christ in red
    Complete topical index of the Bible
    Hebrew and Greek dictionaries now have three times more word study information than any other edition
    Additional cross-references and word study helps from leading dictionaries

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  • New Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible


    Find every word, every time in this truly essential Concordance This truly is a one-of-a-kind Concordance – The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. Not only can you find any Scripture passage in the KJV, you’ll find every Hebrew or Greek word behind the English words. Its computer generated which gives you greater accuracy and the Strong numbering system links you directly to the original Greek and Hebrew words. This is a resource for serious Bible study and is essential for your library.

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  • Thematic Concordance To The Diary Of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska


    The Temeatic Concordance to the Diary of St. Maria Faustina gives you a key tool for studying hundreds of themes in the life and spirituality of St. Faustina. Prominent Divine Mercy expert Fr. George Kosicki, CSB, has referenced each paragraph of the Diary to specific themes and subthemes.

    The Concordance covers more than 90 major themes and 7,000 subthemes in the Diary – many with multiple references and cross references that are ideal for in-depth study. “Entries on the Eucharist alone provide enough material for a full retreat,” says Fr. Kosicki.

    In addition to covering major theme in the spiritual life of St. Faustina, Fr. Kosicki provides references to the Diary’s teaching on the essential elements of The Divine Mercy message and devotion. These included works of mercy, the Image, the Chaplet, the Feast, and the Novena.

    These helpful features make the Thematic Concordance an invaluable resource for every devotee of the message and devotion, as well as scholars and students who wan to study themes in the Diary.

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  • Strongs Exhaustive Concordance To The Bible Updated Edition


    This updated edition of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance takes James Strong’s monumental work and updates it to be even more useful to the modern reader.

    It maintains all of the features that have made Strong’s indispensable for over 100 years:
    * Allows the reader to easily find all biblical occurrences of a word in the King James Version
    * Points the reader to the underlying Hebrew and Greek words
    * Uses the Strong’s numbering system which is used in many of the new study tools of today

    And adds new features that make it even more useful:
    * Corrected, updated, and expanded using the latest computer technology
    * Extra-clear typesetting and page design make this edition readable and easy to navigate
    * Updated and improved Hebrew and Greek dictionaries tie each word to the Greek or Hebrew root
    * Includes maps and additional Bible study aids
    * Clear edge-tab indexing for handier use

    An indispensable resource for better Bible study
    * Easy-to-read, extra-clear typeface
    * Find every occurrence of any word in the King James Version Bible
    * Discover the Hebrew and Greek words underlying the KJV English using the Strong’s numbering system
    * Use the updated Hebrew and Greek dictionaries to find brief definitions of each word of the original languages
    * Quickly find your place with clear edge-tab indexing

    “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance deserves a place next to your Bible as one of the most valuable and versatile tools of Bible study ever developed. Students of the Bible have long used concordances to go in search of lost riches within the pages of Scripture. Few, however, make full use of the wealth of resources offered in Strong’s – from doing word and thematic studies to probing the deeper meanings embedded in the original languages of the Bible… Go beyond mere searches for lost verses and hone your skills by utilizing this tool’s more advanced features.”
    -from the Introduction

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  • KJV Super Giant Print Dictionary And Concordance Of The Holy Bible


    The KJV Super Giant Print Dictionary & Concordance features a combined forty-five thousand dictionary entries and Scripture references in 18-point Aphont type for KJV readers who want to avoid eyestrain.

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  • Strongs Handi Reference Concordance


    This new edition of Strong’s Concordance is unique in that it provides a concise look at one of the finest resources available for Bible study and research. The major English words are included in this book and the clear print style makes for easy reading.

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  • New Strongs Concise Concordance Of The Bible


    If you want the essentials of Strong’s scholarship in a convenient compact size, this is the concordance for you. The New Strong’s(R) Concise Concordance of the Bible helps you locate the references you need quickly and easily. A trustworthy concordance that won’t slow you down.

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  • Pocket Bible Concordance


    A handy, find-it-fast Bible reference series. Ideal for all Bible students. A must for every Bible owner!

    Find it fast in the Bible!

    Exclusive Fan-Tab Thumb Index Reference System!

    Over 5,000 entries!

    Aaron to Zophar!

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  • Compact Bible Concordance


    The power and classic features of Nelson’s New Strong’s in a concise and compact edition Nelson’s Compact Bible Concordance helps you access the references you need quickly and easily

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  • Poor Mans Concordance And Dictionary Of The Sacred Scriptures


    “I have been prompted to the work proposed in the title page, from a humble hope, that under the blessing of God the Holy Ghost; it may be rendered useful to the Christian world in general; and yet more particularly so, to that handful of people, who read my POOR MAN’S COMMENTARY on the Bible. It struck me, that a work of this kind, might form a proper Appendix to it, and be found not a little helpful to serious readers. Under this impression, I have engaged in this service; and for their accomadation, have directed the bookseller to publish an edition of it, upon the same plan and form as the Commentary. May the Lord commission both to his glory!”

    With these words Dr. Robert Hawker introduced his Concordance and Dictionary of the Sacred Scriptures. All who have loved Hawker’s Commentaries and Morning & Evening Portions will find this volume to be of emmence service.

    This is a 484 page volume in hardcover with the same cover as the Old Testament Commentary will contain a Biographical Sketch of the author by George Ella. It will complete the entire 10 volumes of his exposition of the Sacred Scriptures.

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  • New Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible


    The classic Bible reference tool for more than a century – now in a limited edition deluxe gift format.

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  • Strongest Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible


    Like a redwood that towers above all other trees, THE STRONGEST STRONG’S LARGER PRINT EDITION takes James Strong’s classic concordance to unprecedented heights. It is packed with features including cross-references, Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, Word counts, fast-tab locators, Strong’s numbering system, words of Christ highlighted, and more. Better still, this larger print edition is gentle on your eyes.

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  • Comfort Print Bible Concordance


    This convenient enlarged-print concordance has over 40,000 entries, so you can find the Scripture references you want quickly and easily. You’ll save time because you don’t need to plow through long lists of minor references to find the most sought-after and theologically crucial references. Accompanying each key word are important Scripture references, as well as the quotation from the surrounding context. References focus on key doctrines, familiar verses, and passages that the average Bible reader will most likely to want to look up.

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  • Crudens Compact Concordance


    For over 250 years, Cruden’s Complete Concordance has been a standard tool for serious study of the Bible. This compact edition with its straightforward, uncluttered style offers the most accurate, comprehensive, and readable rendering of Alexander Cruden’s master work, letting readers select from over 220,000 Scripture references to locate the exact words, topics, verses, and passages they are looking for.

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  • Englishmans Hebrew Concordance Of The Old Testament


    The Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance of the Old Testament gives the reader with no knowledge of Hebrew unprecedented insight into the Hebrew words used by the Old Testament writers. For those who do know Hebrew, Englishman’s Hebrew serves as a handy reference for a quick scan of a given Hebrew word’s occurrences in the Old Testament.

    A translation, by nature, is always an interpretation, and the English Bible is no exception. Since no English word carries exactly the same meaning as any one Hebrew word, serious Bible students need to look at the range of occurrences of given Hebrew words, in their biblical contexts, to understand the meaning of the original Hebrew.

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  • Englishmans Greek Concordance Of The New Testament


    The Englishman’s Greek Concordance of the New Testament originally appeared in 1839, the result of years of labor for several Greek scholars. Since its appearance, this unique concordance has helped generations of English-speaking Bible students to better understand the New Testament. Englishman’s Greek gives the reader with no knowledge of Greek, unprecedented insight into the Greek words used by the New Testament writers. For those who do know Greek, Englishman’s Greek serves as a handy reference for a quick scan of a given Greek word’s occurrences in the New Testament.

    The present volume is based upon the ninth edition of 1903 with the addition of the numbering system from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Additional corrections of errors and misprintings found in this ninth edition have also been made. The Greek and English indexes have been retained at the back of this volume, and the section on proper names has also been coded to Strong’s numbers. In addition, a new index of out-of-sequence Strong’s numbers allows the reader to quickly and easily locate any word by its Strong number.

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  • Concise Concordance To The New Revised Standard Version


    Here is the first concise concordance created specifically for the acclaimed New Revised Standard Version translation. This book is over 300 pages long, with three columns of listings to a page, and contains close to 8,000 headwords and 60,000 biblical references. Also included are more than 300 capsule biographies of significant biblical characters, and an exhaustive index of over 600 of the most frequent phrases used in the NRSV Bible. This essential reference tool is larger and more comprehensive than earlier concise Bible concordances, and fits the information into one compact volume, making it an ideal size for students. It is an invaluable quick reference guide for pastors, professors, and people involved in Bible study groups, as well as for individuals exploring the Bible on their own.

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  • Crudens Complete Concordance Super Saver



    783 Pages In Cruden’s Coplete Concordance

    Additional Info
    Cruden’s Complete Concordance enables the reader to quickly locate all of the occurrences of any given word in the Bible. Generations have enjoyed Cruden’s completeness as well as its easy-to-use format and portable size.
    * Includes an alphabetical listing of every word in the King James Version, along with over 200,000
    chapter and verse references
    * A complete concordance to proper names in Scripture
    * Handy for word studies or just for tracking down a favorite passage
    * Special features include:
    * Cruden’s original notes and comments on Bible places, names and types
    * Names and tides given to Jesus Christ
    * Tides and description applied to the Church

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  • Youngs Analytical Concordance To The Bible Super Saver


    Much more than just a great concordance! By organizing entries according to the original Hebrew and Greek words, Young’s is designed to allow any student of the Bible to distinguish and analyze important shades of meaning and to gain a deeper appreciation and better understanding of the sacred text.

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