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Douglas Wilson

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  • Covenant Household


    Families are formed by covenants. But what is a covenant, and what does that mean for your family?

    Throughout Scripture, God makes covenants with His people. This is not just a contract, but a personal bond in which God takes responsibility for His people, and His people respond to him in faith. This is true of our relationship with God, and it is true in the case of lesser covenants, such as the covenant family.

    In this short book, Pastor Douglas Wilson shows how the family should live in the light of what the Bible says about the covenant. The husband is the head of the household, and this means that the problems of the family members are not their problems but his problems. The husband cannot just dismiss his wife’s problems as something she needs to work through by herself, and the father cannot complain when his kids get into trouble. They are his people.

    This book covers everything from marriage to childrearing to cultural engagement. The family is not just a collection of individuals: it is a unit joined together by God, and we should live as though that were true, because it is.

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  • Justice Primer 3rd Edition


    Christians should know that social justice internet mobs are a far cry from truly Biblical justice that accords with God’s law. But we don’t. Biblical justice requires multiple witnesses, matching stories, and objective facts considered by an appropriate authority.

    A Justice Primer is written by two longtime pastors who have worked inside denominations, sessions, and institutions, and who have seen more than their share of controversy where people do not know what the rules are. A whispered conversation is not authoritative. An anonymous comment on a blog is not authoritative. A party of disgruntled church members who “feel abused” is not authoritative. Instead, the key to true justice is due process conducted by wise men who know how to weigh evidence.

    God is justice, and it is because of His justice that Jesus went to the cross. Therefore, we must care about what justice is and how God says to pursue it.

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  • To The Church In Rome


    “This letter is truly the most important piece in the New Testament. It is purest Gospel… it seems that St. Paul, in writing this letter, wanted to compose a summary of the whole of Christian and evangelical teaching which would also be an introduction to the whole Old Testament.” ~ Martin Luther

    Romans is more than a collection of proof texts for Reformed theology. It is an exposition of God’s plan to take back the world.

    In this new commentary, Douglas Wilson tackles Paul’s meaty letter passage by passage, explaining Paul’s central message of the Gospel: Jesus’s death and resurrection have transformed the world. God has brought an end to the old covenant and ushered in a new covenant, joining Jews and Gentiles in one new people. And if Jesus is Lord, then Caesar is not, and thus the Gospel requires faithful Christians to defy tyrants when they usurp Jesus’s place.

    If Romans hasn’t seemed so before, then certainly by the end of this commentary it will appear to you as it did to Protestant theologian Frederic Godet-as “the cathedral of Christian faith.”

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  • Case For Classical Christian Education


    Published almost twenty years ago, Douglas Wilson’s Case for Classical Christian Education is a call for parents and educators to do more than just teach kids how to read or to do math and science. Instead, parents and teachers need to educate children’s minds, hearts, and imaginations.

    Both homeschooling parents and Christians seeking to build schools will find a lot of guidance from this book. Wilson explains the benefits of an education that is both distinctively classical and distinctively Christian, and explains what such an education might look like. He also draws on years of educating and pastoring to talk about how parents and teachers can manage schools well and train their children’s hearts.

    Education is not just preparing kids for the job market, but should be about instilling discipline, character, and love for God and the world He has made.

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  • Treasure Island Worldview Edition


    “Mark Twain once defined a classic as a book that everyone wants to have read, but nobody wants to read. By that cute definition, Treasure Island is not a classic at all. It is a book that is preeminently readable, and not only so, but it is readable by a demographic group not known for its prowess in the literary arts-viz. young boys.” -From Douglas Wilson’s Introduction

    When Billy Bones dies and leaves young Jim Hawkins with a priceless map showing the way to a fabulous treasure island, he and his friends eagerly plan an expedition for Skull Island in hopes of making their fortunes. The only problem is that one day, while hiding in a barrel of apples, Jim Hawkins overhears a mutinous conversation, and realizes that some of Billy Bones’s former crewmates are also on board-and that they won’t hesitate to ill for a share of the silver and gold.

    This Canon Classic has swashbuckling action, savage pirates, deadly islands, and a friendly but unreliable castaway. Children will be riveted by the old-fashioned story of heroism and adventure. The Canon Classics series presents the most definitive works of Western literature in a colorful, well-crafted, and affordable way. Unlike many other thrift editions, our classics feature individualized designs that prioritize readability by means of proper margins, leading, characters per line, font, trim size, etc. Each book’s materials and layout combine to make the classics a simple and striking addition to classrooms and homes, ideal for introducing the best of literary culture and human experience to the next generation.

    This Worldview Edition features an introduction divided into sections on The World Around, About the Author, What Other Notables Said, Setting, Characters, & Plot Summary, Worldview Analysis, and 21 Discussion Questions & Answers.

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  • Other Side Of The Coyne


    These bite-size guides — digestible in a sitting or two — are great introductions to specific topics. In this book Doug reviews Jerry A. Coyne’s recent, patronizing evolutionary screed, chapter by chapter. Contains a pile of Doug’s hilariously apt metaphors as it deconstructs Coyne’s presuppositions about creationism and science.

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  • European Brain Snakes


    13 Chapters

    Additional Info
    These bite-size guides — digestible in a sitting or two — are great introductions to specific topics. “Seeping postmodernism” is Doug’s topic in this book, in which “we surmise that the brain is Ireland and we call for St. Patrick.” Don’t be intimidated by this important word (or topic) any longer.

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  • Basic Christian Living (Workbook)


    Basic Christian Living is a survey course covering the fundamentals of the Christian life. The book’s topics can be divided into three broad categories: basic doctrine for new believers (confession of sin, the nature of worship, assurance of salvation, and more), basic wisdom for living in community (relationships, conversation, the meaning of masculinity and femininity, etc.), and cultural criticism for beginners (authenticity, the “cool,” and competition and ambition, for starters).

    Each bite-size chapter contains a worksheet of questions from relevant portions of the Bible, along with a full answer key. Whether you’re a teacher wanting to offer a practical class on Christianity for students, a pastor needing a text for new believers, or a mature Christian reviewing the big picture, Basic Christian Living is a helpful, important, and encouraging introduction to the foundations of the gospel.

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  • Rules For Reformers


    A Tip Of The Hat To Saul Alinsky
    Section 1: Principles First
    Section 2: Cases Of Conscience
    Section 3: A Theology Of Resistance
    Section 4: Three Stumbling Blocks
    Section 5: The Littlest Platoon
    Section 6: Aphorisms, Tweets, Whatever
    Section 7: Five Key Battlegrounds
    Section 8: A Final Word Of Encouragement

    Additional Info
    In Rules for Reformers, Douglas Wilson poaches the political craft of radical progressives and applies it to Christian efforts in the current culture war. The result is a spicy blend of combat manual and cultural manifesto. Rules for Reformers is a little bit proclamation of grace, a little bit Art of War, and a little bit analysis of past embarrassments and current cowardice, all mixed together with a bunch of advanced knife-fighting techniques. As motivating as it is provocative, Rules for Reformers is just plain good to read.

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  • Against The Church


    Pastor Doug Wilson takes a hammer to some of our very favorite graven images, and (surprise, surprise) we’ve set up display cases for most of them in our churches: Liturgy, Tradition, Systematics, infant Baptism, and that crafty old Baal Doctrine.

    Alongside a critique of philosophical assumptions about human nature, dualism, and grace, Wilson stresses the unavoidable and absolute necessity of individual hearts being born again. He concludes by laying out the case for the church. This isn’t contradictory, though — the only way to be effectually for the church is to master the case against it. After all, God Himself is the ultimate iconoclast.

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  • Father Hunger : Why God Calls Men To Love And Lead Their Families


    We live in a culture in which absentee fatherhood is the norm. Pastor and parenting authority Douglas Wilson brings a powerful message about its true costs to our families and society and encourages men to be the fathers God calls them to be. When we hear the word fatherless, our minds usually turn to orphans, to children who have lost their fathers to tragic accidents. For most of us, that seems to be a problem outside our own families, a painful reality with which others must deal. “Not so,” says Douglas Wilson. “Most of our families are starving for fathers, even if Dad is around, and there’s a huge cost to our children and our society because of it.” Why Fathers Really Matter is a thoughtful and timely excursion into our culture of fatherlessness, what Wilson calls “the central malady of our time.” Central because it is the cause of so many of the ills we face-everything from atheism and crime to joyless feminism and paternalistic government expansion-but most important because of the effect it has on families, children, wives, and husbands. Bottom line: when fathers are checked out, left out, or ruled out, it hurts literally everyone.

    We need our fathers, and all too often they are nowhere present. Indispensible Dad has one basic goal: to encourage and empower men to be the fathers that God calls them to be and that their families and culture desperately need them to be.

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  • Heaven Misplaced : Christs Kingdom On Earth


    Though most Christians refrain from predicting exactly when our world will end, many believe that when earth’s finale does arrive, it will be a catastrophe. They expect that before Christ comes back to reclaim His own, Satan will escape his chains and return to wreak havoc on our planet. Details vary, but the general assumption is the same: things will get much, much worse before they get better.

    But is this really what the Bible teaches?

    Leaving aside the theological terms that often confuse and muddle this question, Douglas Wilson instead explains eschatology as the end of the greatest story in the world-the story of mankind. He turns our attention back to the stories and prophecies of Scripture and argues for “hopeful optimism”: the belief that God will be true to His promises, that His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, and that the peace and good will we sing about at Christmas will one day be a reality here on earth.

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  • 5 Cities That Ruled The World


    The gripping and illuminative story of how five cities-Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York-shaped the course of global history.
    History unfolds in a wide tapestry, but some patterns and threads stand out from the others for their brilliance and importance in the bigger picture. Five Cities that Ruled the World examines how and why a handful of cities-Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York-emerged in their respective times of influence to dominate the world stage, directing wealth and power, influencing faith and belief, commanding fear and allegiance, provoking wars and conquests, and shaping the world we live in today. Profiling their leaders, exploring their philosophies, following their armies into war, riding their merchant ships to ports of commerce, and watching as one eclipses the others, Douglas Wilson broadens our understanding and appreciation of these cities with piercing insights, curious details, and entertaining stories.

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  • Primer On Worship And Reformation


    A Primer on Worship and Reformation proposes that true change begins, not with a process or an idea, but through faithful worship. To witness true global change-true reformation-we must first pray the Lord that we would see worship at the center of life. The truth is that when the Word is faithfully preached, even the gates of hell tremble. When the Psalms are sung, the meek inherit the earth. When the church celebrates at the Lord’s Table, those who mourn are comforted. If we learn these lessons and believe them to be true, we will find that through renewed worship God brings change to every facet of our lives.

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  • For A Glory And A Covering


    Introduction: Why This Book Might Not Do You Any Good

    Part I: Marriage And The Nature Of God
    1. Marriage, Trinity, And Incarnation
    2. Imitation
    3. The Virtue Of Jealousy
    4. Marriage And The Holy Spirit
    5. Reciprocity

    Part II: Marriage Is For Men And Women
    6. What Is Marriage?
    7. Masculinity And Femininity
    8. Duties Of Husbands And Wives
    9. Headship
    10. Submission
    11. Men Are Stupid; So Are Women
    12. Exchanged Authority

    Part III: Marriage Is For Sinners
    13. Lies About Equality
    14. Forgiveness
    15. Divorce
    16. Marriage And The Means Of Grace
    17. Study Your Spouse
    18. Love And Respect
    19. Wise Words In Marriage

    Part IV: Marriage Is Good
    20. Food, Glorious Food
    21. Growing Old Together
    22. Widowhood
    23. Designed To Be Sexual

    Additional Info
    “Lord, here am I. Change him.”
    “God, I’m trying. She started it.”

    Common claims but they’re so far from Trinitarian life. We invoke Christ at the wedding then seem to default to an alien theology afterward.

    In this simple and practical book, Doug Wilson offers a richer and more comprehensive theology of marriage than in his prior works. Here he grounds marriage in the life of the Trinity and in the life of the church. Marriage is intended to be a glorious picture of the gospel, and marriages grounded elsewhere regularly create a small hell on earth. Don’t miss the riches of marriage.

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  • Black And Tan


    Regenerate But Unreconstructed
    Black And Tan
    Scripture And Slavery
    Southern Slavery And Our Culture Wars
    Plowing The Same Ground
    Black Confederates
    Dabney In Full
    Fragments From The Controversy

    Additional Info
    If we want to understand culture wars on the contemporary American scene, we must first come to grips with the American culture wars of the nineteenth century. That our nation did not remove slavery in a biblical way helps explain many of our contemporary social evils. But who is qualified to talk about such things? What is a biblical view of racism? Why do the biblical answers to such questions so infuriate the radical left and the radical right? This collection of essays lays out some of the answers from a view unashamed of historic biblical absolutism.

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  • My Life For Yours


    How does life in each room of your home manifest the Gospel? The Christian gospel isn’t just a spiritual reality. The Word became flesh and bone, and the gospel becomes our porch, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen.

    The driving desire of the gospel is “my life for yours.” Our desire should be to have this love tranform everything we do, room by room. This book works its way through every part of the house, examining each part in light of Scripture. The claims of God are always total, and this is evident on the doorposts and in a sink full of dishes.

    Self-centeredness destroys in monotonously similar ways. Giving up life for another produces a harvest of kindness and mercy. Household questions should always begin with, “is this my life for yours?”

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  • Classical Education And The Home School (Revised)


    1. The Necessity For Hard Work
    2. A Brief Description Of Classical And Christian Education
    3. Component Parts Of A Classical And Christian Education
    4. The Basics Of Latin
    5. The Basics Of Logic
    6. The Basics Of Rhetoric
    7. The Basics Of Christian Worldview Thinking
    8. What General Curriculum To Use?
    9. Conclusion
    Appendix A: Beginning Reading Lists
    Appendix B: Other Resources

    Additional Info
    As the trend toward a classical and Christian education increases, many parents are seeking ways to develop such an approach in their home schools. This booklet introduces the topic of classical and Christian education with an overview of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) as used in a biblical context. We removed all the gnostic, Neil Postman parts that plagued the earlier version.

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  • Federal Husband


    Section One: Federal Husband And Christ
    Section Two: Federal Husband Against Himself
    Section Three: Federal Husband And Society
    Section Four: Federal Husband

    Additional Info
    This collection of essays continues the discussion begun in Reforming Marriage in greater depth, dealing with aspects of covenantal husbandry such as masculinist distortions, feminism, fashion symbolism, and carburetor repair. Federal thinking is foreign to the modern mind. Federal has come to mean nothing more than centralized or big. Because our federal government has become so uncovenantal, it is not surprising that the original meaning of the word is lost. But federal thinking is the backbone of historic Protestant theology, and the Church needs to recover the covenantal understanding of federal headship. Husbands are to lead their families, taking responsibility for them as covenant heads – as federal husbands.

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  • Her Hand In Marriage


    1. The Authority Of Parents
    2. Preparing Sons For Courtship
    3. Preparing Daughters For Courtship
    4. Culmination Of Courtship
    5. Details Of Courtship

    Additional Info
    The modern dating system is bankrupt. It does not train young people to form a relationship but rather to form a series of relationships, hardening themselves to all but the current one. Recreational dating encourages emotional attachments without convenantal fences and makes a joke of a father’s authority. The disrespect children have for their fathers in this area is an echo of the disrespect fathers have for their own office.

    Biblical courtship provides a wonderful freedom. It involves familial wisdom and godly protection. Grounded upon the involved authority of the father, courtship delights in its public connection to the lives of families. Sexual purity is a great inheritance for a marriage, and part of the fathers job is to guarantee to protect that heritage.

    Biblical courtship is a humble affront to the sterility of modern relationships. And as a new generation rejoices in this ancient wisdom, the current waves of broken relationships will begin to recede.

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  • Standing On The Promises


    1. A Short Overview Of Covenantal Childrearing
    2. The Promises Of God To Parents
    3. The Duties Of Parents Before God
    4. Covenant Continuity
    5. The Nature Of The Child And Covenant Nurture
    6. The Authority Of Parents
    7. The Necessity Of Christian Education
    8. Love And Security Through Godly Discipline
    9. The Application Of Godly Discipline
    10. Miscellaneous Concerns
    11. And When They Are Older

    Additional Info
    God has designed each family to be a culture – with a language, customs, traditions, and countless unspoken assumptions. The culture of the family intimately shapes the children who grow up in it. It is the duty of the father to ensure that the shaping takes place according to biblical wisdom.

    Some fathers establish a rebellious culture for their children and bring upon their children the wrath of God, sometimes for generations. Other fathers fail to establish any distinct culture, and outside cultures rush to fill the void.

    Through the Messiah, God promised blessings to His people, “their children, and their children’s children forever.” The norm for faithful members of the covenant is that their children will follow them in their faithfulness.

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  • Reforming Marriage


    1. A Practical Theology Of Marriage
    2. Headship And Authority
    3. Duties Of Husband, And Wives
    4. Efficacious Love
    5. Keeping Short Accounts
    6. Miscellaneous Temptations
    7. The Marriage Bed Is Honorable
    8. Multiplying Fruitfully
    9. Divorce And Remarriage

    Additional Info
    How would you describe the spiritual aroma of your home? The source of this aroma is the relationship between husband and wife. Many can fake an attempt at keeping God’s standards in some external way. What we cannot fake is the resulting, distinctive aroma of pleasure to God. Most marriage books address the mere externals of marriage, without seeking to understand the heart issues. Godly marriages proceed from an obedient heart, and the greatest desire of an obedient heart is the glory of God, not the happiness of the household.

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  • Forgotten Heavens : Six Essays On Cosmology


    cos-mol-o-gyA [kozA*molA*uhA*jee]A a”noun
    1. the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin and general structure of the universe, which attempts to establish a framework that integrates time, space, the planets, stars, and other celestial phenomena.

    Our modern cosmology suggests that the universe can be explained through astronomy and mathematics. But this seems far too simplistic, not to mention rather dull. Are stars angels? Do satyrs truly exist? What does a seraph look like? Can demons tell the future?

    What does God’s creation contain beyond the visible realm? We are not living
    in a world that can be easily dissected in a laboratory. Our universe is filled with intelligence and life, and the creativity behind it can only be understood fully through the Creator. As you read these essays, sit back and enjoy learning a few things you never heard about in Sunday school.

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