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Greg Ogden

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  • Discipleship Essentials : A Guide To Building Your Life (Expanded)


    A Word From The Author
    Getting The Most From Discipleship Essentials

    Part One: Growing Up In Christ
    1. Making Disciples
    2. Being A Disciple
    3. Quiet Time
    4. Bible Study
    5. Prayer
    6. Worship

    Part Two: Understanding The Message Of Christ
    7. The Three-Person God
    8. Made In God’s Image
    9. Sin
    10. Grace
    11. Redemption
    12. Justification
    13. Adoption

    Part Three: Becoming Like Christ
    14. Filled With The Holy Spirit
    15. Fruit Of The Holy Spirit
    16. Trust
    17. Love
    18. Justice
    19. Witness

    Part Four: Serving Christ
    20. The Church
    21. Ministry Gifts
    22. Spiritual Warfare
    23. Walking In Obedience
    24. Sharing The Wealth
    Bonus Section: Money
    Appendix: Building A Discipleship Ministry
    Leader’s Guide

    Additional Info
    We grow in Christ as we seek him together. Jesus’ own pattern of disciple-making was to be intimately involved with others and allow life to rub against life. By gathering in twos or threes to study the Bible and encourage one another, we most closely follow Jesus’ example with the twelve disciples.

    This workbook by Greg Ogden is a tool designed to help you follow this pattern Jesus drew for us. Working through it will deepen your knowledge of essential Christian teaching and strengthen your faith.

    Each week contains the following elements:
    *a core truth presented in a question-and-answer format
    *a memory verse and accompanying study
    *a field-tested inductive Bible study
    *a reading on the theme for the week
    *questions to draw out key principles in the reading

    This material is designed for groups of three. It has also been used successfully as an individual study program, a one-on-one discipling tool, and small group curriculum. This expanded and completely updated edition includes a new guide for leaders.

    Jesus had a big enough vision to think small. Focusing on a few did not limit his influence. Rather, it expanded it. Discipleship Essentials is designed to help us influence others as Jesus did?by investing in a few.

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  • Essential Guide To Becoming A Disciple


    What am I committing to when I say I want to follow Jesus? Using the Great Commission to explore the mission to make disciples as well as the core characteristics that identify us as Jesus’ followers, this guide lays the foundation for a life in Christ. Following the popular and effective design of his curriculum Discipleship Essentials that sold over 250,000 copies, Greg Ogden has included the following elements in each of the eight sessions: a memory verse a Bible study a reading life application Whether you are mentoring one-on-one or in a small group, this essential guide will serve as an ideal on-ramp into the discipleship journey.

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  • Transforming Discipleship : Making Disciples A Few At A Time (Expanded)


    Introduction: A Story Of Transformation

    Part I: The Discipleship Deficit: What Went Wrong And Why
    1. The Discipleship Gap: Where Have All The Disciples Gone?
    2. The Discipleship Malaise: Getting To The Root Causes

    Part II: Doing The Lord’s Work In The Lord’s Way: The Bible As A Method Book
    3. Why Jesus Invested In A Few
    4. Jesus’ Preparatory Empowerment Model
    5. Paul’s Empowerment Model: Spiritual Parenting

    Part III: Multiplying Reproducing Discipleship Groups: Church-Based Strategy For Disciple Making
    6. Life Investment: It’s All About Relationships
    7. Multiplication: Through The Generations
    8. Transformation: The Four Necessary Ingredients
    9. Practicalities Of Disciple Making
    10. The Role Of Preaching In Making Disciples

    Appendix 1: Frequently Asked Questions
    Appendix 2: Critical Considerations For Growing A Reproducing Disciple-Making Ministry
    Appendix 3: The Importance Of Curriculum

    Additional Info
    Many church leaders, yearning for church growth, look to the latest evangelistic strategies or seeker-targeted worship services. But lack of growth might not be due to lack of concern for new people-it may be because we are not effectively discipling the people we already have.

    Greg Ogden address the need for discipleship in the local church and recovers Jesus’ method of accomplishing life change by investing in just a few people at a time. Ogden sets forth his vision for transforming both the individual disciple and discipleship itself, showing how discipleship can become a self-replicating process with ongoing impact from generation to generation.

    This revised and updated edition includes a new chapter on discipleship and preaching.

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  • Essential Commandment : A Disciples Guide To Loving God And Others


    Getting The Most From The Essential Commandment
    Introduction: Jesus Believes It Is Possible! .

    1 The Essential Commandment Explained

    Part One: Love The Lord Your God . . . With All Your HEART
    2. A Broken And Contrite Heart
    3. A Listening Heart

    Part Two: Love The Lord Your God . . . With All Your SOUL
    4. Our Soul Thirsts For God
    5. Our Souls . . . Fully Alive . . . To The Glory Of God

    Part Three: Love The Lord Your God . . . With All Your MIND
    6. Having The Mind Of Christ
    7. Transformation Of The Mind

    Part Four: Love The Lord Your God . . . With All Your STRENGTH
    8. Focusing Your Energy
    9. Growing Healthy Bodies

    Part Five: Love Your NEIGBHOR As Yourself
    10. Have Mercy For Those In Need
    11. Love Those Who Would Do You Harm
    12. Demonstrate Compassion: Loves Evidence

    Appendix A: How Are We To Understand The Essential Commandment?

    Appendix B: Building A Discipleship Ministry

    Additional Info
    Is it really possible to live out the Great Commandment? In this practical, in-depth handbook which follows the format of his bestselling “Discipleship Essentials”, Greg Ogden draws from his years of pastoral experience training and discipling others to help us be changed by Christ into people who love God and others with all that we are.

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  • Leadership Essentials : Shaping Vision Multiplying Influence Defining Chara


    Introduction: The Art Of Multiplying Influence

    Part One: The Character Of A Leader
    1 Holy
    Developing A Vision Of Christlike Character
    2 Habitual
    Cultivating Spiritual Disciplines To Sustain Our Leadership
    3 Humble
    Keeping Watch Over Our Souls

    Part Two: The Posture Of A Leader
    4 Kneeling
    Embracing Servant Love As Our Primary Model
    5 Teaming
    Building Teams To Accomplish Our Corporate Mission
    6 Stewarding
    Stewarding Our Gifts, Passions And Personality

    Part Three: The Vision Of A Leader
    7 The Compelling Christ
    Loving Passionately The Compelling Christ
    8 Embracing The Kingdom
    Engaging People In Mission
    9 Helping Others See
    Lifting People Out Of Lethargy And Inertia

    Part Four: The Shaping Of A Leader
    10 Taming Temptation
    Facing The Dangers Of Money, Sex And Power
    11 Conquering Criticism
    Handling Criticism With Humility And Fortitude
    12 Defeating Dragons
    Addressing Disappointment, Frustration, Anger And Depression

    Additional Info
    As essential as the leadership itself is the preparation beforehand, which is why Greg Ogden, a seasoned leader himself, has created this interactive guide that will give you the tools you need to lead well, using your unique gifts and experience.

    Divided into four sections, this workbook will help you develop character, postures, vision and skills as you participate in the following elements in each chapter:

    a memory verse
    a Bible study
    a reading
    a leadership exercise

    By working through these multiple channels of learning you’ll be equipped not just with head knowledge about leadership but with true character formation and awareness of your own abilities that will prepare you for the challenges and choices of leadership.

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