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Donald Clifton

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  • Living Your Strengths


    American churches are experiencing a power shortage, declare the authors of “Living Yours Strengths.” “People aren’t harnessing the power of their innate gifts.”

    Does this message sound familiar? Have you felt disconnected from your church lately? Are you not attending as much? Or maybe you’re a passionate member who wants to become even more involved, and would also like to inspire others.

    Whatever the case, more than half of churchgoers report that they don’t get to do what they do best in their congregations. And this is driving people away. But it doesn’t have to be this way. “Living Your Strengths” shows all members how to use their innate gifts to enrich their congregations – right now. It teaches you to identify and affirm your talents, and how to use them for growth and service.

    Personal stories and actionable advice for the spiritually committed, all rooted in a decades of research.

    Even in a country as religious as the U.S., many people feel disengaged from their faith communities. More than half report that they really don’t get the opportunity in their congregation to do what they do best. People just feel disconnected.

    Maybe it’s because those faith communities make unwitting missteps: Pastors ask shy people to be Greeters, or recruit innately disorganized people to coordinate church events.

    The problem is simply this: Too many people’s talents are going unappreciated. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Living Your Strengths shows readers how to use their innate gifts to enrich their faith communities. The book — written by onetime pastors Albert Winseman and Curt Liesveld, and Donald O. Clifton, co-author of the national bestseller Now, Discover Your Strengths — shows people how to identify and affirm their talents, and how to use them for growth and service. Most importantly, Living Your Strengths helps people discover their true calling.

    The book includes an ID code that gives readers access to, a personality assessment that reveals user’s top 5 talent themes. Spiritual enrichment begins with turning talents into strengths. Living Your Strengths is an indispensable guide to help readers to just that.

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  • How Full Is Your Bucket (Anniversary)


    Based on a simple metaphor, the book features powerful stories, actionable strategies and breakthrough discoveries from a 50-year study. Includes a toolkit with a new Gallup positivity test and a personality assessment made popular by Gallup’s previous bestseller (over 1 million completes).

    Organized around a simple metaphor of a dipper and a bucket – already familiar to thousands of people – How Full Is Your Bucket? shows how even the smallest interactions we have with others every day profoundly affect our relationships, productivity, health and longevity. Coauthor Donald O. Clifton studied the effects of positive and negative emotions for half a century, and he and his colleagues interviewed millions of people around the world. Their discoveries contributed to the emergence of an entirely new field: Positive Psychology. These same discoveries are at the heart of How Full Is Your Bucket?

    Clifton, who also coauthored the bestseller Now, Discover Your Strengths, penned How Full Is Your Bucket? with grandson Tom Rath. Written in an engaging, conversational style, their book includes colorful stories and five strategies for increasing positive emotions, and it features an online test that measures readers’ Positive Impact.

    How Full Is Your Bucket? is a quick, breezy read. It will immediately help readers boost the amount of positive emotions in their lives and in the lives of everyone around them. The book is sure to inspire lasting changes in all who read it, and it has all the makings of a timeless classic.

    The expanded anniversary edition includes updated research and content and a workbook for individual and team development.

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  • Now Discover Your Strengths


    SKU (ISBN): 9780743201148ISBN10: 0743201140Donald CliftonBinding: Cloth TextPublished: January 2001Publisher: Simon And Schuster

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