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  • Faith Over Fear

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    Drive fear and worry from your heart and mind as you place your focus on the Word of God and embrace the peace that surpasses all understanding with the true stories, Bible verses, and prayers found in this uplifting devotional from Guideposts.

    How can you transcend your darkest moments in order to move forward? How can you overcome worry and anxiety? Simply put, you can do this through faith. Faith over Fear offers 100 heartfelt and inspiring messages of strength and peace from God’s Word that you can hold on to during times of anxiety and worry.

    This thematic devotional from Guideposts–a beloved and trusted source of biblical encouragement for nearly eighty years–will remind you that you are not alone, that God is with you, no matter what challenges you’re facing. Every entry helps you:

    *Meet God in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty
    *Find confidence in God’s goodness and His plan for the world and your life
    *Overcome your daily worries as you immerse yourself in God’s truth

    Each of the five-minute devotions in Faith over Fear includes:

    *A timely, inspirational verse from Scripture
    *A true, first-person story about ways God speaks to us in the ordinary events of life
    *A thoughtful prayer designed to help you apply the day’s theme
    *Additional Bible verses for further study and reflection

    God does not promise there will be no trials or heartache in life, but He does assure you that He will comfort and soothe you, whatever situation comes your way.

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  • Angels In Our Midst


    Angels In Our Midst is a special Guideposts collection of true stories in which ordinary human beings have had rather extraordinary encounters with heavenly messengers. In the Bible there are angels to be read about from Genesis to Revelation, and you’ll find many of them in the pages. You’ll even meet angels who visit us today a learn a bit about the messages they have to convey. In this book you are invited to ponder the tales of ministering spirits who by their presence provide not just succor, but the reassuring evidence of a loving God who is forever watching over us. And when you finish it’s likely you will have a new appreciation of phenomenon that heretofore you may have only sensed. This inspirational book of angels will cause you to look back over your life and recall certain inexplicable happenings that left you puzzled or in awe. It is then that you will understand some of the mystery and beauty of the events related in these stories. Gradually your understanding will deepen, so that you, too, may hear what the poet Betty Banner has heard as “the swish of passing wings.” Angels In Our Midst was created by the editors of Guideposts Magazine, a monthly magazine filled with true stories of people’s adventures in faith. Founded by the late Norman Vincent Peale, the magazine appeals to a wide spectrum of American believers and has a circulation of over four million readers.

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