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Don Everts

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  • Spiritually Vibrant Home


    We all long for homes where we can thrive and flourish. What does it take to have a spiritually vibrant household?

    Don Everts invites us to contemplate what the Bible says about households and consider what a new research project has revealed by pulling back the curtains on everyday households of faith. Original research from the Barna Group and Lutheran Hour Ministries shows that some of the healthiest, most vibrant homes extend beyond the nuclear family and include people that may not be biologically related but feel like family. These households have vital practices of spirituality, hospitality, and community that make them delightful places for living and thriving.

    You might just be surprised by how God wants to work in and through your household. Discover practical steps for nurturing a vibrant household of faith, no matter what stage of life you are in.

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  • Discover Your Gifts Workbook


    Discover your gifts! All of us have gifts that can be used for the common good. The Discover Your Gifts Workbook has sessions on twelve different kinds of gifts, from artistic and technical gifts to entrepreneurial and civic gifts. Every session defines and describes what each gift looks like and gives examples of how the gift can be used in four distinct vocations of life: church, family, work, and society. By using this workbook alongside the Discover Your Gifts book and the EveryGift online inventory, you can grow in your understanding and use of your gifts. And you will be better equipped to recognize the gifts of others and unleash them for use in all areas of life.

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  • Discover Your Gifts


    You have gifts! And you are a gift to the world around you. Because every human is fearfully and wonderfully made, each one of us has something to offer to the world. But we have not always identified or developed our gifts well, nor deployed them effectively. Don Everts explores the gifts God has given every person and what new research reveals about the difference those gifts can make for us, our churches, and our communities. Churches have unfortunately focused mostly on spiritual gifts and vocations within the church. But we don’t always recognize the wide range of abilities, skills, and aptitudes that all of us have, whether civic, artistic, or entrepreneurial. We each have God-given gifts and are called by God to use them in our vocations in the world. Discover how our gifts are a blessing to others and pave the way for reconnecting with our surrounding communities.

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  • Hopeful Neighborhood Field Guide


    We all live somewhere. And we all want our neighborhoods to flourish.

    Many of us hope (and even pray) for our neighborhoods’ well-being. But how do we actually pursue that? This field guide answers this question by walking you through a simple, powerful process for blessing your own neighborhood. Tony Cook and Don Everts offer six sessions for discovering the gifts of your community, imagining the possibilities, and pursuing the common good. Exercises and assessments provide practical tools for bringing your hopes into concrete reality. Join with others so that together you can increase the well-being of your local neighborhood.

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  • Hopeful Neighborhood : What Happens When Christians Pursue The Common Good


    When Christians join together to pursue the common good of our neighborhoods, we bring hope to the world, credibility to the church, and glory to God. Filled with original research from the Barna Group and Lutheran Hour Ministries, this book from Don Everts offers constructive, practical ways that Christians and churches can bless our local communities.

    Are you tired of hearing people dismiss the church as an irrelevant relic? (Do you secretly wonder if they are right?) Don Everts explores an exciting reality that is revealed in Scripture, shown throughout history, and confirmed in the latest research: when Christians pursue the common good of the neighborhood, the world stands up and notices. It turns out this is exactly what we’re called to do. When Christians make good things, we bring blessings and hope to our local community. With original research from the Barna Group and Lutheran Hour Ministries on how Christians relate to our neighborhoods, this book is filled with constructive, practical ways that Christians and churches bless those around us. As Christians join together for the common good, we bring hope to the world, credibility to the church, and glory to God.

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  • Reluctant Witness : Discovering The Delight Of Spiritual Conversations


    New research finds that Christians are less involved in spiritual conversations today than we were twenty-five years ago.

    As society has changed, it seems we have become more uncomfortable talking with people about our faith. We are reluctant conversationalists. As a result, many of our churches and communities are shrinking instead of growing. What can we do about this? Don Everts, himself a reluctant witness, grew up assuming that spiritual conversations are always painful and awkward. But after falling into one spiritual conversation after another, he was surprised to discover that they aren’t. Don’s surprising–and sometimes embarrassing–stories affirm what Scripture and the latest research reveal: spiritual conversations can actually be a delight. Unpacking what God’s Word says about spiritual conversations and digging into the habits of eager conversationalists, Everts describes what we can learn from Christians who are still talking about their faith. With original research from the Barna Group and Lutheran Hour Ministries on spiritual conversations in the digital age, this book offers fresh insights and best practices for fruitful everyday conversations.

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  • Breaking The Huddle


    Most Christians are stuck in the huddle. Even though we believe in outreach, our communities tend to focus on our own needs. That makes us into insular groups that don’t have many relationships with outsiders. So evangelism is occasional and conversions are rare. How do we change? In their groundbreaking I Once Was Lost, Don Everts and Doug Schaupp identified five thresholds that individuals move across from skeptics to followers. Now they and Val Gordon show how huddled communities can become witnessing communities. The authors have studied the growth of witnessing communities, what enhances and limits them, and have gathered best practices for transformation. Our churches and fellowships can become places where evangelism is not done by a just few people, but where the whole community itself becomes a winsome, thriving witness to those around it. Break out of the huddle. It’s time to get in the game.

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  • Go And Do


    Introduction: Missional Is Not A Word

    Part One: Anatomy
    1. Sober Eyes
    2. Servant Hands
    3. Ready Feet
    4. Compassionate Heart
    5. Joyful Soul

    Part Two: Geography
    6. Purposeful Family
    7. Relational Evangelism
    8. Thriving Church
    9. Urban Mercy
    10. Global Partnerships

    Conclusion: The Missional Motivation
    Discussion Question
    Recommended Reading

    Additional Info
    We are not meant to live safe, happy, successful Christian lives. Jesus calls us to something more. Don’t settle for a life that will soon be forgotten. Mission is not just something for “them,” somewhere over “there.” Mission is for us, here and now.

    Don Everts invites you to get caught up in God’s mission in this world. He shows what it means to be a missional Christian, to have eyes that see, hands that serve and feet that go. Bringing together personal evangelism, urban witness and global crosscultural mission, Everts shows how you can live your life on mission–whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go.

    Get a glimpse of the vision. See what Jesus is doing. And go and do likewise.

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  • I Once Was Lost


    Don Everts and Doug Schaupp tell the stories of postmodern people who have come to follow Jesus. They describe the factors that influence how people shift in their perspectives and become open to the Gospel. They provide practical tools to help people enter the kingdom, as well as guidelines for how new believers can live out their Christian faith

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  • Smell Of Sin


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830823895ISBN10: 0830823891Don EvertsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: May 2003Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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