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Empowered To Love


Discover how to build a fulfilling, God-honoring marriage that you both love.

When life throws us non-stop challenges and curveballs, how can we have any hope of building a fulfilling and intimate marriage? How do we move from stressed and stretched to energized and inspired, finding the strength to transform both our lives and relationship?

Robert Paul and Tara Lalonde equip husbands and wives with practical, biblically-based tools to transform their personal lives and grow their marriage into something they’ll both love. Instead of just passively hoping and praying for something better, couples will actively embark on a journey of caring for themselves and their most important relationship. In Empowered to Love, you will discover:

*Practical strategies for better self-care, enabling you to bring the best, healthiest, and most-whole version of you to your marriage.

*Thought-provoking exercises designed to empower you as an individual while fostering deeper connections with your spouse.

*Ways to pursue and significantly increase the romance in your marriage.

*Stories about marriage that will help you identify what relationship strategies work best

*Insights on forgiveness, your responsibility as a spouse, and caring for your emotions

Invest in your future, both as an individual and as a spouse. Embark on a transformative journey that will help both you and your marriage thrive.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781646071135
ISBN10: 1646071131
Robert Paul | Tara Lalonde
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2024
Publisher: Focus On The Family


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