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Donal Simmons

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  • Organizational Leadership : Foundations And Practices For Christians



    Section 1: Theological Foundations For Christian Leadership

    Chapter 1: Called To Lead: How Do I Know? Timothy G. Dolan

    Chapter 2: Leadership In The Context Of A Christian Worldview Gayne J. Anacker And John R. Shoup

    Chapter 3: Towards A Biblical Theology Of Leadership Rick Langer

    Section 2: Theoretical Foundations For Christian Leadership

    Chapter 4: The Leadership River: Historical Currents Of Management And Leadership Theory John S. (Jack) Burns

    Chapter 5: The Sea Of Complexity: Emerging Understandings Of Management, Leadership, And Organizations John S. (Jack) Burns

    Section 3: Key Skills And Practices In Christian Leadership

    Chapter 6: A Christian Context For Interpersonal And Organizational Communication
    Ronald K. Pyle

    Chapter 7: Conflict And Negotiation John S. (Jack) Burns

    Chapter 8: Decision-Making Theory, Strategies And Skills John R. Shoup, Chris McHorney

    Chapter 9: Christian Leadership And Financial Integrity: Temptation, Transformation And Transparency R. Scott Rodin

    Chapter 10: Sustaining The Leader Timothy G. Dolan


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    Kingdom leadership does not begin and end at the church door. Christians are called to conduct leadership in government, commerce, schools, neighborhoods, families, para-church ministries and a myriad other contexts. God has given us many gifts, and our responsibility is to be stewards of those gifts, and use them to do the King’s work. In that context, this comprehensive text explores key facets of leadership from a Christian worldview so as to equip people to conduct leadership more authentically than would be possible under alternative paradigms. The book begins with the seldom considered theological foundations of leadership while also tracing the historic roots of management, organization and leadership theories. All of this leads to a robust discussion of five essential challenges and practices–communication, negotiation, decision-making, financial stewardship and personal development. The combined efforts of these experts in the field provide a practical theology of leadership from a Christian worldview for emerging and established leaders. Here is the foundation needed for those who want to conduct leadership in a manner consistent with their faith in both religious and nonreligious organizational contexts.

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