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  • Things That Matter Most


    Have you forgotten how wondrous life can be? Chris De Vinck offers a timeless collection of wisdom on family, childhood, God, love, compassion, buttered toast, snowmen, Hamlet, Bugs Bunny, bees.

    For anyone who is caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, weary and perhaps a little jaded by all that seems wrong in the world, this is a book that helps us to see again.

    In essays that are warm, evocative, and often amusing, Christopher De Vinck gives us back the eyes of a child, the fresh vision of delight, and a renewed reminder that we are surrounded with awe that we often take for granted. This is a book about living with a perpetual array of treasures: the voices of people we love, the taste of marzipan, the sounds of October geese. This is a book that reminds us to look, smell, see, touch, and listen to what is revealed to us each morning. Chris invites us to realize life as we live it, every minute.

    Reflecting on the joys of family, writing, and education, Chris doesn’t shy away from loneliness, disappointments and regrets. His is a voice that combines both the joys and sorrows of living, speaking with hope and acceptance, and celebrating the power of simplicity in our modern age.

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  • Dangerous Faith : 50 Powerful Believers Who Changed The World


    World-changers. Rebels. Rejecters of the status quo. Throughout history, Christians were never meant to have a safe faith. Highlighting 50 people throughout the millennia, this book is a compilation of faith, facts, and art that celebrates the faith lives of spiritual giants and inspires you to grow in your own personal faith.

    Dangerous Faith is a collection of essays and inspiration about Christians who have changed the world. This four-color gift book features:

    *the exploration of 50 diverse heroes of the Christian faith, including historical figures,
    *cultural icons, political leaders, saints, and martyrs

    *biographical information on the 50 people featured, including Coretta Scott King and Susan B. Anthony

    *portraiture art and an easy-to-follow layout
    *a presentation page for gifting and a ribbon marker

    Be inspired by spiritual heroes from many eras in history up to today and make their strength your own. If you enjoy this book, check out Dangerous Prayers.

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  • Openings And Outings


    Openings & Outings brings together over forty pieces from the long and distinguished career of the writer and commentator David Pryce-Jones. Taking us from a meeting with Rudolf Hess’s widow, to the slums of Tangier, to the front lines of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with many stops in between, Openings & Outings presents over fifty years of insight, from a writer with endless scope and perspective.

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  • Human In A Dehumanizing World


    Drawn from presentations given at the virtual Spring 2021 annual conference of the College Theology Society, the theme of dehumanization and theological anthropology is explored in this volume. The most prominent essays come from the plenary speakers: Karen Kilby (Durham University), Andrew Prevot (Boston College), and Cristina Traina (Fordham University).

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  • Other In Second Temple Judaism


    Dedicated to prominent biblical scholar John J. Collins, The “Other” in Second Temple Judaism explores the various ways in which Jews living in the Hellenistic and early Roman periods (both in the land of Israel and the Diaspora) constructed their identity in relation to other Jews, pagans, and Christians.

    The twenty-eight contributors — comprising both seasoned scholars and rising stars in the field — interact with Collins’s work as they engage the book’s unifying theme, focusing their efforts around five areas of scholarly inquiry that reflect the scope of Collins’s distinguished career:

    *The Hebrew Bible and Its Reception
    *The Dead Sea Scrolls
    *Jews among Greeks and Romans

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  • All Thy Lights Combine


    We do not simply interpret God’s word. His word interprets us.

    Figural interpretation has been a trademark of Anglican devotions from the beginning. Anglican readers–including Tyndale, Cranmer, Hooker, and Lewis–have been figural readers of the Bible. By paying attention to how words, images, and narratives become figures of others in Scripture, these readers sought to uncover how God’s word interprets all of reality. Every verse shines the constellation of God’s story.

    Edited by David Ney and Ephraim Radner, the essays in All Thy Lights Combine explore how the Anglican tradition has employed figural interpretation to theological, Christological, and pastoral ends. The prayer book is central; it immerses Christians in the words of Scripture and orders them by the word. With guided prayers for morning and evening, this book invites readers to be re–formed by God’s word. Become immersed in the riches of the Anglican interpretive tradition.

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  • World Christianity : History, Methodologies, Horizons


    In this anthology of original essays, key scholars adress a wide range of issues and debates on the status and trajectory of the discipline of World Christianity, arguably the fastest growing field of study in the theological academy today.

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  • Light From Behind The Sun


    In this collection of essays, Douglas Wilson talks about one of the most beloved Christian writers of the twentieth-century: C.S. Lewis. Lewis was the kind of writer who, whether you agree with him or not, will edify and sharpen you. Douglas Wilson discusses everything from Lewis’s odd images of salvation in The Last Battle to Lewis’s view of creation to his take on heaven, hell, and education.

    Owen Barfield once said that what Lewis thought about everything came out in what he said about anything. Lewis’s writing is powerful because he understood that everything in the universe proclaimed God’s glory and thus shines with the personality of God, He Who is the “light from behind the sun.”

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  • In The Fullness Of Time


    Cutting-edge reflections on a variety of biblical and theological subjects

    Over the course of his distinguished career Richard Bauckham has made pioneering contributions to diverse areas of scholarship ranging from ethics and contemporary issues to hermeneutical problems and theology, often drawing together disciplines and fields of research all too commonly kept separate from one another.

    In this volume some of the most eminent figures in modern biblical and theological scholarship present essays honoring Bauckham. Addressing a variety of subjects related to Christology, creation, and eschatology, the contributors develop elements of Bauckham’s biblical and theological work further, present fresh research of their own to complement his work, and raise critical questions.

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  • In The Kitchen Of Art


    Deeply learned, and with a style all his own, Marco Grassi is as at home with Duccio as he is with Norton Simon; Bronzino as with Bernard Berenson; a painting on his desk as with a Last Supper in Florence’s Basilica of Santa Croce. In the Kitchen of Art selects the art conservator and dealer’s most memorable contributions to The New Criterion over a span of nearly twenty years. Beginning with a previously unpublished memoir of his own Florentine upbringing, and continuing with in-depth critical discussions of the greats of Italian art along with recollections of the grandest collectors of the twentieth century, this book shows the art world in the round.

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  • Where COVID Came From


    Did the Covid virus jump naturally from an animal species to humans, or did it escape from a laboratory experiment? In this essay, science writer Nicholas Wade explores the two scenarios and argues that, on present evidence, lab escape is the more likely explanation. His inference is based on specific research being conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Institute’s lack of adequate safety precautions, together with the continuing absence of any direct evidence to support natural emergence.

    The essay discusses the failure of the mainstream media to penetrate the self-interested assurance of virologists that lab escape was a dismissible conspiracy theory. It also notes how the politicization of discussion impeded consideration of the scientific facts.

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  • Dubious Expediency : How Race Preferences Damage Higher Education


    This book offers eight clear-sighted essays critical of racial “diversity” preferences in American higher education. Unlike more conventional books on the subject, which are essentially apologies for racial reverse discrimination, this volume forthrightly exposes the corrosive effects of identity politics on college and university life.

    The fact-filled and hard-hitting chapters are by Heather Mac Donald, Peter N. Kirsanow, Peter W. Wood, Lance Izumi and Rowena Itchon, John Ellis, Carissa Mulder, and the editors Gail Heriot and Maimon Schwarzschild.

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  • Church Cracked Open


    Sometimes it takes disruption and loss to break us open and call us home to God. It’s not surprising that a global pandemic and once-in-a-generation reckoning with white supremacy–on top of decades of systemic decline–have spurred Christians everywhere to ask who we are, why God placed us here and what difference that makes to the world.

    In this critical yet loving book, the author explores the American story and the Episcopal story in order to find out how communities steeped in racism, establishment, and privilege can at last fall in love with Jesus, walk humbly with the most vulnerable and embody beloved community in our own broken but beautiful way.

    The Church Cracked Open invites us to surrender privilege and redefine church, not just for the sake of others, but for our own salvation and liberation.

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  • Raised On The Third Day


    Did Jesus rise from the dead? Is resurrection even possible? There are numerous historical and philosophical challenges to belief in Jesus’ resurrection. For many, these questions are insurmountable.Raised on the Third Day approaches these questions with critical and believing eyes. Edited by W. David Beck and Michael R. Licona, Raised on the Third Day collects essays from prominent contributors in the fields of philosophy, history, and apologetics. Contributors–including J. P. Moreland, William Lane Craig, Craig A. Evans, Beth M. Sheppard, and Sean McDowell–evaluate scriptural, historical, moral, and apologetic issues related to Christ’s death and resurrection. Essays on the Shroud of Turin and near-death experiences round out the volume. Inspired by the foundational work of Gary Habermas–arguably the greatest contemporary Christian thinker on the resurrection–these essays build upon his work and move the discussion forward.Readers will better appreciate how Habermas has shaped scholarship on Christ’s resurrection and further areas for exploration and discussion.

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  • Letters And Life


    Writing lays bare the soul. All serious writers know that each word reveals something significant about themselves, granting outsiders a glimpse at their most cherished beliefs and foundational convictions. In this series of intimate reflections on life and writing, critically acclaimed and best-selling novelist Bret Lott explores the author’s craft through five letters covering a range of fascinating topics, from exploring the value of literary fiction to discussing the humility of Flannery O’Connor. In the final and longest letter, Lott contemplates the death of his father and his struggle to convey his complicated thoughts and inexplicable emotions in words. Intensely personal and yet universally relatable, this powerful collection of essays will encourage and enrich writers and aspiring writers everywhere.

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  • Bioethics And The Character Of Human Life


    In the essays collected here Gilbert Meilaender invites readers to reflect upon some of the bioethical issues that are important for all of us. The essays treat bioethics less as a discipline confined to a few experts than as a deeply humanistic set of concerns that inevitably draws us into religious and metaphysical issues. From reflections on his experience as a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics to the way in which Christian trinitarian teaching has shaped what it means to be a person, from life’s beginning to its ending, these essays offer readers a chance to think about matters of fundamental human significance.

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  • Discovering John : Essays By John Ashton


    This collection of posthumously published essays by John Ashton manifests his ongoing exegetical work at the end of his life. The essays explore themes arising from his groundbreaking study, Understanding the Fourth Gospel, which John Ashton intended to be preceded by an intellectual autobiography contextualizing this study both in the wider context of biblical scholarship and the particularities of his life. This in itself is an unusual contribution and it sheds much light not only on the current state of Johannine studies but also on the situation of those involved with both church and academy in the closing decades of the twentieth century.

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  • When We Pray


    The essays in this volume from liturgists in mainstream Christian churches in Australia and New Zealand gladly acknowledge that when we pray, we join with others.

    We share a history, a way of worshipping, often a common language and established forms, with authorised prayer books designed to retain the theological and liturgical emphases of the various churches. Yet it is a subject that can divide as well as unite; with a variety of experiences, attitudes and aspirations, especially in a world where forms of worship are readily accessible from internet sources.

    If worship and prayer express what we believe, who authorises forms of worship; who determines the authenticity of liturgy; what principles underlie and surround how people of faith worship in formal gatherings? These are some of the issues that inform the essays in this practical and ecumenical resource.

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  • In The Footsteps Of Jesus Volume 2


    Walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is a tremendous privilege, but a privilege with significant responsibilities and challenges. Following Jesus is a process that begins with the realization that Jesus first calls the believer to walk with him despite the trials of our contemporary society.

    In the Footsteps of Jesus provides a method to follow the call of the Lord in the daily walk that all Christians are asked to make with the Lord. This volume focuses on three themes: Jesus Seeks Us, Responding to God’s Call, and Placing Our Hope and Trust in God.

    The content of this second of two volumes, like the first volume, will inspire believers in their daily walk with the Savior. Spending 15 minutes in Bible reading along with this companion book will help to provide spiritual guidance for the day. Thought-provoking questions at the end of each reflection will help to challenge the reader, sometimes raising deep and profound issues.

    Useful for sermon illustrations, this book will also benefit individual or group study as well as personal reading and reflection.

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  • Truth And Hope


    In this varied collection of essays, Walter Brueggemann provides a lens into biblical teachings concerning the present age of fake news, lies, and alternate realities. Compiled and edited by Louis Stulman, professor of religion at the University of Findlay, these essays carry a common theme of truth and hope. As Brueggemann writes in the preface, “there is no doubt that the prophetic tradition regularly engages in truth-telling in order to expose social reality as a systemic act of ‘falseness’ that contradicts the purposes of God. The prophetic tradition of Jeremiah, for instance, is preoccupied with truth-telling that exposes ‘falseness.’ The prophet exposes the deceit of dominant culture.”

    That same prophetic tradition (like many others) turns eventually to the work of hope-telling. Such hope does not doubt that the faithful God can create futures, a way out of no way. The sequence from truth to hope in the book of Jeremiah is characteristic of the prophetic books of the Old Testament. These several prophetic voices (that gave canonical shape to the prophetic books) knew that this sequence is definingly important. There can be no hope until truth is told. Our temptation, of course, is to do the work of hope without the prior work of truth.

    Readers will find this collection of essays to be theologically rooted in the concept of prophetic tradition as a means of truth-telling. Brueggemann explores that, without God, truth-telling is nothing more than harping, and hope-telling is only wishful thinking.

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  • In The Footsteps Of Jesus Volume 1


    Walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is a tremendous privilege, but a privilege with significant responsibilities and challenges. Following Jesus is a process that begins with the realization that Jesus first calls the believer to walk with him despite the trials of our contemporary society.

    In the Footsteps of Jesus provides a method to follow the call of the Lord in the daily walk that all Christians are asked to make with the Lord. This volume focuses on three themes: Jesus Seeks Us, Responding to God’s Call, and Placing Our Hope and Trust in God.

    The content of this book will inspire believers in their daily walk with the Savior. Spending 15 minutes in Bible reading along with this companion book will help to provide spiritual guidance for the day. Thought-provoking questions at the end of each reflection will help to challenge the reader, sometimes raising deep and profound issues.

    Useful for sermon illustrations, this book will also benefit individual or group study as well as personal reading and reflection.

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  • Far Side Of The Sea


    A companion to his critically acclaimed album of the same title, this collection of writing and photographry by singer-songwriter Eric Peters, illuminates his songs and carries in it a poetry all its own.

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  • Full Of Your Glory


    This collection of essays explores the rich and diverse intersections between the world of liturgy and the worlds of creation and the cosmos. The intersections highlighted here include biblical, historical, visual, and musical materials as well as contemporary theological and pastoral challenges for worship today. The essays gathered in this volume were first presented at the 2018 Yale Institute of Sacred Music Liturgy Conference and are here made available to a wider audience. These essays are responses to the unprecedented attention to ecological and cosmological concerns, which call for sustained engagement by scholars and practitioners of liturgy.

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  • Christ The Cornerstone


    What does it mean to say Jesus is Lord?

    The late Anglican pastor John Stott–named as one of the 100 most influential people in 2005 by Time magazine-was committed to the notion that Jesus’ lordship has ramifications for all of life. Out of this conviction grew his contention that the whole mission of God includes both evangelism and social action. Christ the Cornerstone recovers several decades of his writings exploring the consequences of Jesus’ lordship from the pages of Christianity Today, including the regular “Cornerstone” column he wrote from 1977-1981. In them, he treats such diverse topics as Scripture, discipleship, the worldwide mission of the church, and social concerns such as the value of human life, care for animals, racial diversity, and economic inequality. Gain insight for today from the writings of a guiding light of evangelicalism.

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  • Architect Of Evangelicalism


    Discover the ongoing relevance of the essential evangelical.

    In recent years, the label “evangelical” has been distorted and its usefulness questioned. No one is better equipped to provide a clear understanding of evangelicalism than the late Carl F. H. Henry, the founding editor of Christianity Today and the most influential theologian of American evangelicalism in the twentieth century. While Billy Graham was preaching the gospel to stadiums full of people, Henry was working tirelessly to help Christians adopt a worldview that encompasses all of life. Architect of Evangelicalism helps us gain a better sense of the roots of American evangelicalism by giving us the best of Henry’s Christianity Today essays on subjects such as what defines evangelicalism, what separates it from theological liberalism, what evangelical Christian education should look like, and how evangelicals should engage with society.

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  • Dancing From The Inside Out


    Relatable essays focused primarily on being at a “certain stage of life” – A universal message of faith from a renowned speaker and author This collection of essays about ordinary events invites the reader to reflect on how God can be found throughout life. Matthews offers a personal and authentic voice that resonates with a wide audience–particularly women–in an easily accessible and understandable manner. These timely reflections are in keeping with the Most Rev. Michael B. Curry’s call to “live into being the Jesus Movement by committing to evangelism and the work of reconciliation– beginning with racial reconciliation . . . across the borders and boundaries that divide the human family of God.” Through thoughtful, poignant, humorous, and authentic reflections–shared from her journal and weekly email blogs–Matthews invites the reader to redefine themselves. This book is a wonderful resource for personal reflection, and a great gift for colleagues, friends, and family members.

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  • World Mission : Theology, Strategy, And Current Issues


    World missions needs a fully biblical ethos.

    This is the contention of the editors of and contributors to World Mission, a series of essays aimed at reforming popular approaches to missions.

    In the first set of essays, contributors develop a biblical theology of world missions from both the Old and New Testaments, arguing that the theology of each must stand in the foreground of missions, not recede into the background. In the second, they unfold the Great Commission in sequence, detailing how it determines the biblical strategy of all mission enterprises. Finally, they treat current issues in world missions from the perspective of the sufficiency of Scripture.

    Altogether, this book aims to reform missions to be thoroughly – not just foundationally – biblical, a needed correction even among the sincerest missionaries.

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  • Christianity And Pluralism


    Are the world’s great religions ultimately all the same?

    Christianity and Pluralism is a collection of concise yet thoughtful essays by J. I. Packer and Ron Dart, interacting with and responding to the four traditional models used to answer the existence of multiple faiths (exclusive, inclusive, pluralist, and syncretist), but focusing particularly that form of syncretism which claims that all faiths find commonality through their mystical traditions. Written in response to key events in the history of the Anglican church, Packer and Dart’s analysis gives us a perennially relevant model for how the church ought to respond to our own pluralistic culture with integrity and kindness – and how to uphold the distinctiveness of the gospel. Christians directly or indirectly engaging our pluralist world will find their ideas enriched by this short yet powerful book.

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  • Faith And Reason


    This work is an inspiring collection of essays written by professional philosophers who have converted to Roman Catholicism, explaining their reasons for that journey into the ancient Church.

    Twelve highly respected intellectuals whose professional training has honed their reasoning skills and whose vocation calls them to pursue the truth–come what may– give their compelling stories of why they embraced Catholicism. Among the twelve are well-known writers and teachers including Peter Kreeft, Edward Feser, Candace Vogler, J. Budziszewski, Robert Koons and others, with a Foreword by Francis Beckwith

    They understand that God has revealed it and God is Truth. Through what precise means God drew the wise men to follow the star to Bethlehem, we can only speculate. But we need not speculate here, for these essays detail the various perceptible means of grace God has used to draw these lovers of wisdom to Himself. In every case, reason has played a primary role. And this is fitting, for reason is our most noble faculty; fitting too, because God uses the bait most appropriate to those He seeks to lure.

    Of course, reason never forces faith upon a person. Yet it was the reasonableness of the Catholic faith, especially in contrast to other claimants (or wholesale denials) of supernatural revelation, that captured the attention of these professional philosophers and that cleared a space into which the seed of supernatural faith could be planted.

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  • Common Prayer : Reflections On Episcopal Worship


    Why worship? In this superb new collection of essays, lay people, clergy, poets, theologians, musicians, novelists, and scholars offer personal, profound, and provocative reflections on their experience of worship in The Episcopal Church. Through their flesh-and-blood stories of longing, loss, and love, we encounter the God who meets us in common prayer. With contributions from: Rhonda Mawhood Lee J. Neil Alexander Michael Battle Luisa Elena Bonillas Cameron Dezen Hammon Kelly Brown Douglas Rodney Clapp Melissa Deckman Kim Edwards Stephen Fowl Paul Fromberg Kathryn Greene-McCreight Stanley Hauerwas B. J. Heyboer Ian Markham Duane Alexander Miller Amy Peterson Spencer Reece Charles Robertson Sophfronia Scott Lauren Winner Fred Bahnson Rachel Marie Stone

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