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Gregory Boyd

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  • Is God To Blame


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830823949ISBN10: 0830823948Gregory BoydBinding: Trade PaperPublished: October 2003Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Satan And The Problem Of Evil


    Where does evil come from?
    If there is a sovereign creator God, as Christian faith holds, is this God ultimately responsible for evil?
    Does God’s sovereignty mean that God causes each instance of sin and suffering?
    How do Satan, his demons and hell fit into God’s providential oversight of all creation and history?
    How does God interact with human intention and action?
    If people act freely, does God know in particular every human decision before the choice is made?

    In this important book Gregory A. Boyd mounts a thorough response to these ages-old questions, which remain both crucial and contentious, both practical and complex.

    In this work Boyd defends his scripturally grounded trinitarian warfare theodicy (presented in God at War) with rigorous philosophical reflection and insights from human experience and scientific discovery. Critiquing the classical Calvinist solution to the problem of evil, he advocates an alternative understanding of the sovereignty of the trinitarian God and of the reality of Satan that sheds light on our fallen human condition.

    While all may not agree with Boyd’s conclusions, Satan & the Problem of Evil promises to advance the church’s discussion of these critical issues.

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  • God Of The Possible (Reprinted)


    1. The Classical View Of Divine Foreknowledge
    2. The God Who Faces A Partially Open Future
    3. What Difference Does It Make?
    4. Questions And Objections
    176 Pages

    Additional Info
    Perhaps no theological topic is more hotly debated within evangelical Christianity these days than God’s foreknowledge. Is the future exhaustively settled, or does it include possibilities (maybes)? In encountering such questions, a growing number of evangelicals are becoming dissatisfied with the classical view of foreknowledge and have accepted an alternative, open view of God. In God of the Possible theologian Greg Boyd offers an accessible introduction to the freewill theism position.

    Boyd begins by laying out and critiquing the “motif of future determinism,” which forms the basis of the classical view of foreknowledge. He goes on to explicate several scripture passages that depict the future as partially open and that God therefore knows it as such. He then discusses some practical areas in which he thinks the open view can make a positive difference. Finally, Boyd addresses the most frequently asked questions and typical objections raised against the open view. An appendix explores other passages supporting the open view of God and the future.

    Exploring issues of foreknowledge, freedom, and the future, Boyd presents biblical, theological, and philosophical insights into the openness issue in this introductory, yet provocative, book. While geared particularly for a lay readership, more advanced students of theology will also benefit from his presentation.

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  • God At War


    A compelling new look at the age-old problem of evil! Stepping over the Augustinian view that attributes evil to the “good” purposes of God, Boyd argues that evil can be understood only in the biblical context of spiritual conflict between God and Satan. His thought-provoking analysis will prove illuminating to scholars, pastors, and interested laypeople.

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