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Book Of Job


Packed with visuals, reflections, and space for journaling, the 6-session Book of Job Bible study helps you dive deep into key questions about faith and suffering. Perfect for groups and individuals, it includes a FREE leader’s guide, so you don’t need to be an expert to lead a group study!

Who is responsible? How could this happen to me? Why would God allow this? Have you ever asked questions like these? Some of us may never get the answers to these questions, which is why God gave us the Book of Job. While Job’s story may not answer every question we have, studying his story can help us hold on to faith and hope while living through life’s mysteries.

Enjoy Rose Visual Bible Study’s Simple, Easy-to-Use Format

Each of the 6 sessions guides you (and your group) through the following sections:

*Introduction Simple overview to get started.

*Read It Key Bible passages and optional reading.

*Know It Discussion questions with space for writing.

*Explore It Summaries of key information, easy-to-read outlines, charts, full-color illustrations, and more.

*Live It Devotional reading and life application questions, a short prayer, and space for note-taking & journaling.

Job is living the good life. He is a devout man blessed with good health, a large family, and material wealth, until one day it is all taken away. Yet amid his deep sorrow, Job continues to trust in the Lord. While he struggles to make sense of his desperate situation and respond to the explanations his friends offer for his appalling losses, he also grows in faith and humility, personally explores the problems of evil and injustice, re-evaluates traditional ideas around prosperity and suffering, and even finds purpose hiding beneath his pain.

This six-week study covers key themes in the Book of Job that will help you discover the strength of enduring faith and the ability to reach out and help others who are facing life’s toughest challenges. The six sessions include:

*Job’s Pain
*Job’s Friends
*Job’s Redeemer
*Job’s Refinement
*Job’s Reality
*God’s Answer
*PLUS: Free Leader’s Guide

Key Features of the Book of Job Rose Visual Bible Study

Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with full-color visuals that show key information at a glance! With their easy-to-use format–read it, know it, explore it, and live it–these six-week inductive studies are perfect for gaining a deeper insight into God’s Word. Key features include:

*Short, concise lessons for peopl

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SKU (ISBN): 9781496490360
ISBN10: 1496490363
Compiled by: Rose Publishing
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2024
Rose Visual Bible Studies
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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