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Dennis Rainey

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  • Moments With You (Reprinted)


    What is the true secret to spiritual growth for couples? Dennis and Barbara Rainey know from experience that the secret is more moments together. When you are lifting up your relationship and the rest of your life together to God, you won’t be able to keep the spiritual growth from happening. In the pages of Moments with You, the Raineys offer just what couples need to get started or to continue growing in their quiet times together. These short but poignant biblical devotions are enjoyable and easy to use, providing a daily discussion point, prayer and Scripture reference. Married couples desiring a deeper spiritual connection with God and their spouse will come to treasure their time spent over Moments with You. For married couples of all ages and at all stages of life.

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  • Moments Together For Couples (Reprinted)


    In the midst of the stress and pressure of everyday life, Moments Together for Couples will give you and your mate a chance to pause, relax and draw upon the strength of the Lord. This easy-to-use 365 day devotional helps you set aside anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes every day with your spouse to grow closer to God and closer to each other. Softcover.

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  • Preparing For Marriage Leaders Guide (Reprinted)


    Point Them in the Right Direction Before They Walk Down the AisleMarried couples begin their lives together with a vow of lifelong love and devotion . . . but many walk down the aisle unaware of all that promise entails. Now you can help engaged couples make their vows with open eyes and hearts, fully prepared for the hard and rewarding work of building a strong and lasting Christian marriage.Created by FamilyLife, one of America’s leading marriage and family ministries, Preparing for Marriage is a dynamic, comprehensive premarital education program designed to lay the foundation for biblical, fulfilling marriage. As a supplement to Preparing for Marriage, the Preparing for Marriage Leader’s Guide is an invaluable tool for pastors, premarital counselors, mentor couples, and small group leaders. Inside is everything you need to help engaged couples establish a lasting relationship built on an unshakable foundation: Jesus Christ.The Preparing for Marriage Leader’s Guide will help you:
    Counsel an engaged couple or lead a small-group study for couples
    Share God’s unique blueprints for marriage and the home
    Help couples discern God’s will for their relationship
    Provide practical guidance on finances, responsibilities, and intimacy
    Evaluate a couple’s readiness for marriage after counseling
    Create a mentoring couples program and develop mentoring relationships
    Build healthy, Christ-centered marriages in the Church

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  • Preparing For Marriage (Reprinted)


    You’re in love, and it’s the real thing. You have made a joyous decision together–a decision destined to change your lives forever: You’re getting married! Now, as you plan your wedding celebration, it is time to lay the foundation for a lifetime of love and romance. Today you can begin the important, lifelong task of building a strong Christian marriage.Created by Family Life, one of America’s leading marriage and family ministries, Preparing for Marriage is a dynamic, comprehensive program designed to help you prepare for life together after the cake is cut and the guests head home. That is when the real adventure begins–the adventure of creating an intimate, lasting, and biblical marriage!Inside you’ll find eight sessions of fun, romantic study that will help you target areas for growth in your relationship. You can work through Preparing for Marriage as a couple, with a pastor or premarital counselor, or with a small group. Don’t just plan your wedding . . . prepare for your marriage!

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  • Interviewing Your Daughters Date (Audio CD)


    As a dad, you want to protect your daughter, especially from boys with super-charged hormones! Just the thought of it makes you break out into a cold sweat. Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date will walk you through principles that Dennis Rainey used to help his own daughters navigate through the dating years, with their emotions calm, their heart whole, and their character intact. You’ll learn how to protect your daughter, set boundaries in her relationships, and give her guidance as she grows up.

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  • Starting Your Marriage Right


    The Raineys offer an upbeat and practical manual for marriage to guide couples through the challenges they face as they start their lives together.

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  • So You Are About To Be A Teenager


    Approaching the teenage years is frightening for parents and kids. The changing landscape of our society brings new safety issues, health concerns, and emotional factors that threaten the well-being of all teens. As parents, Dennis and Barbara Rainey have lived and relived those challenging years. And as a teacher of a sixth-grade Sunday school class for over eleven years, Dennis helped hundreds of preteens prepare for adolescence – including his own six children.Samuel and Rebecca Rainey, preteens themselves not many years ago, add their perspective as young adults who vividly recall their own successes and failures as teenagers. Covering such topics as friends, peer pressure, boundaries, dating, and sex, the Raineys address the most common traps of adolescence and teach young people how to avoid making poor choices. Short, concise chapters are filled with engaging illustrations and practical applications. This book is essential reading for preteens and an ideal resource for parents and youth workers.

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  • Building Your Mates Self Esteem


    287 Pages In 18 Chapters
    8 Chapters

    Additional Info
    This eloquent source of instruction for anyone seriously committed to a strong, meaningful marriage will teach you how to:

    Appreciate your role in building your partner’s self-esteem.
    Learn practical and effective ways to love and support your mate.
    Repair past hurts in your spouse’s life.
    Build mutual intimacy through unconditional acceptance.
    Work together to build a vision for the years ahead.

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