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Deborah Pegues

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  • 1 Minute Money Mentor For Women


    Let Your Biggest Money Fears…Disappear

    Money-and all the fears that come with it-can easily consume your days. That’s why Deborah Smith Pegues, a certified public accountant and bestselling author, wants to give you the financial know-how and insider secrets that will set you free.

    No matter your stage of life-single or married, young or not-so-young-and no matter how much you make, you’ll find useful tips and answers to your difficult questions, such as…
    *What am I really worth in the workplace?
    *Can I find lasting freedom from debt?
    *What’s the difference between a CD and a 401(k)?
    *How can I overcome emotional spending?
    *What will it take to prepare for the future?

    With warmth and wisdom, Deborah empowers you to take charge of your money and conquer the bad habits, fears, and uncertainties that thwart stability and success.

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  • Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices


    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    Even people with great intelligence and great experience can fall victim to bad choices. The only way to avoid those bad choices is to understand the keys to making smart ones.

    Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices takes you on a journey with some of the Bible’s smartest people-such as Abraham and Sarah, David, and Peter-who also made some not-so-smart decisions. By looking at the choices they made, readers will discover the keys to avoiding similar mistakes and will learn principles that will keep them on the road to good decision-making.

    Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices provides ten keys to making smart decisions, including

    establishing the right relationships
    gathering the right information
    setting the right priorities
    choosing the right pathway
    The principles of smart decision-making found in this book will be helpful to anyone confronted with important choices-from the housewife and mom trying to manage the challenges of her busy day to the college student choosing his or her friends to the leader trying to figure out the best direction for his organization.

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