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Gregg Lewis

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  • Gifted Hands Revised Kids Edition


    From Inner-City Nobody to Brilliant Neurosurgeon When Ben Carson was in school, his classmates called him the class dummy. Many—including Ben himself—doubted that he would ever amount to anything. But his mother never let him quit. She encouraged Ben to do better and reach higher for his dreams, and eventually he discovered a deep love of learning. Today this young boy from the inner-city is one of the world’s greatest pediatric neurosurgeons. Through determination and lot of hard work, Ben overcame his many obstacles and is now dedicated to saving the lives of critically ill children around the world.

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  • Hurting Parent : Help And Hope For Parents Of Prodigals


    This classic resource for parents of prodigal sons and daughters has been updated to not only offer tried-and-tested wisdom and hope for the newest generation of prodigals’ parents, but also to provide fresh insight and added encouragement for hurting mothers and fathers everywhere. For the first time, here is the rest of the story that inspired the original edition of this book.

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  • Joel – (Spanish)


    Joel Sonnenberg was only two years old when an 18-wheel truck crashed into his family’s car. In the resulting inferno, he was burned over more than 85 percent of his body. This is his story told in the way that only he can tell it. Experience the world from Joel’s point of view while he takes the reader through a personal journey that includes more trauma than any Hollywood film could suggest. His life is a story of great struggles and suffering. Prepare to fall in love with this young man named Joel.

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  • Forgiving The Dead Man Walking


    A true, first-person account of the victim who survived the crimes committed by the rapist and killer made famous in the movie Dead Man Walking. Debbie Morris takes readers beyond the story of those crimes and into the journey of her faith as she wrestles with the question all of us face at some point in life: Is there any crime, any hurt, any person beyond the power of forgiveness?
    It was just another time of enjoying milkshakes and small talk. Neither Debbie Cuevas nor her boyfriend, Mark Brewster, gave much thought to the white pickup truck that had pulled up beside them on the riverfront. Until a revolver thrust through the driver’s window a hand jerked Debbie’s head back and a voice said, “Don’t do anything stupid” and a quiet Friday evening abruptly became a nightmare. In the hours that followed, Debbie would experience atrocities too monstrous to conceive. Kidnapping, rape, torture, attempted murder these words cannot convey the horrors that would continue to poison her life long after her captors had been brought to justice. For the first time, here is the untold other half of Dead Man Walking, the movie that depicted killer Robert Willie’s death row relationship with spiritual advisor Helen Prejean. Now the woman whose testimony helped send Willie to the electric chair tells her side of the story – the side America hasn’t heard.
    In gripping detail, Debbie Morris – formerly Debbie Cuevas – recounts her hours of terror and years of walking an agonizing road to wholeness. In this stunning, true story, she details a personal struggle far more difficult, and ultimately more amazing, than her remarkable survival of the crimes committed against her. Forgiving the Dead man Walking is a pulls no punches read, so riveting it practically turns the pages for you. More than that, though, it’s an incredible tale of courage, faith, and forgiveness. In a world where all of us struggle sooner or later with unforgiveness, Debbie Morris is a living testimony to the grace we long for: grace that shines more brightly than we dare to believe, bright enough to triumph over the darkest evil. In the face of today’s ongoing death penalty debate, Debbie offers wisdom qualified by an experience most of us thankfully will never know. She offers no answers she herself has not yet arrived at. Rather, she challenges us all to consider whether it is justice we truly require, or something more powerful that alone can heal the wounds of the unforgivable.

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  • Inductive Preaching : Helping People Listen


    “I spend hours in my study and on my knees preparing sermons, but when I preach them no one listens. What’s wrong? Why aren’t I getting through? Why do I see blank stares, daydream reveries, nodding heads as soon as I open my mouth to preach? I know my messages are biblically sound. I’m sure I’m preaching what God has laid on my heart. But it’s not being received. What’s wrong? What can I do?”

    Sound familiar? If you’re a preacher, you probably know the feeling. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn to preach in a way that will be readily, even eagerly, received by your congregation.

    It’s all here: what inductive preaching is, how it works, why it’s effective, who’s used it-including Jesus, Peter, Paul, Augustine, St. Francis, Wesley, Edwards, and Moody, to name only a few. Also included are:

    * Step-by-step guidelines for constructing an inductive sermon

    * Two sample inductive sermons

    * A list of 96 inductive preachers from 20 centuries

    * A strategy for making traditional sermon structures inductive

    * A checklist of inductive characteristics.

    The principles in this book can dramatically increase your sermon effectiveness-turn apathy into involvement, make listeners out of the listless. Inductive preaching is preaching that works!

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