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  • Really Radical Book For Kids


    The Really Radical Book for Kids continues the exciting dive into the roots of the Christian faith started in The Radical Book for Kids. More Bible exploration, more history, more secret codes, and more faith-filled direction for how to live as a believer in the here and now.

    Short chapters on a variety of topics will grab the interest of readers of all ages, from 8 to 80! Kids will learn about ancient kings, hilarious humor, legendary battles, and fierce snakes and dragons.They’ll discover unusual food to make, secret codes to break, fun crafts to try, and strange planes to fly. They’ll also uncover exciting ways to read the Bible, factual reasons to believe, stunning truths about God, and incredible examples of “radical” men and women who have gone before them and trusted Jesus in challenging times.

    The Really Radical Book for Kids?will spark curiosity and a love for God’s Word. ?

    *Sequel to the Christian Book Award winning?Radical Book for Kids.

    *Packed with fun, captivating, and age-appropriate content to help kids ages 8-14 learn more about how to read God’s powerful Word.

    *Rich biblical content (church history, apologetics, etc.) that will keep young readers’ attention.

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  • Discipleship For Kids


    Discipleship for Kids offers a straightforward, fun, and empowering pathway to help you teach faith fundamentals to children.

    Helping children discover the Christian life can feel daunting and overwhelming. How do we instill a lifelong love for Jesus, God, and the Bible? The good news is that we don’t have to have all the Bible knowledge in the world. Discipleship for Kids helps adults establish a strong faith foundation for the children in our lives. We learn along with our kids, one story and step at a time.

    Through this resource kids will learn how to become a Christian, have a strong understanding of Bible basics, and learn how to:

    *Walk with Jesus
    *Love the Bible
    *Pray to God
    *Tell the World

    Discipleship for Kids is designed for children to read alone or with an adult. It uses The Wheel, a longtime Navigator tool that provides a clear pathway through the priorities of the Christian life. Each chapter has features from fictional stories to key definitions and from interaction with corresponding verses for the topic and Scripture memory to questions to explore and discuss.

    This book is not about simply gaining information so you can get things just right for God. Obeying Jesus? Check! Prayer? Mastered that! Fellowship? Do that every week! Discipleship is never about perfecting the Christian life. It’s about moving forward with Jesus at the center.

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  • Acrostic Of Scripture


    The Acrostic of Scripture gives parents and teachers a unique way to teach theology to children and makes catechism fun! An alphabet of words introducing biblical theology, written to a rhyming beat, paints a detailed and varied portrait of the unfolding story of the Bible, as it is fulfilled by Jesus.

    Authors Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle have created The Acrostic of Scripture, to help children ages five to eleven learn theology so their “knowledge of God’s big picture is better.” The fourth release in the Acrostic Theology for Kids series, this book is fun to read, simple to memorize, and features illustrations from C. S. Fritz that shine with creativity.

    The Acrostic of Scripture includes a QR code in the back that can be scanned to listen to the audio version of the book which Timothy Brindle reads in rap style.

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  • Super Sized Book Of Bible Activities Elementary


    The Super-Sized books by RoseKidz are perennial favorites of Sunday school teachers, parents, and children’s leaders for a reason. The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities: Exploring Nature for Elementary is intended to help elementary-aged children experience and connect Biblical truths to the wonder of God’s creation in interactive ways. The lessons encourage kids to make full use of their senses. You will appreciate the ease in planning the lessons. By gathering basic supplies like paper towel rolls and toothpicks, you can teach several different nature lessons. All of the games, crafts, and activities were created especially for the interests and abilities of children ages five to ten.

    The Super-Sized Books series provides you with an ENORMOUS number of time-tested, kid-approved activities and games that reinforce Bible lessons and bring the fun back to learning These one-stop, must-have books are essential for every person teaching children God’s truth.

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  • Keeping Your Childrens Ministry On Mission


    Practical Strategies for Gospel-Centered Children’s Ministry

    When building a children’s ministry at a church, there is so much to consider: Which curriculum should we use? How many volunteers do we need? How do we keep parents in the loop? And that’s before we run into stalled check-in computers, missing activity sheets, and floors that need to be vacuumed. While all of the tasks of children’s ministry are important, leaders can get easily distracted with the everyday work of doing ministry and lose sight of the main focus–the gospel.

    Writing from personal ministry experience, Jared Kennedy shares a four-fold approach for gospel-centered, missional children’s ministry: hospitality, teaching, discipleship, and mission. This practical resource covers a variety of topics ranging from creating child protection policies to putting together lesson plans to catechism, helpful for children’s ministers and volunteers alike as they disciple children with the powerful message of the gospel.

    Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition.

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  • Garden The Curtain And The Cross Sunday School Lessons


    This six-session Sunday School curriculum is based on the bestselling storybook The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross and takes kids on a journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, thrilling them with God’s loving determination for his people to enjoy life with him.

    Featuring age-differentiated lesson plans for 2-4s, 5-8s, and 9-12s, this flexible resource will work for any size of kids’ group and is easy to use for any leader.

    Includes activity, craft, game and music ideas, along with an exclusive link and password for free downloadable resources.

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  • Super Sized Book Of Bible Activities Preschool


    The Super-Sized books by RoseKidz are perennial favorites of Sunday school teachers, parents, and children’s leaders for a reason. The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities: Exploring Nature for Preschool is intended to help children experience and connect Biblical truths to the wonder of God’s creation in interactive ways. The lessons encourage children to make full use of their senses. Teachers will appreciate the ease in planning the lessons. By gathering basic equipment like clear plastic jars, teachers and volunteers can teach several different nature lessons.

    Each lesson includes games, a “Note for Home” to help parents understand what is being taught, songs to help young children remember key truths, and plenty of great activities.

    The Super-Sized series provides you with an ENORMOUS number of time-tested, kid-approved activities and games that reinforce Bible lessons and bring the fun back to learning. These one-stop, must-have books are essential for every person teaching children God’s truth.

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  • Sweet Sound : The Power Of Discipling Kids In Worship


    A Yancy Ministries Inc. Title


    STOP just doing songs and START leading worship by making disciples who know what it means to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth.

    No matter our age, each one of us was designed to praise, and for our praise to shift the atmosphere and usher in freedom and deliverance. Our worship is a sacrifice unto the Lord-this includes the praises of children. It’s powerful. It’s beautiful. It’s sweet. Can you imagine children singing out, with their whole hearts, praises to their King? It’s quite possibly the sweetest sound you will ever hear! It matters. Jesus himself said, “From the lips of children and infants, you, Lord, have called forth your praise.” (Matthew 21:16)

    This book is full of prophetic, practical, and power-filled truth. It will change the way you view kids worship, as well as your own ability to lead. By using examples from the life of King David, as well as her own personal experiences, Yancy is purposed to empower you to raise up kids who desire to live a life of worship on a daily basis, not only on Sundays. This is about their future. Are you ready to be a part of that?

    Together let’s learn to lift up the Sweet Sound of praise we were made for!

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  • Every Age Every Stage


    Brought to you from the thought leaders in next generation, kids, and student ministries, Levels of Biblical Learning(c) has been the framework of a wise discipleship plan for babies through preteen Bible study resources taught at workshops, colleges, seminaries, and through the resources produced by LifeWay Christian Resources. Now, this tool has been expanded to include spiritual concepts and milestones for middle and high school students.

    Based on the principle that kids and teens learn and comprehend concepts differently as they grow in maturity, Levels of Biblical Learning outlines how to best understand different biblical concepts at various age levels. These concepts are categorized by ten concept areas: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Bible, Salvation, Creation, Church, People, Family, and Community and World. The book will equip ministry leaders and teachers as they prepare a vision for their ministries and teach biblical concepts in the classroom. It will also serve to equip parents to be their children’s primary Bible teachers, putting children and teens on the right path to a life of growth in biblical knowledge.

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  • Forming Resilient Children


    Many children today are growing up in the midst of adversity, whether family difficulties or larger societal crises.

    All children need to be able to deal with stress, cope with challenges, and persevere through disappointments. While we cannot protect children from all hardships, we can promote healthy development that fosters resilience. In this interdisciplinary work, Holly Catterton Allen builds a bridge between resilience studies and children’s spiritual formation. Because children are spiritual beings, those who work with them can cultivate spiritual practices that are essential to their thriving in challenging times. This book equips educators, counselors, children’s ministers, and parents with ways of developing children’s spirituality to foster the resilience needed to face the ordinary hardships of childhood and to persevere when facing trauma. It offers particular insight into the spiritual experiences of children who have been hurt by life through chronic illness, disability, abuse, or disasters, with resources for healing and hope.

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  • Acrostic Of God


    “Let’s read the Acrostic of God together
    to help you to make him your awesome treasure.
    We’ll read it, rap it, or sing it–it’s fun!
    Till Jesus comes back and his kingdom has come. . .
    He’s the Alpha and Omega, from A to Z;
    his beauty and his glory we were made to see.”

    The Acrostic of God is a joy to read and reread, and a wonderful tool to help kids absorb eternal truth about God.

    By giving children an alphabetical list of the titles and attributes of God written with a rhyming beat, Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle make The Acrostic of God fun to read and easy to memorize. Each characteristic, A to Z, weaves together a beautiful picture of God.

    Using the alphabet to teach about God has a rich history in the Bible, especially in the Psalms and Lamentations. Several of the psalms–notably Psalm 119–begin with letters of the Hebrew alphabet, forming an acrostic that spells out the entire alphabet.

    The authors make learning theology fun and effortless. Their book shows God as he is, not “just to know about him more in our brains, but to know him as the God of glory who reigns.”

    Illustrated by C. S. Fritz, The Acrostic of God is the first in the Acrostic Theology for Kids series that introduces children ages five to eleven to systematic theology uniquely on their age level.

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  • Super Sized Book Of Holidays Special Days And Celebrations Ages 5-10


    Packed with 250 Holiday and Celebration Activities for the Whole Year!

    Don’t just keep your kids busy, keep them learning with these exciting holiday and celebration lessons for children ages 5-10, all centered around Christ!

    The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations: Bible Activities for the Whole Year gives you the ease and flexibility to fill your calendar with plans, projects, and parties for many special occasions throughout the year. In this book you can:

    *Commemorate national holidays and tie them to important Bible lessons

    *Celebrate church holy days that will teach children about God’s love, grace, and will for their lives

    *Highlight special days such as birthdays and Teacher Appreciation Day

    *And more!

    Putting God in the Center of Celebrations

    The lessons in The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations remind kids that God created us and provided for our salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ. Whenever we are mindful of God during the special days we celebrate, we are giving God the glory for the blessings he has bestowed upon us. It is our prayer that by observing Christ-centered celebrations, our children will become firmly rooted in Christian principles and desire to live lives that will be pleasing to God.

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  • Complete Guide To Godly Play Volume 6


    Support, challenge, nourish, and guide children on their spiritual quest.

    Godly Play(R) is an imaginative approach to working with children, based on Montessori principles. It is more akin to spiritual direction and guidance than what we generally consider as religious education.

    Revised and expanded, The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Volume 6 offers new concepts and terminology, completely new illustrations, and a new structure that stems from more than ten years of using Godly Play with children across the world. More than 30 percent of the text is new or revised, including two new lessons, a revised Introduction, and a full Appendix.

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  • Top 50 Bible Stories About Jesus For Preschool Ages 2-5


    These Top 50 Bible Stories about Jesus for Preschool have everything you need to teach little ones ages two to five for a whole year! It’s filled with great Bible stories; step-by-step, easy-to-use instructions; fun activities; and TONS of reproducible pages. These lessons have the tools you need to reach young children with Bible stories about God’s Son, Jesus.

    The book is split into three sections (Jesus’ Birth and Childhood; Jesus’ Life and Ministy; and Jesus’ Last Days, Death, and Resurrection), with each chapter focusing on a specific Bible passage about Jesus.

    Each chapter includes:

    *Bible Story
    *Memory Verse
    *Discussion Questions
    *Instructions and Materials List (for crafts, games, puzzles, and snacks depending on the chapter)
    *Take-Home Paper

    The Top 50 series aims to create the top resources for children’s ministries. Some are created from top authors and teachers in children’s ministries. Others combine some of our best lessons from favorite RoseKidz products (previously Rainbow Publishers) into a new, updated format. Enjoy the quick and easy-to-use reproducible resources packed with lessons, activities, and crafts. Includes top lessons every child should know that are volunteer and child-friendly!

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  • Surprise Ending Childrens Sermons For Lent And Easter Cycle B


    “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” (Matthew 19:14). CSS Publishing is best known for our liturgical and sermon-based books. With A Surprise Ending!, CSS is going back to its roots where it originally got its name.

    CSS originally stood for Children’s Sermon Service and has published hundreds and hundreds of children’s sermons throughout its history. Many were originally written by founder Wesley Runk, and then others upon his retirement. This new volume is a perfect companion for all pastors with any amount of experience. Whether your congregation has never presented a children’s sermon during worship, or is well versed in the tradition, the contents of A Surprise Ending! will be sure to delight the children of your congregation (and the adults, too!)

    This anthology consists of some of the best children’s object-based lessons for Lent and Easter for Cycle B, pulled from CSS’ vast archive of children’s sermons. Each installment includes a detailed run-through of the lesson and activity. Easily found items are suggested before each message to help make the message clearer to your younger members.

    Children’s sermons included:
    -“Faith and Grace”- Second Sunday in Lent (Pt.2)
    -“A Surprise Ending”- Resurrection of the Lord
    -“Jesus Chose You”- Sixth Sunday of Easter

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  • Bobbie Baker And Kingdom Core Values Volume 1


    A Full Interactive Children’s Curriculum Experience

    Bobbie Baker is a klutzy, goofy, messy baker, with a beautiful heart, and his mission is to reflect Jesus to the children in your classroom! The Bobbie Baker and Kingdom Core Values curriculum offers a holistic solution for a supernatural children’s ministry that is grounded in core, biblical truth.

    In this fourteen-week adventure, children ages 5-10 will encounter truths that Bobbie Baker shares from his recipe book – the Bible. Each week, kids will explore a Biblical principle with Bobbie, discovering practical values like joy, God’s presence, healing, and more. Along the way, they will discover the Holy Spirit, grow in spiritual gifts, and get to know Jesus on a deeper level.

    Lessons include:
    *God is Good
    *Salvation Creates Joyful Identity
    *Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry
    *God is Still Speaking
    *Free and Responsible
    *Generous Like My Father
    *and so much more!

    Each lesson contains fun and thought-provoking activities – skits with Bobbie Baker, weekly Bible memorization games, step-by-step prophetic activations, and pre-planned, small-to-large group games.

    The concepts unpacked in each lesson are easy to understand and will empower children as they learn. This curriculum is your key to building a culture that emphasizes intimacy with Father God and supernatural ministry through fun and simple activities!Look for more adventures with Bobbie and his friends coming soon!

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  • God And Me Volume 1 Jesus And Me


    A Full Interactive Children’s Curriculum Experience

    There is no Junior Holy Spirit!

    Children’s ministry is meant to be an active, dynamic experience that extends far beyond “babysitting” on Sundays. God and Me: Volume 1 empowers the youngest of children (0-5 yrs) to begin to walk in their God-given identity and do the things Jesus did!

    Take your children on an anointed journey through twelve weeks of age-appropriate, customizable lessons that will help them learn to:
    *hear from God
    *pray for healing and breakthrough
    *worship God
    *make powerful declarations

    This fun, interactive curriculum provides the perfect starting point for a holistic, supernatural children’s ministry, grounded in core biblical truth. Each lesson has been intentionally crafted to model biblical principles, including activities and tools that will give every child a deep foundation in Scripture and a strong connection to the heart of God.

    So, what are you waiting for? Give the youngest children in your ministry an exciting start to the most important adventure of their lives – an adventure with God!

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  • New Testament Bible Activity Book


    48 pages of activities based on the New Testament. Reproducible for home or classroom use. Ages 6-10.

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  • Beyond The Childrens Corner


    Beyond the Children’s Corner is a practical handbook to help churches become more welcoming to children and families in worship. It encourages PCCs and ministry teams to reflect on the spiritual needs of children, the pastoral needs of families, and how to remove barriers and manage change effectively.

    Based on multiple training sessions and extensive casework, informed by research by the Church of England’s Life Events team and the Methodist Church, it explores:

    ? The changing needs of modern families;
    ? What tells you it’s time for change;
    ? ‘Quick wins’ to make the worship space more welcoming and spiritually imaginative;
    ? Engaging children in spiritually nourishing worship;
    ? Children and contemplative worship – what to do about noise;
    ? Building and sustaining relationships with families and children.

    Many books on All-Age Worship focus the service itself. Beyond the Children’s Corner explores how children and adults can be truly integrated as the church community, covering parents’ perspectives, the church building and the challenge of change as well as what happens in worship.

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  • Wondering About The Bible With Children


    Wondering about the Bible with Children encourages natural curiosity and wonder as they read the biblical faith stories.This book addresses the following questions:
    *How do we talk about miracle stories, healing stories, and the creation stories? What about violence?
    *What’s my role in helping children learn about the Bible and feel comfortable asking questions about what they read?
    *When kids ask about the relevancy of the Bible for today, what do we say?

    How we read and interpret the Bible with children may mean the difference between whether or not it will continue to be an important source for their faith development as they become young adults. We want to teach them in ways that they don’t have to unlearn later.

    Written by an expert in children’s ministry as a guide for anyone helping with the Celebrate Wonder Sunday school curriculum; however, it is relevant for all adults who want to explore ways to help children read, engage, wrestle, and grow into deeper understanding of the Bible. Wondering about the Bible with Children is for those who come to the Bible with souls open to be fed and who want their children to seek faith and wisdom.

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  • Nighty Night Narwhal


    In this sweet, humorous tale about an imaginative narwhal named Nolan, children and parents alike will giggle at, and likely recognize, all of Nolan’s excuses for avoiding bedtime. With soothing, rhyming text and whimsical, playful illustrations, this charming padded board book is sure to help little ones go from deep sea silliness to sweet, soothing dreams.

    Nolan the Narwhal tries to go to sleep. He really does. But he’s thirsty … and hungry … and there might be a giant sea horse in the closet … or under the bed … and his eyes won’t stay shut … and his horn is achy … and all the blankets are too hot … but no blankets are too cold … and maybe one more song would help … and one more story … that’s it! One more story and Nolan promises to go to bed.

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  • Top 50 Creative Bible Lessons Fun Activities For Preschoolers Ages 2-5


    Top 50 Creative Bible Lessons for Preschoolers has everything you need to teach children ages two to five for a whole year! It’s filled with great Bible stories; step-by-step, easy-to-use instructions; fun activities; and TONS of reproducible pages. These lessons have everything you need to reach young children with the good news of God’s amazing love.

    Each Bible Lesson for Preschoolers Includes:
    *Bible story plus visual
    *Memory verse and discussion questions
    *Take-home sheets (and coloring pages)
    *Step-by-step instructions and tips for kids Sunday school teachers
    *2-3 flexible Bible activity options, including Bible puzzles, Bible crafts, games, snack ideas (AND MORE!)

    Imagine having a full year of fun and age-appropriate lessons that include teacher-friendly activities. All materials are easy-to-find, making prep a snap! Easily adapt these flexible lessons to Sunday school, children’s church, midweek Bible study, Christian school classroom, or your family home. Packed with puzzles, games, crafts, and awesome Bible stories, these kids’ Bible lessons will keep your preschoolers actively involved in creative learning.

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  • Wonder That Is You


    A heartwarming book that beautifully captures the universal love and joy parents feel as they celebrate the arrival of their new child. A perfect gift for baby showers, baptisms, adoptions, birthdays, or any time you want to tell your little one how much they are loved.

    Every parent dreams of embracing their new child. When that dream comes true, it’s as if all of creation rejoices with them. In the tradition of Nancy Tillman’s On The Night You Were Born and Emily Winfield Martin’s The Wonderful Things You Will Be comes The Wonder That Is You by critically-acclaimed author Glenys Nellist.

    Something special happens when a child is in your arms as you read them this book. Something you and your little one will never, ever forget.

    It felt as if the world stood still
    The day my dream came true,
    And all creation paused to see
    The wonder that is you.

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  • Holy Moments : Activities For Teaching Children About Worship


    Holy Moments: Activities for Teaching Children About Worship is a library of activities created to help children fully understand how and why we worship together as a community of faith.

    These simple activities cover each of the elements of a typical traditional or contemporary worship service, and are perfect for adding holy moments to your children’s church, worship service, Sunday school, or children’s event.

    Parent letters and reproducibles are included to help the children and their families experience holy moments at home and connect them to what they have experienced at church.

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  • Friends With God Bible Lessons Old Testament


    You’re about to have 13 surprising visitors come to your Sunday school class…and change the way kids look at the Bible!

    Imagine what it would be like to have Abram himself drop in and share about the night God showed him a sky full of stars, and made a life-changing promise.
    Or picture the power of Moses delving into his adventures, bringing kids along to Egypt, the Red Sea…and freedom!

    And, if Naomi visited your classroom, how powerful would her story be, drawing kids into an epic journey with Ruth?

    Well, that’s just how real, surprising, and memorable your ministry is about to become! Each of these 13 hour-long lessons includes an interactive script in which a Bible character drops in on your classroom to share his or her incredible, true adventures–and bring kids (grades 1-5) along for the ride. Each of these Biblical accounts is told in the first person, inspired by the delightful Friends With God Story Bible (a great companion resource for your students). As kids explore the Bible story along with “the source,” they’ll discover that these action-packed, emotion-filled stories actually happened to real people.

    All you need is a hammy volunteer who can look the script over and be familiar with it–and willing to have fun with their role. You’ll be on-hand to pass out props and lead kids in joining the Bible adventure with all of their senses. Oh, and of course each lesson includes friend-making icebreakers, giggle-inducing games, creative crafts, and powerful prayer times to reach every kind of learner.

    This book includes reproducible pages.

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  • YouCat For Kids


    An exciting and fun new way to help children and parents to discover their Catholic faith together, and a great help for teachers in the classroom.

    In child-friendly language, accompanied by talking points for parents and teachers, YOUCAT for Kids explores:

    * Creation * The Creed * The Sacraments * The Ten Commandments * Prayer * The Life of Jesus

    All the much-loved characteristics of the bestselling YOUCAT series – including fun graphics, quotes from Saints, and thought-provoking images – have been adapted to suit a younger audience.

    Designed in consultation with parents and families, YOUCAT for Kids is an essential addition to every family bookshelf and Catholic school classroom.

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  • Friends With God Discover How To Read The Bible


    How Do I Read the Bible? The Bible is a big, big, BIG book. Kids might think it’s hard to read. Where do you start? How much should you read? What if you don’t understand it? How will you ever finish it? This hands-on book shows your kids what the Bible is all about-its thrilling stories, its jaw-dropping surprises, and why it’s all so important. Bible characters will show kids just how easy it can be to read and understand God’s Word. They’ll be expert Bible readers in no time!Here’s a sneak peek at the book’s introduction from Jesus… From “once upon a time” to “happily ever after,” you know a good story when you read one. The Bible is the ultimate true story. It tells us what God has done from the beginning of time, what’s going to happen at the end of the world, and some of the best stuff in between. But what are all these stories for? And why should you read them? I’m here to tell you! God created the Bible to help you discover how much God loves you and wants to be with you as your forever friend. All the stories, poems, prophecies, and letters in the Bible give you the answers to life’s questions and problems. So now you can grow closer to God no matter what you’re going through. That’s because I’m always with you. And the Bible can help you remember that. How should you read the Bible? With an open heart and an open mind to understand just how much God loves you. Because God really, really, really loves you, my friend. Your friend, Jesus

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  • Friends With God Discover How To Pray


    God loves your kids so much! And God loves talking with your kids, too. There are lots of ways to pray, and tons of things to pray about. This fun book shows kids just how easy it is to talk with God-anytime, anywhere, and in so many ways. They’ll be joined by 30 friends of God from the Bible who’ll tell kids what prayer means to them. Plus you’ll find prayer prompts, sample prayers, and verses that show your kids what the Bible says about prayer. Here’s a sneak peek at the book’s introduction from Jesus… God loves you so much and wants you to be his friend. And friends talk to each other. That’s what prayer is-talking to God, your friend. This book will show you what prayer is and how you can do it. Prayer can be fun, and you’ll discover lots of great ways to tell God how you feel and what you’re thinking about. So join me and other friends of God to discover how prayer can make you happier, smarter, and kinder. It’s going to be fun! Your friend, Jesus  

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  • Learning To Use My Bible Leader Guide


    Learning to Use My Bible provides opportunities for kids ages 7-9 to acquire and practice skills that will help them understand how to use the Bible, feel comfortable using the Bible, and build a foundation for studying the Bible.

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  • Learning To Use My Bible Student Guide


    Learning to Use My Bible provides opportunities for kids ages 7-9 to acquire and practice skills that will help them understand how to use the Bible, feel comfortable using the Bible, and build a foundation for studying the Bible.

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