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Names Of God Devotional Study With Video Access


Get refreshed and equipped with seven powerful names of God in this highly engaging and interactive devotional study (with FREE guided video content from the author) ! Packed with fresh insights, word studies, cultural context, thought-provoking reflections, and practical action steps, these studies will give you a solid understanding of God’s character so you can find peace and hope amidst life’s toughest moments.

Our world is a scary place. Focusing on the chaos can paralyze us with fear, but instead, we can anchor ourselves in the truth of who God is, and live unafraid. The Living Unafraid devotional study will help you build an unshakeable foundation of trust in God by empowering you with God’s character as revealed through his names in Scripture. Each of the seven chapters in this devotional study book explores:

*A powerful name of God (including pronunciation, scripture reference, translation, prayer, and a word study)

*FREE accompanying video insights, accessible online (optional)

*Key background information, in-depth overviews, and cultural context

*Fresh insights, practical action steps, and eye-opening reflections questions

*And so much more!

How to Use the Names of God Living Unafraid Book & Video Study

Whether you’re looking to refresh and energize your faith or seeking support and hope in a season of suffering, Living Unafraid has something for everyone within its rich studies.

*Read this book, with a small group or a book club, or by inviting a friend to study with you one-on-one.

*Read one session per sitting and then complete the study questions.

*Dive into the FREE (optional) author insights video included in each chapter.

*Meet with your group, share an ‘aha moment’ you experienced while reading the session, and then learn from one another’s insights as you share answers to the questions.

Each session also ends with a prayer you can speak aloud so that its life-giving words nourish your soul. Then expect God to answer.

Unpacking Seven of God’s Names in Living Unafraid

God’s names describe who he is, revealing his holy nature, steadfast promises, unwavering protection, and fierce love. Living Unafraid equips you with the meanings behind seven of God’s names to help you overcome fears and life’s challenges:

*Yahweh–“I am who I am.” God is self-existent and yet desires relationship.
*Yahweh Tzidkenu–The Lord Is Our Righteousness. Jesus has redeemed us.
*Yahweh Rohi–The Lord Is My Shepherd

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SKU (ISBN): 9781496486417
ISBN10: 1496486412
Grace Fox
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2024
Publisher: Aspire Press – Hendrickson Publishing Group


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