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  • Least Of These


    Why is the world so unfair? Where is God in the midst of the brokenness? Is there anything we can do?

    We know that in a fallen and broken world there will always be pain and poverty, sickness and sadness. Yet as followers of Christ, we are called to bring hope and healing to those who hurt. What, then, is our responsibility to alleviate human suffering this side of eternity? With so many needs everywhere we look, where do we start? One thing is certain: Our faith does not allow us to turn away. Our response to the least of these, Jesus tells us, impacts not just those in need but also our own hearts and potentially even our salvation.

    The Least of These brings together a collection of respected Christian thought leaders to provide a multifaceted look at the body of Christ’s relationship and responsibility both individual and corporate to the marginalized of our society. Contributors include Lisa Rodriguez-Watson, David Hionides, Ben Virgo, Dennis Edwards, Brandon Washington, Jonathan Brooks, Daniel Aaron Harris, Danielle Strickland, Aubrey Sampson , and Christiana Rice.

    The Least of These is the third in a series of Kingdom Conversations, books that bring together trusted Christian voices to address some of the most urgent and perplexing challenges of our time in timeless and redemptive ways.

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  • Parents Of The World Unite


    This essential playbook reveals the winning strategies for successfully fighting a radical Woke agenda in your kids’ schools.

    Ian Prior is one of the most articulate and successful parent-activists in the United States. Armed with 12 inspiring battle-tested rules and revealing stories about sparring with self-righteous Woke neighbors (the “Chardonnay Antifa”), Ian shares secrets about what fellow parents can do in their own school districts to stop the Left’s dark vision from taking root.

    Get ready to laugh. This is not a boring education book. With real world lessons and funny anecdotes readers can connect with, Ian explains how families can win the battle to stop divisive and dangerous concepts rooted in critical race theory and other dangerous left-wing ideologies from spreading to their schools. He convincingly makes the case that the Left envisions a public education system in America where children are no longer the responsibility of their parents but rather mere wards of the state.

    You’ll be shocked and amused by the outrageous stories in Ian’s suburban county that unexpectedly became ground zero for the parents’ rights movement. This sign-of-the times book helpfully explains the confusing and infuriating cultural moment we find ourselves in.

    Parents of the World, Unite! is an indispensable book for American families who believe they should be able to raise their children without government interference in their moral, religious, and ethical choices — and are ready to join a revolution of parents.

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  • Superpower In Peril


    There is nothing inevitable about America’s decline. What matters is what we do next. Are we up for the task?

    David H. McCormick, one of America’s foremost conservative leaders, the former CEO of Bridgewater Associates, and a former candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania in 2022, is optimistic about the future of America and is unapologetic about its potential for greatness.

    It’s easy to be pessimistic about the state of our country these days, but as McCormick explains, if the true test of a great country is its capacity for self-renewal, the United States of America stands apart. Our country has continually defeated grave threats and overcome domestic divisions when the odds have been stacked against us. That’s the American story, and we can do it again.

    Drawing on decades of leadership in business, the military, and government, McCormick issues a call for visionary, servant leadership and outlines a conservative agenda for American renewal that would expand access to the American Dream, ensure U.S. technological supremacy, confront China, and revive the restless, courageous, and indefatigable spirit that dwells within the American heart.

    This book is a must read for those who care deeply about the future of America. McCormick argues the path forward is treacherous and uncertain. It will undoubtedly test our resilience and place in the world. But if we commit ourselves to renewal, America’s best days are yet to come.

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  • So Many Lions So Few Daniels


    Like Daniel in Babylon, Christians today are exiles in a hostile culture. Every day, we face the lions–the easier road of moral compromise, the lure of earthly wealth and influence, the temptation to give into our fears or our apathy. Yet we are called to obey God rather than man, and we need courage to do it.

    Award-winning apologist Ray Comfort wants to help you develop the fortitude to look into the mouths of lions without flinching, trusting that God will not only bring you to the other side of the trial but that he is refining you through it.

    This encouraging and practical book draws on inspiring stories from Scripture to help you identify the lions you face and build a strategy for combatting them, recognizing that nothing catches God off guard and reminding you that, by his power, you have victory over the darkness.

    For any Christian who is feeling beaten down, burned out, or ready to give in, this book offers a spiritual shot in the arm.

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  • Magna Carta Of Humanity


    In these stormy times, voices from all fronts call for change. But what kind of revolution brings true freedom to both society and the human soul?

    Cultural observer Os Guinness explores the nature of revolutionary faith, contrasting between secular revolutions such as the French Revolution and the faith-led revolution of ancient Israel. He argues that the story of Exodus is the highest, richest, and deepest vision for freedom in human history. It serves as the master story of human freedom and provides the greatest sustained critique of the abuse of power. His contrast between “Paris” and “Sinai” offers a framework for discerning between two kinds of revolution and their different views of human nature, equality, and liberty. Drawing on the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, Guinness develops Exodus as the Magna Carta of humanity, with a constructive vision of a morally responsible society of independent free people who are covenanted to each other and to justice, peace, stability, and the common good of the community. This is the model from the past that charts our path to the future.

    “There are two revolutionary faiths bidding to take the world forward,” Guinness writes. “There is no choice facing America and the West that is more urgent and consequential than the choice between Sinai and Paris. Will the coming generation return to faith in God and to humility, or continue to trust in the all sufficiency of Enlightenment reason, punditry, and technocracy? Will its politics be led by principles or by power?” While Guinness cannot predict our ultimate fate, he warns that we must recognize the crisis of our time and debate the issues openly. As individuals and as a people, we must choose between the revolutions, between faith in God and faith in Reason alone, between freedom and despotism, and between life and death.

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  • Transforming Updated And Expanded Edition With Study Guide


    In 2014, Time magazine announced that America had reached “the transgender tipping point,” suggesting that transgender issues would become the next civil rights frontier. Years later, many people-even many LGBTQIA+ allies-still lack understanding of gender identity and the transgender experience. Into this void, trans biblical scholar Austen Hartke brings a biblically based, educational, and affirming resource to shed light and wisdom on gender expansiveness and Christian theology. This new edition offers updated terminology and statistics, plus new materials for congregational study, preaching, and pastoral care.

    Transforming deftly weaves ancient and modern stories that will change the way readers think about gender, the Bible, and the faith to which Jesus calls us. Hartke helps readers visualize a more inclusive Christianity, equipping them with the language, understanding, confidence, and tools to change both the church and the world.

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  • Saving Grace : Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered, And Learn To Coexist With P


    For years, New York Times bestselling author Kirsten Powers has been center stage for many of our nation’s most searing political and cultural battles as a columnist, TV analyst, and one-time participant in the thunderdome of Twitter. On a good day, there will be civil disagreement. On a bad day, it’s all-out trench warfare–nothing but a cycle of outrage and self-righteousness. More and more, Powers finds herself wondering, along with countless Americans: How are we to cope with this non-stop madness?

    In Saving Grace, Powers writes with wit and insight about our country’s poisonous political discourse, chronicling the efforts she’s made to stay grounded and preserve her sanity in a post-truth era that has driven many of us to the edge. She draws on lessons offered by faith leaders, therapists, theologians, social scientists, and activists working for change today. She dismantles the widespread misconception that grace means being nice, letting people get away with harmful behavior, or choosing neutrality in the name of peace. Grace, she argues, is anything but an act of surrender; instead, it is a kinetic and transformative force.

    Saving Grace offers a template for a different kind of America, one where we can engage with people who hold opposing views without sacrificing our values or our passionate beliefs in the causes we care about. It’s a culture that embraces repentance and repair, a process through which those who have caused harm can take responsibility and work toward righting the wrongs in which they have participated. It’s a place where we’re empowered to see the possibility in other people, even people who are driving us nuts.

    Provocative, original, and filled with deep wisdom, Saving Grace is an essential read for anyone engaged in the struggle to live compassionately in an era of relentless demonization and division.

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  • Is God Anti Gay


    A sensitive exploration of the Bible’s teaching on sexuality.

    Is it ok to be gay and Christian? Does the Bible really say that homosexuality is wrong? Is sexual orientation fundamental to identity?

    Author and speaker Sam Allberry has expanded and restructured his best-selling book, which draws on his own experience as a believer who experiences same-sex attraction. As well as exploring Bible passages that talk directly about homosexuality, this new edition frames the whole discussion with Jesus’ general teaching on sex and marriage, as well as what Jesus teaches about finding ultimate satisfaction and happiness. It also challenges the current culture narrative, which inextricably ties sexuality to personal identity, and he shows that the gospel is good news for everyone, whatever their sexual orientation.

    This sensitive exploration of the Bible’s teaching on sexuality has been written to help both Christians and non-Christians struggling with the Bible’s teaching on this issue, whether they experience same-sex attraction themselves or not.

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  • Why So Many Christians Have Left The Faith



    At a time when the Bible and Christianity are considered untrustworthy, will we choose faith or follow the culture?

    This book will provide you with the facts and understanding you need to respond to difficult questions biblically and stay rooted in your faith even when others seem to be abandoning theirs.

    We are living in unprecedented times when Christian leaders are renouncing their faith and large numbers of believers are falling away. Is this the final apostasy prophesied by Jesus and Paul? And can we do anything to help those struggling with their faith? In Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith, Dr. Michael L. Brown confronts the problem of “Christian deconstruction” with solid, faith-building answers and honest responses to difficult questions. He addresses:

    *What the Bible says about an end-time falling away and whether that is what we are seeing in our day;

    *How solidarity with and sympathy for the LGBT movement has brought with it a rejection of biblical values;

    *The effect of leadership scandals on the credibility of the gospel;

    *How the me-centered gospel is contributing to the current faith crisis by putting God on trial;

    *The contemporary objections to the Bible’s moral standards;

    *The problem of pluralism; and

    *What the Bible does and doesn’t say about future punishment in hell, while also examining the scriptural statement that “God is love.”

    Looking at the stories of those who fell away as well as the larger cultural factors, this book offers solid answers to the major attacks against the Bible and helps readers build an unshakable faith.

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  • Living Resistance : An Indigenous Vision For Seeking Wholeness Every Day


    In an era in which “resistance” has become tokenized, popular Indigenous author Kaitlin Curtice reclaims it as a basic human calling. Resistance is for every human who longs to see their neighbors’ holistic flourishing. We each have a role to play in the world right where we are, and our everyday acts of resistance hold us all together.

    Curtice shows that we can learn to practice embodied ways of belonging and connection to ourselves and one another through everyday practices, such as getting more in touch with our bodies, resting, and remembering our ancestors. She explores four “realms of resistance”–the personal, the communal, the ancestral, and the integral–and shows how these realms overlap and why all are needed for our liberation. Readers will be empowered to seek wholeness in whatever spheres of influence they inhabit.

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  • So Many Lions So Few Daniels


    Like Daniel in Babylon, Christians today are exiles in a hostile culture. Every day, we face the lions–the easier road of moral compromise, the lure of earthly wealth and influence, the temptation to give into our fears or our apathy. Yet we are called to obey God rather than man, and we need courage to do it.

    Award-winning apologist Ray Comfort wants to help you develop the fortitude to look into the mouths of lions without flinching, trusting that God will not only bring you to the other side of the trial but that he is refining you through it.

    This encouraging and practical book draws on inspiring stories from Scripture to help you identify the lions you face and build a strategy for combatting them, recognizing that nothing catches God off guard and reminding you that, by his power, you have victory over the darkness.

    For any Christian who is feeling beaten down, burned out, or ready to give in, this book offers a spiritual shot in the arm.

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  • Parents Guide To Fear And Worry


    Today’s teens fear terrorism, school shootings, debt, cyberbullying, and more. It’s no wonder that Generation Z has the highest rates of mental health conditions in history. Unravel your teen’s fears and worries with this easy-to-read guide featuring:

    *Reasons why today’s teens are overwhelmed with fear and worry
    *Tips to console stressed teens and ways to live without a spirit of fear
    *Encouraging Bible verses to combat fear and worry
    *And more!

    Jesus never guaranteed a hardship-free life, but he did offer peace. Let this book guide you and your teen toward an ongoing conversation about living a balanced life.

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  • Parents Guide To Eating Disorders


    It’s heartbreaking to watch your teen willfully destroy their body. Get a solid overview of the types of eating disorders, what causes them, and how to seek professional help. Plus, gain time-tested strategies to discuss this triggering topic with compassion.

    Enjoy a balanced Christian perspective on how to find true healing with answers to questions including:

    *Why are eating disorders on the rise?
    *How can I tell if my child has an eating disorder?
    *How can I help my child fix it if they don’t think it’s a problem?
    *And more!

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  • Parents Guide To Body Positivity


    When movies and media flash airbrushed models across our kids’ screens, it’s hard for them not to compare themselves negatively. Gain valuable insight into the body positivity moment how it began, its pros and cons, and why teen mental health is so deeply influenced.

    Features answers to questions including:
    *Where does body shame come from?
    *What does the Bible say about body image?
    *How can I help my kids have a healthy view of their bodies?
    *And more!

    Plus, enjoy discussion questions and advice specific to fathers and mothers to help curb teens’ body negativity.

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  • Parents Guide To LGBTQ Plus And Your Teen


    Today’s teens rely on the Internet, dislike labels, and love their LGBTQ+ friends. How can you discuss this hot-button topic with compassion when you don’t understand what the letters mean or how it’s become normal? Features:

    *Bible references about sexual identity
    *Ways the church has responded poorly to the LGBTQ+ community
    *Practical tips for preparing to discuss the topic with your teens
    *Discussion questions to dive deep into your teen’s understanding of sexuality
    *List of terms and definitions (asexual, cisgender, queer, etc.) and triggering phrases to avoid

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  • Parents Guide To Teen Identity


    “I am who I decide to be.” Teens strongly believe in a world where self-expression, uniqueness, and differences are welcome. Dig deep into Gen Z’s identity formation by uncovering false beliefs and steering them toward a healthy sense of self. Features:

    *Lies culture tells you about identity formation
    *Biblical truths about finding your real identity
    *Practical ways to live out your true self
    *Self-reflection questions for parents
    *Engaging discussion questions for teens

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  • Change Starts With You


    Even though the brokenness of the world may seem overwhelming, anyone with the courage to follow their passion and become a light–in their homes, communities, and churches–can bring real change. And when we all embrace our God-given gifts as changemakers, a better world is within our grasp.

    America is in a crucible right now. The pandemic has strained an already struggling economy. Longstanding cultural and political divisions have reached a boiling point. Various kinds of injustices have been brought into the spotlight in ways that Americans can no longer ignore. But the thing about crucibles is that they bring out both the worst and the best. When the crucible gets hot enough, the dross gets separated out and reveals pure gold.

    Writer, motivational speaker, humanitarian, and NFL veteran Sam Acho wants to give readers the courage and hope they need to embrace this defining moment. Instead of feeling paralyzed by how deep the brokenness goes, it is possible to recognize that just one person standing for justice and pointing the way toward hope can transform a community, and even an entire culture. Injustice, division, and suffering may loom large, but there’s world-changing power in each individual to stand up for truth, foster unity, and bring healing.
    Readers of Change Starts with You will be:
    *inspired to discover and follow their fire–the unique passions and gifting that God has put in every person’s heart;

    *equipped to dream big, channeling their passions into creating positive change wherever God has called them;

    *encouraged by Acho’s firsthand accounts of communities transformed by people with the courage and tenacity to follow their fire; and

    *motivated to be leaders who empower others to become changemakers too.

    Change Starts with You brings a message of empowerment and hope to everyone who sees a broken today and wishes for a better tomorrow but isn’t sure where to start. Everyone has a role to play. Everyone can be a changemaker.

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  • Invincible Family : Why The Global Campaign To Crush Motherhood And Fatherh


    In this shocking report, Kimberly Ells tells the story of earth’s oldest institution–the family–in a way it has never been told before. The Invincible Family challenges current social doctrines, unmasks the annihilation of womanhood in the name of “women’s empowerment,” and exposes the efforts of United Nations agencies to advance “sexual rights” for children. The Invincible Family is both a call to arms to defend the most essential human institution in its darkest hour and a rich source of encouragement.

    Kimberly Ells is a researcher on family policy and has spoken at the United Nations and around the country on international threats to children and the family. A graduate of Brigham Young University, she is married and the mother of five children.

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  • Raising Victims : The Pernicious Rise Of Critical Race Theory


    Exposes how public schools are teaching Critical Race Theory disguised as innocuous “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” initiatives, explains why this is training a generation of children to view themselves as victims, and shows parents what they can do to stop it.

    Public schools are indoctrinating a generation of children to see themselves as either victims of systemic racial oppression or members of a wicked oppressor class. Leonydus Johnson, a black writer and podcaster, exposes the poisonous ideology embedded in “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” programs. We must teach our children the truth that their identity comes not from their race but from Christ.

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  • Adam And Eve After The Pill Revisited


    Celebrated author Mary Eberstadt continues her ground-breaking examination of the legacy of the sexual revolution. The book’s predecessor, Adam and Eve after the Pill (2012), dissected the revolution’s microcosmic fallout via its empirical effects on the lives of men, women, and children. This follow-on book investigates the revolution’s macrocosmic transformations in three spheres: society, politics, and Christianity. It also includes an analysis of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

    With unflinching logic, Eberstadt summarizes the toll on Western society of today’s fractured homes, feral children, and social isolates. Empathetic yet precise, she connects the dots between shrinking, broken families and rising sexual confusion, seen most recently in transgenderism and related phenomena. The book also traces the dissolution of the home to signature developments in Western politics, especially the increase in acrimony, polarization, street violence, and identity politics. The result is an indictment of the turn taken by much of the world following the post-1960s embrace of contraception and the stigmatization of traditional morality.

    The book’s section on the revolution’s infiltration of the churches is must-reading for anyone concerned about the fate of Western Christianity. In a moment when millions wonder whether the Catholic Church will retreat from age-old moral teachings, this book demands to be put at the center of discussion.

    Adam and Eve after the Pill, Revisited is both an indispensable blueprint for today’s emerging revisionism, and a manifesto for a more humane order to come.

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  • Uncovered : How The Media Got Cozy With Power, Abandoned Its Principles, An


    America’s corporate news media is less trusted than ever – and for good reason. How did we get here? And what’s the real story behind this embarrassing mess?

    The fourth estate is supposed to be a conduit to the people and a check on power. Instead, we have a bunch of geographically isolated, introspection-free, cozy-with-power, egomaniacal journalists thirsty for elite approval.

    No one understands these problems (and people) better than Steve Krakauer, one of America’s sharpest media critics. He has spent years getting to know some of the most influential players in the industry. This fascinating book is what he’s learned — and why every American should care.

    In Uncovered, Krakauer gives readers an extended peek behind the curtain of the media challenges in America today. The book dives deep into some of the most important and egregious examples of the elite censorship collusion racket, like how tech suppression and media fear led to the New York Post-Hunter Biden email debacle before the 2020 election. Krakauer takes readers inside CNN after the shock Trump election, inside the New York Times after the Tom Cotton op-ed backlash, inside ESPN after the shift away from sports-only coverage, and more – revealing never-before-seen details about the press over the past five years.

    Krakauer pulls from his own experience as a former CNN executive and through dozens of exclusive on-the-record interviews with media members in and around the industry–from Tucker Carlson and others at Fox News, to journalists at the New York Times, MSNBC, and CNN.

    This is a rational, independent (and fun) inside look at the broken news industry in America – assessing where everything went wrong, and how to fix it. This is not an “I hate the media” book. Krakauer loves the media and wants it to be better. But it has a long way to go, and admitting the problems is the first step. In Uncovered, the long road back to trust and relevance begins.

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  • Following Jesus In A Warming World


    Have you ever looked at the effects of climate change and the apathy of so many around you and wondered, “What are we missing here?”

    Climate activist Kyle Meyaard-Schaap understands this feeling from personal experience. But in his years of speaking to and equipping Christians to work for climate action, he’s seen the trend begin to shift. More and more young Christians are waking up to the realities of climate change. They want to help, but they’re not sure how.

    Through stories from the field, theological and scriptural exploration, and practical advice, Meyaard-Schaap offers hope to Christians paralyzed by the scale of the crisis, helping us turn our paralysis into meaningful action. Following Jesus in a Warming World is a field guide for Christian climate action–one grounded not in a sense of guilt or drudgery, but in the joy of caring for creation.

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  • Jesus Jubilee And The Politics Of Gods Reign


    What if the kingdom of God is not a place, but a person??
    In this timely monograph, Christian T. Collins Winn argues that the kingdom of God is Jesus himself. Drawing on a wide breadth of liberation theology, Jesus, Jubilee, and the Politics of God’s Reign amplifies the echoes of salvation history in contemporary struggles for social justice. ?
    Collins Winn demonstrates how the institution of the Jubilee year exemplifies the kingdom of God. A semicentennial celebration prescribed in the book of Leviticus, Jubilee prescribed the redistribution of wealth and freeing of prisoners. Hope for Jubilee persists in apocalyptic rhetoric, from the exhortations of Old Testament prophets to those of modern progressives.

    Likewise, Jesus’s ministry, passion, and resurrection convey the justice of Jubilee and urgency of apocalypse. His conquest over death represents the ultimate vindication of the oppressed in the kingdom of God, an “outpouring of Spirit” seen today in continuing restorative efforts by oppressed communities in the face of death-dealing institutions. Historically informed and passionately written, Jesus, Jubilee, and the Politics of God’s Reign challenges readers to find Jesus in the marginalized persons of our own time.

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  • Healing Conversations On Race


    Race complicates our relationships, even when we reject racism and seek to walk a better path together. How can we get our thinking?and our conversations?unstuck from entrenched patterns? In this book, four experts in psychology and social work present a model for how to build and deepen the cross-race relationships we want.

    The starting place, they testify, must be a biblical understanding of the problem of racial disunity, grounded in the grand narrative of Scripture, followed by practical insights about psychology and social behavior. This book is the culmination of professional?but also deeply personal?conversations the authors have had with each other, wrestling together over current events, their own stories, and their roles in the healing process. They combine biblical teachings with psychological science to help Christians develop the skills to discuss race and ethnicity.

    In each chapter, you will be guided through essential information, biblical examples, case studies, activities, and journaling exercises to prepare you to practice healing conversations. Using research from psychology, attachment theory, and emotionally focused therapy, this process will build your knowledge, self-awareness, other-awareness, and specific relational skills.

    Jesus embodied love, challenged injustice, welcomed those rejected by society, and engaged in healing conversations with everyone he encountered. The insights and practices in Healing Conversations on Race will help Christians grow in Christlikeness and follow his example.

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  • Parents Guides To Social Media


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    10 Questions Kids Ask About Sex: *Knowing What to Say*Guiding Them to Wise Decisions*Giving Age-Appropriate Answers – eBook
    10 Questions Kids Ask About Sex: *Knowing What to Say*Guiding Them to Wise Decisions*Giving Age-Appropriate Answers – eBookIn Stock
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    Retail: $7.99
    Quantity for 10 Questions Kids Ask About Sex: *Knowing What to Say*Guiding Them to Wise Decisions*Giving Age-Appropriate Answers – eBook0

    Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex – eBook
    Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex – eBookIn Stock
    Our Price$9.29
    Retail: $13.99
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    Daughters in Danger: Helping Our Girls Thrive in Today’s Culture – eBook
    Daughters in Danger: Helping Our Girls Thrive in Today’s Culture – eBookIn Stock
    Our Price$7.99
    Quantity for Daughters in Danger: Helping Our Girls Thrive in Today’s Culture – eBook0

    Facing the Facts: The Truth about Sex and You – eBook
    Facing the Facts: The Truth about Sex and You – eBookIn Stock
    Our Price$9.99
    Retail: $15.99
    Quantity for Facing the Facts: The Truth about Sex and You – eBook0

    Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation – eBook
    Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation – eBookIn Stock
    Our Price$5.99
    Quantity for Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation – eBook0

    Wish Me Love [Music Download]
    Wish Me Love [Music Download]In Stock
    Our Price$7.99
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    Product Information
    Title: Axis Parents’ Guide to Social Media 5-Pack: Teen FOMO, Influencers, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
    By: Axis
    Format: Paperback
    Vendor: Tyndale House
    Publication Date: 2023
    Weight: 2 pounds
    ISBN: 1496474066
    ISBN-13: 9781496474063
    It’s common for parents to feel lost in their teen

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  • Never Cast Out


    Body shaming. Marriage shaming. Single shaming. Mom shaming. Lifestyle shaming. Religious shaming. It seems no matter which direction we turn, women can’t shake the shame that is constantly piled on top of us.

    Author and podcaster Jasmine L. Homes knows this struggle all too well. Though shame has been a constant companion (and even a snare) throughout her life, God has broken the chains of shame in Jasmine’s life through the power of the gospel. In this Christ-centered, empowering book, prepare to discover:

    *The story of shame: where it comes from, what it is, what makes it different from guilt or conviction, and why it’s so pervasive.

    *The problem with shame: why the typical methods of throwing off shame don’t actually work.

    *The end of shame: how Jesus puts an end to shame by offering a better covering, a better image, and a better message than the world can.

    *The way to fight shame: how to use practical and powerful ways to fight shame in daily life, breaking its chains in the power of the gospel and resting in the One who has taken all your shame away for good.

    The story of shame is a powerful one. But even stronger are the arms of the One who carried your shame and will never cast you out. Are you ready to experience Him and finally be free?

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  • Right Thinking For A Culture In Chaos


    Cling to the Clarity Only God Can Provide

    In today’s age of descent, many Christians feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the cultural sentiment that the truth has become unknowable. Yet despite this widespread uncertainty, God’s truth remains firm and unchanging, and when you turn to His Word seeking wisdom, you’ll find it extends even to the controversial topics of our day.

    From the bestselling team behind Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong comes Right Thinking for a Culture in Chaos-a biblically minded survey of the divisive issues of our time. You’ll understand how God clearly defines truth as you navigate the root causes of the cultural corruption and hostility widely seen today. You’ll also explore how the Bible informs how we should view the harmful misbeliefs around concepts like gender identity, technology, environmentalism, Marxism, government authority, deconstruction of faith, and more.

    No matter what the world teaches, the Bible assures you that God’s truth is clear, concrete, and certain. Right Thinking for a Culture in Chaos will encourage you to root your beliefs in that truth, confident that Christ has an answer to any problem you face today.

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  • Rethinking Life : Embracing The Sacredness Of Every Person


    Drawing on Scripture, church history, and his own story, Shane Claiborne explores how a passion for social justice issues surrounding life and death–such as war, gun ownership, the death penalty, racial injustice, abortion, poverty, and the environment–intersects with our faith as we advocate for life in its totality.

    Many of us wonder how to think about and act on issues of life and death beyond abortion and the death penalty–yet the heated debates in our churches and the confusion of our own hearts sometimes feel overwhelming. What does a balanced, Christian view of what it means to be pro-life really look like?

    Combining stories, theological reflection, and a little wit with a Southern accent, activist Shane Claiborne explores the battle between life and death that goes back to the Garden of Eden. Shane draws on his childhood growing up in the Bible Belt, his own change of perspective on how to advocate for life, and his years of working on behalf of all people to help us:

    *Learn from the Bible and the early church about valuing life
    *Deepen our understanding of what a pro-life stance can look like
    *Discover ways to discuss topics that are dividing our culture and churches
    *Find encouragement when we feel politically homeless
    *Renew our hope that there is a good way forward, even in difficult times

    We need a new movement that stands up for life–without exceptions. This moving and incredibly timely book creates a larger framework for thinking about God’s love and our faith as we embrace a consistent ethic that values human life from womb to tomb.

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  • America And The Art Of The Possible


    Between 1920 and 1950, America saw an unprecedented expansion of wealth and power underwritten by technological innovation, cultural confidence, and victory in war. American elites won World War II, rebuilt the world order with America at its head, inaugurated the jet age, and put a man on the moon. The boom led to a larger, richer middle class that confirmed America’s best ideals.

    By the early 1970s, that ended. American elites have captured a disproportionate share of the social and economic rewards over the last fifty years. Meanwhile, the middle class has shrunk in size and has become economically insecure, owning a smaller share of national wealth than at any time in the nation’s history. This has happened even while most households have two income earners, versus the single-income households that characterized the period of shared prosperity. At the same time, technological innovation that improves people’s standard of living has dramatically slowed.

    These trends undermine the basic premise behind the broad acceptance of a meritocratic elite, whose rule is predicated on the belief that if the best rise to the top, their talent and energy will create a rising tide that lifts all boats. We had that once. We can have it again.

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  • Requiem For Reality


    Critical Race Theory, like most ideologies before it, promises an earthly paradise premised on ceaseless revolution, but instead of delivering on this promise, it produces a terrestrial hell echoing the inner nihilism of modern life. Contemporary social justice movements, just like progressivism, the New Deal, and post-Civil War Southern Democrats, place Westerners in bondage rather than delivering on the promise of unlimited freedom.

    Requiem for Reality responds to the widening pendulum shifts of our age. These developments consume and incense the nation. These shifts offer a bewildering set of claims grounded in the presumption that race and other forms of human identity explain all forms of disparity and inequality. Against such claims, it is crucial to distinguish between a development narrative and a bias narrative for the purpose of explaining ethnic disparity. The development narrative is grounded in data that often deliver unwelcome facts. The facts show that Asian Americans, as well as West Indian blacks, often do better than white Americans in schooling, per capita income, and crime rates. Indeed, Syrian Americans, Korean Americans, Indonesian Americans, Taiwanese Americans, and Filipino Americans experience significantly higher median household incomes than whites and higher test scores, lower incarceration rates, and longer life expectancies. Oblivious to such facts, the bias narrative, on the other hand, grounds itself in the “white privilege” thesis suggesting that only race matters. Surfacing from the toxic pit of ideology, the bias narrative emphasizes the racist claim that African Americans are the only ethnic group in the world who cannot succeed under less-than-ideal conditions. Separated from important facts, this narrative often substitutes absolute Neo-pagan certainties originating in a make-believe world for commonplace notions of truth and reality. As such, the “white privilege” thesis, rather than improving the conditions of African Americans and others, offers a utopian dream that threatens to become a national nightmare. The urgent pursuit of utopia reflects trends that are largely anthropological, sociological, and more spiritual than political. Responding to these developments, which have given rise to victimhood claims within gender and transgender categories will require more than argumentation, rational analysis, superior logic, or even the inauguration of a Hanging Judge. It will require courage because otherwise, Chair

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