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Greg Hershberg

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  • Dont Die In Your Sins


    People are obsessed with life; no one wants to die. In fact, we are scared to death of dying.

    Most of us are familiar with the saying, “You only live once.” But we have to ask ourselves an all-important question: What happens to us after we die?

    For most people, death is either a great mystery or a subject of great denial. However, the fact remains – we all die. What if this life is not all there is? What if there actually is life after death? If so, who can tell us what happens after we die? Because of His firsthand experience in heaven and His knowledge of the future, Jesus can. He presents us with three basic truths about the subject of life after death:

    1. There is life after death.
    2. There are two destinations from which everyone must choose.
    3. There is a way to ensure you make the right choice.

    Right now, you may be dying of thirst, but you don’t have to perish in your thirst. Likewise, you may be overcome with sin, but you don’t have to die in your sins. There is something you can do, right now, to ensure that when you die, you will have everlasting life and happiness.

    The most important thing you must do in this life is to make sure you don’t die in your sins.

    God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. – John 3:17 (NLT)

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  • Life For God


    To grasp the depth and height of the great I AM and to live life with the end (eternity) in sight is a believer’s most significant accomplishment. Within each of His chosen people, God has placed a desire to know Him, to worship Him, and to live victoriously for Him. He has shown us how to have the right perspective concerning this life and the one to come. And what God starts, He finishes.

    Come, let Messianic Rabbi Greg Hershberg open the Torah and give you glimpses of the incredible love and character of our God. Let him point you to the Savior through the offerings of Leviticus and the mournful lament of Psalm 22. Let him guide you through the greatest commandment as you learn to say “no” to yourself, pick up your execution-stake, and follow the great I AM.

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  • From The Projects To The Palace


    Olive Press Publisher (

    The author grew up in the Bronx section of New York City in the 1960’s. His family lived in one of the monstrously tall, low income buildings that look more like a row of prisons than homes. As a teenager his future looked bleak, to say the least, although he had a few positive influences in his life. However, even following those could not untangle him from his meager background nor satisfy the emptiness within. In the end find out what was able to do both for him. He managed to come out of the housing projects and become a very successful businessman. Since then he has been able to help others find freedom from their limitations. Today he is influencing people all over the world, making a difference in their lives.

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