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Harold Guidry

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  • Sons Of Light


    Scene One: News Flash: UFO Sightings Forces Israel To Close Air Space

    Scene Two: News Flash: 60,000 Webcast Streams Of Picture Perfect Lift-off Amid UFO Sightings!

    Scene Three: News Flash: Can NASA Safely Return The Space Shuttle To Earth?

    Scene Four: News Flash: Focus On Outer Space! UFOs, Space Shuttle Re-entry, Mysterious Object On Mars!

    Scene Five: News Flash: Focus On Jerusalem! UFOs Continue To Hover Over The Holy City!

    Scene Six: News Flash: Focus On Jerusalem! Do The Aliens Look Like Us? Are They Here Waiting For The War Of The Worlds?

    Scene Seven: News Flash: Presidential Task Force Meets To Discuss The MarsScroll

    Scene Eight: News Flash: Unrest In Syria, UFOs Over Jerusalem, A Mysterious MarsScroll-What’s Next?

    News Flash: Israel’s Sacrificial Plan Brings Peace

    News Flash: People Everywhere Are Turning To The Bible For Answers

    Additional Info
    Daniel Stone is a popular late night talk show host. One night an amazing sequence of events begin to take place while he is on the air. Dan loves the topic of UFOs so when two UFOs show up over Israel, Dan is off on a hectic scenario that leads to a showdown between Israel and its Arab neighbors. But maybe I’ll just save you the cost of this book and the emotional stress by telling you the ending, it ends in peace. Or does it? You won’t want to miss one page of this amazing journey as Daniel Stone monitors world events live from his radio studio from the first UFO sightings to the brink of world war! Wanna go for an amazing ride?

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