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Leadership Is Overrated


An award-winning pair of executive consultants reveal why to be successful, businesses need self-leading teams, not just good leadership.

“In a society so obsessed with leadership, why are we so bad at it?”

Despite the countless seminars, courses, and management books designed to hone good leaders, over 79% of employees leave their jobs due to poor leadership. Why is this happening? Award-winning executive consultant Chris Mefford and retired, high-ranking US Navy SEAL trainer Kyle Buckett argue that organizations need more than just leaders. They need successful teams.

Mefford and Buckett are passionate about how our leadership model has failed and spotlight a new work culture that actually works. In Leadership Is Overrated, they draw on the SEAL model and on their decades of knowledge and experience coaching industry leaders to answer the question: what makes a productive team? The surprising truth is that behind every successful team is a cadre of empowered, self-starting employees.

In this revolutionary guide, Mefford and Buckett share crucial leadership strategies to help organizations revamp their work culture, throw out stifling hierarchical leadership models, and embrace a dynamic, results-oriented, and successful self-led team-oriented model instead.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780063209909
ISBN10: 006320990X
Kyle Buckett | Chris Mefford
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: August 2023
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers


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