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Dennis Bickers

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  • Art And Practice Of Bivocational Ministry


    “It’s a balancing act.

    If you are a bivocational pastor, you are familiar with the stresses, complications, and unique hurdles that come with bivocational ministry. You have a special calling.

    In The Art and Practice of Bivocational Ministry, Dennis Bickers provides solid advice to help you succeed in your ministry while juggling a full-time job and a family at home. Along with his seasoned insights, you will find true-to-life case studies of challenges bivocational ministers face daily. More than just a guide, this book is a mentor in print and an invaluable resource for anyone balancing part-time ministry with a full-time job.”

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  • Healthy Community : Moving Your Church Beyond Tunnel Vision


    Churches in America are dying. It s a sad reality, but statistics show that some 3,000 churches close their doors permanently every year. What does it take for a church today to remain healthy? How can pastors lead their churches into the future as strong, thriving communities?

    In The Healthy Community, church leaders will be able to diagnose the problems that may exist in their own church and understand what it looks like when a church is lacking healthy essentials such as a doctrinal statement, grace, a mission, pastoral leadership, and discipled believers.

    This book is an important first step for pastors who want to lead their churches towards health, and avoid becoming another statistic.

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  • Healthy Small Church


    Like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, a healthy church balances the well-being of its individual members with that of the entire church. If a church is afflicted with unhealthy issues, such as feelings of unimportance, a lack of vision, exclusivity, limited resources, or unbalanced leadership, then its health is threatened and it may eventually die. But an unhealthy church can get well and experience vital physical and spiritual growth.

    In The Healthy Church, Dennis Bickers diagnoses those things that can threaten the life of your church and prescribes practical remedies for treatment. He emphasizes that maintaining a healthy church means preventing problems from developing by first recognizing their symptoms and then acting accordingly.

    Become a healthy church that:
    *Has a positive self-image
    *Shares a common vision that creates a sense of purpose and unity
    *Maintains community while still warmly welcoming new visitors
    *Practices the importance of faithful stewardship and financial support
    *Understands ministry to be the responsibility of all the members of the church
    *Encourages everyone to serve according to his or her spiritual gifts-not by seniority or guilt.

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