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Gregory Cochran

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  • Christians In The Crosshairs


    Introduction: Why This Book On Christian Persecution?

    Part 1: The Meaning And Magnitude Of Christian Persecution

    1. Toward A Definition Of Christian Persecution And Martyrdom

    2. Christian Persecution Around The World Today

    Part 2: The Biblical Portrait Of Persecution

    3. The Genesis Of Persecution And Martyrdom: Abel Or Stephen?

    4. Sermon On The Mount: “Blessed Are The Persecuted”

    5. The Gospel Of Mark: Following Jesus Comes At High Cost

    6. Luke And Acts: Persecution In Salvation History And The Early Church

    7. Paul’s Letters: The Righteousness Of Christ Enflames Persecution

    8. The Book Of Hebrews: A Call To Remember The Persecuted

    9. Peter’s Epistles: Persecution And The Blessed Life

    10. John’s Writings: “Idolspizing” And Vindication

    Part 3: The Implications And Practical Applications

    11. The Presence Of Christ: The Source And Comfort Of Persecution

    12. Ministry To The Persecuted Church: Why It Should Be The Top Soical Justice Concern For The Church

    13. You Can Make A Difference

    Additional Info
    “My hope for all who read this volume,” writes the author, “is a strengthened faith. One of the most surprising aspects of studying persecution has been its effect on me. I thought I would be dour and woeful-defeated-after hearing of great suffering. The opposite is true. The gospel-with its resurrection power-is able to take the worst situations and reframe them in victory. Hearing stories of triumph through suffering has been nothing short of glorious. Studying persecution biblically has led to the same conclusion. The gospel is truly the power of God to salvation for all who believe. Studying persecution has encouraged stronger faith. My hope is that this book will have such an effect for you as you consider what the Scriptures teach about persecution.”

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