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Grant Jeffrey

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  • Global Warming Deception


    Global warming is the world’s most far-reaching, and most threatening, fraud. It’s a diabolical hoax designed to bring the West to its knees.

    Representatives of the industrialized nations met in 2009 in Copenhagen. Joining them were delegates from the leading nations in the developing world, and the purpose of the convocation was to draw up a binding global environmental treaty. The treaty will be advanced again in 2010 in Mexico City, with the stated purpose of curtailing global warming. What the news media refrain from telling the general public is that the Copenhagen and Mexico City environmental summits serve as a front for the clandestine group that is forcing the sovereign nations of the world to surrender to the rule of a coming one-world government.

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  • Nuevo Templo Y La Segunda Veni – (Spanish)


    “Grant Jeffrey has done it again! The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple is the most significant issue in End Times prophecy today. Filled with facts, photos, and insights, The New Temple and the Second Coming is a must-read for Christians and Jews alike.”

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  • Surveillance Society : The Rise Of Antichrist


    In 13 Chaptes

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    Surveillance Society

    Grant Jeffrey’s new prophecy book Surveillance Society examines the fascinating predictions that are setting the stage for the rise of the Antichrist and world government in the last days. New advances in the technology of global surveillance are threatening our freedom and privacy.

    * The plans of NATO and the U.N. to create world government
    * Astonishing surveillance technologies threaten our freedom and privacy.
    * Your e-mail and internet surfing is recorded and available for viewing.
    * The threat from computer information weapons.
    * Global economic war.
    * The rise of Antichrist and the world’s first super state.
    * Government and corporate databases contain every detail of your life.

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  • Handwriting Of God


    1. Can We Trust The Bible As The Inspired Word Of God?
    2. The Bible’s Astonishing Influence On The West
    3. The Impact Of Jesus On The World
    4. The Incredible History Of The Bible
    5. The Reason Many Reject The Bible
    6. The Mystery Of The Trinity
    7. The Incredible Bible Codes
    8. New Bible Code Discoveries
    9. The Messiah Codes
    10. The Heavenly Prince Melchisedec Scroll
    11. The Mystery Of The Jews: God’s Hand In Human History
    12. The Rocks Cry Out: The Historical Evidence For The Bible
    13. New Scientific Discoveries And The Scriptures
    14. The Coming Collapse Of Evolution
    15. Who Do You Say That I Am
    Selected Bibliography…..p. 277

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    THE HANDWRITING OF GOD will answer your questions about the phenomenal Bible Codes while revealing awesome New Code Discoveries hidden in the Scriptures. Can we trust the Bible? Is Christianity credible? There is a war on for the souls and minds of humanity and the main battleground is the issue of biblical authority. Grant has again uncovered new research material that will cause you to search the Scriptures for yourself. He provides new evidence that the Bible is truly ‘without error’ and trustworthy despite the attacks on its authority in our generation.

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  • Armageddon : Appointment With Destiny (Expanded)


    1. The Precision Of Prophecy
    2. Daniel’s Seventy Weeks: Israel’s Time Of Visitation
    3. Ezekiel’s Vision Of The Rebirth Of Israel In 1948
    4. The Appointed Feasts
    5. The Fasts Of Mourning
    6. Feast Of Trumpets, Day Of Atonement, And Feast Of Tabernacles
    7. Russia’s Day Of Destruction In Israel
    8. The Rebuilding Of The Temple
    9. The Prophetic Role Of The Ark Of The Covenant
    10. The Second Exodus, From Russia
    11. The Rapture: The Hope Of The Church
    12. The Antichrist And The Revival Of The Roman Empire
    13. God’s Prophetic Time Cycles
    14. Does Prophecy Reveal The Time Of Israel’s Final Crisis?
    15. Prophetic Time Indications
    16. Prophetic Signs Of The Second Coming
    17. Further Signs The End Is Near
    18. Your Personal Appointment With Destiny
    Appendix A. The 36o-Day Prophetic Year Of The Bible
    Appendix B. The Date Of Christ’s Nativity, Ministry, And Crucifixion

    Selected Bibliography
    Ministry, And Crucifixion
    Selected Bibliography

    Additional Info
    Did you know that there are 20 prophetic warning signs to prepare for the return of Christ? As we approach the new millennium, what events and occurrences should we be anticipating as part of the second coming? In this updated edition of a best-selling classic, Jeffrey explains how the latest national events fit into God’s ultimate plan! 312 pages, softcover from Frontier Research.

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  • Prince Of Darkness


    Do you want to understand world events in the light of prophecy? Explore the astonishing prophecies about the mysterious Antichrist who will dominate the earth during the last days. Grant shares his incredible research into the secret groups moving America toward world government. Written in laymen’s terms PRINCE OF DARKNESS will open up the Bible’s fascinating prophecies about these vital topics: -The New World Order Global Agenda -America and the Council on Foreign Ralations -Surviving the Coming Economic Crisis -The Rush to World Government -The PLO-Israeli Agreement-Prelude to War -Zhirinovsky-the KGB and Russian Imperialism -The Surveillance Society-an Assault on Fredom -The Technology of the 666 Mark of the Beast -Satan’s Prince of Darkness in the Temple -38 Astonishing Prophecies Announce the Messiah -Armageddon-Christ’s Ultimate Victory.

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